Never Record Yourself Doing THIS

Wednesday, July 18th

In this situation, maybe it's just better to use your imagination. Duffy learned the hard way that you’re not always nailing it like you think you are.

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This is a warning to all of you men out there but sept I have made a horrible mistake and I'm trying to keep you from making the same horrible mistake when you do. No matter which hit a certain age and no matter what you do. You no longer look cool. We're tough. And it takes you having to watch yourself to realize. True or her computer to watch you have the breaker rods class Greg and he 65 WC that soluble work a little bit brackets are meant to get object sell I bought a heavy. Speed back well he's a box of Clinton and put it the basement and edit your mother. We do that's like the last pay it is where it's all. What way you and if you're box before they got DE do like two weeks and then. You have a trainer come over watching did you major forms OK coach BJ you go to Vietnam and littlest is what I was a kitchen to make you not slacken off so I'd. Don't have a treat her I don't have a clue so my idea was to take my phone. Will videotaped myself. Working outs I can make sure that I'm not slacking now what I was working out those first two weeks that I felt really bad ass right. Hit a bad move and shake it bags fly it everywhere because I'm so ethic is strong. So white tape the workflow and Endesa what did you say well I'm sitting by myself and I'm watching it back. I'm not moving pole but a lot of things are shaken the bag is now. I look like a fat piece of crap. Trying to do an impression of the box at night you know what I had to deal it every day you looking at you just have fat music program put a microphone and for sitting on my couch alone my house is empty my wife and kids are gone and I am embarrassed watching this video or am I telling you know what jury you know which like don't look like. It was what they look like yeah it goes well regularly see what I. I never wanna see and I never want to see a pitcher remain under what is seeming decade. I don't need to see it. Like I've seen you will. In a form that you didn't think you were. Date you were doing that motivates you or make you less. You work really does there's like sort of punching himself and threatens its. The fact that I was that are video overweight like I think overweight but did not you don't keep wanting to do it to look better next time I caller I guess I think having a point I don't think I did. Like where there was no way apple have a look cool again because it my head I'm still that seventeen year old fighter Wright would move in a box look critical look at what this Lleyton. I remember as I'm watching the video. That a couple of weeks ago my weight came down to do something in the basement and watched he work out like for a second and I thought I looked so cool what that was like turning her on while I was doing it but if she asked what I watched she must be ashamed. Oh what's her husband digs is working out and looking good brochures laugh and in the end sadly she was at the Apollo. Oh. Never watch yourself do you any broader like we're gonna my shadow would creep me. And I and I I'm not a fact Garin. No we are similar so America just oh I see myself doing that even you know you dress up and what you digger cool clothes can't get upset and make funny you would not cool because you don't see yourself and I've called I Wear nice things recoverable who greatness look at the you don't consider. Ugly EW Orleans and I face a I saw your breast the debates about the root for some reason they just fell out when I was timer issue. It is weird how your brain. In the moment always makes you feel like you're nailing your busting your ass at work in your wallet with a presentation your captivating the ball your buddies with a great story tell if this ever happened to you guys. You're how. Laughs and you may get a joke you tell the story that someone catches it on video or the back out of the picture and you watch it back and realize that if you watch yourself tell that story you would eat you can read you hear the sound near belligerent perish thing out of pity. Yeah created huge. QB do spray all in eastern Allen. It takes having to watch it back to realize had ever do that is it'll stop you for doing anything but sometimes you can't help it right on social media you see a picture of summons on somebody's phone at all like that speaks scroll past it and think a lot of people have the the will Howard to just scroll past you'll have to take a couple of weeks of curiosity gets on I think so that self loathing each whoever I tell you could you did you look cool you think yeah well. They do it's an aids is like. Whichever listen to the show pre recorded I can I can't either can't do it wouldn't. It bothers me I would wanna go around holidays to everybody it's arose in the show. That out though like tend to do that. If I Carlos museum gotten any commercial comes on or are born site and turn I guess chit chat yeah it's embarrassing it's horrible man when you listen to this crowd I don't. But we thank you yet as you released doing. Physical stuff is the worst the work out the rec sports right there out multiple recreational sports leagues volleyball softball hockey basketball. Where they have a program where they will take your games that you go back watch highlights and I didn't mistaken doing that one time. And it may be feeling empty cigar is this when the phone first came out and had a camera on the big thing to do is. Couples waited tedious tape themselves bang and ring. And Erick got that mean the last thing our legacy is mind hairy. Blues a mean grows as competent. Like a Jack. Despite everything I just said and I am curious as to what do we know that I have a good look your. Bro I wouldn't let it seems like shadow home. That and Tommy's point O'Leary's new record. That is to see yourself not necessarily your bank and like it'll turn on or anything knows it's not like would just attic area that's what you need to let what do I do. Everything I be doing everything or you're not gonna corrected maybe I guess it fixes. You'd have to keep recording yourself to see you progress mind you guys have had these things and are falling and whose men set the record replace it. Don't you have cable yeah. The to have handbags and you have Buell porn. The pole at BC left break would you wanna watch yourself having sexy this surprising. Coming to you because you guys who believe you leader Casanova. And please talk all the time you write about your sexual problems grow. Assume it's the ultimate blow us the what did you wanna watch yourself having gross but it's him a blow but he's not a courtesy myself I don't I I'm. But you know you're not go to our look like a horny Ference. I look at if you if you shaved a fairy gave football owner that's what I littler and I don't see that. I'm curious they got me thinking about it. I'm in the wet my wife a good and Terry drove a year kiosk. Pro photo Booth. Do do do 6000 never watch yourself doing anything right publicly or mowing the lawn you don't wanna see Israel. Dodd's NC about eight got to tell you about it. Good morning. Human to restrict before hurt you watched your video. To assume that you get. Any chance and our outlook and cool chick Eric mystery dinner perk. I got a few are holed. Are you fifteen years old hobby and you didn't have we met Don yes got. Good looks like a guy looks exactly like he's out but he sounds it looks like adopt it. Dot top eight if you think I'm wrong no matter how old you get when you eat you are ahead. Had an image of yourself at the best point of you are sure they are right dot is that a fair assessment. You lock him. Okay so like I had done before I watch myself on video. I was seventeen and then I was move in and shake and I was stick him and I would carreras have been. Never analyzed a gigantic mistake that you made lose and choose my grandma. We courtesy we ought to be out watching videos that you perform sexual maneuvers. House were talking yesterday about the guy does do that are out of school here. At some action Shaq took the lizard and actually this. I. They think all but I really do edited I'd take care that goes to. There's a good that Reitman but it and brochures dates and as in natural protective mechanism for men if you're good about themselves. But I know better now I case gets come with age does but you do see white dress themselves to right Blake. They're dressing for the way they think they look the way they looked at 172225. Guys he posed to the 354550. Year old with a gut. I guess on velcro. Is a main focal point your wardrobe. You've done great if everything has that sound when you get dressed. Oh the shoes of the buckled and it's a missed most of my father had these sensible slacks and the head of velcro velcro adjustment and he's a coat day and it did just that for how much or maybe eat today. So you do it justice this sides of it. With velcro. That is. But you know you get all the money great to be done about dressing like you're an alienated its always funny to me when I see guys to. Have like one cool thing on but the rest is all like. Added outs like public debt jeans on Daschle out like Jordan sneakers and it's like lot Belichick's I got these Jordan's are and all the kids are layered. She's a 100% were coming into this part of time Chris Jordan sneakers put up believing easily nine dead in America perform well but typically those guys that were teenagers lady early ninety's when their forties and Ryan air jordans again you'll Selig talked and shared. Rated it dead Jay-Z here's Jordan three's role does that muck you click the how glad to tonight's what he's addressed all the way cool address it head is illegal now to add need you can't pick and choose dad outfit you all are all the way to pull on dead which can apparent Jordan five the number one dad. Teacher and noted room for its a really what's the number one teacher number one day he Alia as though those are never collected is personally UH number one iron Alex yeah Jordan and run. That's on a dead fields but you don't like it the but those are expensive shoes. So I and I gotta to afford the expensive show guess and I must be a successful businessman. Is equal and wearing sneakers for some reason. Reflect the company of their high quality Justin barker. Did you get 6000 I videotaped myself working out the other data make sure it was making any mistakes thought I looked really cool what's the video back and I've never been more embarrassed in my laden and Izzy has got the last word on CMF is the. I won't blame that on the back and watching yourself on your significant other heat that much and that's about it. It here at the end of your bet they'll edit bought into that I want you to watch out. It did not record it all that info out there. That aren't aren't. They already going south if we're doing it doggy style. So selling very low ball all the while. It's easy just before. You are now. Was it deter you did it again. I think you'll see you make your romance Harry swearing in balls like they're caught in a tornado. Banging your asks. Worked for ideas and whatever again Orel cable television pitches anything would be better different strokes season is though which is easy easy you know how good looking do you think it is yeah I I hear crazy hectic sex. Is the usage records the queen broke sexiest of small crowd had. Green is that it. Did. Little polls gets ya Ronald hugging bulls. That disgusted by it's they. So. Is it that you for the caller really Bridget. There is so good looking Izzy but she did did you do your great impression anytime we get there then it's about Weston play hundred dollars I can't.