Please, Guys... Keep These Photos To Yourself

Wednesday, December 6th

We understand trying to relive the glory days, but this never made you look cool!


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All right why I'd seen a ton more this on FaceBook Twitter lately so guys putting pictures of themselves up. Either old athletic Campbell was handling glory days too little bit rate yeah. And I had it all I had a headache here and. No good I get it seats to throw back Thurston and socially Clinton I do understand. There is one sports outfit no matter how good shape you were in about how we say it was it's manly sport takes a lot of sacrifice. It's kicked it behind a guy is more via news and it's not footballer snide based on as most high. You hate it it's a manly but that's only manly sports or are you ate at the breaker unseat him at the sport I am referring to an out. Outfit that no man ever look at it don't matter his age pleased to oppose them. Wrestling Ariel that's always. But even today they probably look ridiculous for an hour. It think you know from that really hasn't changed it was and a chimpanzee you retired. Just wrestling each single them. I don't watch it over the last two weeks there have been seven guys on FaceBook or Twitter that have posted pictures of them in high school. Wrestling. Units are the rest seek it looks like a sport for perverts. It you'd ever did it so. Dissent you don't think they're almost like a perverted sport activity it's it's it's physical that's a guy in the press. Basically being pushed into another it's for it's listen. Editors at of people watching your OK but edited out of feel sorry your for it's it's V it's the most basic of sports right. Tribune. Granite demand. The ticket and I met yeah on doubted Lisa's uncle's ethic and about the lady to lose away like it also has the early part of you can't eat and you can't drink water to make weight. He also had to eat less than a cheerleader to places for this is tubby talk against this target cities again. This IB II he would make a great wrestler I. Loser sure I'd ever do a tall brother their little guys any guys sort of a smaller but built he was always arrest. Respect for guys that did it because takes top sacrifice your heart fortune like you're going nowhere I don't even cares about wrestling who'll get scholarships for a governor really nobody talked about men about wrestling yesterday whose football. Basketball. May be baseball. Nobody ever talked about wrestling in school there are some schools locally recipes you'd get a date would get it would be one of its CDC school's wrestling is it. The deal a huge deal was at my school but. Did you have been added to the vanity. The rest is that if you picture of yourself that it's got to go low and all. Let's stop that you you've played before I guess if big argument is wrestling at a volume firms probably shows how good of shape you actually word in that have been but you wanna look at a man in the NL and a unit hard. Knoll you wouldn't look at a guy like swimmers straight. Craig do you look at a guy standing near his Speedo. Easing its shape. Really you think this beetle it's good man. I had shape in which ridiculous. It done is but now wherever your pennies speed bothers me less than wrestling. Bo bottom I. We'd like pigs to speed up IC guy old college ready to diver Andy puts it picks up Qaeda kind of what he's just pose and that's when I hit it all is diving buddies are. Around each edited this one the national change. In synchronized. Fairy dive in the that and I gotta respect for guys and that's book there's a sacrifice bold indicting it's good stuff like that although I had he's forty do has done a sacrifice I get that part. Shrank feud javelin whatever. So does opposition grew to like football listen I never really worked super hard and I got by lethal policy hockey league is kind of played it but it's individual sport like wrestling or boxing or Heidi here's what it takes a lot she told you which all motivate okay out that looks ridiculous policed up post pictures. They don't feel because you know they think they were cool wrestlers and coming up force Nellie a ballgame we'll let on the phone. Wrestlers have to did you think about that just is the breaker gutsy about hey Josh how I'd rather. I am are just responsible and actually it hit a restaurant where. Bradley I mean the one of the best course we have. I've got to tell you forward yet forgot about the tradition of wrestling you don't you'll go the Carrier Dome for the state champs. Yeah I mean including just demolish. Here are in this it was killing ten as a random there alliance which is good bounces Joschka. Available but I mean yeah I think I'm not a station number the world champ Warren Norman done yet to launch an answer. I can say Evan he's Amal and I mean I guess I shouldn't. What is your girlfriend think of your routes that. A it really matters of claw and judge. Why again. Going back to the Russian thing in the often hear Russians in the game for a reason rustling. I just as a goblet and are in big arresting the good point like WM high school and did you play football you growth and Wear your Jersey and try and race if you play hockey growth and where you sweater yeah you don't see a lot of wrestler because she probably what you could reroute traffic court to deadlock. Because she doesn't have a set of balls dangled out the bottom of a rent. As is now. I've forgot how many schools rest easy gets it we just brought up each highlight the issue wrestling tradition yet there's actually a lot around here and proceeded Rockport is OK I want to point him out of the best rest I again I get -- that they bristle Anders good wrestlers but it's not a popular sport it doesn't draw late Friday Night Lights crowds of people just like we're not in the wrestling world so what do we know it actually I I went to. High school wrestling tournament first of the guys doing for work once. Packed. Yet to appoint him to but their office. Might waves of dermatology and so there BD dermatologist makes cute skater cable for the give them that good and so the section check each drill. Right T it was she's like you get fixated only Pak she's right. Their whole country's older because you don't agree casket as a wrestling popular. Outfit and Witt. But I guess what else to get it's not like uniform can change has put LC get aware you have changed a beautiful out completely different from 1942 now say with hockey stick with baseball. Wrestling is tennis and the only thing that kind of plague semi a. Mo you look but changing that outfit which changes sport. And away. Lot of the I mean you can't yeah did you hurt lightly grab onto. She's right I TD Canada again it is definitely the only sport. Where if you're a dude in the stands. And you don't know anybody like you your kids that on that team young after unit. Europe pervert you look we know you're probably is our guys at the rest yeah I haven't heard though they're loving young mineral around the corner and it'll as the manager of the program now and it's one of those find sorry. Now under her troops to and is Brody rule that's done you know all right. Did you 6000 has put pictures themselves from the glory days an awful for basketball and hockey baseball five. Why some guy in breast leagues would he was high school post on FaceBook page is a lot and just weeks chalks it great group unsealed FH eat a light brother. But what are you refresh my memory at record time they. Outlook and the band and egos and let them Tommy regarding yet in actually like I sure it was and despite the oh ear to. That would be former NBC. Acre your rights to Leo and outs has been yes. Yet yet that the water whatever is that a light riot lets. It on the left. How. Wichita is illegally illegal is legal Jackie. Richard. RO KOS speed you can make the residency so rampant that. Decks of the same thing. Pretty much that they still like it it's a pretty much it queer look at Alfred. Says the ban it a kick out alert already Jackie. Do you have to be huge graduate school. So bank that they swam naked. It was like the Greeks in the Olympics. Jackie DDB ever post a picture recently canceled media view swept out that when you look at. Not not on an assault. I art. Okay such a Q where can you bust your ass but mostly BC busy working on his swimming conduct a Jacki thanks Claudia it does it only I only still bet that's another pointless boring it's going nowhere for us when it went. I guess here's a pick what we take these sports wrestling. Likes windy cross country field hockey your ability to get a scholarship. Is much easier than football basketball PG get a full ride for swimming that's titled. The college world where if you look at them and you are nurturing your title yet yet that would limit section it and keep it. Even. You beautiful so that is just you bring your ride it wrestle Ole miss a short Purdue's school football coach and bad ones who encouraged guys to do cheerleading in the wintertime for basket yes because it is very easy to get a men's Julie scholarship if you are -- absolutely a Yankee and you get to hold a coed -- thumbs slips a racquet. Now it's a finger blasted chick and you get a full ride don't do that to him. Or you can minutes are monitored did you do it without it days but all three minute tape of rather. Why did or edit I mean I haven't nickname I mean at school bag yet. Because you got to go to the military installation OK. What do I need to be the tool would. It mean. It's just a stimulus into the show today yes or. Did you wrestle back in the recede and I didn't I did yeah I'd be brought flex as. This skinny guy at reload to get the whole group warmed up in the room more Nortek. And so you'll warned Oakland skinny guys. Immediately you know it's a little guy you called. Thirty I view these as it should tell you all know comedy or not six YC. On both sides ads don't read even 100 or so and I hated that out. There your job he would have been eager are bigger attempt aboard that black Shaw. Addicted to the other guys that are up and make him a point penalty takes have a goodness Tuesday. It's. I would go to La Cruz mop package from the thriller. Currently there are people right lately Wesley is awesome just uniform socked with this. This is the uniforms hike candidate Tom Angela Thomas and cursing wrestling in general. It's this kind of of the sport that grosses me out. But the Mets do very ugly the whole idea of it grosses me out I can appreciate somebody who's good at it and you know you look like us this morning that you are wearing a hoodie and take a chance. Got tight and forget about it rooms are so we lose in the crotch. The greater notice if I put him.