Politics And Your Kids

Monday, April 16th

What would've been a better way for Duffy to interject? And at what age do you talk to your kids about what is going on in the news and try to help them understand it?


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How much do you little kids know about what's going on in the world politically. Aren't they understand what's comes from us that comes from television right it's been a scary couple days chemical attacks certain invalid I air strikes and resiliency and having you know do your homework. It is hard for you were children is fully understand. What's going on and simple move to keep my kids from being terrified of the world I has. Royally pissed off my wife. And I wish you would understand it's not an indictment on her she's not letting ago. Thursday night and mom on the show ready and I've FaceBook opened yeah. That was openly videos here so this video was playing the sound is coming up my computer its this person on FaceBook who believes Donald Trump the president eased. And they're laying out all these reasons why they don't believe Donald Trump is fit to be president Bubba Bubba. So join up on earth. So I said year old asks my wife what that it just talk about the situation in Syria and all of this stuff. My wife begins to explain to my seven year old. Everything that's going on NB opinion of this person on FaceBook. I don't want my daughter seven year old to hear about people die it chemical weapons tax burden that so. To stop my from doing this I said but the. Hall talk check or my wife was talking to my daughter little my wife says she does this person believes that the president does it and I support. So you basically Shuster way. No I don't see usually I don't Wednesday may yet know might as well no she is disrespectful act as always but the development no no. But it. You'd either way you're saying. Stop talking rank share aftermath. You don't know which you're doing you're getting a bad mother. I can tell her but earlier yes it is because I would rather have my child. Completely traumatized. For chemical warfare. In the tolerate my way of being pissed off heading I would much rather tolerate chemical warfare. In my weight being pissed off of me at the start of a long weekend where we might have an ice storm were all blocked in this house with you are in you but you doing that you're telling her. I don't trust you handled shake these. But that cancels skin side down the burning in your eyes will go away. Did what you did is gonna come back to haunt you over and over and over. Listen. There's potential for big Steve very bad and what's going on. Warm weather and potential for it to be on the news every night. Out of my daughter to see bits and pieces of news and having her head at the president may not be fit to be president you're right and I don't think it was doing anything wrong intentionally I don't woods is going about it. I know that. She. Is bet she's just don't hold shifting me no and I should share the same thing on the is that different situation such an I like his condescending and make you it's arrogant to. It's too many words I can't spell. Yes exhibit. It's exactly how she took it band yeah. Can use it Hewitt articulated. Let's put this one on whole election probably would then pits but still does Pitt does. Shut up. By the way. Arts and she said doctor asks a lake she went to an Ivy League school to learn how to. Heal people. And this. Stupid tons of have fans radio personalities couldn't tell me to be quiet tell me an apparent. Ray tell me any thing. Are you kidding me my wife to see brilliant moment she works very hard I'm not ourself from nothing. I cited a lot of times at hostility that they go a paging technical. Do we get psyched up I think over here we have a problem she still pissed if he helped but of course she's getting pricier for a long time. What is the situation gee this is rather than. You don't even know she was gonna say ray or dvd to divert chance to explain it I. I if your daughter gets a little dramatized okay you go work around that. You can't you can't honoring that deluge is did. I took to do 62226000. What do your kids know about the world and what do you and your significant other. As far as a plan to tell them about what's going on the world has. I pick my wife believes that my seven year old daughter will be able to differentiate between opinion and back to despise and it was it doctor forensic psychology and it was talking about the Donald Trump I am so. I don't believe that I picked I don't hear this take it as fact. Because it's what she believes is an analyst at as far as your local news is back right okay so I don't want my daughter to be putting your head on the pillow every night thinking that gonna be obliterated by nuclear. Happened. Our it would lead to your wife is gonna go that far no just what I don't regulars. This big for my wife what she I mean how much. They're figuring how much news and she exposed to notices seven you're only a lot alleys and down a CNN and I. Fox News there are breaking it down with these job I have the news on the back on top so she could pick up some of its use it to your advantage like light to these two kids and Syria they were listened to the most important in this is when a 100 driver and a whole whole. You know you're big you're lucky live in this country garlic is those kids didn't do their homework home to leave it at that damage you did the statistics. Right the I'd like your right it was a should I had to make a decision I made its decision and I wished that my wife who loved dearly and our own wonderful human create would understand it was a little Erica White man detail how it goes around is I was done. I mean so your daughters obviously curious about it at this point and you can't you can't not fire yet just like kind of letter wonder on our own I mean I. To your waist credit she was trying to explain things so she would have somewhat of an understanding of what turns a great point because OK let's say she showed its ups though. Okay you explain to him. She get a keep asking global politics you just heard this in wearing a dollar every. My daughter every despite right now whites accept president said there is something bad. Why would dampers etc. something Bennett there was a demand Epperson is stupid you know the guys that daddy works with you sizzle these things all the time sometimes there are stupid people who say stupid things and everything is fine don't worry about it's we pay his book over a barrel. Thanks to its it's a date it's that there's economy. It's a drunken crowd on her hard Q. Two on our freedoms. Set up delicious pork was added value parenting roles you are life long haul be careful how you phrase pay beta. Got to know your place it is those they'll eat your role now all the makes. Him. You and your wife and have strengths. Strengths. And weaknesses when it comes a reason to broker a key reason supposedly is knowing what strengths and weaknesses you how. That's much easier said than done because keeping united front for your children is important but it might almost be impossible. Because there's a different belief in how you do things sing and your wife will do things your husband will toothpicks. You other when it's right your head every time. It takes a lot of humility to step back and look at it look at and say listen maybe I'm not great at this be honest with you looking back at what happened. I was wrong to detect a right to. Thought if I can't value also. Mop your wife and daughter you hold it like mommy mommy should shut up and as you ladies don't understand world politics that big daddy it is. That's would you candidate ran. I mean avenue just let it happen. It's what you're terrible father of you're sitting there like you're letting you know I would have like you don't know what she was gonna say and then I am guessing your wife's got this far. In life very successful without match. Either not making mistakes or cricket mistakes he makes so I'm pretty sure she can explain it to work and by the way like you're sitting in their tune you can give year and play like it yeah it's alleged that's saying something correctly you can give your input going counterpart was my favorite shows speculative yet. The second. You ignorance of how. Catch up just did a bit up. Thursday night sit at home eight bespoke. Video plays automatically it's a doctor giving her opinion on why she thinks the president is dangerous in the plot terrified because going on in Syria with Russia right now so my daughter rest my wife was also sitting there what is that woman's egg in my life begins to say well this but the -- the president is dangerous because. I didn't want my daughter a year that because I know there are stories coming about potential bad things so to stop my wife and say these things I said. And that it should shout I need to show. Can I said it to ticket yet and apparently you think there's a difference does it I just got up. There's none of you waved her hand editor like you waving era I did so dismissive of the right how might that brighter person. I hear you you were dismissive yet you waved her off. You're drawing more attention to what your daughter asked is not your daughter thinks that she asks asked something. Raw all US parent can't tell you Archie touch your daughter what's that women don't know to talk. Men know what they're talking out women should just be quiet night kit when they shouldn't have opinions institute neglect. Basically turn house into the 1950s and by the early 1950s America would indeed legal I'd. Out of your mind that you go to that you. Out of your mother and daughter that he ought to do that right now coveted. It was to visit the museum at breaker Duffy that he's made quite your wife is worse than judging because it's obnoxious and annoying to boo. The radio conversation. Not your concern for your daughter. But rather what did you make such noise to you way okay maybe the boys was a great idea I still haven't heard anything from you guys other than let it happen if I was gonna stop that what you I've done. Here's the thing your wife is allowed to have her opinion I despise entitled to their opinion. And that also goes a parenting rate so her opinion I had a parent is also correct in her mind. Ask. A lull and so if it's correct and I incorrect. Now you're anti you weren't completely. Entitled to do which you did. But now you got to live but it. Can. You talk to you until you don't joke it's got to be diligent. Talking to top it. He's big that you got to go to endowment. I resent as you go let people make their own mistakes and then figured out is if you keep telling illicit I can I can take you up to Lake Ontario. And tale called the waters Richard whichever league and Dodi jumping in re I he I'd cut a talented but do you experience it you never really get alarm. So if you think your way of doing something wrong. Let her make that mistake and learn because you just cutting a rough is just gonna has to rough and as she's gonna double down on. Now you got a real show. Is silly and I try to at least Paris my. Daddy does that. I don't walk the fine line and you just prolonging of the conversation and the whole have to have the organization eventually. I don't like yeah this conversation can be carried out there could be something else but not politics is going to be something else outlining. Eject it Chester went to handle that situation either it's different and we have you figured auditions here yet. Mike's recruitment he about it I keep away but he. Eddie got. And last year. The wind. Was quite. As they've looked at. Is Mitchell. H arts all the explosives that might not like what you're but I still say hey honey you were wrong. I think great targets. To make sure that we all this could be what it. What are your gods that you got from white. You. Like taught cancer. In my. Did I yeah. All. It's the conferences I think Mike makes it very interesting point that right my daughter. My daughters and my wife and I are united where united front. And I think it hugest thing you should you're not indicted that's kissing her meant I think that there needs to be discussion had it was going the only time body this might be on beeper not sitting down with my wife might BI near. Nat city mile wide down and tell her opinion. For eight China are if you don't think what she's about to say is right you know just so great to your forcing your opinion on her. Do you think that's gonna go well seek it sound horrible. What you're doing what you do. It. Did you expect myself with a micro yeah about sixty crap out when you judge the breaker glitzy event they just tell you brother. Dario. Now that arterial. You know it did. Your life or initiate sorry you don't trust her and know what to say how to hold back it'll keep certain things out of just to get the bare minimum. Just to make it easier dog strays and yeah. So they you know exactly what Wright were wrong to say how dare you. Shock PTX. That's what makes me. At the fate it was a comedy you always get us at FaceBook or the BBC about FaceBook page op. Says Christine. He's much more disrespectful that she started. It. I would be much angrier with my husband specious beat big DD DD DD me. It's all about the connotation when it comes podium and but yeah I agree critique of are these legacy. Timings everything McCain and let this one go letters say Danielle you've got the discussion later in a better numbers up and God's sakes get it's really hot talk the honey in the great so how do you feel about the chemical weapons to kill women and children scenario. Why should you put it it's nice to see us missile streaks crossed. What these particular missiles what. To hear how the Russians went to the UN and asked for. Resolution condemning the United States who get hot day that you don't I mean that. Of lives and we pray that they better. Steve that's the opinion that you happened why would why it's not. Stop for a second it realized maybe I should have this discussion with my husband before we add this companies it is just in the moment. Yeah I mean she didn't know how to. Ethics does he make your wife wants to hide these things from your I needed even let her finish regularly and how she was a breakdown what every she was in my. Well I Y I know I'm rescinded that I don't know like I. No amount woman in my woman's role and again I'll. Read and you win baby pic it is not wrong. What she thinks he's not wrong. My hat exposing my children to that is light peak is not the best ID as she's gonna pattern. He's gonna hand you bad time.