The "No" You'll Never Forget

Tuesday, March 20th

Duffy witnessed what could be one of the most embarrassing things to happen to a man in public. If you pop the question, and she says "no", is the relationship automatically over?


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Man I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. But happen to watch it happen live or. Knowing what this kid is gonna have to O crew why is that funny man I is sure on why she'll show you this or fives. Yeah led. Yeah but it diverts. The initial they would go okay. Breaker rutz is classic rock 86 by the BC maps. I am sprinting to catch my wife at the roster Riverside hotel from wood to regard where we aren't and has stopped at a street light to red light. It's crowd of people 2030 people. There's a ban on one week proposing was girls on saint patty's day out of the street and it was upwards over a result is by the way to do Jews exiled. I was trucks don't remember what he said them but he's giving a speech about love and a much closer than it and so he does will you marry me. And you put your hands over her face like shock right. And it looks like motor scooter and and like she opens her mouth collect Koppel golf and about something to him and he goes one. Well while. She goes. Can we talk about this later is at full load and like pro European drop cores you give nobody single word he's making a face is basically she by his own pulled out his pain at some point in his penis and laugh that it so he puts the way ball he gets to walk away and she tries. To our quality of slicks way Eddie just like takes off down the alleyway in Italy about the dates kind of over at the detail and it's. All on and right before we get to whether or not this relationship survived and why do you hate this guy for doing this. It's what you do she move and Ike is what is this right in front of it let's he said he did in front of a crowd it's like saint patty's day though it's not even like out. Romain take that I'm have drawn. This streets. Probably smelling urine from everybody party and and and you pulled disposed it was like a drunken mistake that was kind of my guess was the reason she said notes Catholic why are you doing our aegis. It's doing this to your drunk are you just dig into that mode but. I'll get a dog again now given a pass on that. He had the ring got so it means he thought about this and that they had significance lies to Boca met there for the first and he's so maybe so. My question is this do you do 6000 as we have guys from the ages of eighteen to seventy guys worked at about proposing guys who have proposed fifteen different times. If she says no to engagement. Does that mean the relationship is officially. I its own. Do easily see sitting and you'll Taylor well that's a red flag. So every relationship. Is full red flags humble side Gerri see you back to decide. Can you live with these red flags are not as everybody has some coverage for for Europe. But that's like a red flag at the starting line of your. Life together let's. That set a checkered flag that's around that's like starting out a race with the caution flat rate okay. We're he would go from here like if she's saying no lol. He got to walk well she'd be sick joke she doesn't want to marry you beaches could be the right time for oh okay. Almost all women. When they hit a certain age are dying to get married they played a very old school way of thinking but but but but you plea. Dress up and calls. Hillary really tell us do that anymore what they might be made when they clamor valid not so the point where like the only thing they look forward to life is the wedding day I don't know if that's necessarily the case of calculating way toward particular way. Women who the worst day of their life that they were dreading most. There went that idea you don't tell. Sellers I just think women are hard wired into marriage and men are not eager to make takes a lot for a guy to say I do. Because guys fight it you guys fight commitment they don't they wanna run for the they think they can bang every Chica why don't wanna settle down because if you look at a marriage I mean it's a lot of commitment. And a lot of it's on a dude that these that. Normally accustomed to do immigrant. With Kenny based on the I know we work with Adam you interact with certain the play and dolls and I'll play dress up with a little girls I don't wanna be married they don't like. Play house. Estimates are that they just they wanted to be the right time like you are they want have a house or they want they want to achieve certain goals before they do that the kid is 29 she's attractive. People which would seem she's got a long term boyfriend she lives with that you do not wanna be married now. Need serviced and I would be very shy miserable April that kind of get a. But I think there are more kidneys that you belief okay did you imagine. I'm guessing no if you came home when your boyfriend. Whole life you really can't answer this are desperate. I obviously you make of your long term committed relationship you know living together and you've got this little puppy in year kind of play in house and if you came home and the nattering Korea. It would be really we're from latest to see you say no because Lleyton will blow what are you waiting on your. You're basically married put. Well I don't get it. Like Jessica pupils at that point your life I think the my guess what the situation especially as the reason she said no it was too she didn't like. This wasn't like Diana she pictured. Being proposed to you and Ike which is seen no armoire and why would know what why would you stay I don't know it's I don't see the reason for saying I'm not. I do OK so I knew a girl a woman who made her. Boyfriend proposed twice Ayers they've been married for a few years now. But the reason some ammonia seriously okay but. He's got some social Adelman of the way he proposes kind of bad so he can't keep a secret and her so they were on their way to wegmans one day and he decided just BIK. You know what I just get got to tell you this about Iranian I wanna get married. And that was his way of proposing and she said ball a lot like the official proposal put it why did but it won't have the ring on them. All right if you don't. The rate and its messy so kind of report. 2226000. And your relationship survived he denied purple watched it then what are you go from here though I only did she do you insist legitimately I see guys and all and once I. She says legitimately like listen I love you wanna be with you just not right well that's it tell ma'am because is something go moron she's either not in Somalia doing a job. Have a friend but around the office issues that the dirty borrowing you're not around spread it all over the next isn't this how -- predict is on CM FA brother laureate Zoho. So are just policy that there's no it over essentially if she made such nor means now. When I proposed my way we've been together or three years where you live together and as I'm getting down to one knee in front of our brand on New Year's. In our apartment she says no no no please don't do. Well I wished I Marty came down to 1 knee I am I Campbell let's. Everything hurt and certain emotional man and looked at me and says yes I absolutely well. So I met your next morning shortly no wait a case so. Yes. It's early yet as to why why these characters like with the issue. I hate being the center of attention I hate it and our mark. Okay all right but it's you being Canadian not knowing your girlfriend at the time. So you're okay you say that PG. The focal point of watching the woman like this at that particular place could maker. Changer like it if I go cardinal. No could be a false note could not actually seen now. All snow or faults no I think basic Albany appreciated. Usually I don't get about the to a street in particular yeah it was one eyewitness. Why would she say yes it's a moment that's what I was thinking too and then like maybe talk about it later yeah. For sit debts that's worse we tell what you're gonna see it when you put on the spot like that you immediately looking back on it she wishes she'd just said yes and just kind of went on the today but. When you're put on the spot like that you don't know I got on the spot one he even get the idea Akron resident and we showed us to be like a big moment your life and when it just happens like that really this is not what I was expecting. And today's open release. No means go. Get out. Because there's nowhere to go if she's gonna be like this is just gonna publicly. Humiliate or any candidate how well but she's acknowledging him on a man I mean listen she's entitled to her opinion. Okay and that's all might expect so if you're gonna pull this move I got to move on I like short why would you while region. Which you're like put around his anchor she's just gonna take it that a bottoming curious so here's where it gets complicated because I'm guessing outlast you fathers out there to two to 6000 if this happened you're such as this kid who think it's devastating humiliated in front and public but these Q did Senator Clinton witnessed and a bunch of people sought to and keep probably told his family and his friends now he just go to them and explain what happened even if they weren't there if your son comes to you just had to add she said no but. Tried sticking out a CIA buddy tell. Don't X I've got to tell you some junior which that don't expect me to pay for your mistakes can you you wanna go allow it to that you wanted to marry this tramp. Okay have have tramp kids. Don't expect don't want to be expect me to be bailing you out when Yuri got told. You know your catcher answer and you still sticking your head down there you it's on you would be to get worse for tickets relationship is definitely over your dentist army. Sears because of this kid is still love and love enough to proposed state when she says not right now if you get a between relationship you just ended your relationship to your son Roy you know one. Maybe that may or may be that's a tough love this it's. Yeah. By the way I gotta have this have to plot woman coming around my house as oppose it on my old Jake top. Also is sedated so. Jesus treasurer grown ass man she said no move. Are there are very few moments in life for a man will make himself bowl beaten. On the Alter your vulnerable when your child is being born when they look at humans are you you're vulnerable but one of people's ball. It's it's like nick just said you're getting out your major expose yourself to everyone I've got to go through that moment where he vulnerable ice to show often. You're looking at hip say the decision making after a stupid it's her brother. Latest player price you're the owner you have for this broad you can get a ball further and other chick man. I mean there's other brides at that adults creature right though won't you know embarrass you like this she's a self centered quad. And that's that's what you're signing onto to their breasts you're alive it's always going to be about her and her issues and Ewing gonna have a. I don't know are likely not count putting any of this though on the guy for not knowing that wasn't the right time umpire Gary you can never know. OK but you can't because it's probably something that you talked about at some point. Like you've probably be. I'm assuming like she knows at some point she's disagree sometimes see it in secret this woman she has secret little arrow yet I can't vote at all Carolina girl for embarrassing him in front of everybody to did you 6000 okay your relationship survived eight no engagement bills on C a map for a bill they Al does is it's about grammar. You're Jamie just aren't there were not a word about what it would be used all manner and ovaries aren't sort of stuff I'm YouTube. At least I'm glad that he's he's he's pretty appellant like Robert vote you know and argue argued result but it Rupert reversed. I'd be sent to be says Robert data lover Maria try to stick this out you tell them toe to wit. I don't know mater yeah you know well Lester got. Reporters well you're sure you know were dug some people still have liked you know in the road we're a hundred that your tired I'll that you are yeah. I did as well didn't they got. Are you hearing them at all. I reverend you know the golf but why did it I heard an emasculated further into. Embarrassed not only did the light pledge that he put out his head just get into severely and also don't like it Amador has asked the worst. But do dogs that bill I got like thirty seconds brother he got from. Donnie may have done that any proposed either first to second or third time what's he got to believe if you want. You go down to it but yelling is she gonna say yes it's did you get that bad. That this. At a at a little grace period there. Broke out these legacy sirte no don't do that so we don't as. Right it's. You know when you're all night I think the dog really appreciate about him as the day.