The Only Person That Can Body Shame Me Is

Thursday, October 12th

Some guys are cool with being body shamed by their wife, a co-worker, a buddy, or family member.

...but what about a 5-year-old?


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Security body shape to win archer. But something is happening inside this room that is making this question that will affect battery is as any man is but usually at the Q the people's day. People in your life that can hurt you win each day that you look back I don't know I am I always bothers me when guys are sensitive and legitimately. It makes feel comfortable if I ever talk about your apparently you really pissed off. If I do I hear you wrote I admired them much. Say your outfit that you experts we could stop by a life that you look like a gay gay man. I would at a better when it was critical I tiebreaker ratchet like scratch and it's it's by the BC Betsy boyfriend be tough like that boyfriend is it got pretty good check. And I mean it's like it's its biggest hobby I mean he takes a let me try steroid board ultimately he looks like their. Again as the humans like I if anybody that's bigger than you looks like steroid palladium. For the news is that they. A family event over the weekend and and I couldn't go say is do our thing. And so everybody had a good terrorism and come it became Romney seemed really really bothered by something I couldn't figure out what it was. And he finally decides to tells me this story about how. He has. A lot of younger kids in its gambling so they're all running around like he's like cousins yes cousins and Sidney signed and his niece stopped. And she just just kind of staring at a Harlem these. She's likes fibers it's a little prices you know they they had no filter that. And she staring at a many configure out quietly watch an Adam funny until she could hear his voice Zola. She was not. Well what happened and she pointed to his guy who's got it blown up. He looks say could be its Lotus and can I ask is expensive. And because that he needed she just kept pointing to its stomach area. Guy dispiriting IBM big. But now like fat we keep every time received keep checking amount over and over again to see what is waits at. He's hard. Optimistic I've fills up at the road Liberia he's tree and it's my eyes don't leave him he's he's like he's like cattle on on its final legs. Set after that he just kept adjusting it. Our. Kept adjusting his posture Gillick picture Lincoln's stomach wasn't sticking out any lady kept its continued that when he came home and you said and just. He gives I've gotten bigger have buy in assert that he now. You're getting heavier you pay is still say that should be everything gets Cadillac I idol I think nine can go weeks without knowing which I don't know like is set of if you had a pair cheesy use struggled again on you know your pork up. Good to your anti if you're on your gut you know you know you have but it's under said guts so. You would normally be body you know well but for severing this little five year old girl. Got into his head to the wide that girl would bother him so much I think got mentioned what she did who can she knew he'd CD's the church I think I got it figured. So what does that it's too is he's just little girl grow up in it she always thought he was the biggest struck coolest guy in the play of light. Girl spy it's big big big cubs' top and I beat anybody and coolest guy. Day one of my daughter's looks at me goes daddy why you fatten its gonna bother beaded and went to bed W grown up Saturday because that's year honesty. I have receipt of a white desires at a plant around. It's not just the pure honesty. It's the fact that these girls these little ones thought you were great is it even they have announced a new Superman let them self go exactly when it struck at that age cool what was a little once the top to snuggle your telly that's about. Tickets can't stick to the kids say it as bad whether it's hair whether it's gut with its ugliness that you got a problem. Don't be so sensitive about emailing roll call on that it is weird because I mean. Talk about a tiny little pot calling a large kettle black. Our farm with you slamming every day or slam me or firewood and took it like currently about. Kicks pants keeps it skinny kid each picture and I ain't gonna help she complements everything about wac and Eric knows nothing else there ever said in the certain. She which is never fire. So it's up segment but it's weird though because of labored for and listens to Tommy call in big fly it. And I did a thing in zillow and knuckle brawler and every day and that never dawned on election. Did you just was being honest it was six BC to connect you. Who called you fat ugly people we're actually thought you'd make sure we'll all guys gave his the first. As night guys hold on to that. Patchy hair as long as they kept on watching you know look who's talking you're already got a bald spot and not even thirty but I have out of all the time head argument. I'm old Mueller Amerada chemistry ill and we're gonna critically ill head on a thirty year old man you look like to crypt keeper from Tales from the Crypt that put a little on top of his commuters know. Any of that. It's a trooper she works as maverick the he's a big kid the ball the ball as I get that like you can fix it can't market guys to today again Monica's bald spot they would get they will get Ashe yet. Two women in fact we Didi and if outlook that's not nearly close you've sat and not gonna bother you can Joerg advantage of current. I was trying to figure out some it is like to talk about this can unite the structure and yesterday after the show I think it can be pointed means that you are gaining weight would bother me. Okay I'm nation the difference. So eighths of a woman college you may put on a few pounds it's gonna bother you for a few days. But played by Sunday when they when that mean you sit down of football you'll sit down to the wings and beer completely forget about it. A view plane now a woman gaining weight. You have ruined her entire. Yeah. She goes and automatic food shut down mode. So that's a different way. I'd say is I'm not talking men and women I'm talking about the different kinds of woman and shady because there's a chick that's ultimately cause he fat I was gonna bank and you'll see better but it's neat for example were to call me fat well I'm attracted to keep me some looks like (%expletive) beat Dixon road swing what. Hell's going on. Much of what it and yeah. Jimmy's in able that you think you're better then mix that you are better rightly that is really the additional. We because we're sight hounds we noticed it. When I look at a guy differently and met of meant look at women's bodies to put that in wouldn't look at guys bodies for sure. Okay are you hit you can't possibly imagine that your wife find you physically which actually does she doesn't she doesn't. I like to have finally physically attract all we know that. Okay are you you do you honestly think you're good looking man of the Republican you far. Most men are well because of an unattractive what does for our looks its other things we bring to the table and kick your feet. Table. It's horrible ways as Obama does. To reduce excess looks a bunch sensitive guys on hold to tell me boy I keep he's boyfriend. Is back shamed by his niece is blown up finals viral types excuse ultra low. On Valerie union instituted regular old zone and virtue book body shape you it's going to bother you slightly jealous. Eddie great storage or I would that a lot of what I act. And it won't broken up north as it probably I didn't know girls grow much directions. Well lunges in and tell you when multiple. But with. Bad omen and I would go to chart out what is very old fool and resiliency and walk away. Right then I got another beer artwork goes. AJ one more church. I know I'm ugly but I got one straight. I got picked you have to pick here man I got picked typically yeah you know I don't work euros that said baby get the big fire nozzle and it. I got out large diameter quotes. Ticket chicks head off grid at the shoulders. And Joseph takes a public spirited it. Judge to overestimate what they're surely do but that's kind of what we are right. Bracket notion that we're shelf senator Joseph believes that he's got to get and just like it taught my dad he's a BS artist you are back we only know him through phone calls I can give them. We get it to week coming in for on the eighth steps scuba. An adult family friend of mine and never had braces when I was a kid I asked him why he had vampire teeth he cried. Crime and to dedicate their neck wicked dive in and came back that up. Until it's got to kids search kids church while because it's unfiltered. And it's very distraught on -- don't realize or doing bad yeah just see what they see they distance all right. All people and little kids get get a pass it is just a filter. I think I have to start working out harder to make sure I'm not fat gross but the time my kids are conscious enough to realize that I'm not a super pitcher of that but your whole. You're your your belt to be happy. You disarm Iran like your pales a heavy set failing and I'm not trying to be mean to you differently heavy set. Aren't you slightly premature to be read by giving Israelis all tall and skinny and and that's just how did that stirred DNA your DNA has extra TN ANA their DNA. You know actually he seemed DNA but that will take. You wouldn't look good that such a good you were thin her than you are but you're I get like an essay. Tests published Hewlett. Now like to force so let's say you got down to 185. You would look ridiculous and a public that beat. To rent yet. When you slightly pleased to. Ideally we cannot go only funeral her right frame guy you're a big frame you know would look like a pitch a wide range. If you don't deny them legal slender Sissy European body got a big lump the American body like her bag rocks. So like. DNA in his in his body saying hey surf on out broke 2226 down to sandwich bodies Chaman. But I what's the difference and if you'd like if he's locked up with Cammie rate. He's gonna merrier. Let him go I got because like she ain't going anywhere. She's ever into any better than I can't. I don't like that government can't yeah well used to be to get a double chin ever you to actually do it is to him. Yes it did what you do matters on that. I asked the woman and she was still on us and worse. And she wasn't there and he excellent picture was almost gonna start crying. Hollow use so Jon Hamm are but some brides carry their weight I gotta have a baby. You over the chick these sort here that was in yes India and she and the big upper gut cheek and always look like a second trimester can you ask mr. positive but that should give you did know Laurie you know missing Debra was pretty stored here. And they got the upper and the lower thing and Tommy One other thing I don't double Decker. But you know how you always dressed up every gains suits and ties and blazers. You guys admit what's Tommy would look like in thirteen and a teacher were there or at an air and. It would look like you know they have this kid's pop albums it would look like it's Bob boarded the USA bikers who exit from dual core I. Everything is the culminated as the day with the boy a lot body shape and men's style justice I got like thirty seconds brother what he got. Bank. So you have little kids. That there are you really. All that brokered through today and outline me. Indiana. Woman that was catching up now. Didn't look exactly like a woman OK I'm. Congo's data is that a boy. Ha. Under an omelet all. Please just be quiet each year did you hear it just I don't simply don't manage these. You're here everything here that's how sleek new look in in the other direction hitter like record I'm Robert thank what I'm sure they'll struggle that we've all done nattering of all the. Did rising can't tell sometimes the way their address of their flat. You know. Like every day we come to work. Don't just a baseball fans it's just it's the golf. She did it totally dead as a matter of seats that's like like the characters the sand lot. Leaders in Slovenia April may not commented that while he candidates do you how good Iraq honey I. You like that like. That said in citizens of color like this line because I'm not oil were Metafile what man movies. Click that I keep. The men.