Not So Sweet Sixteen

Friday, July 20th

Duffy is dealing with a 16-year-old girl problem at his house right now, and DAD MODE has set in!

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I got a sixteen year old girl problems and you don't Kohler products and you via outlook you personally if that's what what what I was talking about critical to console myself stupid. Yes I've read that a IP to be a dad tonight and a stirred that. It's not my daughter and it's a very complicated situation yeah. The break righteous class act and it's expired. The BC maps my sixteen year old niece and my wife's sister's child has been living with us the last two weeks ago literally but dobbs mark is the sweetest kid very Smart very kind and I'm not worried about her and so it's Taylor and nobody thought let's just get. Goalie might wipe his. May -- good news events and it's what he's -- put on a time fancy me and we had an extra tickets so my life suggests we take many Neitzel an adult situations aren't some particular it's okay that's fine so you know she's not from here so she is borrowing dresses try addresses the united currently and Kenny you met this girl. Thatcher's college student yes and she's sixteen but she does look sixteen Brigham and she's trying to these dresses and like walking out to see what we think and I'm picking my head. Oh Mike dot. We're bringing this teenage girl to this adult function and she looks 25. Grew. Dad vote kicked in. Jesse did but what are we so I put it aside a ghost. She's a Smart kid should be 5 I am not worried about horror. I I don't I really all these high Enders oh yeah tourists showed too much and what it was it was just his letter. But Gary is night. The year. We're gonna go to this thing tonight and it will be a guy who does not know Laurie issues notes and sixteen Boca and he will start chatting her up just because that's what guys will do them because she's very attractive young values aren't. In the that you. So like where is my place tonight if something like that happen. Is up Herbert as if you're gonna say that a guy. A veteran in her favorite per putback got sixteen a kitchen to wanna people what is interference I can make note that she's sixteen sometime in the neck all agent. So a lot of times when you go to these events they give your name tag hello my name is on sixteen and out and put an album my name is so it's on sixteen stairway perverts. It dries banking ahead freak boy Macon joked that crossed my. Putting can't lay you don't like killing joke again actually able to support her death legitimately crossed my candidate don't. I like sixty. She needs to be treated like yeah he kit that can assure us that learn to to be a tortuous and this is a fun thing for to do adults to operate a I he's got a heck of an owner shows like you with yes yeah. But yours might not not anything would happen my theory is a guy it would misery considered an unannounced. To. Hit on her. Yeah and now I can't tell dad who is a family member ray hey all compacted mis statements of duty trying to get me this excellent average check for God's sakes. Five feet total report showed up with this is like man singled to right now. Had a situation before I dated sixteen year old when I was sixteen and they weren't slaves and with that the I think I think your whole career. I think he got a let to scroll become a young weigh in ray. So you want that happened on your watch out now don't I don't mean that kind of a young will they showed girl saying you don't want to be responsible for girl looks like she's 25 which is 68. Helping to do it Lucy you're going down this road yearly deal you're blessed to have its gonna have an issue like I just wanna know where my boundaries are tonight he helped to 26000 because this ad practiced with got a little tough rule. They again and look pissed off the entire time OK so just using that hard for you this imagine your speaking and it should just cut. I'll tell you look at intimidating your big boy and it's times fall behind me candidates share sunglasses on. I bet they may be a little bit terrorist solo RR. A great debt would be easier if she was your daughter because any kings analysts as my daughter stay away but. You looked kind of weird citizens by my guess you could still say stay away just yet there's not the same if this was my daughter and it's easy. Right I don't leave her side on my right schooled my daughter I can embarrass my daughter that's what dads do like where the rules on the debt. She's not my kid my niece is not my kid through and I didn't know really Dirk Harvard guardian raid because they like. Mean I I I haven't talked to her I'd seen her mother in the three year mother and father they live in now Missouri. So all. I would dare boundaries are. Why you know they probably want the best suited cadre get obviously these kids you know she's Smart she's. She's going to become of a doctor like Syria yes I guess they got pretty high standards should this kid. Why did it but I don't want to. It's complicated is if I go to lose on it something happens it's my responsibility it is with that I don't want error call it homer talk to her mom or dad are going uncle pat. Was follow me around it was letting me talk to any. I don't think you bother mother we beat them on that upset about that. Let the you know remain but he kept my kids safe. In this situation I don't think any guy would have a problem with the. They're probably happy that you get to go to something Texas that is my what's called and it is this okay we're thrilled yes it affects interstate Bieber taking pictures of the dresses and setting it to him. Omelet that's not an issue she's really can't I'm not worried about that. I am worried about a guy making a mistake not knowing just how well you're going to be there. It is like you setting this thing on on her all don't like nobody he'll he'll be that I hadn't monitor it's the eggs idea of now I have to watch is like LA Hollywood forty creeps go to this thing. It's any job I mean it's a bad guys are retreat sunny and forty quick thing it's just one comment you need a lot of us uncomfortable either exactly. 2226000. U that made me to joke about I'm sixteen years old stick burden that I really thought about Cathy seems to be on my side she's on CMS can't beat. And I'm sorry you. So do you know like when you answered do you have to show troops and he are they gonna make her Wear it split or stamp or anything like. It gave Fred thank under way now this is like a dress and tie kind of event. I can't yeah. While what advice. Huge each note that your didn't. You know you with your heart condition that just kidding that's worked up over someone who's not church I don't hole in my book which are kids in a bottle and bigger bubble wrap them. Oh you're here you're not that it's not poultry. The blood pressure on route I can't be so much. Just fake it with my daughter IE make the boundaries are even though the rules of shirtless I cannot. Now I need to think that my daughters won't push those boundaries I can feel comfortable in this is what I. I want you to duke this is what I'm telling you gotta do this will be the punishment if something happens. Kathy if it's not my kid I kid to get. You can't Leonard ought to deep and do you think you're telling me if you're Dyer would that mean that you would expect that first thing that come out of her mouth when she goes to a social event and balances. Hi I'm sixteen. No I would stand by her go she's sixteen she's sixteen she's sixteen years old I would embarrassed my daughter I mean. Panel. Little. Back to nothing happens. I'm Jim and I probably nothing more Irish is that going to be billion up to a bar all day fellas just blew into town is Abbott and keeping. Find a way consent marine. Since you attract that she can handle herself. I was a sixty year old got to do ready to get it got this. Right. Anybody got you Marino. As connected. You can't let him be her date. It scare everybody. That's I want to call her father say okay. This is a guy is going to be your daughters date related to girl and a white radio pop up and Kathy thank you for the call I appreciate it programmers got an under control. Here you got the answer everything CMF Bremer. Hurdler that I like. Jobs proposal answers respect obviously is that this grows bogged option is Smart a tractor sixty years old right. Do you think they're cute it was an old guy is are interested. In you. You have your wife or view air and you're in blogs. Should have a discussion about. Can deliver about what could possibly happen repaired she needs ever guard. Let her handle it choosing younger adults should Smart code what you expect it. And. Yeah tell his point of young attractive Smart girls never go missing. I would apologies and he's so related. It got me. Army would be the stupidest regards not hearsay your face editors and Mardy is good and it let's you got beat by those girls also get into trotting ladies you're at an earlier period Morey. Six federal girl's order but the big thinking and it'll no way that pat thinks like she's actually know that guys hitting on her she may not only enters. There's no reason why uncle pat and be able and so April how did some decent crap all Maytag guy. He would turn around and say hey look or two of the ball on a very young man America. You walked over there and you are you should know what to she is Smart enough to get a. The conversation at the birds and reverence that you vertical limit for that I can't have that hey listen you know do a really good Niger so attractive yeah. Damned. I'll look at facts do not eat. You 62 he didn't go to the it's and say. You know what you should do was quicker if you suspect you wanna go okay. And Utley and I'm definitely a bright VT got sent that the you can still. I don't know I don't fail. And fake sick and have her have to go without a moment's delay if receipt at the end your bed at 10 o'clock before you go to sleep on a Thursday night and bugle. Why the hell does this keep happening to me. Week of something happens I'd like every man every guy right from where it's a kid if he's testing situation this is flying. Aren't. It's what don't nobody wants it to anybody could you would do it but at the hearing. Of married may give before in my life. Major leagues and he said at some lightened you have a sixteen year old girl and your gonna be responsible for situations to never prepared yourself for and you do not have the veto Pollard teller what to do go up (%expletive) up. And the it. Up chuckles route to keep laughing are you doing it Cuba. Level before it move on to deduce a sixteen year old in my house. Of the dog. From John get the last word on CNN puts up. Other dog brought. A simple IR pats are. You are correct a little bit but. There's gonna go there edgy and nervous and I'm not known who anybody's air. I tell you in your wife at first half an hour and when you when you two are to somebody you're gonna injures your wife or your wife and enters your depending on who you guys know. Orient yourself when as you introduced her to say hey this nineties. Doug stalemate a couple weeks. You know and then when you get a conversation. You talk about how proud of her you are. She's gone. And slippery teacher and whoever you're talking to will get big and oh she's too young. That's actually great idea I did it did me and then don't you when you guys in that president and not a narrated operate as some hot it's competent out paving job they cynical but it isn't that Texas Stadium got an entertainment to enter and you know the background is sixty of these okay but there's an open microphone got a pin do you set to protect your whole family. And.