No Office Bills For Kimmy

Tuesday, October 17th

The guys are really upset that Kimmy isn't being held accountable for something she broke at work!

..Especially when THEY got billed for things that they broke while on the job!


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Double standard. You see it all over. Lee it is plate inside corporate America or her populist these are just this office job what I used office America town now we free real roller right underneath office America. In the basement we free roaming standup comic still wound when we want to free range is something we should appear. I. The early gets away when she won on pretty little blond meanwhile you and I have bolts. Had to pay out of pocket for that is that we did eat this Bill Clinton. B I love it is that jackets and I don't know why you're mad at me for it. Handset pantry group that's it's classic rock and 65 W seem to be used to be the double standard was in favor yes it's not more but now own. The rules change he. So. The other day. Mangini comes downstairs and there she goes I think it messed up the cloth she Ulster jet that it's very expensive coffee machine its industrial open it's pretty standard. The water and hit the button what did you give me what do you do. So I'd normally bring my own coffee and but I happen to be out on this morning and and so I just figure blanket and I'll goal you know. Take some of their copy that parity made nice answer audience that I came in and it usually like the lights on the says you know. Brewer Gabbert Reynard after. I'm still according use a little can you must story before you judge Jackie 010 year uliassi. Can you listener by picking her make a couple of coffee I didn't make I didn't you're not listening. I didn't make the coffee okay let's just make that clear I did not make the cut but. So I go to hold the the coffee pot shots out of the thing and it gets. So I had let and it's like locked in which I didn't know locked in while it was getting through. So I may have broke the top to the coffee machine in trying to get it out so you yanked it out yanked it out and the copy it snapped hotbed topped two kinda like cracked. And side of those like that before did you spill water all over the place some of them will copy may expelled body temperature yank it too hard why I thought I was doing something or another wise and that's coming out. You gotta work on your yank him. You get use to get dainty or yank he would know although Japan he actually you I'm not showing you that I can't help you. Devin is a lot of experience and dainty yes and Abed high school when he was with that old boys' school if you mandate it's it's. I tears and not only did you break the top to the coffee baker you shorted out all of the coffee still all the over the machine I kind enough to locate it's we started out shot. It's done pulled but it isn't accident so what happened pocket all well. They figured out is can he broke the machine her hobby did animal Simon standing there when there's only three of us here in the times of ceremonies at the nomination is it'll come to you. Now I haven't gotten an email Ernie thank you didn't ask for money to fix the industrial coffee machine the U broke. An interesting now I get what you IT. Michael Jackson he writes a pretty young thing pretty young thing does that pay rate. She's cute she's young should understand it's a first time making coffee like an adult so. Hello guys upstairs. Who secretly have little thing for you lightly over here. Give little miss when Chinese is the the pass by so pace it is sure because you vibrant. Guys dame and I would be. I'd at the time. You'll have broken some myths and broken chair here and we had to pay for it would they took out of your check. Right again a couple of months back I sat down any chair committees over a decade Ole miss it. Okay who. And I had to have any immediate sense in which did plead my case to not pay eight dollars for their chairs and old. Chair and meanwhile Jeffrey I don't know how to make coughs is he brings so I wish they'd get our needs aid that really was not sure that she can't even make. Already make coffee. Why don't you had to do to actually poured into work. That I did do so. Solid stranded due to his birth that they have joint down but did you breaking share accident meet Brady chair. Home economics over here can't pull out of coffee pot you keep pulling when it's coming out. I stutter step if you poll and poll and poll and nothing's coming out you need to stop regroup. And then. Did you pull in a rocket any time you pull something so did you come out. And he's right he's right. This is not exclusive to our office is happens at every office across the city here greater rupture area right where the wit and do something here come the tears up to breakdown but I don't worry about it meant until it it. This is letters didn't want it sort. You're just you know Oscars hits B often. On a new copy machine out of adult. Feel the need to go offered 84. Because I can't afford it and industrial coffeemaker. The united it would be pretty expert yeah. But you should offer something she's walking around the speaks to the right get an idea I. Brag about it I just told me your second lady giants bright at all upset about it. Is the jury and an ideal woman you just can't to protect you and it is Lang don't like you know you wonder why. Does pay either in rainy cool we acted we need more Monica's we get a paper OK you have to hold it really is a rap really make it any more money in you do. We're responsible for more. At the possible that the reason you two had to pay for something might not be any ban as different as you do get everybody. Thinks that you guys are goofing around and hear all the time bulk is your not a part of that. No I'm not why you think we broke the chair doing it didn't colonial usually get I reputation as the reason why you had to pay for the and I broke a. Think I was sitting in the chair. And Danny was pulling me around there's something it was so bad that we review okay -- ability and I think that's how we need to wield snapped her son but at that time that was good content for you guys so was going towards the -- quality stuff did did you use 6000 B doubles standard of breaking stuff at work and break get your pain women break and yell that money comes fortunate to have pretty you know no pretty young girl's got the papered god damn thing. And you can't say with a red X breaker Muncie MFA redneck boy but he. Or about a sport. Say. I thought he looked a lot on the kettle black. What have you gotten they never got trouble or not vote at war. You still sort out reports. Well that's true I did actually no I but regularly writes I'll tell mr. met I did accidentally spilled Diet Coke in one of the electrical boards that run the show but I. If I'd be extra fat idiot going to fight but don't get to English your car. Brendan gets good save more expensive than coffee machine. OK but I still had to seek released every day I didn't roll your not supposed to have. Averages around the well now the desire and who to believe it follow the rules. As soon as this is leads is different frustrated coaches know there's a double standard it she plays up I'm just guerra can anger. It was an accident bogeyed ten and I I would expect I I was surprised when they made you pay for the chair because that was your fault either. He sent a camera. And it's critically both sides by the way look me in the face to be honest and tell me you don't play up pretty girl thing to try and get out of stuff I wasn't ever even asked about it right I don't play that card and not just talking about here talking about old times when things go wrong. Is the man out today kind team I had and you Smart and you cannot be if you can be angry and I mean eventually you'll be pretty. A future for young. Thank Cindy. Just tell you don't play. Play it up but I mean like if I know when I don't know wrong I'm not gonna like act like a bitch about it and gonna be as friendly as possible begin on their goods out of my had a racquet a mop or use it to my advantage to leave you do your bad 500. And protecting that it. It breaks it shared he's got a patent wars I break it share Dick's fight beatings to get out of paid born decade old chair can't be shatters you does your coffee machine. Shorts about the same time doesn't get yelled a miracle Mike the great group on CNN and Mikey boy but he. Hey occupied at the the export I like catcher service that on that it takes Jarrett all the other company and eat it that struck. So you say there's some pork guy yeah. To mom and pop businesses trillion coughing and can be broken and she owes no nothing to nobody. Very basic gadget stroke rather pop. Way to go thanks Mike thinks is calling feel good about yourself. So I would approach the bench and here's the thing. That coffee up there is this a stated it is like you were next to the coffee it's like the last resort I had no other all they never clean it. So like. I would be every bit highlight those pots of their of their. Black and brown and nobody several watch this stuff here's the other interesting like toxic but his image and partner. Date at a coffee machine to X three days will be affixed as anybody come down despite people exclusively during that cauldron. Has anybody come out to be yelled at you for them getting off. Could you imagine Tommy if you would applause broke that machine and allied of Jewish bag oh do. You call the extra security experience there. Where hated in this building. Just any. State in the army Sam sorry for British. And other it's prefix it's good. It's a man came into caring for him and here's the ask kicking Orton rightly Kimi was asked to pay for the machine and somebody in this building come out look at both of us Tommy go you know she is leading money. And you guys are her friends or maybe you should pitch in Cape Coral on the night lions. I had. Would I but it ain't happening in and make a but I in my wallet nation commanding yours go to find year old lady while your shorts is because his. Jimmie broke something and we had to help out does that work like your short this month rule visually check your finances at the end of the month. Well we we we check our finance and didn't. Hour I don't know it would only resentment has always said it's kind of funny. Oh AL AM sharp on the red. Up to pay back later how. Treasury to coffee but. Tick tick tick check out. Grace a copy machine no punishment nothing happens I break chairs meeting is docked pay somebody to picture yes all three of us. It's got to you market liked to light body you break. Yeah Mario. I don't companies don't kick off and she'd. Seek via. Jimmie would you like to apologize Smart for breaking sorry bar. She doesn't have to apologize because it has been the ultimate toasting with steel pots. Ha I did it mark we'll that's all defeats the flight forgot. I'd say. That's it's not and you go to the debate format he would know about it so that's why we go for street race for her previous conversation. No worries market buddy thank you for recovery for Kenny Perry knows she breaks I carry no problem I'm my commute is all I called. Yes well you. You don't like is he's got a daughter probably number courage given stage in the inane you know he feels that and Ari it happens all the time so. But we need it happened before you go bucks coffee was coffee consumed Clinton. Soon I. Machine's fault or don't they don't clean. It's a quality. This that we are cleans. Smart start phenomenal. Quality pot.