The Only Question Tommy Asks His Doctor

Friday, March 9th

Tommy Mule is a healthy man!


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Braxton. To do everything becomes a competition. That it's happening in this room right now. There's a band whose tell us he's nailing X button and it can be an honest give me night we don't care. Ellis and all your stupid story a week so we never tell witty Wagner (%expletive) don't they always flapping gums but is it that you're not alone topping and whether or not it's true. Men are going to brag could tell you. Feel these guys university for my agent doing pretty good yesterday data government yearly nosy old duck. And you get everything done. Had a blood and had a finger blast had the balls touched. You know your nose and throat the whole thing was silly we was at separate her over the balls in the you know throw them together and musicals. We'll have a good time to have access to battle but is it the memory physically ask one question of the doctor Tom I don't from my age shall. And I think that's sort of look at four right like I know I look I don't get on get some aches and pains. Eventually if you live on Ivy League it's a bad news so this am I good for my age states. I'll take it I've put that in knowing counts. Here's what you do when you're doing this that you try to make it's only do you care about your health I don't care about my health anti fine but don't you for too long been known for very I know you better that you. Think you do. Do you Ulanova Tommy. You know very deep. You asked the question partially to know what you're doing but mostly. Because you want to use it as ammunition to rags of course it just got news editor Robert your friend I don't tell us your thoughts had a friend there you did not want to know that underwent while I don't sure. And just. But pressure was great if the doctor told you yesterday that you were doing well you would tell you can't parties had to break that champagne and cake I would. But you can go to go. Who idolized a healthy interest for whatever reason and how fat or skinny. Old or young you are. Men looked you lead from I agent and. Where usually guys try to find that one good nugget. And name compare themselves to other guys. Rate as we know guys my age that we think should be dead just based on their. The way Lisa lifestyle. Pages how they've lived very much all are for. Should all be dead right so I'll always go like even in my age. Lifeless as she rode to drinking. And I so he can bring it up. She is what did you bring it up I said all I said they ask you how many drinks should have an ING ES how many do you put down I said you know. All of them. So I don't. But you know so like yeah I know I got to just a Sochi your point I know laying the drinking uses triggers so I don't go there. If he says saint class strolls good UA Telerate. I don't bring up the blues guys like. Is she said that nice and well my liver and shall bed so to salute was cool in the kidneys came on aren't sort of subdued. I'm surprising him forget the drinking on the because like you tell us all the time how whiskey. Is why you don't get sick what they'll do so unless you tell your doctor that say not unhealthy magic which give. For today look he's controlled by big pharma I don't wanna give you that the alcohol industry and big fuss but still want my life came home. Last night she was from the H Kaman says about 5 o'clock. Got you on thirteen much Kathmandu extent and I got a cocktail issue going to senate five and a lazy start viscerally. That's like a good news. They're good good check of such a retreat myself to an extra day huh. If they usually have like two nice nice ones in nine at that it may be kicked in and put it a third one and go for Patrick. Issues facing his celebrated their having more alcohol. It's what you do right I do it as a pop the champagne. Let's parts it's you are eaten without even know again. Your Prius to the next point but all of us are regimented is in and we like. Like what we do what you eat pizza every day like eating pizza or smoke cigarettes smoking cigarettes if you drink it's arguably drink it right so you'll take that little piece of information that you healthy to use as ammunition. When people say you shouldn't do that bred for example it got callers call up. And call you lizard old NC look at healthy for any and every listener Ed every time they do that people like doctor says bush and I had to check up a couple of bad you're using it is any addition to justify why you can't keep doing what you have been another perfect example might debt. Was put into a coma. From a heart attack he had in his fifties. They saw that it but the show on couldn't recruit a little. And visited it still was almost exactly they'll get induced him down so he did the bigger Dario entered. It'll start he's found dead in his car and need brought him back to amaze you might. Right about how healthy he isn't and how is it takes strap an irishman had nothing to do with how he takes care of himself no I'm not a doctor yeah. I bit. Very hard to believe but a father who was put a coma after air giant heart attack and brags about his health and how his life styles completely fine with this broke. Today but I think every guy needs that kind of get through his date is like. I gotta have some generate a year I should get old. These are taken things away from rape only to Friday decay NN debate and he can't have days you've been a lay out to cigarettes treatment. I can I have a treat a man on a mammal I gotta have some that I mean I can't just sit there like oh my god the among. The race in a row ball they give me some so a couple of drinks Ayers I look at like. My Aleman had all kinda health problems alive. Don't think any drink is SO to drink it never affected his body like his liver and kidneys refine everything else went to hell so I figured hey I got that good delivery kiddies but. People with the idea that white and go to the doctor you're not heed any of their eyes by that check you gotta check what he'd do anything what it's like at a cancer too much what I got to cares I don't I got a cancer need to get people to change really stuff you can't say I'm one no kidding going yeah I did got so it might. Architecture. Is like. That they have they told me you've got a cancer than yet you got to change. We you have to OK I candidacy Terry hit the throttle and nine dollars and cut this thing out of it all locally and among all I think that your BE which we're looking for stupid to be used when you are stupid you babies too much credit easily to George behind. Way to justify how the tables give me cancer all lets you have cancer. Boy that I gotta suck to drink it look like Gary I got to slow down I think exactly. Slowdown. Yeah idle water to water down about it. You know what I'll only have celebratory. Cocktails one night to celebrate the sons Tommy and his one for the troops. It went for Jesus out of surgery tonight troops and says Jesus Tommy does it Dexia speak it's his physical asked at the end of every single. Hmmm I don't from rage. And it's so you can brag has all led to appoint the bragging either because like it's important that we allowed them to not fooling anyone like everybody keep your god who writes about the decision to leave the room everybody laughing too behind your back you're not impressing any. Now you get it that's how hard it is to be only mailman always told me he has. Growing old is in for the week of the time. Because look what you two do in the industry. Yeah mock me get mad at me and may shoot these teens. But it is within a few little fairy which is the cherry to me instead actually I got and I gotta say I don't. Muscled through all that distinct focus on my job don't you need muscle to muscle or something. I have some muscle. But you never lock anybody. In that I had a duty to defend myself. And by the way you bring up you know how old guys will say Li I need something but yes but most guys it's hard for them to cut out there. Cut out everything but one thing rightly you can averages heavier trying dating anyone think Jerry bring it like more streets in and likely not doing it. But it did just that doing it it's much I will still doing that bad habit. All right but so regularly and about my age group any sensible scares and sure as every guy has been muted certain age so. I'm sure still he has something like he does he's got a battle buddies that he has to Jim yet Dana. But he's got to have something besides. Jumping jacks -- and eight class the water de Jesus Christ sent. I went a little. Lot of guys that can just have that one thing and I think having to get the one thing I put everything I got besides yup well. I think we're having two separate are usually do I'm not a state militia at age. Pat didn't that's quite. City it's only a healthy you are. If you need to like that I. Doctor says don't go to orchard could you give it to drink it that's why he didn't find the drinking by any liquor you do realize that if you go to the doctor yeah you don't complain about a pain and focus on that pane if you go to the doctor you know it's at Hendrick X update tonight there are things that he might see that might not alarmed and you're gaming the system and there's no benefit to. Benefit for you. Why he would get no incidents don't ban illegally would be in the blood the blood would be Gil whacked out. We all whacked out that what's going on no Rio the blood if there's blood show on alcohol if there's one day I have found out. Based on all the health stuff that a a gold neglect like six and it's that. Doctorate is inexact science it's like guests in and a lot of trial and error and it's really up. Brought it to actually start he touched everything any that it felt fine it took them 67 years. For the put his heart implanted me to figure out what was wrong button at. Like every. Architect for God's sakes then. Shape if you you're what you're never reduced or cut back you walk in there knowing your gaming systems not eat gave way to go this is though. You talk electric. Eye to I put it they asked her how many drinks and you said. One to two and which is alive now own you're gonna tell you reach I guess Edinburgh at the weekend. While I don't know why and weekends but these can't I can't take a break. And what do I got a little lead time to whatever you want just don't city until your healthy. He sort of Olympic. In your view button I took it to 6000. Write about your health and it doesn't and why. Each of the breaker NC Matt take 88. Hey how doctor Duffy. I get it and the question has Hitler about media so they implanted in your chest like a pacemaker none on and how can this may give you would place on what's helping in what when he has a hereditary our problem right. OK but. What he's still do don't you think that exemplify Asia still smoke. We're having two separate arguments I don't sit here at the Eric go unhealthy is a horse. Boy all right Tammy. I'm happy for you that you had a good. And thank you and I appreciate you know I am saying you power LP. And educate you know and that's what you trench it's great to. Well I had a couple friends and repairing I can't he's healthy and I'm committed to docile it assists and he's also read about the Scott. What's that. It is you can help. It's a cleanser right to Mayo who sits on it is study group table every day and calls us every day to save time. That's the advice they TX OK. And I'm retired and I had you know you guys are retired he's got to go to work. Right you guys had a job for awhile okay now I'm enjoying my. You should you earned it and there. T have a good day but it it's an oh there are two kinds of bright but it goes on both sides there are the I'm so healthy. This is a great brand and then the other side there's he would Nutley what's wrong with me okay who talking about all the health problems Randal picker I don't you don't like that because he brings you down it's a bumpy temporary you don't its peaches brought up. I begins to a tie. You met stack. Rick what we've seen that guy and you realize that some of the things he's complaining about you also have which kind of chips it is I mean invincible healthy idea that you rarely hear that. When we find out how my harmony here but your problems your aches and pains and pro if you want to believe that you are health and two I just don't tell only you wore look at me. I am your chivalry and hope that there I think I had a reaction to dish out the game and that's a very healthy. Y basting every shot every validation Donald summoned the best part is that also it where the side effects and coming and I know some additional red. Aides say it slows you down for a day what the good news is what you you're you're good you know our roots in the next six months. The effects that they'll be drug in my as a culture I got a.