Parenting For Other Parents, Not For Your Kids!

Tuesday, September 11th

Do you find yourself reacting differently to your children based on who else is in the room? It seems like most people are after taking a look at this study.

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We know their parenting for our kids we are parenting for people watching your show off well it's not showing so much is not wanting to look. And they are good and there there's bad toaster. There are going to be allow. The parents are gonna be very upset but what I'm about to tell you quoted the distant and I break where it's classic rock and six did you see him not ideal time to change when it comes to parity for example. By erased and soft on the kid in 196094%. Of parents said the used physical punishment on the chill could label outside tickets have been like 2010 when he did the last biggest study was down just what he's go to logo so you lost 70% of parents use all the punishment and let's be real UC apparently indicated podshock. Comfortable yes like. You judge that parent and don't tell me you don't mr. hard ass advice see I've pricing some podcasts can get Linda breeders are that's a lie if you want some other open palm slept there caveats I gotta open pub and a face just and look what happened. I would have been away at worst thank you mother a massive new study over the last five years have shell. That shouting at short kids is countered I can't raise my voice now they say that leads to an increase in anxiety stressed out and that's why haven't yelling actually a little lady depression and behavior operation. Ian you or chill out and be depressed arteries and be depressed about they also say ought to New York kids make your parents looked out of control the week which is supposed to go to discipline what you think about this. Think when you're kidding your mother father were yelling at each freaked me out but it also made it look out of control in week. Everybody was due would have backed and so that was the nor would use the additional 52 is this when your mother was yelling Jew was hard not to laugh. La Russa also disturbed so I think that was most boys and slightly to be discredited she would you're laughing that ancient ocean yes. She is it bad. Yet I mean there's a reason why he demeaning you hold it in you hold it in and tell you just can't anymore how do you get these kids did do right if you have no. He had nothing to and to move them along right to scare them to get him to do good OK so what are you don't think negotiate there are things in us and this parenting thing is not set in stone right there's a book that tells you ought to be good parent based on call all of the schools educate all tests have been on a kid. I thought things were got real testament. God damn gutting out Haywood got rid updated it a whole new testament to fix everything you have revealed that nobody even and he'll tell us and they said take that rod hit decade yeah. Nelson's agent asked most makes cotton and fabrics that are natural so you're going to hell just for that get us not to show for get out upset like. Not gonna want you to like even be more put its post parent. But I mean it's any generates you get arrays and obnoxious post can't listen I'm not saying it's the right to do I'm telling you what the study found in fact he said he yellen even more than spanking. Is damaging to your kids prepare much as I brush as soon. Go sheeting thing the other data frequent. So on and it's a story indicates stand up and card. And someone of those cars for the care great to see it just let the kids stand in one of these cars right. So now decay don't wanna get out of the color rate so she's dubbed it goes shooting with a kid. To get out of the car and I watched display a chasm in line if she literally goes over them by secure Cokie. To negotiate and to get at a shopping because he was not coming under attack us again Shatner no he does not he takes that cookie eats and don't donate dumb as. You don't give the kid the cookie. She gives it that cookie while you still have a car. That's basic negotiating scares you more on the people Q did let me tell you Q you don't give a billion is passes on the floor. Reading this article as I can be found. It's me Kurt. Fuel we as parents are not parenting for kids. And were parenting out of fear of other people hygienist duke as a thank goodness I have a fully admit I yell at my kids in the privacy of my will lose my temper everyone's while I. But I will never ever yell my kids out in public because I know what to expect create a you'd you'd collector to anything like especially when girls in the your side yet and yours yet that's what them ski and I listen. Bro in it has to play in your head a little. I think any mother father of their hike screaming at their kids in like a target or something and I'm looking at them do well what happened here adds to her partner Brad chaotic deal they had. Think I get them back a decade could driving total limit I have kids and what I see I know how hard it can be pushed even IC parrot scream at their kid in public makes me compliments you know what that guys that woman's going through sales got to be some brotherhood your right now I can make you feel any less than comfortable asks the judge should I do the same to the privacy of my own home and judge them for doing the public that old crap together here. And it's a shame because I am now you're letting other people basically preparing your kid OK because your baron BA you know apparently one. Preparing it and Allen looks eateries debate in original who as opposed to our parents maniac who literally let other people parent. Office talk about teachers got to do whatever they wanted it a question you talked about it yeah by men gave us bracket and I have neighbors were able to hit a sex act. Actually parenting class as opposed to being judged for some deals parent to let it may be of US is democratic we get a better side regrettable before again you and I both were hit. And maybe not enough and in the right places I maybe they should order him exceptional group more. I mean didn't you'd be even admittedly you would push your mother to the point where that. Like you knew it was coming all right Josh got a little further in a little further OK now is the time Greg is up. The idea of spanking. Finally. I can't imagine somebody today hitting marketing public but the idea that we're or did it produced us lets you know it wasn't the right. Here's the thing are right so let's say when I liked it when I when I was coming up news of here again discipline at home and if your game does and it's cool and okay rotten care. I'm not seen any better care of a goal is to parent skills for everybody soft but with his post parent thing. Tickets still soft. Ice sucked you suck so. So far nobody's daughter writes to us is that they're smugly telling that the new school way or raising kids is the right way of not like it to more. It's actually not what I'm saying let's say it at all city and more on say the old school wasn't so you're fully admitting right now that the way it was done before maybe didn't work yeah defend what your parents did what my parents did what our parents to police. At the point a crush you doing this here is that. I'll bet say this I knew Rory Stewart by parents. OK there was a line. And and you know to let go pass it finished around it yes but I knew it and you there was going to be a hard as consequence if I did that. You don't have that anymore so now you discuss this gray area in my apparent ally your body in my your guardian what bells going on here. What can I can and I cannot Duma can end up on the 6 o'clock news because it pissed me off today. I mean I had any writing you about right. I also like what you said there was a lie in Anthony's just what they said. Passer over and over again like well if you did you got lit up like getting lit up. To a point yes I think I thought about about it was unique and I think you re unique. Because of her personality I disagree I most of my friends did what we did when I want you which ram better grow I ask you this question and I want you to be honest with I'm always. Eat your child and was there any things that you did not. I do. Because you were afraid of your parents could pick one big double major safely use I better not do this because my mom and dad feel in the. Well I was so much do or not do it of course or was but it was more like degrees how far he would go with everything but it only held. Well I would push it to the point where I I knew like they mild and never laid enemy ever. My mother did all that heavy lift demonic into the discipline actually so I never wanted to see debt part of life and their artists about butter his hand. Does it mean what the races enemy I would have shouted down he never did which had never understood what he did pull a move because only he had to do is raise that hand. And I didn't want it gave murders yeah. Mild it was the same way I don't know maybe it's that goes back to what I feel now with my kids and as an adult man you look bad and you know that you can hurt that kid you're gonna do that. A second I can jump a demeanor. Whoever I can and I'm mile ma'am one time. He did do this and nation saying the related enemy. Remember Africa where were takes a kind of department store and he literally picked me up. And yelled at me all the way out to the Carly he had me up off the ground and he was 42 adjustments and he was like yelling am. It'd put me in the car. And here's old school went back into the store Alicia in the car blocked the card they went in to finish to what they're don't like about you if you locked your kid in a car. In apart on today to go finish every day come out you'll be fine with that right. Well nothing happened image you'll idea that you answer the question how did you do would be arrested you. Would be fine with that device estimate done in lock there to the toggle back and go shopping. I would say. And it's on every Sykes and Abby a gap is a hundred degrees and yet. That was coming to get it again is that the easy event or the break appraisal grades did you read this phase it was a yeah I didn't register got tight and every edited out here by Internet steel. Oh Asia and there has turned. You let your kids ruled the rooster kids will rule you they have rural anything when they get older keep do you when it the way. Soft liberal parents will and they'll end up ruining this country okay. I'm not saying this is the way to do what I'm saying there's nothing wrong with looking information and taking it an added to. We think of one in this softer candy S direction OK and nobody seemed to have an answer legacy is less and blasphemous parroting more let the cat roam wild. Based on what. The kids I see an out they'd be able to figure out I I see him at the grocery stores and at the restaurant I don't momentous soul savages which are seeing through your fifty something year old on its the only I think amber oh. Look at this. The inappropriate obnoxious stuff that be my buddies would do when public and I really see that any exhibition game. No what I'm saying. I get all high school hijinks when I'm saying is I think ice Satan. I it was a worst kid and me and my friends were worse kids the kids are seeing now. I think. It was a great kid. You're wasting now. We were having sex you were driving your dad's car without a driver's license and sex and parks drunk driving force that those are called adult skills that you need in life but that doesn't have created the articulated that doesn't happen with the consequences for kids I think that's when it comes down to consequence so. The consequence of being yelled and never bothered us no consequence of being hit by our parents never Balkans. But there are real life adult consequences for teenage kids now right like if your kid does something wrong a flight school isn't suspension it's your rest which I don't guess your kid gets popped drinking underage it's not mommy behind bars Jesse your kids facials and at that position but those actual consequences when we needed change those laws. It's different area and I am willing to bet I felt bad because kids are losing their childhood throw it up on the they were they just aren't you just don't just. I still like slide around Manson you know snake get a drink get Elaine. Smoke weed you know pull one over your parents was final may be these parents are heating kids. And shaping up. But there's an excitement to pull one over and apparently there's a whole different discussion. We get relating coming home and you know what you wrote to you lied you be felt like the man. Throw it up on the pole Cammie. Our teenage kids worst two day. And I Wear are when you were a teenager at the BC meant for Bruins society that are really just admitted the opposite. Did not that in your favorite fake radio they do. They can do.