Old Lady Gangs

Tuesday, December 12th

Kimmy noticed something while out watching the Buffalo Bills play on Sunday - turns out we are surrounded by gangs.... OLD LADY GANGS!


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It is avoiding. OB would well there and there's been series gang activity in the great rupture. As you see in the sit calmly gets into the city so again I don't in west side gang activity and love. But what about the sec games mirrors there. It's a true Reagan tennis club glee. It imclone. I get a TV since there is gay activity as you saw if you are married it could be happening at your house right my game. To say about yeah break let's class racked in the 65 to BC about. Yeah go to war and the folks again as you exit. So the last actually. I have really noticed at the last few times of Bennett shooters watching the bills' game. And so it's what I liked called the old lady games. I've seen women in there like. 70s80s. This one woman I was to argue with in her eighties and she was telling me how. Heard her girlfriends go out to watch a bills game every Sunday. And only she did she said yes her daughter drops solve them off at the plays they watch the game and they've done it at different places in Rochester and I've. And then the next week out is there a different old lady gang was there just. Just them like that would like their husbands that it ended there. Husbands are probably dead it's on Tennessee based way to bring sunshine feel honestly I ain't you glad that watch these gains could your husband watches games soldiers train. And now he's probably Croat. And you know so you'd be good the girls get together and do this thinks they've always washed against her husband's kind of general met. Eat great is it a sexy and really get to I didn't realize it until you pointed out estimate there at sporting events around the great right there area yeah emirates games red wings games and by the way. They drink their asses off by the tests which are also around with a pitcher of beer in the that a table but QB 67 ED OM and alana who just lemon it is lying editing girly drink to drink and Peter. That's how they Albright used to drink but this girly drinks were around 6070 years ago they just weren't. You know either resist standard cocktails but there's very few what I call a lady drink. OK you know I think I did the resort to grasshopper sub sup iCAD bad. Mostly by mother drank the same with skis and Martinis my dad drank. I find it funny how are these gigs of people you see the ball ironies yet. Drug grannies get credit eggs in a storm making its Schroeder mr. Christie lips and he socialism to you told him. That they can only control room that we needed that you looked like a seven year old. It's not a candidate OE's groups of older women I don't really ever Sealy groups of old men hanging out at his his guys in general it is go to a bar but she's right I. I I went around the mall or anything like that I will CN groups five to 668 year old in congregate IE that you never know brevity old men and let's. Stay alive his men his age on social. Who is don't. Men. Ten to stay home more as they age women still stay active with their friends that just to just happens that way. And every guys just don't live as long either so lake ever get most guys. If you have to be 75 you beat the national average of death rate was a 73 yet so old I might yank out old. In every friends because there'll gone OK Ike. I river the first time taken its shot resell my parents of today and they get fifty plus community that have like Rex generally with the guys it'll go play cards on Thursday night. So like to order house ago no cars tonight is that guys are dropping out. I got McCain code anymore route field is on notice that it debt. Dropped it out of the card game that you died. Levy can't go but only flooded out life as they can easily you'll go to Jesus is too much money is debt. Also listened but it could be something here that we can capitalize on his men as a getting your wife involved in the game earlier this are all right yes program they're gonna do it 68 graduate forty feet yeah. Why we got to Georgia situation you're sorry doing it. I mean she's got up like ladies' club brisket a couple super secure likely pocket that's gonna turn into as they age. At the Allstate together that's going to be either group or okay yeah. Socialization just give me a little time. You know let's say I do whatever I want it isn't what it goes button. I am a freak I try to certificate that you do what I want my lady never wants to do that I want her to be part of again if she doesn't mean apart again. And we need to encourage wives and activity gang activity you know I bet most of its drinking. A bad. Yeah one Joni generally get drunk behind the wheel they can't hand allow all the way men do their body's processes that. Differently the got to care what the booze with a broad I don't carry by the way. No realistic handle drug woman you know that from comedy experience cage is brutal nobody wanted to keep his mind and there was a drunk woman. Race you're looking at this the ovaries do. Be mr. negative mr. it's always a union can be discovers his brilliant they never noticed before we used to our advantage if you're being a deck this be careful what you wish for run. The soon to do to 6000 Kenny has noticed that shooters the last couple of weeks. You turn was because again Manning new orders and do joint and it just horsepower that you see sitting in front of the he's elderly and it organic matter beer. Cheered on the bill it's something he would have leisure. Whether it's the ball whether it's sports bar in the emirates games red wings games old lady gangs get together Drake and much of boos bags we say we don't know where the old men hanging out together in a date Susie was they are a date boy about it. Hey how are you. I would immigrant party. And they are lads are all in the old Audi eighty year old better. All. You. Yeah and helping us whether they're not out in public there I'd eaten alive during gym and nobody. It is not a to a man a problem with the bitterness. I think that. I once one clicked figured I'm in the department and it that in. A book at him and on and on any of better everything and if you. She sustained have a good visit to give it to you difficult. Yes. It really became my grandpa was easily Needham and I used to watch within every year to pass an eight I ever saw him get angry except that the army navy. You usually the game is like. They're never in any credible worries Iran they can't is they don't play for Oprah but. They're never a competitive plague AP top 45 football team know 118 years until like the only guy in like a thing like the last big star was Roger Staubach for the navy get it done Hollander. Widest lead yet you're unveiling a national star that won you won the Heisman and went on Libya. A huge star. Stop gala 63. Do you still people get crazy for that game I I watch it are critical to their right stressed out the pads you know that the military pageantry neat is that like given normal day was like that like insult it looks like running. Hard. Army attempted passes all season for a just like every day because it through so much maybe me making Africa. They got better you'll come over Bloomington was it's different like if you served in the army or navy Yuri part of something so you can go hang out those guys two point. We go to some sushi radio. House. She repeated they are eight other guys that did this pathetic jumper living what would that be. If current Allen and those visits. That's just it's not a one piece or if I'm running out any old man gained the film it's just a lot of cranky people it is. Like old lady gained seem very pleasant like they look again having a good time. That's why they live longer they're social they're pleasant and happy. Men as they age just get more and more miserable John says is not just the VFW or other places quality at the old slow. Let's sell drugs Irish avoid buddy. A partner died on. Not much bandied around as I just can't say nobody or else but I combined McDonald's and have there's always like a group a panel members the most because McCain took Bobby gave. Even as card games all over the place. Generally skill because those guys are retired rate yup so any time ago and get my coffee early in the morning at that that you hit that don't condone samarra. There's always like five old Italian guys it's 5 o'clock in the morning he retires you know I. You can keep it Saturday in the mornings like. They're like old camp. Employers because they go before the sun comes up that's probably the sun comes up they run back home. All they don't grow by eight. At whatever makes it. But his medical like those old guys get together in the morning at a coffee the other bitch about all of that neutral the world. And that but they have got the of that fellowship and remain younger users to read in the restaurant on average ironically a legal talents their articles written that's every town every McDonald's has that. Cruel old crusty old dues did you seek crusty old women do and that's it dude thing. Is it those guys around hang out since they start to work and my by ex father log Tonys to go to that averaged donut spit governor says he worked. So the same guys say he was in construction so those guys still go there. And they're in their seventies and eighties now but this is same crew sept album probably dropped off. You know they can't doubt the job and get data on life because seemed like as an error. I wonder what are your old lady gays can look like when you hit seventy kills. What are what are you guys about my grandmother had left ugly I can I think kind of cute. I did it with these women that I see do go watch the game every Sunday with a girlfriend coming. But I can't women that are participating in sports right now where when they get that aids the wanna do that odd pills and yet I cannot really girls skills like your whole generation new camp. He can't scramble and make you can't make your bed. Had to do with the generally be different or that I got to but I always think women do any other they get it together and scramble legs. Understand you know this if you do. But like my mother liked my mother like to do needle point and she's stitched it was a who's you might doesn't even do that differently Ashok and so. But she doesn't like sit down son and easy and sentenced in your mouth centers are writing their reports like this you. Yes I'd everybody I don't until you feel better you know taught me appreciates it but we're blah blah blah. I got the break grudging and hang out all the crotchety. They have a large Evelyn bit of today is proud Q was she got into their group crouching Tiger Woods is as fast as gross detail than. It and the music at the Smart Malcolm and I wrote that would go to.