The Pittsford Bear

Monday, June 11th

Guess what showed up right in Tommy Mule's backyard.... Just about a week or so after he claimed "There are only 5 bears in the state of New York"

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And we are so lucky keeping myself all listeners and Rochester to have such a nature X from the microphone in front that is all the time. Are because you said something and two weeks ago grocer and he pretty confident we'll will be too we have and done. Thank god must beat you is everything you'd say immediately the opposite happens. Ours are still I stand by my record well. Israel did simple man I've we'll get it there yet another breaker rats classic rock and a six did you see Matthew do you live eat its. He's been a stressful couple days now top anyway we were tucked camping two weeks ago. And we've seen each beware about wild animals while the stakes in the and we also brought up Paris coyotes are you freaked out. Means to worry about desktop it's bears and New York State. It oh. Her Maher he's the happening New York's date we can look up that is second to give an extra base during a bear mauling you can get it by rattle snake I think a text. And raccoons may be a little bit and in a coyote do you look up to scoop real quick last year how many bear attacks the words to the past you gotta be completely and I like to know attacks. I heard another news every day's weekend it was Eric text out yields are. Tough row to condemn that you see the pair any two dozen cupcakes is a car. Weren't giving prepared text your team does. Zero or visit says there's hello Ben a lot more bear sightings I don't see anything salary to taxes he the only. Known fatal bear attack in New York State occurred in 2002. I'll might guide you gotta go back to 9/11 brightly for a buried tag. Over the week it happened Friday by out there and a bear has run around the town and village of skirt scared unhappy and I still stand by what I said what. There's like five bears in the state and just one of them had to guess Specter and three of them weren't weight. On Thursday I can say damn bear walked around Atlanta hey Bob the Baranov Karl. I'll make it's I told wandering wild animal you think you show me six banners hanging out together. Then I'm gonna stand by this is still isn't it five batters he gave blocked if it's a little leopard child Iowa pretty or whatever complete idiot all you walked Eugene. You think is boy these big bear like I gave deer in the woods like all over the place. It is he gonna see young male game we just like you are so attracted to and. And only and are these guys they just they just hanging out okay. But only nobody got hurt nobody got mauled look at eight about one guy was outside photographed bing has walked past them look at do you tell your wife has not been freaked out by yet there. Women are different. He's just honey I told you are the expert technology. On recruitment. Senior Cuban called. I I I in spite it to rights and relax could we back up to woods yet. We get to your and stuff of which are Specter that I expect blocked it out of the woods and attacking me. Here's the ID be like a pair lot gavel it's attacking me. And also had to be a winning lottery ticket the same time make those are the odds gazillion to one you really played out what are the odds game. Like this this situation where there is literally like right down the street for not right down the street when help would tell his picks are. It's Breivik. One of the go out west. As better served as for two years there has to cause any problems. The media has happened reporting it's not everyone knows that he liberal. Arts and weak hand to deal. Well the error the original leaky home to Pittsburgh but really message to us. Yeah. Characters they're not out there. Lord how he's in the fridge yeah. Yeah it carries headed towards the grand dining room oh my goodness he's taking. Yeah yeah. The McKnight yeah and what. Yeah. And he. Did and I. Probably. Pittsburg. CH a I loses so Battier to Butler and he smashed the grand player piano and Diego caviar and Andy shattered the chandelier and now they got to find Butler visited them visiting an OK let's act so luck OK so everybody sickened photos of this bears are there they seem round down. The notion of what they with a dart at the doesn't know. Come out you ever be my next point the knock about our broad agreement next president picks Byrd. Is the worst place for this to happen. Because it's people with money and time on hand to demand results and big at all experts because you sit here as it and it does garden said. I. Ought to work to do this ordinarily result scared shoot the damn thing you're not hurt. I don't you know let's get right now okay so what should dampen. Was it it's gonna cause a ruckus OK and everybody is get all crazy. The death trap that I am I don't get a itself on the biggest one out literally walked into neighborhoods are gonna go what are we gonna do I. I'll be honest and I did it there was a contingency plans in effect a pair shows up it seems like bear trap but what does that hurt the. Nancy you want her to archive now is he scared the beta we're ready yet. Yeah. Worked. It to you they just confused they're scheduled. It's just yards Internet started you know what you heard it because if you review body rhetoric ever ever you talk us out here Molly I think this day here's the thing like everybody things. All right got to that got him there yet with an awesome Q. Yeah it's a vicious animal probably only be alone look at his at thing people. Ripken knows ray okay you know some it's gonna try to feeder march dollars. So this happens in Florida all the time. The alligators down there yet if you don't mess woodham the five are all over the place rate yet they're the stuff lizards but the don't Allen and and do accurate comment but in these condominium complex is sometimes. People think it's fine to feed a martial arts aren't. Until Fido Kosmas and ending Graham hunt goes missed some great the decide what eat somebody they said. Don't go around this water alligators for Kosovo to goes down over their dog and guess what the talk a woman are now inside said Elena actually it was a story that just happen. There was a little steep that it might message an alligator for attacking the alligator finally add can't get pissed off yet. Just leave little that there will not bother you OK so then what you need to track. Because everybody's freaking out every at this was a whole talk of from Pittsburgh. Map back up. I did I did a lot of the canal yesterday Joseph Miller and isn't celebrity's don't Brandel just. See man himself might catalogs C tech lose out on the canal you should listen to bear could have been could I. People or even talking about being out on the cal broad daylight like this exited jump out the waste our company allay. The only moves night. So let it Volquez got an adult rightly does it. Let's teach your dog. This might make feel a little bit better we actually had a message from the bear you want to give a message yells he just asked a lot just you know something a candidate. Daughters murdered moved Pittsburgh rare yeah. We'll be into it scare you blow buybacks from Pittsburgh. Ending plus of Tony fifteen. Games and there. The air with rich urges talk having to make my own way in the forest has sold Netflix out here and yeah. And do you know how far after go to find a decent bait shop to gets off from my Jules yeah Clinton's bit. So a little trouble with my boys and life is a total energy amber broke. Tool that these are streaming so what's up. In relax. I'm just a Pittsburgh herb wrote trying to get what's coming to me this. Point there. Our guests on the yeah the you do pleasant in drought. Would you let exceed what he brings an uptick is on CMF all ticks aren't experts about there the day. It nor Russia and where. What it isn't a Russian bear what are dredged up as their children I wanna bang your mama bear. Should solution. All. Brown stuff eating my bread and doing our ground. Eight days of the call by him again rows the dates stretches on C a math major at a budding. Who boarded up. I don't know what value is up Coco in this a couple of years ago on another poll would you taught me interviewer guy will be or just what. Did they shot and killed on the right the city. Of the gay ones and wondered why don't you well they didn't boom we're there while you're. Double or just a sad that the odds you see unity even Europe are rare. Turn warm up with each and I hear your. Top. It takes the call Blake broke we live in a city with a waterfall that runs in the middle I understand there is forest everywhere right it's all you get up there what what's allows Terry grant from baccarat relax and are jammed it. But to but did bid to scare people all several long pagan and then you gonna be other golf course exe you know his party for some and I'll wait now we're down to three guys. Felt it Cambodia in your. And I could go with his break everybody holds it tight because we really get into why this is the worst place Pittsburgh is the worst place for the very bear appeared well haven't beaten. You know is getting what you you rich people's taste out of the poor people don't even our trash is high in right. And you've seen what I've seen. People that are taking this bear appearance and running with it on social media you're a good. Us and look. Brook near a 182 to be right back it is fair citing knicks breaker it's.