Pat Travers Int'vw May 3, 2018

Thursday, May 3rd

Guitarist PAT TRAVERS is in The ROC & he called to chat w/ Kane-O!

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At a 65 WC MF you know every time Lance and hotline in the studio more often than not it's the boss and on get yelled that but there are those occasions where we get great classic rockers who call in and one who was shoot the breeze a little bit and that's the case today as we welcome. And you hammer heads will be happening here this mr. pat Travers is on the phone. Greetings pat thanks for colon. Hey how you do it today brother so it's mine pleasure to call you to to have been looking forward to chat. I appreciate that pat I can't remember I don't expect most musicians to remember you know where they've been playing over the years but. The molest me I cannot remember the last time you may have been here and it really doesn't matter because Willie you're gonna be a best abilities on Friday and that's all anybody needs to know. That's true and stated though it's going to be opening. On the same show they're not some band they're we've done a bunch of shows with them. You know it happens with Dutch and the last time I was in Rochester words for just a special event. My manager Bruce Lott toe boots from. Church during as we know Bruce very well. Puts on the Rochester meat recall saying and I was that one of those who censor him a couple of years so now. They just said this past years about a week or two ago. But I now and Paul Simon was there in the lounge. An incredible yeah but I'm going to be in Rochester are a couple of areas. And some weapons sort. I didn't wanna say and a personal note. Happy belated birthday to you was set on April the twelfth. Yes it wants to thank you very much. So large sixty plus is still rocket like many of the musicians are you enjoying it let's see you enjoying it more. Now I'm enjoying anymore. Absolutely. It's interesting though you know I just turned sixty or and I mean I'm in such great shape pitchers but I don't feel like I'm older getting older and acting like that. Living well is the best revenge solar. You know which it out of work out oh absolutely. Yeah. You know on on a related note pad we did want to offer condolences on the passing recently up your former basically Mars Cali. You have Adam works. Of course you know people some and its X main part two congress it would it's. Martz going in so it's certainly to protect its religious nut company I met Myers when I was 2 morning line and I just moved to London England didn't didn't know anybody here and he's saying in and he was like nine years older than me so. You know he'd been around him one not now I kind of looked up to. And and you know went through on. Together first major record deal Bruce nature tours in the UK and Europe. In due grants in North America so. We do a lot of things together for the very first time an am really glad and I knew him and yeah we have all those recordings such as you show now in culinary genius who lives on media based economy. And now the the pat Travers been currently has of course pat doing some sang in and playing the guitar and keyboards Tommy Craig is still you drummer and David press story is bases and shares vocals. I got a great combo now I'll tell you. These guys so now we've been playing together for just about two years and eagle city he would come into the show right. I believe so yep now you don't miss pat Travers when it plays in the small venue no. You have the and you don't want to miss me with these two guys speak out so it's very powerful and very dynamic. Now that you know you're going to be playing in a small club here and and through your career he'd leave Clinton so many different kinds of venues large and small and indoor and outdoor. What is your preference these days. I really need to its long its its sound scared you know yeah this wanna be heavily here what I am doing an engineer went the other. It's in June of reasonable it's how well I get a predicted charts on the early consistently. Now master. Forty years which I kind of figured out a. You know I I noticed that early next year in 2019 U gonna be appearing on one of these monsters of rock. Cruises have you done that before. Not the monsters we've done. The rock legends routes or times as a matter of fact repeater. Earlier this year and I perhaps an option cruise but will forward to the monsters that it's. Or slightly different crowd and and now we're looking forward to that. So hat here we are well into the 21 century 2018. Your first album yourself titled album. Pat Travers came out in 1976. You most recent release is was it retro rocket from on a couple of 23 years ago. Probably all right so what I want to point out is that since 1990. With few exceptions. You have released an album almost every year since then. Perhaps crazy parent that's in some form or another I mean here's the thing sometimes cities are compilations. You know hired really nothing to do it. Abbott still keeping the pat Travers name and brand out there consist it and for so many years has got to be a close. Ice caps. A puck. I didn't realize the error. Of an album is over and yeah emotional over for quite some time yeah so I'm sort of feel like there is no point in there has been no point in putting all that time and effort into writing producing and recording and extinct too old song. You know that sentiment of getting away from recording albums is one that is sick gaining traction with a lot of your peers you know Joseph Perry from Aerosmith has also questioned the wisdom in especially in these days the technologies people are much worst song very anti you'll only need to record may be one or two songs and make it available for. Download and the whole of how music works and how the music industry works for a you know Harley changed. It's actually kind of neat I liked the way to go hall Internet. And social media here for promotion. Tied sedan and he would then the next problem though it's you to meet city so you need and it doesn't matter if it's higher low in reality it just have to be eye catching and somewhere. And then you need to have a coordinated effort to make sure that that going to about YouTube video gets seen by as many people as possible and. It's much more of a DIY. Kind of affair now but it's also the kind where you can see results fairly immediately. Absolutely. I'll go with guitarist pat Travers he's a bathtub Billy's Friday night with his new Treo Tommy Craig on drums David pastor or his son basin. And a quick preview of what the hammer heads can expect when they come see him. It's it's not some Lee. A lot of money material from the right across the spectrum. And I really look forward supplying them. Should be a great time to get to do which are loving is still enjoying what GNU or reap the benefits again to see here Rochester. Lower rated I have yet and welcome you back big time and thank you so much for taking the time not looking forward to the show in which you much continued success. Are right there. Take care my bro its 10-Q the extent.