The ONE Time Tommy Tried To Be Nice...

Thursday, October 26th

Tommy CLAIMS that he was being sincere trying to help a woman out... but let's be real. We ALL know what he was thinking.


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The funniest part about what happened you'd tell me nor is it you were genuinely trying to cure this is the first time in your life and this happens we all the time own workshop guy. You were idiots oblivious to the fact that this would offend some. Yeah because averaged just trying to be nice I mean the woman was obviously working. And Irish is trying to help furlong what did you okay but even helping her you also pointing out something that you probably does but I didn't appointed now I should say gut and did you actually viewpoint what she assumed yeah. She's mature assumption was right. But it's the breaker rats to classic rock that is expire at the BC about so and you really don't Tiki didn't do well obviously she. Took that the wrong way that's arms and said he Deborah shop and it. Wegmans. It any differently if she meets risen to be able tankers she's been in the school system forever right so she meets the kids in the Paris on. Ever notice when Euro we your wife you're only meet somebody they got to talk yes and it can go on for a while like my wife can stand in on to somebody that she's hasn't seen in two years. And talk and am not kidding you. For fifteen to forty minutes for just a sound like a lot of time most of thank you shopping and out to stand and so livestock in our backs and this and I see this woman coming you know all wars of his quirky she's got a car noticed that she's gonna go stock shelf. Was in the business I understand. You a timetable here trying to get things done you know a big deal to sell. I guess in my right honey and you gotta motors and restraining get through. What this is I can fit thank you. Why would you be offended. As she was having. Easy. She bigger. And she was in oh oh she was a Arab and Adam. A worker theirs is a one of these AM reps. Like it does as an employee of their company. Which is that a big Mormon okay. And she's as I ice geez excuse me I can fit it. And I was like sorry she is now. And issued a violate she couldn't it. So everybody had to take one giant step over to the other side of the aisle so it's human barge can get through. When I was wrong even bush couldn't fit. One simple let's try and Ellie and I saw our show was busy so it got pulled over you said it should move she was working in. Very simple question he's an honest answer them. Would you have told your wife to move. If she was extremely hawkish can affect. Your problem. Didn't. Like. Look I simple math. I would dinner has elected to space and Hewitt cut his sisters so let us move out of the way which is courteous while I've had a back to recession could tell so. We moved about what we had big idiot we had that god damn boat good good. You kind do that for anybody like tried to work like just the highway kind of that I need not your case and she says she's you know she got the rules going in a global leader Jimmie he didn't do that anybody working right specifically said to move 'cause she was a large well gripe we did wasn't enough space for her ass he so how do you not understand why she would be upset by that it was so she was sitting there like I any. She had likes urgent look on her face extra work so. What it was my alternative to not say anything to my wife. And let her keep talking Emmett elements stand there which to me is room and it could just move over your I don't think there was anything else you could've done. Sure you all may fourth that being said I think she's obviously ashamed of her physique. The only reason she got mad is 'cause she knows she's overweight morbidly so today and educate control Mel. But you. Most people talk about it this but she doesn't know that at this juncture of our commerce okay that's fine she don't know me and I don't know our fan say to you again another reason why she would be upset so Esther Rolle who waited Sampras circuit Tutu to 6000. To a jump in this Egypt pickle you're in I get it probably wasn't anything else to do I don't think you can be Kirby. I use food. Delicious pickle it hasn't happened double cheese but there's some good group of French Fries different trends the French Fries potato for insurance. I think wouldn't get even more sensitive and I would if if that was like this time he. Frail man. Maybe front panel look she's right to be a bigger guy I think you could got away with eight kids. You know like you're so so what's my size that the door Curtis because you're like tiny person making way for this bigger purse you're doing it dear till you are worse than me right now. You're actually mocking my physique. When all of trying to do is help this struggling a little all the time you just lets you search. And shame people for not eating the way you do a napping in shapely do you liar at that point none of that was so you look like you would say it. I'll look at eight days I don't know my answer all of a ground. That's pretty much all the ground. Which adopt easily yesterday one of those independent contract. I will check on these rep people you know they you know they did this sampling you see him around. He and his wife is like stocks at the top seasons to come on the island tells his wife knew who sushi threat to punish her get through it she said it. I can fit thank you even though she even drop the bank Q1 in which always this is Bianca and Q how old you think you. I probably would have to current happened currencies of sequoia. Well that's a skill which you've probably lake forty ish I'll gladly I procure his she was forty and fabulous. Life ain't easy from Italy with the U toddlers Kosovor OK and then she's got the weight on top of that right. I pictured putting too much stock it is getting upset with you really latest. She's not enough problems man and I tried out and personnel prolong. Would you beta Joseph to your wife about how fat she was after she can move. Again my leftists have my sense of humor does eat sushi go to port paying and she probably trying really and it's I don't. I never ever Melissa long ago when wives moms and since Z humor there's a certain things they just don't did you do is 6000. Tommy is upset that got upset with him I know you did I got every Bjorn I got a carry burst fat Sheen. All like on yes you'd do all those guys the adverse facts Jamie as well this is she actually. The mission of a let and I played I tried to help you look at I never mentioned your weight you brought wade into the equation. And you fat shaming for for me. Figuring that you couldn't fit through because he noted that she ain't got you go like how are usually event feel bad for trying to help her that question. Sure. It's ridiculous. Cheerleaders are what's at the pilot chose the breaker once geometric. Dead too. Got a question would you rapping like polls are right. So I don't shift should I think she was the late. I think it was like a snack then I'll caddie. There had to be. Also are you guys are always picking about me about not being nice now people out with a very large jester. Thank you don't know what Christ and across I agree it lives but we did she had she taken offensively. A year based on and on my sides. Yes. Very instructor at Arthur while resurrection Ashenberg try to help fat people out which I thought was you're supposed to do it takes to culminate compellent federal like. I think that I see some idyllic of that weight I always think what you're trying to almost handicapped. Rate. Oh don't you can be you can eat yourself beta cat she she she's getting there OK but it. OK you know you have such exaggerated. Idea of fat people. Fat all the time. Right and meet the need to be epic problems that the first wanted to rather let us ask. You're not as bad as Tommy says it had making it all about the. We'll just wait until and tell your people go that you bring the kids don't just get your. People actually ask my feelings. Like one of the first questions they ask if they haven't met pat yet it's. So how big is Duffy real job point and try to make new rules go I do not shoot so it's not out of the question assume this woman also was it Hugh she was a great girl angle Ireland saying oh man she needed that half but I'll. Get that show balloon through pace of message are coming to you can always get a Santa BC enough to break you FaceBook page this just shows culturally insensitive Tommy is that he would understand the deck comet would hurt that woman's feelings broke her boss can only tell you that. Baker's dozen us. I continue to pay isn't good that it continues to fat she her afterwards he has no leg to stand on TV's you should operate. Okay says don't help anybody out very Scarlett. Wasn't so this coming from somebody Chu who got offended in this exact same situation almost all my goodness your yet like you're putting groceries in your car right. It was up on the belt there are an act. Guy offered to help you cut it to me down by got a they're just fine it was a tight and maybe she just asking it to be nice to know his. His wife that honey he's struggling help wasn't struggle a viral business she'll probably be interpreted to be help she's a 100% right they saw someone thought they need to be needed help you just thought she needed. Did any kind letter just like they did it she got up and regularly at these these Hong. As millennial Los. Over smirk and a jerk in me and they overreacted to a situation they didn't understand I don't like this was obvious she's fat and she couldn't fit. You hold your short feeble perhaps leave like that dog food up no problem. With a way to DC need help because it was a tight spot. There was you know look at the good the hearts for their yet it would it just moved through patronage crap is that a jawbone and all day we would have been I would that the space a little would have as it was an X it was just another way you can soaps and businesswoman embarrassment. She fat chain made a reverse fashion like here whatever that had lived to see the day there's no. When all of a sudden those people are gonna have an attitude what do you mean though is those people those people flabby lets people that. Boarding and led us. Yeah our just I asked our system bus and as fat person. It's gonna give me lift gonna give me the look. But you deserve a look you're a person yet and I changed man yeah man I was it'll at the fat on me you can. Lost the white. Get off your rush honey what's great is you bring it up I never do you write you know way to right. A commute to its commitment there. A tweet that we are as good as he's been great for Scott Walker what everyone is big when you the size of Tommy I can't be that guy gonna see. Inside Jamie go ahead it's a legitimate. That you have to ask is when you are your height you were side as well I I can't here's another payment that's a terrible analogy because I can't do anything about my height. She could lay out the cookies and you know she has some kind of medical issue that keeps us from Malia are very and she got diagnosed and Haagen Dazs. Minnesota Ben and Jerry's. Do you had a chance to really prove that sometimes you can be nice here in years brewed it how I did that day you did you take. And it all went downhill and he just started mocking this woman kind of furthering her point. But she initiated she what is said thank you so now just so it really struggle with my way and thank you for quality about you one of the good ones. I would have been welcome madam. You no matter what they report the bunt PDX thirty seconds brother woody. He. Light. On why why is it coming in never do anything or. Do you think now I think you know everything I know it's a make it could invent the cure for cancer you would find a way for apple lover. To break his ball asked of him if you have guys his age group with the all that wouldn't be a woman who turned and let me get a good that you know you only industry to bring chrome are well. Hello. Atlantic got it I can't I can't wait all I can't wait via it is it got in heaven from my lips to his views. I album in that store one day and I see terrorist. But something on Shell's legal lawyer hey honey can you movement of people try to shop here can you suck and you cut on trying to get to the dairy case. David you heard Agilent trying to Goodell and if they might. My graduate two ships in the night so I. They keep American to be glided holes well.