The Place A Man Should Never Vacation Alone

Friday, July 14th

It's alright if you're a guy with kids, but a single guy? There are some red flags here


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We caddy aren't even on the show before about men and Vicki should be lonely Tom to be laid at the day off today he will be back Monday old show back together Monday morning. He's gone on vacation alone before people defend it to death that yes as a man I wanted to relax and do what I want when I. Still disagree. But if there's one place a man should ever have occasion on his own. It's the place to where a guy we know showed up on FaceBook yesterday yet I did think you alone but it confirmed that one picture like what is he thirty. Les. Think he's not a he's not an older guy with this might be appropriate he's not a teenage kid a 3030 something year old man in this place. By himself yes you have a great group lots of glass crack at a 65. The BC MF told of Tommy's off can be the bigger share terrible time to be on the board we are honored to be joined by. Rock native group to help you had bay lightning star Ryan Callahan joining us in the brick group. I Sherman out makes it appear of course you have very excited they can find out what's hot. Hockey players are excited is right like I don't we've had prior to the show before Brian Gionta Ager Peters for receivers enforcers co hosted like what are we. We have the bills on the shoulders like excitement to football players hockey players via broad agreement. I think it's our cigarettes we've been brought up does it contain all of our emotions or showed eyes and then I'm okay. Glad you're excited to have you vacation by yourself Ryan. I never have. No it actually really bugs me is popular movies insults no chance and vacation. Wanna go to a move below coach would you travel you're on the road at a and something I just. Can't directly go to movies by myself I obviously can vacation Imus that's. There and it's a doctor. OK to want FaceBook yesterday and there's a guy he works in media we know him very well. I always thought it was a little odd but you tell me he was an okay nice guy and we saw that they he is at Disney World by himself. We'll straighten strange took thirty something year old man who went to Disney a loaded all week. Yet I figured like baby's got like a girlfriend that he took or something but none of his photos that she's posted. They're only like a single Beers that not a table or like something some Disney show that he's shattered. But it's just him nobody else not a family member he's not visiting anybody nothing. I wanna state is against everybody listening to the show understands what is happening there is a man in his thirties at happier place on earth. I hit south alone completely. Selig as thick as a man if you're gonna vacation by yourself the only reason you're going to peace and quite as nice find the ability to do whatever you want okay I get it. You don't get lately you vacation a two year old to have sex with some. Woman or cute oh yeah diet rent yeah that's not happening he Disney World. Probably there's. Because I don't girls in their late 20s30s that have gone to Disney World on vacation alone. Not alone on the like go with like a group a girlfriend so I guess like it may be it. It is a good place to pick up live look at really stadium light it's a small world. Slide your armor around some woman all the bars and stuff dumping inside the park now. There is like does an area where it's like more for adults but what you wanna shut down any woman. Sexual interest instantly could you tell her hey I'd be Disney World I myself. At issue there's going to be a red flag are subtle that guy walks him by himself well. Eric yeah right. It's a whole families everywhere at your cubs dude did you did you load but about watching you would all moments. They got to be at that. And a creepy there's that they were you do drinking around the world that I think it's universal yeah I got senator Jeff got summer so I guess maybe that is so but still it'll do that alone. I mean even if you ride a ride it's always a pair people rightly too. And that's right yeah. Singles lines for up to like three hours by yourself but you make friends that you guys the picture at the roll call them. Armor and better by herself. Right gala the bush era debt may lady hanging out with us this morning so your leader on every TV bent on ever if you find out what are your teammates and well at Orlando's go to Disney World by himself do you pull aside and talked a little bit that's raised a lot of questions. Lot of crush the guys that you play with who would prefer to be alone right. That at a percent Jessica on the road they stay in the Ramallah all day and the recorded their largest in the room stay in the room. If you judge guys little bit. The guy that. Should be wanted to and the other dudes or the fiscal outlook for women at some point I mean I don't. Everybody would Timmy in this room and your relationship so I do yeah I she's wonderful I look at you and I just can't imagine what a season you'll. But yeah we're big lake. As much as we make fun this guy I see the focus coming into 226000 would get Tia. There are men who love easy. There are yet. I grew up with that and can name all and if you Britain's but it's a big they're not the guys that you think like their normal looking dudes that will walk amongst you today that are obsessed with Disney Disney land in Disney World. And when you find out that guy walks amongst you that's a red flag to write a normal as every day duties a big trip to Disney. A little bit like any guesses muscular film Star Wars they have that there but I guess if you're going. Mickey Mouse mini by a Disney princesses out there's just there's a flight they're fresher. There's not like a manly Disney character to latch on to rate I. Sons of bitches. Like there's a mainstream like they're all the princesses but can you name ideally the princes there you know. Now now. Edwards is a tie with girls it's now or five minutes from Tampa jerk nominee locker and as you look at this. Occupy out hurting the girls away for about an hour. Had I had Kennedy ask his wife WST you can scratched her girl to does that get. I saw this I went last year with my wife and kids and the saddest guy in the park even though he's not alone is your lifeline ever meet you Wear the matching tees the family teachers to strive. His stride keyword tried I've ever done now. QB I'm telling you what you guys locker the park it'll be like you know tonight dead easy data with like a Mickey Mouse head on his teacher Callahan family all. I don't know what you wanna save them manually to reach and I'll do something to save him but he's too Fargo. Yeah but I guess I can't really talk has been we went when I was little my dad had bought a bunch of like Disney themed. T shirts and follows but he wore like a hold you to Edwards is the people those who did. He did the big tough guys like I but he really keep. You like Disney but I video also had kids so like he was getting into the kids were getting and it's not you would ever go by itself I got into look at my kids when I didn't get to see how. Enough speed where that they've probably done the same thing if I did it where yet Warner Bros. polish roots as I did a weirdo. I think I guess if you're gonna do the family themed T shirt or the Disney character shirt. The only place to get away with it is in the park okay. Today I can agree with other mean everybody's everybody's were in one. The film's. Still he grinds peanuts until judgment until judging you for wearing Disney team teacher into the park to do 6000 solo vacation to Disney World guy we know in his thirties is spending that we can Disney World by himself caddies in the breaker let CNN take Kenny how white brother. And go about it our. So this story actually reminds me assault in that current Simeon I took my cousins daughters chuck it you want. And commune on says Marron I'm ordered pizza and I'm just you know talk this guy and I'm like you know. What do you do and are you like on this here to the pizza. Which just tease myself. I you have Biden. OK. Well that sought out some red alert there are pretty similar situation of. I can't ever say this I will say that's what makes her beer Chucky cheese and appeal this to compete is really good and they have the best salad bar Rochester. If it wasn't for the social stigma I would go to Chucky cheese but let's. Drive by I mean can you blame your particular little out of Lego kid maybe we should go. I did it again it'd yeah that's that's way worse than does yet strategy is what it is yet I herself yeah yeah. Only ever all across Europe and Europe and like Jenny sixty. They appreciate it did it it it is made for like different ages and genders it you know it made for every there's something for everybody at Disney but Chucky cheeses. You're really just chilled publicly if I go to Disney I have to plan right ahead to find a hotel and book a flight I have a couple of months to realize this is a terrible mistake. If I get my car go to Chucky cheese and not realize I'm being a huge great. You realize okay. Now he wrote. Okay right KLA the voice here and hanging out for top to be latest 12226000. I see guys there will get DA just the second solo vacation. Not the guys love Disney the woman that is still dizzy is an adult is still the big red. You have friends that are super to Disney princesses they act and I guess that they went they are there it's bore pipe bomb that went on vacation together. Couple years ago to Disney and they said weird. Said it was weird because. Is there with a one doing a lot of people that aides that word they're just like hanging out doing like RB like adult. Ish stuff there it makes me sad for your generation that they that's appropriately for women they aren't. Even like dressed up with dignity didn't they did. I could magic to your buddies go ahead and take your trip to Disney eight all well be but acts. Get the balloons look like mouse ears. And out at Disney the hour ago. Ticket is 6000 bills in the breaker on CM FA Billie alight but it. And you're looking at a dollar dropped out of Baghdad that they would be there it buddy buddy a couple of bad not bad about output at. You'll need so many people you know there's a there's tons of people they think though there that are that are single with their kids. Okay seat but color coded. You can write epic right in the late because you don't even need a bat bat seeking that there's you give that same line appears in the right. You could write every right for the new little pocket. Mike couple things here bill want it sounds like he really wanna go to Disney by yourself. So. But to know that all my buddy is sick back in the hotel that's a serial killer stories start. Good buddies here rooms you don't know until. Are we used only in of people but one name and her partner somebody else. Okay I've bill introduced by yourself but it. A basic element of the rest of the day. I did but I guess you have to lie about having a buddy back and hotel you yourself know you look repeat buyers actually leader ordered. Buyers what countless okay each other that's just like you're just going to war eagle there. Rather. Buyers. It really get on the right faster I. You don't exceed freezer Darien lake a lowly. I would be the ultimate sadness to fly all the way to Orlando so low ticket check of the hotel room by yourself trend for one to the park and ride the rides alone. It. The press and other places to two to 6000 you're allowed to go alone like I for example I was in Toronto last year by myself. And just so happened sabres were played a leaves in a pre season game. At the ACC Air Canada Centre and I never got the Air Canada center so I bought one ticket to an NHL pre season game and I felt really sad to win back. All sporting event at the big cat get away with a low it's still. We are though it I feel uncomfortable like I've gone to the rhetoric games by myself forged that was board. And like I didn't fuel right but it didn't wanna sit in my seat I wanted to walk around so nobody knew that I was action on earth I was also. Wearing a sabres Jersey which was weird like I was in enemy territory wearing a Jersey by myself what I was surrounded by people were looking be like why you hear I had there was another guy sitting next to me was probably like a Latvia he was there to seize and his organs and but he did speak English because try to talk to get it didn't get as weird as situation. Think people especially guys on business trips and things like that like. Was manager wants you go to do those kind of things around whatever city here and buy yourself and you may be just get used to it. It was funny that traveled telling jokes for a living by myself 67 years. And I was always self consciously I would tell people your job and let's we were sitting at a hotel bar myself you know having been. You go to sports Bartlett have been holes on Sunday alone everybody at that bar I didn't know that I was here on work I'm not just some weirdo. And make it known what do I can't like you say like I won't even go to movies or because it's weird. I doubt yeah I mean I cabin on the road a lot obviously and which things get days off and things do but I guess I have a team it's with me so we always call each other but I just don't. Feel comfortable about myself and need someone to talk to equity talked about the previous. Yeah after the guidance about what are the movies guys. Over the reviews discussing we're let you if you want to watch them and. I it's the guys. Ladies if you have a list of preferred guide you go overseas absolute last case scenario movie guy go right. I guess okay. So like does the last case scenario guy you know he's the last case scenario guy probably are going alone are you go on the worst case scenario to. I just okay. I happen did it 6000 alone vacation at Disney World Joe's in the breaker let's see MFA Jolie ally anybody. Good what's up. There it. Is yes. Like last year. It. Set myself that there are power in there that. Actually to come back Imus. And I just I. Listen I I love the look and. Let's stop like cricket deal because of the kid and because of failing. Has a grown man what do you want to do a Disney World. I was their parents are wars. With the our wars kid and it broke Star Wars war. Well. Actually it. OK if you could if you're there to start was to get that I get that okay fine. Quite airborne they're now because right now also reports that the fortieth anniversary. Oh OK I'm still judge. All in the orange alert. Or. Joseph don't just an threes down becoming concerned that you know this much stuff off the top your head about Disney World. I have to keep them vacation once a year per year because I triple play all eight. So why not detonate. It. Got every. Goal for a week in you're. Your seventy gel would just hold it up late but I don't think you click all men are appreciate they Q I would say this I mean. So puppets at a time in which Toronto couple weeks and months ago I took my six year old hockey hall of fame. And yet she didn't appreciate it you can that was cool so I would have loved to go back alone but that's different to Disney World right yeah I mean the hockey hall of fame Marv not. You can take your kids there but it's not just specifically for children. Why hockey golf and myself to do a whole foods touch it by myself. Geared at that right there. Everybody on hold listen okay I know disease awesome I don't hear much grown men tell me how great Disney World is gonna creep me out this morning right. The debt daylight blackmail that senator Tom DeLay this morning to spend all the Aussie most of the offseason back in Rochester. The elderly in the family come back spent a couple of months here and then what's the season starts up we. We had back. I did interest it and I'm sure you're very happily married man all the U Rochester guys Mary Rochester girls. That is right again you pulled the judge is not mistaken view. Well whilst it does matter is. Okay. It's a that's the one day like any time Bryant comes up he's why Diddy Mary girl too much to the beach with. Expects the one thing that many mistake like when you professional athlete you just go do whatever the heck you want all the time. It was a wise or bear from anybody else. Okay I'm obviously have more opportunity may be sure and your. You guys are all really good shape whereas most women listening to the show were discussed and run I mean let's be really had to have that option.