My Kid Didn't Earn This, but Should I Give it to Him Anyway?

Monday, June 18th

A father's son came up a little short before his senior graduation... but the party is already planned!

Do you go forward with the celebration knowing he's PROBABLY going to graduate over the summer?

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Monumental. Occasion for your kitten. Woody that first major like that attachment right high school graduation and make a huge deal. Family members and big Orleans and all that step eight if it can't be I mean I guess that's fine. But he did it now. The right sham relative to dollars and let's closet rack that is it's not WCI have to email from a listener on Friday morning. Quote. We found out yesterday. That our child. Won't be graduating from Greece so we get to a bunch of personal stuff here his son and unless they wanna do was embarrassed teenager and junior came up short. Let's just say yes he needed to pass eight final classy leader really good create an exam to graduate. And he bombed. So yeah he needs to go to summer school to graduate. I school. Problem is and according to eat. My wife's parents are coming in from Florida. They have money. My son has always been their favorite grandchild and they have a monster party planned for him that night the gradual wage in ceremony read a doubt it's a really fancy I'd be catered. They've hired multiple corporate entertainers and it's all the evils but it's a bank this is like a wedding reception Danny says it's already paid. Well we'll we'll we'll. The jets the rates email it says my wife went to school with this problem and and the school agreed. That they would let him walk across the stage and what to do this again duplicated CNET. Yet just doesn't count for anything they leaked it to walk before I would debt. Can I do you still have to graduated simple yet. As you know I showed a pitcher the only way to let him do that is to enroll in summer school class finish father says a dead set against this he didn't hurt any of it. He told us he would handle his business and he did not what are we supposed to be celebrating that night that he could account that he couldn't accomplish something as simple as gradually she graduated from high school. My wife on the other hand for some reason feels bad for our son at she's afraid to tell her parents what happened seeing as how they've spent thousands for this party did we have Stanley coming in from all over the country if my son gets stabbed his party I've that was a father and I don't know who else to put it. I so what are they gonna do he says he has no problem telling his in laws what happened. But he says he knows it's gonna pisses wife often wore that I've ever seen that at Indianapolis this so you know Verizon that a telegram it sounds like they're rocketed tell anybody that this kid did not graduate they're gonna play it up like he did and it secretly sent him to summer school to give his great source arm. You can throw with party worth thousands of dollars for kids that could graduate high. What's Selena behold I'm well well well well. His smile on the grandparents restraint. But they're going to ruin their right anyway having these people have a short time without a serve why ruin it by. Who cares and it they are spent the money right. You sit here and Tommy and Jimmy I EU being behind us get fighters that you you set your time and you talk about how worthless kids are. Easy Lenny is unbeaten titled generation and it. You can't you couldn't graduate high school to get a party with unless you're a college junior yeah. I don't grandparent junior gets it and I'm job but my motivation is going to be the that the fan I can't hurt diesel people. You know. What he did the what you gonna do tea parties are kids and eighty it's the kid's fault that she does the hell are you on your. You want to grandparents he hit their grandchild have led keep the peace well. We'll take anybody away. Then you know you're doing you know you view that your fright juniors as a B doesn't get to. Summer school as a thousand thousands of dollars worth of party after Jessica. You know IOS and these parties are predicated nearly every one of these graduation it's for the parents. It's for the grandparents is say you know. Do we accomplish every every one of these parties have I've gone through and a band will bunch it's always about the parents. And then the that we did I mean yeah the kids are having fun but. It's a lot about. Different they all their friends show up to you know that the good time. These kids learn a lesson if you want these kids happy chance at all to go to goal hurt senior citizens and traveled the nursing homes are pushing Iran bushel wheelchairs to on this that you can't just party if you got to be adjusted adult who's while I just don't handle it just show me one well adjusted anybody of that doesn't even exist. Well adjusted my hands. Is that they say fanatic is this kid super embarrassed by the fact that he's not graduating with a class because I can understand tube. Wanting to protect your kids from the embarrassment. Did he is what it's real public view do you I'll tell you about when I graduated like somehow this this edited where top. I mean the idiots that we are both managed to get to want. It's given IA. And I had to literally lion. And the principle that the dean one law. As I don't Hewitt and but I mild it was giving him money if he did want me around it what a meter repeats of twelve straight. Millimeter and they are my senior yet how I make. It was still bad summer school wouldn't fix it. He paid summer I refereeing his name was doctor Hopkins who these guys to be used relay. We haven't we don't have that many courses. We don't teach all you've you've had of methods to outwit the system was nowhere. What was your party. I Summers goes it's like to fix the holes in the system like yet but if you put the Braves. So he's who he let me what can I magic cap and gown and everything so I can't sit here to go to the skid ago. You could communities. Native born. It's nothing we can do immediate it's about hard work and what you're responsible for and you didn't care business guest president. When you identify with a kid all the sudden oh good cute and I always get this story. Was about a kid who petty party for his first job and the first job and it turns despite the next thing you know you don't have. Pardon because you hold the job you worked hard and that was my dad contradictory to rip Brent I mean to him but. I'm a Regis hey I can't imagine lake. The joy on senior you've been the grandparents face and known that they spend this money into this big party and these parties are always have a dome a great time for damage to get together that are around all the time jerk you know over the one of the sad things about family is like I have family in robbery yet. A fortune military ever gonna see them as what somebody dies it's because they don't say the same about you wanna wait for me to die I cannot conceive it. We get it really did get together and I'll feel like cousins is of economic out of his senior you know since knowing and so and so past stray so these are. Times when family gets to be together and be a family. Larry and that's what it's all out. NL yeah battling he'll graduate Oprah I'm sure they'll mail summer school is a sad that bad stop your vision this helps keep could pass a classic high school. And in addition. Did you take on I joy away. Annika probably probably let's just say most kids do it okay in school like figure you'll you'll get through. We'll let you know me. After repeat a grade if you don't pass this car class act like Irish and like I can't imagine. Nine in anybody I can imagine anybody. Being as bad as I was in school. So I was sick. He'll be fine. He can't these that is me here's the ticket you go to your point you know if he should be motivated because he wants to teach motivated why would already hey Vince Lombardo L Sokol pressure. Reliably good but the. Maybe he thought he was OK at that point and touch camera at all. A unicameral shores and studied art I have begun yet the boxes so rigid BR did you do six I see the light of nice when in the 'cause you're identifying with his kid and you march hypocrite when it comes to kids you see yourself. Well out like that you can't look back I was raw dog I'm finding bridge today. I government guide his son's post graduate high school to local high school here I'm he's graduating or the publisher push or two but he's the father trying to right. There were receiver when the Q was gotten a love story short he had his father. He has in laws them is wife's parents who are paying thousands of dollars it's graduation party the night of the graduation ceremonies multiple entertainment people coming in from all over the country where eighty united and fled the battle the grandparents are sore or sick kids are the father wants to cancel the spartans Q did on the mother says no we're gonna keep this quiet they're gonna let the cat walk. Walk in just get a empty diploma case at this. Let's say regret parents find out he didn't graduate after the party app it's based it thousands of dollars attache apart because hey you could only keep that quiet for so long. How history's crotchety old all eager to be what is that thousand dollars for his failures cues me sorry do. Do you. The best and I would've fired a get Higgins a governor I mean. Hopefully. They don't find out. Maybe he dies soon and you know either hasn't learned a horrible truth about his grandson. I would I would take those eyes and I'm somebody that has stupid. Pulled off. Faking it. Obvious solution is tough but simple theory you cancel the party no good you don't let the cat walk to graduation. And you make you get a summer job to pay his grandparents back the money they lost. The worst that per day is just my absolutely promo that you're gonna run away from home really don't have a place to. Good job you hit corporates are gonna take that does it matter. You may well. It sucks are it's it's well let me level got worse off. I work and you know awards are onerous in my life for work at educate as to face the people who believed in him and tell them that he's sure. Shame it is that I'm right you know that this would bet on Medicaid teases crazy got one failing grade as that you point that everything he can't. Graduated high school he and his team high school again continues city. Roads school district served as a good injury. Sought school who. Shouldn't tell our early. Read. Says to hear a hot line bribing kids too hard Jesus Christ. He'll get a total peppers all hope they'll summer school. All right I get to our sources gives good kid tries to keep them about a portrait today this award goes to school late Ghraib but he got it but it got good grades all the other stuff right we just. Really really stumbled on one day I can't imagine he's got straight a's except for the class that he could pass to graduate I tell what he's got what icicle good notes. There's truckers and that you grownups now. Minuses were good no right to the kind of work they d.s get degrees Anita gates through these key DDB DD's a one day. Give me. You can't let him operate. And I think you're a month. Working a couple of compassionate people for the youth of America. A bite to his party's attempt here to open. I think Beckett probably embarrassed enough Benton knowing all of his friends are graduating without him but it did he's. He's not graduating. Yet that he knows but just disappears he should be embarrassed about it probably bears and up nobody. Toast you know he's not graduate this this is nice. That some embarrassment there's no punishment there's no consequence Italy them inside and I always take on a hot Jordan and embarrassing yes because embarrassment and shame busy monster motivate her to push you forward you know I think what. They bet all that is willing good Davies is directed that the kid. But this collateral damage you would cover the grandparents in this big you know I don't forget the grandparents or have friends coming up a home there are proud of their bring cable tool got hurt them all hold our program called an orthopedic shoes that are support hose to decry and you had that for her secret is you talk to you your generation grandparents are tough critic handles the afflicted and argued on my little wanted to build a great way I don't see elder abuse and recede dumb ass abuse is a bowl trip.