The Nickname I Never Lived Down

Thursday, May 18th

One man's work life was completely turned upside down thanks to something from his past!


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Rochester is a small town. Wounds that he rented two and a million people that literature there. People don't move out of their neighborhoods and you know they still know there classmates and things she's sick got a cool. I got a on a weekly basis depending. And where you're from you probably pretty good chance of running and so we you know from high school you might still in your thirties 40s50s be friends with guys he went to high school winner and there's a decent chance that someone from your child that works in the same office job site Jude. And that's he said it was cool. What does that ever experienced said living in Florida then moving around and ever and I got I don't know I don't have any friends from high school I would know where to find to be fair to really heavy transit to school. It's very you know I was vice president missing class where you get elected by shaking hands on the bus when you're eighteen years old I got at least violently shakes on them. War about it. It's called. Tommy figs this sounds. When you're someone who didn't have the ideal childhood more popular guy may be picked on the committee went to a awkward phase that you have now in the past and improve yourself you can't hold. Of course your caddie you're the first guy I mean yeah. Great group of rats this classic racked many 65 did you see a map so giving you don't guy who's going through yet accurately be let me tell this story about him did Tony was. He three just got a new job and seat loves this job. It has what he was done before he hated hated spots heated people he worked with so he's finally got like dream dream dream big scenario well turned out. He also happens to work with the kid that. He went to middle school it. And on schools work twelve I had a letter to thirteen. And I guess yes would have been. And this kid back in the day. Doesn't look anything like you look Sally you Heidi doing it's like they're twelve and even he can't Italy's got made fun of guy and his weight and so let's talk. Which statement that awkward stage and he had its first girlfriend then and this. That that is she was not her on the school as Billy boob there. Because everybody overheard as his girlfriend calling and Billy blue Bayer so. For like throw all of middle school and told. Majority of high school he was called Billy to bear any hated the nickname. I'm like what he went on in the real world nobody knew his nicknames they kind of got to put that in the past well. Tit for middle school starts go. Billy blue hair. Now he has the whole office calling him. Really very good thing I've never gonna be taken seriously my clients now know this is my nickname. He hates it and it's ruined the job form completely but he doesn't wanna say. Don't call me this because he doesn't wanna look like like a little bitch getting a. You hats and they don't call me intimate audio sucked them he always had to join in the choir to shut down. It's his worse nightmare. Me bro when you put it that way let's take a bit of things that could be happening right there as us into the shell we went through an awkward things or you or fact or you were ugly you do something super embarrass. Yes where if you showed up. If somebody showed up at your job back in the day it started talking about it it would devastate your social even as a 304050 year old minister Bobby didn't have a mic maybe deleting. Embarrassing elementary of middle school where somebody brought it back up QB please stop. I mean from this area I was can get straight f.s yeah I got flunked out of headed to summer school like ticket pick up here. Heck else for a second third sport at any time of the day like you could lay me out but like. From that over a good example this descending care yet yet I get an order it through this to affect you would have had do. Meant something I had my first girlfriend and Odyssey generally in reams Snyder. Horrible person. And I got I was tap in her. Honorable fifteen. So I would come in and break down like what we did. Liked but that's that's part of the fun of being fifteen and getting latest component on your boys which did church and it was a first time I realize like how words. Have actions and reactions to because of this is that first time in their like it got back to her what I said to my buddy George. But George also is so and so is Tony got back to her. And she started crying in front of people and a hallway like it was a game between periods were crossing each other and she's crying until amendment into Montana or something. Michigan's one attitude to those of today and again that and I ain't. Beat a fifteen year old kid to start laughing it off. He wants to write so I look like a huge and even my body's own meal you gotta go say something minutes is terrible. A that we get a site and it's true like I was just tell the truth. So yes I would be that guy that we get lay brag about it but the girl cry and then not even console her afterwards. Thanks for a monster. Well we knew I got them better now. I hit. Did you 6000 men listening to the deepest darkest war stay tuned elementary school middle school high school which showed up at your doorstep again it is happening to you what happened to do to 6000 because I want to share something Tamara I want to be cool and Arizona will be critical corkscrew very embarrassing there was one moment I'm terrified to run into a terrified went into another option is gorgeous. And she's a couple of years young Edmonton. And she actually didn't model that worked for AM and for whatever reason she found me attractive so I was junior high school of the choose fresh. She went to a different school. Aren't soul. This is an act of god you're talking about brought an addict is checked and I I wasn't doing well Alex 1415 years old women just yet I had thumb when you're feeling good luck carport stage don't try to work a bone so like tell all of my buddies and on the smoking hot chick who's an international relative quiet she goes to gates I don't believe you would go to my show you meant to show you so. Dance coming up. And so homecoming dance. I say got a situation where I do some things to our. And I tell some buddies. Did you expect her aunt it's the day before the state. So my dad you blew it up grow soul. To talk so much garbage and wanted so much god that's which shows its true. It's got it got walk and brought my arm and every check to twice every shot lead down a few clicks. Well. It's nice act yet. She debacle in which didn't show the day before Deborah got bags are literally and it yeah I was in two years and egging this girl over the phone you don't understand. I told everybody you are currently just your hot you don't truly can't do I not. I witnessed it myself I got crunch. You'll have an update on those inflatable 6000 and does something and you're armed with Jesus I had that over your head that you cried I'm crying in the phone fifteen years old begging her please and please don't do this to be I know what it's gonna like suicidal it was bad so then even more embarrassing. Couple years later on the nineteen years old or run into were packed a balk iron bar restaurant kind of thing and try again. And she gets up in front of everybody in the bar just oatmeal and I'd like everybody's watching this at. That's like the whole fun of having sex at that age is breaking it down your buddies like this is I think this two pivotal moments and young man. As a first time you get to have some Ku chi and him breaking down sake coach to your boys but it's also that time where you learn the hard way who you can and can't tell those things we can't tell anybody deserves I still lighted up but I mean still. If I had to go back in time. And I think you would would agree remain. You would still probably tell your boys like you did a again. Hoping this time for a better result because there's no way you can keep that may not this particular instance because it was socially dentist well I make this girl cry and it Freddy everybody she was crying. And everybody knew what I did to her. And like I broke it down in detail I was quite. Liberal with the language. Okay but here's the thing like let's say we had a normal job normalize job work up an office put on a tie to work everyday and this chick got hired after eye opener for five years. The first thing she's doing and what she makes a friend he's telling that girl. This big tough guy was bawling his eyes out begging me to go to the stance begging me. Pollution in low of one and punch you right from your buddies that you deserved it and it was a war. I was assault and work. Like assaulting her fat as some might be in my apartment. To insults. You have a the worst of all askew because you were fat and can too when you were young kid like the story what is the the stories I would love to hear from guys knew you would you and terrible leader. DeVon you know like I think it's the worst we have we can nickname or something like effect that the quick easy thing metal following you around the thieves not a big deal as it's like Tommy Tommy. Big groups Tommy looks like something that. It's still guarded Tommy groups that the about the creative enough with the nicknames but don't say. Never I told him that they can we cut Jalen. And military school I still remember the guy's name. Oh Phil will board a peek its sex right now you're doing it Bryant all of somewhere he's in his sixties right now we look them up he's dead. He died of 49 years old. This is like the worst story ever nova saline. But we caught him in midway. And like it is state with a my only year. And probably rest of it. They called the whip burned. Thought he did not like if you catch a guy jail when you've got to make some Joseph. Changed his life and that now he did he did understood that come through. Everybody also is faking any actually without his client art but it also will it was still alive many recipes separate JO have a heat locked into this office to first team everybody I caught. Manning would have to -- it's my duty as a man. Tell the story but that time I caught that I wrote that one out. At and if you found out I was with only said information. It would be it would devastate our friendship so I have a great story and I committed to value rate. Leon good laughter maturity and let's say I don't tell you till like 8:10 o'clock in morning. Pretty pissed off that a that we elect three hours go by. I maintained a great story. OK so that's my point when you have something in your you have got to get it out so that devastates you socially for example kidneys friend you and now it's a job everywhere knows middles of the McNeal or if this woman's utter working here that I cried due to go to the Stanton told judge cried more also will birds JO what is bicycle kick like that. It's much we wanna pretend and there are still open wounds when we were a kid that hurt you deeply SE thirty foreigners and bring him. We all have home. We all did awkward dumb things back then maybe we should just get over ourselves have a good laugh and get on ordered there's differences way to handle it's it's easy to say that she. You are a hundred dollars an hour for. We ready yet but I just told joy stuff. Should have told somebody ogre yeah the US and Nader of these terrible nicknames. So you don't really understand because none of those bad things followed GO. I was a short mean little prick. We want from me I said the police had once he didn't change the. Jimmy we had our heads go to the consulate. Then I would take sixty. Everybody bridges. I it's it's a lot our show Liz I'm still pissed I blow it now that coal is every kid. Check out. There and it completely set to take care of the about it. It is it is review. Looking like doing united when you get your first decent looking girl from what you don't know how to handle it probably was able to pull it up before even started its life. Like it's I can only Britain and I both drove junky cars his kids to be like test driving a Corvette credited new law they gave Illinois you don't even know like he's just way too much car free the surviving an enemy yet. But at least they get ugly girls one thing governing grosans is that time of I think that manual is naked political through all of his. I make up touch sessions like we gonna happen for the stands right edge does make out sadly all want to do was take that was so fat and out of shape she's gained ten pounds. All right it was a seller off let's make out there let's go to Mike gates buddy digger for tester watch. It said that that it bad because Airbus lays it. Brett Brett Butler. Yes maybe shouldn't blow up huge.