Post Game Monday with Former Bills WR Donald Jones!

Monday, November 13th

The Bills fall to the Saints 47-10 at New Era Field - Is it time to be worried?


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The only meaningful points. When the bills lose 47 to ten and it wasn't that close this needs to stop trying to vilify her brush from around at what point eight ran the ball eleven straight times X Gorton. Amazement attached to the bills got yesterday from backup quarterback Nate Peterman gave against their third string defenders and prevent defense. Could not have gone worse yesterday with the exception of somebody getting injured but that being said what about hoping for an injury but is anybody that he would you lose that. Do better than forty senator Ted there. Joining us in the break room I'd be good buddy former bills wide receiver he's the cause of the Robert Michel and a sister station and it by 70 has PM Jones and Dow Jones does go brother. I let's talk about the most important thing I'll what do you think the draft stock is for the man who ran a 120 yards naked on the field in the fourth quarter yesterday. Well beyond the U I did he connect finally if you seeded does it make you gay. Exit was good about it Arizona and I's body sales and a pump pumps up respected us. And they're highlighted their. What's he was there anything else to hold the CI. You know we are you are a lot. Which what does he act and why. I don't know I don't remember. That game. You sure it happened at least that it. Could block it eaten it beat by. A beat down every play. Well Donna I know there's no easy answer to this but a team that has been playing so well playing above their heads for the first couple weeks in the season a defense that was given up yardage book was bend but don't break. How the hell in the last two weeks does it fall apart the way that it hats. They Wear and Merck and I talked about the so. Lou the strain of game that they want The New Yorker and almost and focus on that we. The the turnovers. A bit and that everything that the bill with a little note that they were only given up a lot you know. And as you talk about that then it but don't break there redeemable at a garden and they come with I don't know what Beckel died there what. When you play the back right Drew Brees. That doesn't really turn the ball over and he can finish. Then what. But to do that early years old how their corporate jets. There was like glee 38 yeah yeah. Earlier this can't beat all quarterback lobby maybe it's maybe in all honesty I'm just wants to get myself feel better yesterday Jones that he would chip this. Would you have guys that can look at these defense is and break them down in their eyes and see everything that's the problem is McDermott. And Leslie Frazier defense coordinator can't disguise things with guys who know what their seat is that something. I mean good birdies definitely go we'll be seeing that account and then around legal reasoning is well below the two are the opening. They have the power of rock that's out there and learn hospitality due to the patent. Tom and I think they need to dial up more. More blitzes and different things to try to do too. The quarterback Tom against the run out of I don't know what it. All right good. Couldn't tell you it. I from the news but you know I'm I'm all of the mourners. You couldn't do anything in that game anything you can say well we've beaten this right. Yet. They say but but even like the sudden so nor is is try to give you'll break grace and they're not gonna throw the ball down now they're gonna run right yes yes and Indian parish you would dialing it back for Chris the way I looked at says eleven straight runs. Into the end zone. The court even trying to be Dicks about it and you still lower bowl. But your right to Debbie I remember thinking of the of the game like you're can be Durban Payton they're gonna shake hands with a McDermott you probably because the score run up. They didn't even try you try to back and they couldn't until they're crushed. We ask you this is. Things Oakland and darker than an hour opera. And it took little ignorant. And in other pro. Missiles going in the media. Aren't they all these they saw something in the deputy because there are all comments on baseball on and they were like we don't have the with a little on the ball within that started the work of my own but we'll stay with this like he opened up opened it up. Dow Jones from bills receiver cause that John Murphy showed an effect 70s PM I don't hate you bring this up but you were on eighteen and 2011 date now seems like it's a mirror image of this team again where a team that's not supposed to do well catches a little bit of fire that at all falls apart and it's amazing Donald. How with every bills team that it started well it is all he's gained eight. Where things go south what is it about the middle of that NFL season that show you who's real who's now. I think well you know we we know. That the middle of the in the wind the best team in the rod to the top Ernie and the team that I would normally would playing out of a month fifteen. Well playing out of the mine. But those teams that know how to weather is so you know they might start out slow but they hit this start. What you did to the middle Heatley have everything that they want to do there's not. You know like southern and now like they have their team together this is what we have to make the front. In the bill right now are no really influx. With a lot of things that don't. Some injuries. And you have got have a cooling silica. Ultimately this is showing that the team that we we. We did have a mentality to and the team must sort it. All of that being said Donald we wake up this morning after he blown out twice. Almost a playoff spot and I'd like a tiebreaker playoff spot would we own the playoff in Iraq and she picks up the end the little. If you go out to Los Angeles beat the chargers next week you're actually pretty much control your destiny throughout the rest of the season. I'll ask you this because you've been. After taking losses like that is there anyway these players can right the ship is a mental thing more than a physical thing at this point. Right mountain equipment and you look at things that happened on the field. Like the missed tackles in most like to make the tackle. Good. I know where I think a determination of at and political well I think it could more right now that there was talk about chocolate chip. It looked Oakland and use his come together as a team the players only patent needed. And then you get together on defense but without about the world we gotta tackle with the paternal the government couple hours. By his own admission of that and on at about this game. But I gotta look at a vital player like I came in and I've bought into your program and I went out there and I executed what you told the didn't do and then this happens. I got a Serbian to stuff its coach a little bit that he ain't doing is his job. Well I don't know rectitude and what that would do. Ireland and you're not a Q is you know blocking on offense they're not actually not tackling. You know do it didn't beat. On passes. Reported that is on the alternate through our news. Note that should never king Erica we saw that last year you know arm with good data on the data. You should never do evil that the paper record Michael's apartment and notes are at quarterback who may be perceived as the but if you run the ball escort spot on the front of them up are you targeting their work. There and. Any other law so you get pitched up and but let's say six times six times on the TV there in the ball six laps as sticks to constant. Total about what. That's like it did at Maryland got close enough dark opening lap pool its worst it's been excellent if it. Right Jones before that you and your event because the bills but I just on the aisle also feel like you're an event because I kind of a pay instant. On Twitter. Let not forgot about it urged him to us. You know he. Wouldn't do booty or Friday. You know on. I'm a white on the bottle it. That guy don't argue that object or. Joseph Jones bust my balls Motley bills BAA says may Clancy says it'll look at tobacco suit but it's just heart attack so Joan V show on Friday is where it's cloudy. And it's got all kinds of different colors and pattern looks like it's a book pixie yeah so I tweet that out and everybody's like. And that your former teammate decide to pile on you which are too bad about field Stevie Johnson didn't you are recognized I didn't. Yet he also makes fun of and I think it could maple group. But someone let's say I'm sorry I'm sure the seat you know it's different strokes men and looks good and you. Does this route didn't vote. I. Unquote. It is these economic get them back. You know George did you set out have to Wear it. I can't even if you don't like debt said polity if she bought it for you have to Wear with pride. Apparently you've just been an 11 o'clock that was tacked on like yeah. Where you don't like it. Yeah. We've all been there I would need to be honest that you like cute it's just just hear you like that but he for real you're usually cut. Well I wouldn't connect figured it was more like it yeah. If I don't think that all important question for every Monday what is today on the job to Asia. And it can be allowed you to rent a period. Eight gators come to tell my said the future. The magnitude of this is budget we could control to the occasion Borland. I'm what four to jump in there. Were outside Italy studied thirty seconds Israel because there are a lot of people Tweety call us all day about me Peter meant it thirty seconds can you explain why yesterday was not anything to get excited about Whitney Peter. Or me going against their special players and with the you know my like equipment for are not appropriate. Is what America. I want to. What I understand. What and then building and the such as urgent as well. But it is what it is they like he used to. John you actually don't let you know that the court. They don't list a few hours at driver's seat repentance and ice were sliding. It's not good the only correct and we still got the real good turnouts that are currently president Jesus take we don't. Yeah they let it out body idol that's got elicited a sister station and he thinks it is yet watch and amnesty will talk to next week meant. I but he embarrasses technique a couple of shows rebels led to these.