Post Game Monday with Buffalo Bills Sideline Reporter Sal Capaccio

Monday, December 18th

There's two weeks left in the regular season, and we're STILL in it!


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No matter what. Happens a week. From yesterday the bills will play meaningful football a the last game of the season and the break much of classic rock music but did you see and F. Monster bills win first half seems like it's a lot and everything suddenly go south Tom DeLay is stuck in Philadelphia. But it's okay repress some liberals coverage joining us the break from here on CM at a good body bills. Reporter sees things you don't see here's things you don't hear separate but you have to go on sale. Dead wouldn't tolerate being stuck abilities being single nor I think I'll. Yeah against our. I get it up you feel that they've been that was ethical way yesterday it was a everybody that stadium at least for the first recordings the game was having the time of their life. I mean look it was this is what you want right in the neagle and overseas and Ali are you talking while still stands but we've always talked about his. Wouldn't it be nice to have meaningful football in December. I just see sever its Christmas and there's meaningful games and I believe there's one scenario I think it's all come lose I think there's one area where they win out it'll make it but it's pretty slim so the bottom line is. This is it man in the winter games during the playoffs this thing is over I don't know I mean it's going to be tough to be knowingly and it probably won't but. They haven't in front of them they have an opportunity in Nepali finance or. So let's talk yesterday about what happened added that offense in the first half it was the most aggressive off the as we've seen all season long they throw the ball down field Tyrod looks phenomenal the running game is dignity Cohen got the dolphins on their heels like. And excel I'm watching this game for its industry going. Who is this what happened to the offensive coordinator and why they are doing this all season long I'm not the only one that saw that rates at. Well look I mean they strip their first fifteen plays and the bottom and the inability to actually and it seemed like that. I don't remember because it in and with parts for example very first game against the against the jets the first game of the year. They do the same thing terrico to repair a couple weeks ago against the patriots at home. Eric Philanthropic they're acting like that it is it's not an every game that they earned nice job on first drive it in the end zone and that's one. Everything came together they were able to punch Iranians don't and played driving scripted the first fifteen it went really well for them. And then things didn't go as well and a couple guys and they really have been nice second quarter at a 75. Play very tight yard drives for touchdowns. And then of the second half they got a lot of trial trouble this year in the second half after having that I have been and actually the issue comes in for me. Arm and I adding just because they are scripted anymore now seems start making adjustments and markets and the bills don't make adjustments they do I don't think they have. Quite the talent to overcome other teams adjustments once they get in those positions so you'd like to see that better but luckily it was gonna put on hold on the first happened especially what they did in the second quarter. So it's only been an upset about your and a busy in the break on see a map posted Monday and it's funny. Like you look on paper at that game yesterday and it's almost eight dominant Google's performance offensively and defensively yet somehow were all sitting at our seats to the last play of the game with shock on their faces because he returned labor products like kick like sale that is the quintessential. Bill's bad experience yesterday like. We should've had AK walking away on paper we had Vicki walking away yet with thirty seconds left it to extra baby's weight to galactic hero for. Look I mean. They made it interesting it yet there's no doubt about that. Days. At every opportunity to shut that door they didn't do it close thing now. And you know that didn't happen until the very very end obviously it was you know well that the only thing look what happened. Yesterday the Steelers patriots came interdicting look at happen at the end of the raiders probably games crazy things happen at the end of games so. You would elect as cynical and out I think they they put. Jay Cutler and at Altman's into of one dimensional situation and that it was for Jay Cutler because he might throw you the ball and it's good or the other team and take the time that I've beaten in my street while he did but a little longer a nation have let. You know all things. As you walk out of that stadium in the league in that particular environment in game. Six and two on the scene and patent six or call 86 and even now everything's apartment. Myself I wanna know if you noticed something the game that pretty chippy in the second happy off personal files plagues all over the place and there are two guys on the dolphins traditionally that have been viewed as borderline dirty players Ndamukong suited defensive linemen and Jarvis Landry the wide receiver but it seems to me watching picky when person. There are a bunch of guys that are just. Kiko Alonso being one of them he was never dirty player when he played in buffalo or Philly now this this reputation is showing up that it eventually leads team does that's what looked like yesterday. I agree to view yes I mean you'd have to have someone step up. An example. An and an reverser correct what he says I said on the radio on the air. And I've been in a regular part of that is if you wreck everything artists that are on the on the airline and I said. In the fourth quarter and Merck are down I mean I think you know. Every time I looked after a political on those buying a reply. It's ridiculous locked up with somebody he'd given away extra shot. Mean Arnold glamour said what happened to Keiko that's what he said I agree about the leadership. In about the role that kind of thing when your best players likes to like later there are some of the best players when they're the ones doing it. Actually permeates our team because there's no holding them accountable but. You look at you know I consider bills are perfect angels of course turnout. But in the locker room after the game I only we know kind of leader is no kind of character as. He was mad about adult was Washington taking a penalty after it struck by a third one unfortunately. I don't care if someone looks you in culture mother ugly you can't do that. He said we that's a win for us were off the field. Making important one and now it's the Beckham and the courts that you can't have that happen and that we have to clean up. Adding that's what you leaders have to be when your leaders though are the guys doing that south. That's when it. Says much of the summer reporting that would easier posted muddied the break mansi met Tommy is stuck in Philadelphia we even have the full details as to what's going on Canada but we will keep you company that is certified. I feel that it will be okay. And he's fine and he could residents sellers so I sell. Let's go that was it we get two meaningful games to play left here but you know I couldn't help but think watching the team walk off the field of that we yesterday you know let's talk about this could be Kyle Williams last game in Orchard Park even further than that. There are a couple of EG vets on this team who are due to make some money next year Richie got Beatles one of them LeSean McCoy goes over 101000 yards yesterday is another one. Sale. Let's see this bills team makes the play offs. I hate being that most bills fans see that there is a plan here from the front office from the coaching staff to maybe. Moved younger fight guys that their system more trying to save little money. Is it going to be harder for this coaching staff this front office to sell what might be either offseason plan if the vets that they have here that they might be thinking about getting rid of are the ones that bring them to a playoff berth for the first time in seventeen years does that make sense. Sure sure it would be as I've recommended that plan I mean look our. Currently is under contract for with remembered. Yeah I'm not talking about Tyler particularly to rush I've. Estimate but it will be out cola which are Richie. Richie and accurate huge number you'd love to reduce that I think there are ways to be able to do that maybe bring him back and he can play for a two seller but two point. Welcoming. To your better players I mean if you do that you're still you'll hold on this team who's the running back who are left guard you're right there problem. You know how it doesn't come back your best offensive tackle already in position group which was gash this year against the run so. Yes of course I think the answer your question yes I mean it would it would be proper to a narrower in the playoffs and we got a you know I think that at the cover what was that aren't you are thinking and ambling around from him what the equipment playoffs I think that's more recover so because he I think aging veteran. Any app making a really big salary. I'm not I'm not sure that that is necessary to ensure they wanna be younger you know what hey. All these you'll older veteran lot of money that some you know I don't make money in this league and party get rid of guys make high salaries. Like martial arts in Iraq and is due to make money next year. EEK to cut kids go to the next player every time and say he's gone he's gone. Because sooner or later you get to people you're like hey you know what. Pretty good player Jerry cans make a lot of money to look at what he actually pretty good football players so I don't think you can they're gonna. Airplane and is to continue to do that. There may be a guy here or there but you're right. If they want to do that. In the playoffs would be a little tougher but also it also might buy this regime. A little bit of good will remember for them to be in this position with this particular roster with people but they were doing. I think. Honestly that I had a lot more trusting. ID doubles as a reporter beat reporters at the Bellagio a young TV today they put your mug on TV. They are me in my fat lip out of sob story so what happens every product you are stellar character through an incompletion. I went to pick up the ball. The ball get on the ground. Popped up and drove me in the face. It happens the best of a sale I can I can safely say that you looked no worse than you normally do with that fat lip this morning. Oh I don't know that the commoner capitals this. Is that basically died at that is a good resident. Arcades here and and Merry Christmas or but he out there. Answer we'll talk at some point but probably not before that and so what they Merry Christmas ever. Appreciate. A native.