My Gross Man Habit

Monday, December 11th

It's a little odd, and a little disgusting, but it may not be as uncommon as Tommy Mule thinks...

For a guy with a permanent kiosk in the men's room, you'd think he'd be okay with this..


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It continues to amaze me when a little beach you know we got that signature so upset about these are shocked by. The bitch. And don't you talk about you pulled me aside you you were so shocked. By something you could look at me when we use the bathroom donors know that grossed me out the breaker my classic record six but do you see have half. Background Italian and we have two bathrooms here and are built one that is upstairs and it is nice. To downstairs when that if you're saying that he won't go to McDonald's and resource for no reason pull you around their places like. Fifteen degrees. So I'm happy I ate breakfast bar yeah Eddie yes and Tommy is falling into the men's room and don't. Which is odd to you think that something on notice evident normal data manager at a time use doses president bitching about how the dumpster and which is the same as veterans affairs it looks. So where they Arnold talking each other that you realize your eating. I had the Bartlett hit. But I don't either the Euro personally journal stink OK I ain't. They figure ED collectibles that. Make you do smelling wins a year eating. I'm getting grossed out I've ever brought food into a public bathroom humor brought boarded a mile path of an all I can hear it all the time mountain out how can you. We got a don't blame god Jesus have a bad back or taken away from I was. Kind of lighten is getting EY your. Relieving yourself. The evidence categorize him Patricia and yes like. Are they I don't even like bring like my coffee coffee nugget about canning and a. Food beverage everything stays outside. I said I think the Ural like my mother used to treat the formal dining room. No food no drink in here that each of its nice to inject coffee ask what's PF teacher trigger a cup but at. It's different to you it's your own bath and maybe earlier in the year it's your leader in gross like public after match those you've got you down like whiz molecules flannel or iso. You know so when I was going to the bathroom. Similar mile whiz molecules in the final replace went on to block it indeed old now that means has Tatis based on that logic you have my it was July about all of your for that eating all the reached a whitewash by foreigners out of my aunt sweater you adjusted non us. It's a liberal left in the path through college is grossed me out and state that looks like I don't look at least know. I can't get a yeah keep your girl is supposed to be that way and not all I need to hand to hand movement junk rated yet again a Erica I. You know you don't think down. Yeah I people think is it cases in his situation. What your Beagle pitched him. Resolve I was looking at Joseph heard him mention. This to me I just can't urinating which is fine blog I heard the munching that's what I looked hopeless which in my practice part of our. It to the bathroom. Be in your particularly note yeah. All put out. Not only why I'm drinking that Doug but he afraid to take it away. And keep your roof featured a break you just figured out rape or you don't currently linking him alone publicly that an animal your your pitch usually don't go to our opportunity to Third World they don't do that when I go to late today. They did hold a ticket don't. So literally their food at the hunt so you're getting ready in the morning wrapping things up for that you have a jury can bring it to the bathroom with you at home. With you and just take him take a moment did you 6000 I was eating breakfast buyer had to go to the bathroom for the down don't take it follows me in the bathroom where it Urals eyesight ED Tommy so he would look don't add also that bring food in where they go to the bathroom it's not true no they won't get a separate there's yes they don't you that's what legally do you do you crap when you meet. These animals have enough common sense about who this is gross Pete any small each other's asses all day leads the break let's see MFA PD alloy body. And remember that's the study what they did upon the odd toothbrush and bet there empty in all the fecal matter that Connick junior met in a public restaurant commute the Mitchell luck at least familiar. OK can lower your vote user barge apartheid mr. Good. Who's behind an extension saint Tommy that study was done by the man to try and make you buy YouTube personal guidance and yet okay too big to let they are right. Well you know yes sir right. Or eight you know gonna. Takes a cult media regular day but I'd ever go to a restaurant was Russia public restroom at this and have some smell of who. This is is you know. No but it's got a Dell it's got to dump present so it always smells like ass in there seems I smell ass about tweets company cares you can have been Chileans -- kudos because you bet SA at ABC about break. Matt price steak eating and drinking the toilet that's a good amount of time off your routine it's true. Extra not multitasking with my ass when I get asked Ascot when I was a kid he bowls of cereal while going about. I kind of get a Kajima whose food was this that yes she need to see real you eat. Or that she and her own jurors could use Apollo. I got a whole bunch of men on FaceBook announced a new manager who playing at. Appreciate it real Taylor don't go home. After earlier touching yourself. It touching I handle. And in your putting food in your mouth just human does elected god game mentally normal here's the etiquette in the washing your hands after every time you Pete and did your penis it's a skin but now by handled the door Nam walking in and I'm touching things. Iowa I was much brands and eighties the and so he's double everybody's Tommy's it has its hand sanitizing next to him lake. I guess is that I wanna get sacked me me. Maybe it's been made it's that type of thing you're doing people are Kayla is it seems like I gave a Fiji tweets his daily breakfast bars or take your holding it in a rap. Yeah type early in the game he's bare hand and old are usually rapper I was there idiot was there. From them. Pitch beat him like you guys construction site. Torture shall read your seal which it particularly the sailors they go to the bathroom and come back with a don't you know like is there how did you know how men go to the Pathmark instructions that Patrick's. It takes a trip it's a Chicago apparently there's are a lot of free time you got dim cleaver. Did construction dumps did that a couple. Are you OK with eating or drinking any restaurant. Sixty parts 67%. Of people say yes one oddly the goalie went further I was eating in the bathroom of Tommy given to take the ads are my hand he is the other whatever. Why haven't those games then they have the port A Johns the parking lot I take my beer deedrick wallet pin using. So that's a Sarasota with a problem those peace take it up to stop drinking for tonight all the whole hopefully and I'm gonna cry put my drink down. Maybe you should learn how to know when to say now may be your would future legal argument Klestil why later all like to pull late drink don't go to the bail. Note is apparently you do you think prize drink you know why there in that comparable their. Weather news squat and plop them. You got it right it's got news closely Irish squad that's what I heard him dictate is 6000 residents of the breaker mansi imitate it politely. I don't. I just yet thought about it and think about instruction workers and that they go to Tibet and come back. I got a bad not a fact Lotta time eat lots on the job. Yeah it rained but do you bring your sandwich into the Porta John while you're taking a dump and supported John. Not he got a little bit different out here. I. Oh. Stay I don't bring that I'd drink eight ER and a beer and no ill will put it. But food packet. I smell asks my appetite just goes away so how do you read your my whole list. It is today as well. Attitude I was at my palate with Novo boneless leg Regina sure it would bombs to judge shoots she gets a picture. Does it with food giving. Where his choice that's being threatened if this is filling his place in god I. Now he doesn't I've never seen him take like replicate it's that you know he some groceries and why he's not gonna do in front of his girlfriends surely you're not help me I would. Why does that cause in this road. It's not too if wife thinks he would be afraid to do it different yet still pick Ricky thinks to do it makes that your reaction which giving you don't need to be treated. I I just the passage that may be home it's not his baton. So I have one girl and in another girl. Here this group tell you where your community bill weariness on people just have little decorum whose class of defense I have. Iran I have ask that he's. You have to ask that here's the different from what you're looking legally that's gross is one that you refusing to even look much like our audio. As. So the grossest thing. I can remember the bathroom. Is I'm on a flight. And I think it was go to Florida supposedly. And those like a 34 hour flight rate is fanaticism. And I get up to take a school were about mid played in this you'd. Comes out of the bathroom. With tests soda drink is do you real plastic cup and he's got peanuts in his hand it. How to navigate all that fake. Is that like to hand you to drink down and zip yourself you handle you know its senior so as those that lives in those airplanes aren't nest I could do it every other deaths are now but it is some reason because it's so there's so closely you cannot help it touched up an eight yen to lake. You just touch everybody then put that does not to him. Good luck when that. And if there's one big Tommy knows he's an expert with. It's nuts is to put doping and it's it's not hired. Senator good. But this week's reported. Each what are poll is up at. The BC macbreaking view litigants Dick Toledo toilet hose from Orlando he said scuba I need a breakfast bars one day you can eat that without your hand has sort of irritable male that's right your ally I. Yeah they don't god I don't know hello oh I believe me. Eat how. We can't just let it can't is most canned foods and or bowl Fuji gonna bring into the bathroom. So thick you can use your thumb is scooped the scoop on is it like an animal or a little bit actually say. Again eclipse.