Post Game Monday with Former Bills WR Donald Jones!

Monday, November 20th

Joining the Break Room, a guy who played on a Bills team with a similar story, former wide receiver Donald Jones!


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There's no wake it's anywhere is for this kid and all three times he proved me wrong. I kept waiting for it like the owners you can got to fire McDermott on the sidelines they're not fully written department got an era of no you don't he's your boy. Was about boy if you he's acute wire you can get us the break there let's let's crack basic five to BC but I would think you would be cute like you order because. Little lion show McDermott. Little interception men need to go to did his ex unless we did sit Melbourne and cry and preaching to play that thing. But we are two men who have never played game in Dallas man who has played and a man who knows is guilty or JoAnne. In a letter among them but it's because they're break broke college ideal after 9 o'clock every post gave Monday are you good friend for bills wide receiver caused John Murphy shot at a sister station at about seven ESPN. Donald Jones in the breaker judge that would public. I try and Mike Donald the Donald Donald. One yeah. Yesterday. Agree or. I don't know. You got a couple of hours yeah. How do you I do you take this coach seriously at this like how how does it seem even listen this guy easy killed his career. I. Yeah. I have no clue what anybody yet to. Many don't you think this is I didn't have McDormand as a coach I mean move in let's say they uterus of the year. Who wants it can't hurt I'm not saying these careers did the water. In our little yeah. Are they certainly aren't move. Me you know Hulu. Like Cuba to cut him a check this week you act like a Jozy. And take your billionaire owner and any payday. He Gotti Gotti wiped beta I McDermott yet that check. And it never talked to for a minute right kind of his gazillion dollar check for the week to each time he's very good moment that they're out there. It's your job that he's very cranky it does he backed hauler as it was today that coached dumb as a male are you just place it was at nine we talked to use Google for. Its last week on the monitor. To make attorney at the moon nervous he doesn't look like a deer in headlights helix. Read it without without all in with this kid cut I'll go down with the ship but the skids. The ship now because trump should deport him back to the Carolinas. Here and the airlines at the world can we just Joe's questions about its lights at that he would. It's it's before he sees almost identical as much as. Well or I'll take it. I mean so. You didn't go down widget so. You know you're colorful and there was a fire that you have to learn what. Tommy helped. Them out. I was just. Joseph deep. How does anybody on that roster. Look at McDermott when they get back to practice this week and Dickey knows what he's doing I'm asking that to you as a guy who would seek coaches make decisions that affect the team in a negative way. I'll say this. You know you're. Probably next bought him a lot about. You know coach McDermott decisions. Look forward and ultimately. How is it about but it is true but it definitely play well they didn't play our. You know unlikely arbiter of the the defense apparently it is only three weeks and also everybody. Eaten but the and so. Little bit whether the puppet musical currently whether the wrong decision you know would say that now it. It group by terminal was you know com. But they'll need to look though at all. But she made history yesterday that was pretty clear that that's a problem I don't sailor gbagbo decision but. If you Google this year's some how always this is still have been the biggest egg ever laid on a field. It has you know like that you have to leave Iraq. With mixed emotions about. About the being is that he says that the city. You know he'd make scores that beat them all didn't hurt that the players that I'm in decision. The right now you probably don't have apathy that's or a lot of the team that says. You got to put our code that McCain then and let him be the article about the issue and it when you don't Wear our apparel and didn't let. You can't put that kid that independent how it's right now it's shut. And just their kids growing. Core re your only sort of Balladur told you that they do with the horses are God's sakes the pocket the let's don't economic dishing to nobody sees it pop pop pop and done two loans and a strike you never hear from you need to Peter made the break music. Yes that's good. Fred lebed are very. Well. But what you can forget the only gonna forget the setting another bad decision weekly OT appreciation day may make you forget about this that works to suggests this is 000 all our. Or did it. Is that much of the genetic knowledge of rules of Kerry and Edwards Edwards or. Is can I do feel bad for the kick them ideal as it was coached at made the decision that he was ready obviously was readies a fifth round. Quarterback but. I mean even these guys is there. What do you do. Rebound from something like this years later John. Even you mean have as many. What do you do read them all many people you know it's not you know and hopefully. That's all you can do hope that you didn't have a shot to to a lot better in Oakland has the confidence right now. Have you heard in talking to block it out well at all that they didn't block. It and blocked a slate yesterday it was bad. For me about them is open and ninety. Another opportunity at some point when things like that happen to a quarterback you know in your career. You know until. Too lazy or you leave he is. And I'm not playing anymore. Egypt and they'll elect armed backup quarterback which is a bad position. Or didn't do this you know and I don't know what coach McDermott what. I'm not confident in him agreed this year to them another shot at. Can I say Africa like them to me every time I say does get other shots maybe in other teams always bring this stuff yeah. Yeah yeah best dollar or those five interceptions. Two years old and only. A big sell even when he gets married you know what they bring everybody had already had a recruiting unit are everybody that's around us services five interceptions. Are gonna take the bad. Harris dead and it is jokes are just cut. Guess that's what OK we have. At this kid on the roster you'd nobody else adulthood I got this in the break nobody else to play quarterback for your team right. Well it's the Tyrod Taylor is gone the bill's gonna have to draft a quarterback high but you don't necessarily. Wanna start at quarterback right wait you don't have to go out in the offseason and find a quarterback on top of the quarterback you're gonna draft because. I'm one look at bills fans faces the big date next season and say we're gonna wait to start our rookie quarterback need to humans are guy you can't see those words. Yeah ethnic Patrick they'd go out how to on one. Despite this brought in heated this year I think they'll go out at a army veteran on the probably in the trap they want high. And hopefully anti incumbent and or the one that they go out on a cruise to eat didactic Amanda started you gains until. Until your rookie quarterback is ready to go. It's it's you know you're looking down a tough situation right now because you're talking about drafting. A quarterback even if it's in the first round. At par for the outcome of that commitment and he's a great seasons and Sergio attitudes are terrible remote coaches don't want a little corner that led away. And also you're looking at compatible or different it really turn around and figure out. It's the quarterback that you draft is the quarterback the pitch. It's great. Are we different far it looks good those ads seem at those supports the keys is old you are liberties. Some zip on bill. You have them is you don't commercial flight diabetics are. Yeah believe he can hit it spartans did it taught me. Those socks. Tubular engines. And it wouldn't include New. Bedford and yeah who. The. Receiver goes to show and in that seven ESP and sister station are right. I mean it's impossible. In a year away that deals did Tyrod a huge favor yesterday because he's a free agent. Block. He looks great as. It. Yeah I think it is. You actually call that they talk about it on TV dark. You know he would throw the ball a little bit earlier today you know pop up north down the field prompted. Some shots you know pro ball that you make other. So that the early enough. Always good to lose a point A game rather gain currently out of reach. A lesson in Russia and now and then maybe that the competent boot record exactly into the world you know. I think they did in the newspaper you're still going to be a covenant a coveted quarterback. In the agency is the bill don't decide to keep it and you know somebody's gonna take a shuttle is our quarterback battle. Equity into. When you've got another have another opportunity that the starter somewhere because. Quarterback who come out of college. It's hard to just say are you gonna do what we were just talking about. It will go out on somebody's gonna want our talents and about it is that the quarterback will be watching it right now until this guy's record. That's the funniest part right close tailor made for that position the bill Bobby you've deposition because this is the second time in two seasons where he's but sat down for a quote performance based reason. Yeah I don't know the that minute that obviously the club option. It doubles option and copilot. You want to combat this nuclear chemical and an organization. Twice after the currency that's. Bus he's logged part of the east yeah Donald beat them one at a packet. It could give it ago that he junkies I Donald Jones this I could hear the dreaded your voice I know you know what is coming at your job today post his or her to talk about luck that's. Here's what Donald Blake. I listen to you guys who when where fanatic at seven ESPN from noon to three every day. Add I eat all the guys want it Peterman got what they want and brightly what are those guys see this morning with how how would you Peterman Fam like Tommy was what's the spirit what's the excuse the nutritional more. Right exactly you know attempt now let's look at that might look like are not the heat of an experiment with our but there. And it's like he had at that point roll like two at a certain you know I didn't expect it will bring more blood. Don't know what to say to anybody right now. I really don't I don't know how we're all like that on the so later. We're gonna take most intimate setting up that hole and sure. Everybody listening to see who's going to be. How does not name a starter after the game I know there are rules you were six monkeys but you start. I'd you have to do. I mean you're due to it so. You know let. Bono. Well yeah I saw some of that Peter McKenna lights. And don't have an that you Jon Gruden yeah. I'd tell this event where rightfully did say good luck to you are fairly soon. You know there are elaborate the air. So to see your old escape tunnel. News wires and my daughter's themselves to the latest form with the shooters and my daughter cited just read my here. It was one of those like father the guilt things that it stop work that was paid any attention could watch football beaten by. I'll Serena rates and yours or where Ehrlich girls are expert who that is talking look pretty bad as Jones. You know along yet to be. Patriarch of the pictures or so and. You look like Leo Hillary's views of the predicament there it was in ranking. And like Jamaica Alka so. Surprised she. Talked like Jamaica because he went. Isn't what does he is sister getaway signal that's true speaks another. You know improvement BC eyes and there was some peace deal greens. I don't do that Belarus are racked ability to bound and. You. To jurors actually. The current conception not. And it is so good months. It took us. Asia and rape her but because Donald Jones of the receiver close to each.