My Kid Doesn't Know What I Do

Thursday, May 17th

If at this moment someone sat down and asked your kids what you did for a living how correct would their answer be? And is the wrong response due to the fact that your kids don’t listen or that you’ve

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Your kid whether to three years old whether it's 35 years old has no light deal what you do from and it's it's because they take it for granted visas job in a moment to check mentally caribou argument of money could be that they can also be defect that may be a year in line. America which you do for a living because there is always so they think they know when it's alive wolf because you to hold a look at a couple of times the breaker boxes classic rock and a 65 to BC MFI it's a fighter little ones Columbia I stakes gymnastics as cute glasses that are yet so after gymnastics. Saturday and go to pick her up in the gymnastics coach and actually. And don't. Pulled beside us or not I did it's really cool to do for a living it's great to make a difference lead. I difference. And now are you ruin radio. Literally I don't. Rate noting and needed to get a different break it differently decreed cabin which voice data and that's what because why not have. We're remembered radio like radio show should. Go and what my daughter tell each. Radio nothing nothing to our pets we you're a college a fighter opener currency analyst and drive away right clinched all started. What does reliving it and had a stellar up. She I she. We would like to try and I can't figure out why my five year old is lying to strangers approach. And imagination assuming things are okay epic like seat in Dallas the radio thing Betty think patriotism. Are yeah Israel. They agree is pretty basic but at talks on the radio what is my five year old it's heavier my kids' future and show me and I. Good reason rent and if you have a troubles is the show your horrible parent it's horrible horrible parent. But either my daughter does know they do for a living. Or she is not impressed with what I do for release ahead right as the son and her little world can't put endless Alison when he did his prequel John Brantley who's cool. There's only one way to know if you're John is cool but whenever I think typical John Burton you know as an actor. If they've never made a movie. Or TV show about your job again. Political job at every jobs now I've never is so the sitcom called don't watered department. He. Looks. Jobs like that. Really and if they've never made a movie about it Dave Sherry race day. All right again I'll tell you if I don't believe any kind of exciting I even like the most boring job done in Brevard between Google will be water department admits there's a movie footer up the. Parliament that is set it inside a water department. I don't wanna know the way your daughter thinks you do and what she teacher capable of yes. It should tell me what jobs she associates with you and she deals yeah. I want your kid know what your job to do to 6000 have you to them about your jobs could bids it did listen anyway I don't know if it's not listening this. Then he had to start lying to get done get their interest to peak to register get a got you know. Sit belittle okay. Get a jive remote only be you have to do Williams and I gonna pay attention. But it did you want to know appreciate that the hard work to do the money you bring in to provide charity so that I can listen you got a jazz up a little bit. You try to do what you do you explain why you matter in the world do you little ones right media. Daycare no okay where's the money. Are your dad's job when you know in my home amber anger in ran his mouth constantly dislike girl met. At a critical job it is a millionaire businessman but added that didn't. What does that little five year old played on five years old. I think this is how everybody lives item a five year old kid living in New Jersey I'm not allowed all the like regular Catholic school okay so my whole world is due respect Catholic kids like me. And cadillacs. I think everybody has a big Carner dad puts on a suit and as a job. So you never bright well educated for a limited no I mean disease I didn't everything and compare to okay kitty EU had no idea which dated for a living at 27 you still don't. I knew three things I news daddy worked ships that or three days on three is up three nights and three nights off and I knew that you were like no I am at the amount. And I knew. But he worked the get a put on a student he worked in clean room okay. I'd like. As can be said or thought we did this a couple of years ago yeah. Astor schematic she'd try to tell it that it reliving the older brother tell us and cut them ma she had to correct both of them but she was kind of. Very good about what really goes on once again in there. I listen I just did just distinct this realized. Your kids too careless about what you do as long as there's money and pretend to go (%expletive) away paso way I look at it but that hurts man of course it hurts that I think that's what chat mile man's ass was said. He made a lot of money he pissed it all away. And nobody appreciated it which even so I think he get a guy he wouldn't shut up about how great he would sit how much Al grated businessman he would rent. He say he was compensated that affect you when your brother didn't care right not a risk here. Able to understand that now which I guess I can't let kind of explains your father's personality that you appreciate your debt and out of its its dues Betty would know lied so much they also lie that time. Jeff yeah it was a salesman's salesman you know lights cigarettes. You're right. That's the job I feel it now I'd take my finder on the amongst while we do joke bring a Mitchell but I do for a living so she's a little bit impressed so my Aleman used to brag about things that he should even bragged about like the illegal things in the things he did there were kind of underhanded. You know should tell you said those things right never know who's getting here and writing and my uncle was an FBI agent here. That's a big Catalan and hit a mile course and I agent and the only team merry Erie you've been there from the through marriage his brother. Was an IRS. Who clear. Ed iMac cocktail parties as a little kid my homeland ranking about the moves he made good money in business this group people article money and as part. Big carrot he disorder to be the center of attention no matter what it yeah you know this is humble as you think you argued its most men when it comes to what you do you everybody wants the big is dawn general. Just what your job it's your job is crucial for people getting through their day. Jobs are in exist because Egypt to right if you're providing your servicer and neither should you sell it to those other people when your kids aren't impressed Uga and put together a little bit vocals come did you get to six that was your kid has no idea what you do whether they don't care whether you lied you said your job Tommy used test to see your job is Cole as it there remain a movie about your job. I into the break on CNN I. More fellas I'll while first dodger to one of them out they're dubbed as beautiful Thursday where inside Tommy your little bit continue to date your gold plated Cadillac didn't help target. How well hello I would look at new guided. This segment this government and to go out there. And tomorrow read that it created about it basically talk radio I don't know all replies you guys may know Howard Stern a private. Archaeologist Howard Stern you speak of. Yeah all while BMW. What I mean. And a benefit in a car without which your pin about a movie made about oh. Radio I mean they may know we about it I mean yeah it all in BR what's eating Gilbert Grape in all. There are identical but it and its responsiveness. We find of movie about a water at a race that looks there's like it looks like it's scary movie called no escape only about a water manufacturing. Company out. That's about it does not and I like bottled water until but the one Q when you get your gun and split hairs. Garbage men whose movies about. People always are go cash here. Tonight on cash and exit currencies. Coming consumers should do or do you. Speed up to speed lane seven items in this. I do career days clients every now while it's data careers at that yeah. They put all the media people together support to folks that gradually acquire does that work TV news keeps. It had radioed. I curse in toolbar for. To do that budget to thirty Rudy your name and not even close to. I would know how many. Dads like downplayed their job to their kids are like a lie about it just because they don't want their kids to do with tired they'd. Did your arguing I ate disagree with that what don't you don't you like your daughter's probably to go would be like you know doctors like your wife. Days snowy icy I'd like. I don't and eighties when Tommy knows he's Canadian you know you're an idiot. I think most guys believe that they're job is important edit their child made the decision to follow in their footsteps would be ultimate child compliment. Evidence of the Richard John I don't know I think that bad job. I think that there are guys that would like their kids to be better than they lower. How can he be better than some when it's nailed a 24/7 but let's get my dad would have been head over heels might decide to become a police. Police are is that wind jolly firemen and where it's generational right leg is it a long line of cops and firemen in the family to evident right. I'll be honest with you like I don't want my daughter my daughters to go into radio or media but if they were so move. Don't exceed their dead do this they did it as much that would want them there would be prided. How does it have other illnesses say that Sosa when he or daughters. When it's to be a female comic. And who start don't of the comedy club. And hopefully she'll find somebody older by her drinks. And she's up there running her mouth on the comedy stage yet you're not going to be happy. OK I would not be happy but I'm being honest with you a part of me. Would say while I meet such an impression on my kid that she wanted to be like me. Maybe she feels it necessary to do it plays to go Corey picked all the horrible horrible that he should dig comedy clubs over the years. It'll be the dump the family apology tour. Or get a get a rate since tiger and. I just think. Like my dad worked at Kodak and really hated his job towards the end of it because the hours. Dunked it and it was you know we never felt awake or anything I agree gamble you. I'd IV she never like. Romanticize about his job like it was only like you know I don't think that kind of life was anything that he ever wanted from my brother I. This. Couple at the BC in the break room do you want your kid to follow eat your career footsteps while we do that trend is on CMF they track how. But. Good morning my children know what I do were livid that brought them down to the plant where work there production lord shall on the machine shop children's fiction while working. Innings deep you know the products. There which components of we built Colwin. So they're tendency to afford much the energy to your report raptor in ovals cart. We me. That's cool manly your kid can CDs cool cards that you're putting digs into that greatly. That's cool what you did Trent showing of the finished product of this is what daddy does to be ticket machine shop moderately. Air T shall depart rerun of bones calling radio stations and not paying attention to your job I. Notebook in my kids love your Uga bowl which has screwed up are you. Drew a blank you may look you are so confused and wrong. I don't walk around what about thousand dollars. I what might do next 101000 dollars at 8 o'clock this what did you expect nobody every. I particulars like you go at this time as there's a very big part of this we have gotten to me was that. The day you'll our father and my father. Only had to worry about other fathers. Malia would keep to whose job was cool. Well it was what is Bobby's dad to Steve's dad yeah we placed. You know you. How the coolest job eat your house and how much camp EDR you do wait that's art with your children to be a 180 so there are cooling job. Situation. Nova like cool. Dogs are cool it's hard right to be exceptions. And cool that are not a lot of jobs for economic arguably would be your wife has a cool job the law mixed the break about a six got a BC.