Old Guy Makes Fun of Other Old Guy for Doing Business the Old School Way

Thursday, July 12th

For once it wasn't Tommy Mule pulling an old man move at an electronics store

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This is how business is done and America this Everyman likes to do business and I think this makes a little bitch this is kicking the tires. By. Discourage you kick the tires is a note the united get one over on the sales guys yet another breaker boxes class track many 65 did you see that's what. What did you see mister hot young and hip and cool. So adult problems cell phone but out of the old cell phone store red CIA go. There is in he would become a deal with the iPad you check in animal Clio moderates and said there Anderson's do you. The older than me. These guys to Yankee cap on he's got to old man's sneakers with the Sox pulled up his standard guy sit teacher tucked it as opposed poetry was stuck in rigorous tucked in but no but it's. And so finally he's up before mayor ray so I'm. He the guy comes up goes amen. I can help you now would you target now now now I'll let Jim nailed it with my phone. Jim solar JaVale what Jim dale knew what the phone my leg. This other guy knows the same thing Jim knows that Jim didn't build your phony sound like. You're dragging your model T back to Henry for our donuts we do real producer company. So I think he's gonna get because he's like these pit straight he feels like he's been screw us this is something not working on his phone which is just a technical thing you can visit the deal would gym was like Jim and discuss discuss over a British after what his phone deal. So all he really did was freed me up 'cause I get to go round and now is that I got ago. I totally 100%. If you don't were disguised I think you've got to do this I always do this I wanna talk to the guy that sold me or try to. Do you think because you all do that it's our troops corporations it's there it's their business plan America mad. Topping like to do business with one man all the way through object then to business one widget in your business and one name to good old boy Terrell probably hit it dead deer like to finish with a man who decent shape so the guy you start with you would have finished joint apps. And to tell me these things got a little key that's the best tour finish up dollar double talk to Jim because started below Jim's right behind. I don't think yeah it's one I'll wait yeah does it get you anywhere like all you did was waste your time like. You'll love meat of the government to get out of their two orders from the get all of my theory you literally decide you're gonna sit and wait longer. Talked to jam like Jim some cell genius. Over the other guide bottle also says sell mostly the same bonus on the same stuff. Yet but I could see a guy like you especially like let's say the sale goes better like something happens he didn't. No was coming OK but you wanna talk to that guy that lied to you yeah it's in the is a liar Jim. How did you do yes you Jim do you like to tell me every guy in there with a name tag is getting even to same answer is it's an aide to sell opponent its corporate policy that Michigan and get. There's another reason why you do visit one man and one man only whether you buy hockey skates or cellphone or gas grill or whatever. I don't need any more small. That's what you gonna get. To a place like Kevin said did you get paid I don't what's on where do you. The bill the. This is a waste of my time I've done this before I hate small talk. I know Jim Jim. No we well we just goes to conversation before a game was a danger is gonna do to a small talk is gets visits are saying James can it still is crazy notion pissed up. Is there nothing but small talk catching them. Erica beat Jim a relationship meanwhile. I got myself phony issue resolved and I was on my way at Yankee. Angry do each bag is still sitting there steaming because. Something's not right on its own paid Jim's behind. Okay and even if he doesn't look like this isn't like that kind of it is a light. A cell phone story is it's up to you go to lake wegmans I go to all the time they need food reiterated. And I go to Duncan Teradata and in my coffee your reported that I understand. It. He's thinking like Jim knows something special and mystical about his phone that nobody else understands like you had this kind of non sexual bond between you Jimmy your phone. You missed the point is the comfort food right yes. We are people you know that were conducted its like when you pull up to window relegated idiotic attitude out of time my point is it easy level of now when you see that person you know if there's a place you know it is out of Florida candor he's a cell phone guy it's still business you're still exchanging good money out of luck and don't you already do these things which he was so good suck us. Is this sucker walked out the door you jive turkeys soccer. You know there is great day eight double won Suk that frozen French UBA so and it's. Think people are also paranoid now of people telling their information and if Jim is the first person that helped you along with this whole process and has all your information they're not grant but anybody can access it but not only don't tell anybody. I don't give anybody any more information merit gave Jim. It's always wanted to do was some great for example did you have something done at your house and exciting roofer or it would like. The most weight of the world these models send someone over to duplicate estimate and they said another guy over to do the actual war but the thing where were one guy but I don't explained everything to the first guy in you've got to do all over again put that I'll just. It but know that going into these states. Thank you go in there it's like you're doomed to fail every time because I guarantee you. That guy just wasted time I cute he was pissed off can you just want it is god damn Bono work in all he did which jerk himself for round. When he could've been done. He's a self jerk in jerk. Sucker. I am shocked I'm shocked by this again for certain mistakes or to allow me it's a shame it didn't land. Mistakes it's because that in this rumble when I get out of I linemen knowledge I just funny how well equal the one time you do let the millennial thinking you wanna stand not topple book a couple of phone books and wave the flag about it. That a man. It affected pieces has become so impersonal it really Bob is for my poor for years it's usually need to be Dele big corporations rate. This the way it is it's always been like that. You can you wait if findings are calling back in the day when the age group big corporations Barack forever and it always wrinkled aren't. You might call me. The number to get something fixed I know the do you awesome and I never talked to before and that's why it's late it's it's not because you can't coddle your generations. Mommy and daddy took care Redding and every time you walk in the stores. You want these people act like your mommies and daddy won't do matter owning your opponent don't know what you should daughter to my script I'll take it back and do magic W funding you can go what is so. Serious doubts say isn't really goes a generation of you go to just the old old mom all the club store which went to coddle you wouldn't be babies whenever I. Really UN everybody to be your buddy your friend in your wrong. That's the complete opposite of of the way it's going absolute right to call it's impersonal you don't like it. Elected know we do like it and I don't ignored really don't bet I'll read over the years they went somewhere US don't know curl up would jump on a couch in now. He discusses his sensitive cell phone feeling I asked you meet someone my age. That I would like sell the shirt is gonna basically proof that just. Shirts. And assured department which they entered agreement and are things that I'm certain amount of Jim regret I didn't screw you spoke walk away and. Take cellphones out of it I'm certain there are things that you would prefer to have a guy for like whether it's bartender. Not even bartender bandwagon like art equipment. This stuff like that unlikely guy that knows restocking and yes I do but that's fine but I also known them for Fargo bank in an neckties tied Obama gonna weigh all data part that I guys is that guys celled. A million mowers Ricky lake I. Hello hello hello with like a young like Gunther hits they're looking kid comes up to you and says so certain illegal pylon mark today it's what he brings up basically as his company. Terrence said lawnmower and run over a gun to his man by. Steve so dress and then look a like a man. Cordelia I don't know what they're talking about Steve Wright does FaceBook have I heard Tommy got multiple occasions say how we won't talk to young kids or women network and hardware store or lows in the wrong people how was this any different sounds like Tommy is a sucked up suck no I am buoyed those people look at it will walk you still have sent information corporate Dirk back so that you ought to be called. What a big sexy old bad they're good old beaters dogs tubby everything's going to be okay. When I go to like Home Depot. And I have a question I always look for a guy. There has an old man named to look solely gave bison may seem a bit and an hardware all Todd Davis. Noses groups and think and say exactly and there it is treatise at BC members group why. Does the value of relationships. With Jim page is the secret discounts the shortcut yeah yeah investigated in lake. People think when somebody sells you something that they remember my wife does this all the time I let Michael go back and no place yes about a month ago you sold me. The staying we taught them like this guy plays of the day if he had thirty more days of work between sale of view and you walking back and like he's gonna go all my god. Mrs. vlan in real life free of Ben yeah we've been talking about that sale. Oh to Hawaii on the bonus. I think they do remember and you. Well remember. A band really working customer service to apple is horrible letter my point is this listen when I. When I guess that's all they customer services that allowed me to do it when I want to wegmans yes I would remember the faces of people would come every once in awhile you'll remember guys so self that you white yourself with me to get back it made bad but I I only remember it doesn't have Fred. You remember. You'll that was it particularly mean individual but like in general I couldn't tell you every customer came in. What they've purchased they don't look at by the way. These people the site itself on plays that this 18. Make their money and care about you. I'm shot feature Lenny your future dismiss navy seal deals abroad as a black out my. Old Super Bowl millennium class at a store it's. Real common upper millennial. You're completed it is it. So general generation. Will take blood before you go Biden to do do 6000 Pete is on CNN TP tell anybody. Hey good morning hey Tommy mean this one instance talked about so all I actually. Got all of those other couples gay. I agree with the also. You know as a screw was just brewers this girl and let our guys and work in an artwork for forty years. He might know what he's doing and then work and then. Art equipment for 2030 years he probably knows what he's been caught. And work and insult all or forty years you need to go to a mental institution does these things had been around. It's still has argued that. Ultimately. He's right and technology and technology moves so fast right now like I probably would sell Polonia right now volume and cancel notably when it would numbers are now I mean I don't even know I think it's an idea yet so nice probably already out tens that's why he's already out I sit on sale isolated to this point like these guys. The got to go back and for corporate training but the bit. The the the the technology moves so fast they haven't invented the new screw yet like the basal hammer NN a nail has been around since Jesus. There and question as Wednesday. You know instrument and I like it or rates Burke you know what I yours you know he's gonna have now. Yeah I don't tomorrow on third girly and trying to form a man liquor so he's like a prisoner hand in hand on a collector who. Please increase demand literally here. Say it immediately give us today I just this would you ditch your phone's not working because you do it like every other day at it's just gonna help you brought his go to Nancy that any guy can -- with the phone public of any god. Look for any guy. Some soda for a little guy on guy action down the simple as soon as I its overall keg.