The Office Gift Rules (PART ONE)

Wednesday, December 20th

There are holiday things you should avoid doing if you want to be liked by your coworkers..


The Break Room hopes to help you out by listing the office gift rules!


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We bust kiddies all the time on the show. It's important. It can be a lot yes it's at a that you can understood that lead to get it didn't apparently not now because what she did last night will we were on the air. With Tommy and I. Try to do something content was disrespectful disrespectful. Rude. Shocking you know when we originally put the break room together we were looking for people of character sort of character yet and yank this room is full character well it was you showed up. I'll put any of last night in the gift you wish you could have back yeah. The breaker box classic racked at least not to DC last night for our company Christmas party break like Netflix and we want it to be an opportunity this year to write some rocks. Every week it can be Christmas present would just. The real quick no the our engineer yet I always get a little soft and career and I gave him a bottle of booze. You would think again they get a million dollars like the reaction between that guy who doesn't make a lot of money who has like all these this responsibility. He can thank me enough so I was expecting kind of the same from somebody who were with. So last night Tommy and I as we do every year he'd QB Kirk hit yeah on the air. I want you to sit back it was described last night is not doctored anyway. Your reaction. To two dollars and have physical millennial move light on the year. I had to open it it would take just kidding and seeks quiet rooms so proved dutchess and I'm glad it okay. It Britain don't know history cash. Oh my god seriously though this weird I didn't get it handed cash by our viewer complaining about money he dressed up war. You love or money on an. Well we did know what to get you this year so we got you can. Yield but I feel very awkward accepting cash bull what would. So what you had to do was six Q it's like Dick about it. It's just display I hit some bodies of green and they go you beat McCain hey can somebody please go to mr. would be mean to me. Don't let you couldn't see me live my hands up with some dollar bill you just called me chimney sweep. And then you know better dollars I'm so you just try to deal about it do you speak for B can you. Jimmy was handed money crest brand new bank. We. Presented it made me feel like there was a motive behind that to get paid who cares. I could care less Uga motive may I am I. A little cautious when accepting that this gift because I didn't know what was due to what I oh do you for it I think it's again it's Christmas I understand that now they are. Ultimately my. Wow wow I didn't see anybody could expect I had the big you to take and I did well. This is a first in. World history or somebody was handing cash Carolina though it is cast early action pacs. I actually. As we got a gift cards don't lose yours rate now is that we I was running that idea as you were running out of ideas it was the same place so I said the new rate is Daschle as she goes and does what she wants to bring this up blood I view the president Jimmy ever. Net and now. This is a first brought I've ever worked with did never brought in. Homemade anything to do any time you work at a project. All I need it anyways we go over the is Adelaide entities in this studio by the way in the studio that you like turn your nose at that you have to organize a reference. You're such a nine iron giant accused. You can drive right so that. Get reaction I'll ask the people right and kill Kenny rightfully so I gotta interest email from. I writes this gentleman and sound right he says the email right now what are you should stop getting to be gives my public interest rate. I that's the last one bro that's fine I don't you up a lot of the pulse but it's very excited Tommy do you take care the way you do you do get a bloody way he says goes up there's a gift I wish I could have pat back what I wish I'd never given little old I worked with and help me out. Eight titan during one particular year it was at IQ I got a gift cards we really nice restaurant. Ice she asked if I wanted to go with her because we had to work together on this project for your junior on board sees I agreed Dickey was NSA issued of them that bro she was married. I may I didn't he's an idiot I didn't think anything of it until I saw what she was wearing it dinner very sexy tightly dress which she wanted to late stressed he says became apparent noting she did at the wrong way yet she thought that we were going to have an affair something that was an interest piqued the interest it and it got very awkward. It eventually got back to her husband that we had it without you knowing it got very messy very fast it goes on and on but he said. Is it I recommend never giving eight female coworker a gift for any well. I think you can do that the he agreed that the state by going out to dinner whether I mean that's what you say no this is for you when your husband go have fun whatever. I won a part of going out to dinner review well I can also CBS. Statistic. Now would pass on. Which feet coworker that gift you can vote obviously candy cane give Kenny cash. But you can Mamie dates like gift cards to. Thank you can get somebody like. A coworker like you don't she's got kids and she's busy go getter like a Whitman's gift card for you know. For groceries or whatever image is. You gotta be careful about certain things that look where I told you by ex wife. From her boss he got hurt tight sweater my ex wife was doubled the rate the issue is yet it's you know list with a guy. Suites winner here earlier worked. So to speak carefully evaluate and by the way husbands. Be careful what you white brings home for groups say yeah right right I'm saying like clothes and things of that nature of flowers now. I took the day and it can be misconstrued as romance. Is wrong but they give cards to like general Haig stores that to bourbon shop badly Bed, Bath & Beyond her. Allegedly like you like to poll right clubs playing like nobody's gonna take that as a rover and take dinner for two at chipotle you list. You viewer waist 300 pounds I think any gift though to woman can be. But it's a parliament okay but if you're just getting that one woman I get like it's just one person you're buying for you get like a couple co workers. A chipotle gift card. Not weird but I figured just buying for this one particular person that's where we deserve remain because. Your real literal rose again you're one and done. I did she strike you forget how incident. Buying a present for someone is used for public and make a person feel even if it is a pet death be a gift card which it would ever read. You go out of your way to fight something. They might take some digging is up with the guys that really paying attention exactly. That's why the gift card is the way to go because it's more herb. Broad based or can you get even just get them a visa gift card for. You know what 25 to get out what are you wanna do Eurasia or a Dunkin' Donuts Carter Tim wars or any of those cars like. Those are just nice salute gestures that don't mean I wanna kidding your pants. Get I think it's it's one of those things if you're just doing it for no you can't do what you gotta you gotta do we it's got be you Steve it's got to think a year old workplace like her kids. You can't give your kid a gift and the other kid a half a gift or no different so think of it it's all got to be even Steve. That's up because there are people that you work with if you work at an office on the job site who will help you more throughout the years and other there are books that maybe make less money that you have less club they knew who you gonna say listen I see you bust your ass I'll be at a time thank you. All right the other you know. Is that way then I think it's okay that might give you did a project together and it was successful people discover understand habit to all goaded dinner with a broad yet it's not for you know. Really makes you look cheap and also to give like yourself I happen debtor sort ISO. Think you stay safe if you but if it's a group president. Like you guys both gave me get from them as one like it if Tommy had just given it may that be weird. And I just did you get like two years ago that was weird. To your dad's got a gift cards are as you would already be gone it's different in the term gonna. I could be a 6000 taught me I tried to get to be two dollars cash for Christmas last night she got angry person didn't say thank you started nose up she. Chicago's Dix yes let's not do average pay ever a light rather. If any want to grow op. It in the money. We don't want I don't wanna recognize that said that hammer and getting use that money to buy them gifts because there. And I'm sure a lot of basic crap. You're not spending any money out of your own pocket if anybody I've been there additional years and in Europe one way you wrote. They say hey you never really give anybody any. And I'm pretty sure whoever I'm gonna go out. Oh my god kidney while she's got crocodile arms. No I know where. It's Jimmy and Tammy. Gladly give me all like yeah she's a runway. It in the moment at the end of the year all at eight up in it too long. Like that time TV's Hollywood knows how to do that there's probably do it at every big Republican in the Internet are on you out then hammer. Who is rightly view is it's bad. Whatever is right right about how bad you're. The end I can't can't argue if any of those points which he's such a weird chick and commissioner has built cheap booze which is a silly of you are still like. Christie when it comes to gifts Tracy Miller play and you like a little bit that this is the high ended up for male and Johnny muse. I did not desire and you do select. I can't eat those cookies there genetic talent as you release a gurgling and crystals to give you your viewing and spent your English. You're what has to have the most difficult time buying you again. So creativity votes. Really I can feel it ever work spectrum. She's the only chick I've ever known that has her own workspace. That has in May late cutesy little stuff like it's technically mine. Governor like that you making years and I've never known any checked it didn't take overall workspace site like you know they don't pets stuffed into. There's no room for much to us is an excellent socialists say she's a servant not a chick bowling lessons I've. Like you'll give me as much as you can give it up but she's got to make it valid points like the strategic for you that you would rejoice but at least try and Blake don't use me as a weapon on me. It's. Give me the opportunity and there you see a hole or a good guy but don't take that away from me how. How how error arrogant of Cammie to just assume I am gonna be mean terror. When she's basic kinds you know I would ever think that edge it's got a brother alloy it. OK guys I know it all and helpless we all ball. Honeymoon tape is so tight as they're actually watch your goal. Right now is beat. I'll be kicked in a buck 75 Ali obviously and 45. You gotta measure the got a letter wrong hole. Are you water you're trying to armor trouble and he'd be where you can block something about it. I ditzy little suspicious right. You've got an obvious. What people who are execute and that's the. It can be glued on board of. I know that he's going to be here I don't let what we should do I keep these before they re had a big it's possible for the divine nectar. Jimmy are a little bet we. We can by nick I'm. Your eyes. Because gold was. Lower. But it never an island sewage immigrants and stop mr. It makes a key goal this Shia David C one outlet opened a new job because you brought up earlier Russia if you. Applied for a guy it's even Steven put it's just lit eagle thought. Don't write everybody has to be even. We usually like against his Rios get a little gift card from our lady boss career for the media types character in that everybody is saying daily Jenner says that everybody even dollars a different levels of people do around what people do run air everybody gets mean even Steven but that's just what you see here to go at a still bitching. Satan and IA should be like it's for guys a lot but those guys they found some work with got something that he didn't I'm past. Said Allah bless my my chat we'll get it fixed the break don't go anywhere Eddie's ex east.