Pornography Ruined My Marriage

Wednesday, June 13th

There's a study that says pornography can lead to divorce.. But if you really take a look at the numbers, it doesn't seem to line up!

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Give a steady in front of us that shows that pornography will lead to divorce and and we have to manage its Ausmus who your big fan yeah three marriages but we also pornography comes so war aria I you know your history always immediately Everyman watch is important okay. You also believe that portable Niedermayer and if I am here to tell you that you wrong things I enjoy road matters alcohol. Morning show who's is it's not so much the point answering your marriage Tommy and all you men out there. Each attitude towards the obviously have you over indulge if you know yes and if that was saint. Her day at the breaker rusty classic rock and six but did you see maps of the study is titled this and people aren't likely to divorce after the start. Watching. After the start so there you go you caught that a guy nobody else did I act the way. The article is written makes it sound like watching pornography will ruin your marriage but in fact. The way that they disguised in the article is that if you get married that you start. Watching porn it's going to destroy your heresy and tell me there's a guy how dare you report that didn't look at horror and toll got married and then went into the pork wanton gained exactly that guy doesn't even exist. That's my point probably didn't help me that part owner Bridgette doesn't change your idea is right you still believed that pornography is bad for its first oh yeah. I agree that if you did not report existed and you marry someone that you all of a sudden find pornography. That. He does it's gonna mess you up find it's gonna Alter you Rhode fighting sexual fantasy your twenties are friends but why Tommy you. You believe that pornography is so bad for us. I gave personal home. It desensitized as you to what's attractive what stimulate your occasion licking its sexual fantasy Nat reality rate OK so you're looking at all these and you can. Look at anything you want to you can all over stimulate yourself so that when you come back to reality of issue when your wife in bed. Well old. OK that's not how so if you really. If you like totally into from Niagara fear now realize it is just these are actors in these religious groups in these are and it's old geared towards men. It's that really reality and your wife wants no part of your pour moves in bed yeah okay. And and kind of filthy language or dead I mean but some guys fall into that pit and then when the white goes this is gross. Well he's just gonna go back to a Santa's sea ice and that's a problem or not I'm not saying every guy. Goes down that rabbit hole but I've known guys. Look at so much pornography. They want nothing to do with the wives anymore there almost like roommates because. Deserves their. I will argue unless you're right that if you're if you're a guy that believes that which seem pornography Israel. It's gonna hurt I think a bigger also get over simulated okay but here's the Fed did over stimulation what ten Americans. Men according to several studies watch pornography I put those two guys wait not exact. Yeah believe it. Cowboys get a game that's way too well motion up let's do news. You would net based on what you said in these on this article that all of our marriages would all be over soon but as time goes on. The divorce rate it's a mountain the American divorce rate seems to have peaked in the mid to early eighties around 50%. Nowadays it's hovering around 35 to 40%. It seems the more access we have to free Internet pornography. The better the divorce rate gates in America as you're assuming just because people aren't divorced their happy okay. People can just go along a miserable two marriages because a multitude of Riddick and afforded the deck kids whatever I would meet the argument thirty years ago we were more likely stay in. Loveless marriage because it was socially unacceptable that in order to and so it was that's the president 1940s it was completely socially to get divorced 4030 or terrace and less stigma today for divorce and what's late seventies early eighties yes or no and eighties cut eight people were split up and and even in the seventies it was fallen apart that's what I need to see a swing admit we were to pour in blue. Sort of big fancy car you're telling you believe the world thing where you know world is easier. Ever to beat somebody to get divorced it's easier than ever to get back on your feet because of opportunity after the divorce happens that people a state loveless. I've played I know I'm guessing don't. Just consider 'cause people are together they're happy owner having sex OK fine I mean I know I I know guys that literally their wives are basic the roommates. Does that mean the kids are done they got older and he she's that really interested and she would rather just. Get as jolly as would pornography and this enemy fire or whether it's on me I don't know. Yup my Father's Day and age you don't have access to this stuff is labeling it a Playboy and I just aren't there. Right but I mean he also didn't get over stimulated. I mean Nike. His stimulation was so with his wife Isa was into that would his wife were now you don't have to be did you did you play players west. Your mother Julie dad now she she thought she called it doing her white flee duties. Just a lot of women feel like that still that we'll have sex and not that the they hate sex completely but. The sometimes doing just to show that you upping. You know do do do do rightly duties. There's another statistic that I find very interest and it seems as it. Be more eight country has access to three point averaging. The better there women's rights. Resignations. And are busy get all the freedoms anyway but that's what that's what I need is like you know the arguments that pornography is bad for women that it creates like you just said he a false fantasy that men look at women because respectful exactly but it's actually quite the opposite when it comes to freedoms and respect and rights that money that they make cross the border countries that have more access to pornography have better -- women over and over and over us because of the positive image that could aggravate presents remic is dollar the sexy lawyers and sexy doctors say. And I have whips and chains they can tie you up and take charge to give you spanking and I think more and more eyes. As a coaching this this document area Netflix about women. I don't think you can look in we do them an attendant who. You rooted shut I'd. It was like talking about how more and more women are getting into the port industry like as producers and dangling that because they find it very liberating lautner. Here's what it is so thank you Bernard for Bubba. Free afraid to exit their own way I don't spin on it I think there is something to thank you pornography because as much as you'd think that would delete Julian king I think there is liberating aspect to watching pornography for because there has pointed exist for yep but but coroner is still. Written. From man but he still porn you watches I think that there is a there's a ton of England porn flick they are showing like early kittens included as ago. No but they are showing cal let these women are here are producing porn it's more like romantic and things like that you know go broke but it's still but it still. Pornography it's just a different type of pornography here it is this is the fact fact of the matter. It's not pornography ruins were married in fact it's quite the opposite. Each George feeling on how your white feels about pornography and that was your marriage the sheet you feel from watching it affected you beat. Think it if you find your wife was watching porn without you expect that you will not share what you fantasy is with your wife because you're ashamed of it that's the. Or she's gonna fight grocer creepy okay she finds a script he should probably will based. Probably because there's not much benefit in it for her so like most of the tennis these guys have is basically geared to. Mean haven't a good time you NASA much aches but it just you're more the vehicle to my good time when it takes you to goal and Tiki is it time for you. No. It would your wife wants to double date with a friend of horror and deliver is that fun for you now know. If you're looking at it as doing your lately duties off sexual fantasies no more different than going it TK. Okay here's the difference when Michael anti came ho hum market but it's been hurt later that I had to take somebody add they'll be visible stressed out. Order requires. Multiple sellers to get that smell often play. Right yeah a decade creepy pretty who whisper it but what level but a double date my way to Toledo who works really creepy stuff like you're. Or leave that something's in my ear. My interest at things being sprayed or output. Maybe to bad accent but I don't think you're giving women enough credit in the fact that you date June. They could get into those things more than you think like OK look we saw buried that he armored person and action. And it but it teaching it's a great thing with this it's. Insanely popular like epic brought out side of wind bit that people didn't know existed yes I did get and is always exist in women and women are afraid to show you that's how he guides you and guys like you because they're afraid of your reaction because it's quite often met. Think that there wives who monogamous. Relationships love you would want to make you happy if he'd say I watch porn habit it is kind of think war slut skate. I don't know if that's what did you want to ramp into possible you people want to see it come. Obviously she wrote you let me give you really think like you by 'cause of work hard got. Just when unwinds. It's going to or sex Dunn joined to tie me up and spank me for about twenty minutes okay. It's not every sexual experience will be that dream yes but that's a but these Shays is led by as. I don't really have already used it you're making it the most extreme. Scenarios like maybe just like a little bit here there. Just be more open about it general. It. To add especially like women. Now like that as they grow up with this world full of easy excelled pornography. I think it's just gonna become yelled get back to church all these in Jesus to ensure that like that's how he won the only geez is right here eats very hypocritical not just review but a lot of guys like. Yet you're saying. Music keeping cool the Lippman waves and did those things then like you're it would help relationship but yet you're also saying all these women Alec they don't they're not. Throughout the rampant so you're gonna go down that road. There you just described. I usage issue goal. Be very delicate OK in your approach to these things which he physically or emotionally bolt. Ranked. Hey Colin length scare what brought you can't get every guy hello guys coming guns ablaze and I mean guys are stupid is and they get really stupid when there. Completely. Added that may get re. So think about that when you decide to go into this let's let's experiment stage because your idea of experimentation. Because you've been look at that not reprieve for 25 or thirty years in your wife who has not has two different ideas of what's going on here so literally delay. OK but then that's not really OK yes but it opens tore the oracle and Stiller writes it would be careful present hallways tight. Okay. Of budget it is it is just kick her to slay to view and other guys collect his colleagues were wrong he's not see about buddy. Yeah comic on its opinion and my neighbor again separated. All per I've been born addiction and bought her way it was explained to me I've been. The sexual addiction. So. Maybe that's a lot of hot and he sound of his own hands. Are yet. I can't addiction Dick has always been weird because I do believe there is porn addiction. Addiction starts. So old that you and I are both on the road yes had to stand up so mostly guys I meant I knew guys that that. When. You think that's only get old they gazette that the do these comics are in the middle you know you Maria. Without that a dual days. Things that horrible day and deported is about kids that I wasn't one of those going there again today and on to say grass super for an. I ask to speak it's UP of life. Like chizik other could have a couple of drinks at night and go to his job to an extent there's another guy that once he has the bottle. You know super couple weeks. Ranked. So I mean if you're on the the pornography or you got to look at it 24/7 or use an and hours a day a picture looking at a yet you've got a problem. Let me ask you married. Yet the porn together. Now okay do you watch porn alone. She goes and should get. Right added audit by. My favorite though or radio I don't think there. So we hope Glenn good luck buddy reprieve at a golf advocate resident what you could call a fake names that went legit folks don't Connecticut's AG actually I everybody got all we gotta. Move on I appreciate it back to porn.