My Wife's Stupid Party

Monday, April 23rd

How does Duffy get out of this one? Is he a hypocrite for complaining about this, but prepping things for the Bills every Sunday during football season?


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There's no way you can compare this ago to what we as men party just doesn't matter second it's completely different time third of all it's still did it. At odds that the sect or talk about this something involving this is breaking news match internationally which again. Yeah the break much to class act and it's not to BC about the royal wedding is like three weeks away. To get a good look at British kid what's his name came in the remnant secretary. Is Mary NN American chick in Brighton. And my wife is obsessing over speaking as a Texan might I guess what Kate Middleton and the other one what's his name can he. Prince Willie OK but they are all one baseball wondering at what he's had a baby and literally just so they have three kids. How do you know that is he's a lesson month for the crime. He's to the front of the crowd. The crops as. Close up of the press crew. You know they announced the birth of a royal baby they're picked out what the trumpets and this is a legitimate thing it just happened in England go ahead. He's giving up too relaxed. They are which I don't. It's old school England man. So my wife yeah obsessed with the royal family and I just I don't girls on the pray that the prince says that all that stuff they played this governor will girl's. My wife is having a royal wedding party and I believe it's on May nineteenth it's a Saturday India Saturday morning. The wedding will be on TV lied he American at 6:30 in the morning because of the time difference. My wife is inviting all of her friends over. To my home. At 6:30 in the morning. And she's asked me to clear my schedule that day to help her when yeah. Cooking and trying to do you got to pitch in they're gonna Wear jam as instantly fancy looking hats. Which means ominous have to RA stuff my ass out of bed it's 5 in the morning on a Saturday. To help TT scrap ready if that's. Is that buddy do you is that I yeah. US invited to a keep it as you get detects less pitchers all excited about it much mouth Dracula. Let's all take any easy go to my wife that if you text slights and television come along to. It's a good girl together I don't think he goatee thing oh really you don't think it's my wife texted your wife. They have to not much to come to be forced to only two girls that all okay. I don't need laughter. I need solutions so how we got a gigabyte or maybe I'll go maybe I'll go aha and you know it's funny outfits are aware of a time a EB your wardrobe tea yeah day at meadow where what do those are set at the podium bed wake you up going. Then I had not done it. Does senator is completely irrelevant. And out of the. I'd let it bother you. What. Would you take him about his mother the queen and I didn't. In his order everybody in the SE question yet why are American women obsessed with the state that does not matter ticket. You're at it. Mean it I didn't think that this one is gonna be as big of deals it's become just that get the one happened a few years back with like the first one we had seen in a long time rate like that that doesn't happen that up and don't hold on she's American. Yeah but that but that's why this one's kind of a bigger deal couldn't kind of more. It's a fairy tale princess as she's trying to float her parents are regular people. They did they're not they're not rich you know a lot of it is either at Gardner. I mean I follow history is history this is this is because this is soon history no it's not a exits and it's a tourist attraction but by leaps right but I mean but it's all part of it of it but the letting it goes way back it's a value guide. An American girl okay she comes from meager means this is like every goddamn fairy tale. And. She's mixed race that your wife is mixed raced which shoots dead and she kissed the coded just turned into a larger towed. Just a so I have a fighting back gets why did they get it right it's something that's gonna happen Mike. Once and what a decade right and you can't get more than ten you won all the little teeny weeny sandwich physical that a force. And it got crust it's really close to a jeweler off. Ivy League yeah keeps it up with it felt like a couple of. Could see she deals with your guide him bills and sabres are bad to bad the blood of abouts and analysts. Sunday's do you game that's good that's what's argument like push back gets sick I'm not get out of bed at five of them wanted to help you need congress party June when you do this to the bills and sabres all the talk and do. Just fixed percent. Like at 5 o'clock in the morning I like my wife's this. This they did they act like it's sometime that it has got out of bed and when you when you go to real games to your alarm go off for early in the morning yes or. Who gag where she's getting ready in a broad regulation doesn't give us recognize he stays in bed I don't tell us exactly wakes up she probably rather not have that alarm go on your elitist liberals act which in particular the kids by herself in Europe. Element allegedly dirty Jimmy. And hobo Bob lower there than part of life. Listen I do not have my wife cannot about a five of the what do you make beat Chile had I let. Did you Super Bowl party. Are you treated did you electric for our idea Mike White gloves too obvious really sheer fact that people over and not have bootleg. If it weren't charge of it you got it there this man I would I. I sleep it I'm not get up to the stupid epic part because it's pointless and you cannot compare the NFL the NH dollar college football or whatever to a royal wedding that they got a lot more authority. NFL NHL college football going on then a royal wedding. Once in emblem and it's 5 in the morning. Gets beat 8331. Week to sleep it. I would like dictate to continuously it's gonna begin. It away in his. Got a tricky I babysitting. With a bunch of drunk women weed is so up to 1 o'clock in the mornings when you go home I would have. That your guy. It and you have to help with the sudden she's got a taken me keep your mouth should poll really I gave us an I noted Q my amount shudder in my house. He knows that as it sounds. But I also know you're gonna lose a guy I knew she went to go to the sink my life is really click report a good. I need help speed out of this you tell it like this right. I have no. Running around. Yeah it could use support of good buddies so when you sit with me watch the royal wedding you know check appearance of regular pitched him. You'll think you're really stuck well to do it enough I like tiger the last out there to help. I can tell you and it's not. Tendon that cut across stuffed sandwiches and they got to make a category. You would daddy's an artist not only did. Nothing about royalty to most mentally funeral and Louisiana who. It's a. Music but the idea and I do they make a there's a sandwich that they serve. This is gut it's like cream cheese or promote electric and usually kind isn't like cucumbers and then AM yeah nice ideally cucumbers cream cheese you do know it's. I can puppies at the table is I'm having a little royal wedding planning party in the Manger because maybe there. The only way I can get out just odd the way when you can't be at the guy I have a there that cancer I have a committee and magically have to go somewhere at that went on a cancer. Only get out of this is a buddy from out of town. Paul you say hey there's something going on that Friday night AVG count. And sleaze spend nights and morals and I might have just dumb as dream is that no audio teams have made the play out so. Okay that's not the Davis of what magical out of town thing is going on and that you had to go to say that your party I don't know I get worse for your wife is knowledge she's left. Like with no help like that she would like planning on having should ask each just told by. Ideally he would put such a smile on her face to just be quiet. And deal would that the fringe of facing just pitch in and be quiet. You'll get benefits out of this are you cool are you tentative we all know what I'm saying down the road hauling and eating your bank that OK you search amounting to bank yet know women really W remind them of the things you did for the later. No show how wiser you you're so high it's imitates something if you pull the right move doing the right away. You won't have to be reminder shall remind yourself. What's special thing you did all by the way even if she doesn't remember she's definitely gonna remember use stepping out and it. Remembered that over you actually do I have. It's a marriage sometimes it's actually offer may all well. Either side everybody obviously been in my partner drive you can really tell appearance which I can't sleep and I'll be up that board on a joint. I have lab I want some boring documentary in my what does it look like my wife is texting I might even while I'm but even drink up in the good casually in the BC just text mileage you Mandarin is the smartest I've. Women have a cocktail I have but I you don't let him a drink. Would my let's go to your comment break out of the L Scott Drew nearly you have to I did your wife rides. And he can't Pia knee she's Dan Burton's they have eight bluebird C event. Mashed in grouper dot IC MFA Donny how labor. Our interests are not. Equitable also published a little role play social and Jeremy dressed up as a princess. Can he can dress up as according. Usual course of the village idiot. And anybody else what when they were. Do we account crier announced which other anyone else you're right rumble we were percent. Bring out should tell us. I dubbed it an adult. I. Oh they are able organs astute all of its adult I hated so much about all it is is based on. Did a good thing has an opinion about the time. It's in the morning you so you say believe she saved or Saturday night imagine that this is a Saturday night event I'm mentally it would all be there I'd rather be Saturday night. Why does to be about 7 o'clock etc. that's why I think forty who. It's too bad. Right that's getting wiped out most crap I don't care that it should did to his. By which you like history it's a little crap again it was a cracked British history here's a British history. Hurts them even technically a prince and princess rate at all and now they have united in line the group in ops are relatively he's talked about it and what the.