My Wife Thinks I'm an Idiot and That's Okay

Monday, July 16th

Tommy's wife may have said something mean about him, but maybe we need to take a step back and look at the positives from her comment.

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You are 100%. Right to be uneasy about this to be upset about this because its position every married man has found himself in me but. The fact that you are married and you were committed to your wife for the rest of Latin. You need to take a step back a look at the positives instead the negatives could light in this huge leash and did something. I think she deserves credit for. How shall I explain behind the break basics I did BC about the what happened. Soul my life and the that they were having this conversation because we know somebody whose kids go to summer school and she was talking about how to get accused you of Burberry and counselor against got to go to summer school and she ago really. And she has been you know in big kids always struggle always struggling you know not. She gets end up she she used a fancy words embrace. The called a kid kind of dumb but not like a fancy way consummate politely and yeah it'll save us a little piece right. The so I came out December schooling every year OK that'd IE existed on his plan I think. I think I came out of my mother I want rate I think she gave birth to be in summer school. Some say hey. I don't know it's summer school. What are you saying. You don't know you all you she's she's our own. You oh I forgot you had learning disability have put us the same thing no no this is yes. All okay. Are you this bothers you Russian army dominant pitchers walked back aboard fancy words. It's definitely going to be a great question do you. Populace I've been through this many times. It doesn't affect me anymore well I mean Ivan Ivan it was a shocking because I didn't think we were gonna get their scripts you must like the real issue felt about. You going to summer school importantly goes December's U. Like she feels about these kids like she's describing you was she feels what you are completed and are I look at this house. You can't be upset that you liked that you spew your stupid we all bent. Which should also appreciate the fact that she realized she made a mistake. It was trying to make it while I called on. Who we like she crossed the right edge was doing our best to make eggs could I mean she's a good person but there are a lot of women who won't do that liked it I don't even before them if you mess exit which you call me stupid. Yes because you are stupid right the stick but you have a very good woman on your hand and tried to block type jagr in check giving out. Maybe edit greatest just just are critical reader down this wall who it is a Shia stations are. Now that she said she was sorry and that would be her admitting yes I think Steve. Just added I can't say now this I what I meant she said she could say I'm sorry I didn't mean it that way I don't think you can. You can't do that in a marriage. It would have loved to say I'm sorry I feel that the court couldn't. We. Again it'd marriage and are in constant negotiation you have aged kids. A constant negotiations therefore you cannot always be open in August right because if I apologize to somebody configured. Tenured. It's apologizes to tell me if I'm wrong here for something that I did wrong in my relationship I have not giving you a little more power in relief pitcher Letterman guilt exactly what's fighting for that I handled so I look like for you it looks that you those lines so I didn't would you really saying is he -- piece of -- in his relationship that I am handy and words. Yesterday she lost the upper hand. The relationship. Even shields house takes care view yeah I have no hand. Maybe Provo useless. What this the reason why jewelry stores and force exists right because we we apologize I would be explicit audience reach. Out. Richie let's ask these items are radio voice for. I don't matter as saying sir is hard to say to anybody. Rather it's yet significant other co worker for had a leverages its just its books I'm sorry but I will get some nice things from the jewelry store or the florist to make you feel better plus Scott evens the arena and it would get here but it's. What did you say I'm sorry overstep my boundaries I'm sorry I said this that he doesn't meet for the jewelry. Adori it's been just that we regret rent okay during good included yet they have begun Brad Garrett it would be much simpler if we all marriages just keep forwarded admitted I have made a mistake I think it's a road you don't know. Why is it this is gonna tip the balance right. World order and who works. In harmony right and we reduced earnings uncertainties are saying I'm sorry. The view start command like puss and stamps are real delegates this a little Sissy boy. Do you afford to chance Jameer. On Ehrlich. Are there I think guys get hurt and you start bended over. Is that anything else would you admit yes what they'd pay when you said jarring USO bend over because as with that man. But maybe like you looking at that weighs is the reason my most people receiving it over time you're walking on that. Not company OK okay that's what I'm talking about it. But you can't it's here because it's like obviously feels the same way she got say I'm so I apologize Steve for. I know she has or can remember one. I'm sure. There is one important piece of information we are forgetting his conversation. We we might call you stupid and round about way. You still aren't stupid like I did I get to work today yeah I don't want to door okay do you admit you're an idiot and that's why he went to summer school rate again you're you're not claiming to be Smart I would slow. A little slow but that's kind of what she's saying. And I'm not calling you an idiot because you were all still alt plus a lot Obama all right let's human beings you were flawed in particular were Paulson or more to take risking the older we get the more likely we are did you say whatever the hells on mine does you a lot of stupid it's so light of her call you out this is as bad as you'd think it is right. Make sure what I hear it's okay sure public what kitchen just accept that you're the smartest guy in the world I know this about don't want it said I got me open in the air. Open and guys out but there aren't paying and how. Here is the question to two to 6000. Can't you have a productive marriage if your wife thinks we're stupid. Because what you think about this and 5060 years old age of O'Meara and asked when and why they went with their husbands that would say the following I love him. He's good provider he's a good father as a standard right that's all you needed. This. Have you heard a woman use he's very Smart as he reason why she's with her husband. No no he's brilliant he's mine works amazing Alicia like super. Early in my view of a brilliant job and dig regular guy now. Lawyers something like that I would think like your intelligence. I mean but I do I think like in lawyer and giving again and again I think you've got to be lay lawyer doctor. You like ice breaking just appears to be you don't criminal saying. It is the most yes. Lancaster. Amazing my husband's amazing. Whether they remain as you magic. To it Z can float to be hover and now you're. Nobody's gotten crazy world normal right there and ranked. It's like a cloud in the sky that's amazing eye to eye I can explain it right but these open as most of what brought eight amendment. You can exploit it. There's still don't like quietly Lula went to was that conversation again does its water up there was water winery and whose discipline doesn't want. You can't explain it because it's just ridiculous I tell me what happens like there's anything else. Detectable. College historian heaven Burleigh what you think heavenly bodies that you'd sit on. The fact is bean bag chair there the fact. Act that you have never heard a woman referred to their husband as Smart and then my within leads me to believe that intelligence may not be something women particularly interested in when it comes to amend. If you can provide for your family and be stupid that's just mind. I'd probably be real. Really good at whatever you do for a living does it meet your Smart outside of whatever it is you do for a rightly take our fathers and I just us everybody listener and how. Bad would describe their fathers as Smart. In my top three adjectives to describe your father I'd bet you a million bucks Smart is not making the top three until I brought it up here you let your debt and you respect your damper. That was there right successful and you think your father was complete any new works OK so it. Slide B do admit that your daughter brother whoever. A Smart in certain ways brilliantly I think accuse a very Smart businessman of my don't get ready to play it. It was a bit but it came to a natural and he can just sell the crap that anything I agree personality right he was a big BS. That's where it ended with by fodder you think of but other try to do there's things he was. Crap show include raising children. Aren't. Us so you all this evidence what do you ever like electors they like the balance of power I daylight have back there were stupid. And weakened beam manipulated. Kind of letting them believe it. Remain I'll explain Tommy is upset that his wife run about weight called adult and try to walk it back when you got offended because you know high. And it but it is not that dumb umbrella. Like regular rest Dominique Alex superdome. I regular. Regular asked arguing not super dumb man who juicy juice and clouds and heaven you do every pitcher I've seen. I did to six it's clear you're being upset that your wife called stupid and that no woman leads with Whitey Libya husband he's a recent call brilliant sued disagrees she's on CM half Aysu. Or it. Right on our program. The next say oh people that that's the first man in America and they're on their how did you know who's Smart. You know he was completely opposite. And a lot of weight and reach my personality. Books are quiet let them. And that. I didn't Alter his mouth. So he didn't talk much may do you think he was Smart. I Albert. This creates Smart very this woman I'd say about mount sue me. RLR rated and show that sales at the track. Well are you that much work and that I got maybe. We're counting and just like some eaten not great wolf the great social. Cigarettes are what does your husband do for a living. Retire what did he do for. It's a Smart guy media to be it's been pretty tried to train your media writes is open. They are you know its sabre could could planner that way it always is a great guy when you rog what it might seem a good balance it didn't like bad or. What does it take you for the call I appreciate it. I was adults and these are getting upset and a horrific results say right it's better to keep your mouth shut and be believed to fool the open your mouth and remove all doubt yes so maybe there is something to be shutting up. People that is there priority always Tom is upset that a life stinks. It's bragging about their husbands intelligence because you never get that. Our zone so I should do as a go home today growing goat cheese or smoking a pipe and it's a much and I have like a book and in my armor just puff and they'll look Sarah return from the all you have to do we shot. Let's let's all you have to do what you should still OK in advance class girl and shut the. RO. It's and so our souls saved your age was right. Husband she was at Bragg in Hollis sensitive buttons don't think public isn't looking at that time it's not really that can. It's it's at. Oh it. And I think it's.