Never Compliment Another Man on His .

Tuesday, May 15th

Tommy says no man wants to hear compliments from a buddy, family member or stranger... He is a sad, sad man.

Is Duffy weird for putting his car in reverse to let a guy know he thinks his car is really really cool?


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Everything you would use to get noticed on a daily basis. The clothes you pick the car you drive the white people have the children that you raise and let your hobbies are still guys will look at you hate and you can't. And yet despite all of this comedy label eaten if you complement another man on anything. It makes you it doesn't Sissy boys come from personal nature. Yeah the breaker rats across the Iraq. At 65 Debussy and maps are so Dayton dry and politics 7 o'clock I went out to dinner with the likely kids I'm at a gas station its gas pullout. Coming into the gas station. Is a three can Delorean an old school I loved laureates like a dream car look back and you and I'd even like super car or IndyCar. As the area right. But this tire and Dora has a weird history to it on top and it would John the warrior yes I yen let's give it to cocaine charges and actually do what does have part and he was a part of an FBI probe we'll watch but we can't resist so does that point to deal for a couple of years everything blew up the virus is finally Irish sports car I am aware that's built in Belfast. So problems there. Icy at oracle I slammed my breaks solve your twelve I speak. With the car and I. My car park on why but what's doorstep forty utility give black dollars and negotiate some honky mobile I'm watching the doors open on this the war exhibit received wings open like that and I bought public parks are about to get out of the Carter talked to doctors Michael J. Fox. So I talk to the archives delighted what aerial god then roll your own cool corvettes were so. Still I hear you topic delays in the wooden tool to go to moon took too much and I get the car and I left and I regretted doing because I wish it would be able to sit the car. Out there yes what he wants the guys like trying to he's going do know that he had some lumbering Delorean hopper. Jim showed up to see his car that is exactly with Beckham wants you to drive. A Delorean around if you'd won it recently need to inquire about it it's beneath a man to compliment and undermanned to Baltic Sissy boys do. You go to her poor okay. Let's just would. Would go to Golden Globe are real boom where this idea that company that makes you don't need men okay. Bruce talked call. First of all car culture period right they have tents were guys your age burger joint in walk around to look at the needs continent column as. They do come out they don't ever met a couple guys a look at those cars virtual unknown management Teddy got to get ahead of them right now so like abuse you go Delorean ago. Yeah probably give me to payments he's getting girls scratched the museum's huge circle level program ya betcha do they do. Toxicity say OK so you tell you make history of the rod sitting outside of the joints don't mad as ever accomplish coupled edited and it has been around silently and tell each other what's wrong with their card that's come out and that's how and. You lose it to the bank securities aren't you wife leaves you can started to which I would Deco art. You never wanted to try to get ahead the human nobody wants it got to get ahead of that so. If you A is basically admitting defeat 20 god it's the ultimate weight you might as well put on a skirt. And did little Sissy gets around NASCAR waving a white flag because you've laws he won puck just put you in your life didn't turn out the way you wanted to that you very complex. Every man hey even have a guy is nailing it like it let's say a top Dallas on owns a 250 foot boat. He does yes I did you peoples into the yacht club and right now it's incomes king tubby got 400 foot yacht you know Tom says it's. She's a crab boat I'd like that some of a pitcher of pork if Robby got a drug money today is his daddy but reform is a thing. You know Tom Golisano. You have Tom Golisano there's nothing remotely about any part of your life point that is even close to us I don't know I thought I. I want Tom Golisano to get his boat and Ronald. It's not outside was busted is that like it is politically it's never ever had a. Idea you should look at yourself I Jewish people a better than you ever but that's every guy. Content Dallas outgrow his money there's Richard guys and Tom Golisano that he aspires to be so he went to get a leg up on us that bitches and that's why extra motivated you'll see your letters are gonna motivated totally. Driven out of this group public debt. A culture. Culture that you were part of guys look at each other's likes complement each other bikes or part of the motorcycles are they hate each I don't like god what do you think they're armed gangs and beat each other up. So look at a guy who want to Hartley who complements other it's hardly work to get itself doesn't have qualities cystic publicist was isn't it. Avic I want sobering gets a guy at earlier competent and appointment amounting to get a little fist in your face just does nothing could be complemented. None in this room. Probably pretty short answer let it get any guy complementing you might hear border of over that someone who regard him of income and be negative if it happened what would that it wouldn't use some like oh what a guy sound like complementing me on Meyer war room. And exit up boots. Should use that as always these news now it's your yet about your voice is every guy's voice systems employees of a guy keep ideally your neighborhood. Said she did I love your long enough the mile long it's. Out feet Beers you which. The decent look like I so much extra dose so abducted and basically it's silence of the land dress for compliments don't tell you tell them ladies and Italy eighty album but the nice kick went at all also made a lady when bill says I see one a couple of minutes issues he picks you up over civil when a brother bad throws me a bone there were and where it was public. It would be too good to Joseph cool. He's trying to sell the program guard the sales guy I understand the sales guy comes and give your company tourniquet to money. About this tooling down the street inside some guy goes say nice threads. A weirdo. We're gonna budget hate for you I'd Twitter and now people say yes you have no impact yet no appreciation for fine automobiles fool to. Group may be yes to Tommy and vision isn't sold the Lawrence. And yet they're upset with you for not complementing a guy picked up a lot of work into what glamour edict got a cracked up the other problem against Lamborghini wary about Abby. Cool Garcia what you don't want to but the guy already knows he owns a car work more than fun. I don't houses I own great I. Milledge could doing gorge through I've guys bring their a cars to those events to have conversations about their car they why you'd ask them about it and waited it out how they'd. In little distorted. Today's on the because we used to do remotes knees by its honest honest ago America. So Sima we do these things we would do those hot right now I'm not making this up gimmicky I'm not. They crap on each other if I only do his crap on each other they get the guy I'll go. These guys walked around enough and their families that's at their faces their complementing that really bails us at their globally and I think you're lying I'm telling you I was there are baby I was I was in the thick of the statement. It okay you've put on grass and everything. It also may crap bought it on my degree I. Because they want to go away juju too 6000 saw a Delorean via on Sunday I layperson my favorite car touches I want it to but I don't touch I need to get out because I had you you don't usually I'd really like I was synergies and you're welcome reverence I see a map take forever about it. The YouTube. That should you know as the greatest stop material like. Are you almost a bit the way of the combat. I was gonna tell you what did. Where he should and then there was the whole thing you want but I. I beloved. I would want them by the court denied that you're out of all the years while and all the there at sadly that bit of that was eaten at the laureate. All the votes are outlawed although Lambert yeah. Is instead they eat artists that both doubt read or don't build them back up to recreate something on the it hit the block was told by. At all. When I hit my model T got a model T Stewart. And the violence we'll probably at least that you wanna then nobody but people would get the respect of the one of the. Everybody question of the SE question are you comfortable complementing another man. And if it's not that I would compliment. That I would I would look at the aren't and compliment the war government are all. The problem always you know I don't Bob bit. But these guys that aren't Sissy boy he's getting account of the united dances around Arlington there. All right well we're utilizing Cutler value bodies in the swim team all the time hey nice you don't layouts. Actually no we don't comment on them. What would you comment on the book orbit in a while but you definitely don't like what the hell yeah. Reassurance you know yeah yeah. You know there. Or the light of the word your adult for all about. But you center. Credits the golf but it did evidence of the day do you view loses his battle real harsh everybody's coming up to play you don't like dog they're just start slam and everybody would complements that enable alternate is to see below that would make him the winner out of Cecil who was eleven that's. I do. I get a little boring and a fight a battle in a compliment the enemy is man who's not see nice outfit. And never get out or fought battle raged Japan nice bomb. That's your argument Ager I had a desk job. We did videos tweet us at the BC evaporate topic. You lay believes Matt a couple of another man is specifying makes you an advertisement says a compliment to Tommy from a lady about your clothes would go something like I love your blouse I have the same one. And Mike he's the breaker let's see about eight IQ it's. Hey what's that sound you're not about your same age group I am the real hot rod Beck in the days guess at him. And you don't ought to be Emery enough where you see one that would regret memory. Is it that it does but I would complement a guy either of my likes at that would compliment. Well why why why give them that. But giving it looked at the great REE. About if you want to bend over the hood of their car and but that guy who labored to go ahead. I'm governors senators and side pipes and banana. What about crowd and you that you know your first check in you'll appreciate it our. Nobody appreciates the shoes that my front. I'm outside he's got Beckett about computers that might give dates and I'll but it and I. Think Eric bid target. Well car people in this those the company will not be. A little like his as you really you know car people and they don't want. And crazy. They are usually took. Call Pacific would complement. People their cars. Our culture to any like which had won tae Bo is tell my cardinal workday it's a terrible way to speak about tomorrow. South buddy cubic. It's a but it hit people so might mopeds. He and. You also send my dad that I could go. Comedy and get its activities it quite a great investment grade there's nothing wrong with complementing the men are fired at my house they're minorities in our designees polo Russell. Just because Tommy didn't get any compliments doesn't need that matter afraid to be weak in front of the believes that he doesn't do anything worthy of compliments sounds like entitlement to meet if I don't get it nobody gets it oh that's interesting angle you feel entitled to compliment should not getting. Yes which we get a ton of it in every during might orator and restarted so much they know we we run at a time British architect beds in the breaker mansi MFA. But. And I think this just goes to show and secure Tommy is. I think that there you go light you know. Complementing people that because it ought to be insulted about I entail launcher that it like automatic Dresser and probably. I thought and a little bit because I can't. I thought a little bit. Let's create a double take advantage of the college region but the twins. The cubs and guided to try anyway do. I wanted to try this as an experiment. There's compliment and audio way to find a stranger today aren't told restraint to get a series of Ramallah in all it took a global it would what do you think you Prague's ability occult. What they congratulations again usually the worst thing that ever have a rutz has awarded radio.