My Favorite Movie/TV Show Does Not Define Me!

Thursday, December 14th

Are some guys ashamed to admit the things they find entertaining? It seems like at least one coach in the NFL is!


We all have our guilty pleasures, but if you try to hide them, it will lead to more questions...


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Despite which I believe you cannot tell anything about a man. Based on his favorite music or movies I think you can go it's very telling you were about to show you why based on holly holiday it's not true but. So should have told the head coach the Detroit Lions that. Because he was just very simple and every guy has like four go to movies that's critical right in did you did you share what your favorable weather standard there's standard guy music bed every guy you would agree. That's great yet no definitely a lot of Eritrea now but I mean like in general yes mine is taken easily unique. You know the breaker righteous let's practice clad BBC about it Caldwell easy head coach of the deterrent lines and you know he was asked what his favorite movie that standard easy question. His answer yet I quote. All I care not to share because they don't want it to be misunderstood and I don't want to explain. Russ has regularly kiddie porn. It's like what else could do. I don't explain to speculate. This movie let's is such a bizarre movie a controversial race sex yeah. Yeah political you six feet strongest. And that is it chick even barest willow bit so you might only be okay. But somebody questions when the topic do you not know how to lie. Yes totally oak coaches don't analyze even Dick's open but he's the format will be easy to say all right out eight and you start out with animal okay yeah. You have. Good felt OK yes let's go out you have godfather to him and your caddie Asia eighty forever he clients by Iraq. There's your standard. Every guy likes one more although it's. Pretty much any spy gear coached pretty much any sports movie able where you really pretty good asset Rudy can't come out easy easy easy go that's great we that we want to talk about these Denver. I really want to know what he's hoping is that she doesn't want to share. Am and why he feels the need to hide it because like I said earlier. David will be favorite music says nothing about actually I went man I think. We do judge he says though like you would judge me if I told you I remember that scene from good fellas that I ago undersized okay that would bother you. It would bother me if he had never. Knew I was talking Belichick good fellow. Do you bobbled just I don't have a did differently of you was worse but it might jump the line from back to school. A unit on a talk at the standard lines right from back to school Dangerfield. You don't note on talking about I'm glad especially if you're my age I'd love back to school like did you overestimate how many people who seek back to school in my in my generation gets. Everybody everybody loved Rodney Dangerfield anytime Ruddy digital made a movie you what decide okay. Any rates of crap yes he's glad he also made some the best comedies Abdullah. You should not and cannot judge him based on this B movies music because. It doesn't seem much much character for example. Today eases you cracker. Tough guys quote and you wreck. And egos it's up and music you listen to. Like a closer gripe whatever you know they're gone on the word response seems to be what I enjoy is edit that's just the way home from door and then like confided in us a couple of months ago and ever again like confided near due to its. Does Kenny G. Extremely heavily. The lyrics of the song to Allison along. Would you say that this data is its cross or be based on all the things he says and does likes that kind of news. They keep what you can that's why did but it doesn't say anything approach you right right to do you out of there aren't one of my favorite musicians of all time. Is Christopher Cross the fat kid yet and he's he's self titled. Well listen to try to back honey monthly basis. You only lose. I don't Wear it and only about navigation and nautical terms of the you know what I love to sound like it's everywhere it front to back bill problem does that make me flexible. Do you expect gates yes. Packet that they touched your in some ways is disturbing I love Christopher Cross if they so crisscrossed Egypt I would. It's much after that and think your curriculum for alternative music. Look who's talking Kenya. It's. Okay. Don't stand Francies coastal I missed the is listening to get it one of three pieces of art with a music or movies is something that you are embarrassed by. What really has a guilty pleasure. A guilty he shouldn't be guilty because it's a pleasure. Of the people but to do. But there's certain TV shows they give people go all I've. I guess they know it knowledgeable moo of a TV show that I don't think is a big guys that come characters are like oh well I Todd admitted to at the other remember mullah friends. I you do you look pretty go. I was helpful to me that show so I did was the episode I trailer. It's the bracelet. The broad bracelet and advocate bracelet pros and he hates that I go. There was a funny episode. How many guys would admit to liking friends I used to let's show religiously and I made me very big place so those checks are complete smoke and don't try out. No doubt that they are Eva Green do you figure for a time he loved as he'd grown men and saved by. Bail but that was a comedic thing. So when you're on the road today we put Japanese condos that are comics and had nothing to watch and know that they are doing shows at night. So we could all sit down at 4 o'clock they what saved by the bell. And we also watched it was in their show on in and TB. What was the original and they open to kids and real world knows that two things every comic do every episode. Of those two shows he's a great. Yes but it doesn't change anything about your personality army. Sometimes this is what's available for entertainment at the time he it'll hit admit that you enjoy it's it's fun. I'm not judge you because it doesn't say any did your character your immediate. Drunk. Yes it's like KD GX eight by the bell it's quiet it's such a good but there's certain things that guy's a deuce. Time zone and that'll shock me on my. Do you of that. What sell I get one buddy of mine who bridging alcoholic. Chain smoker fill the cheated on his wife. But he can speak fluent French what it's amazing grace. I guess they threw me off because they shouldn't be able to speak out next. I don't how do you speak. Friend again is on mother was French spoke around the house tonight. The scene Ackerman okay. Kenechi. Get an early Kenny gee I can't I can't speak fluent Kenny gee are you sure it. Sure you can probably I spoke Kenny GO what it's on it which it does. I received an animal health judging each other it's how we do you should either it's about it's human nature to judged. Continue compare yourself by doing better than that guy or might slip in behind Danica has its all a Dong measuring cup and that's in the end Brent. Yeah Pakistani what's your dogs are being taken out here. And mom and your strategy 2226000 here's what I wanna do a hands and face a less is coming and I see guys on whole I want you to call me up. Brand I don't want you to tell me what you do for a living admitted barest TV show movie or music you would ask is there is no parallel. It stirs me off is if you liking you know of very serious person and like they see a movie that they really like an epic comedy it's a week. You laugh at things like I don't stirs me up and like Dave like funny things with Carlos. Our construction okay what is your favorite TV show. Long lost scrambling. To what is. Yeah it's. Ed retirement watch. By picked here's what they're what is atomic. It's like Arabic bent guilty. We did see real wars that's definitely the channel yeses there at Biden out there remembers people are. You're gonna get breast cancer from watching that yeah. Done I like. But does that. To fight was a person that your favorite did you did you cry little pitch what you adopted people beat their parents public's going to be really well so psyched to because he can't share that with anybody work as it was here that well but that's today and see it's I don't talk about that put that maybe there are guys that he works with Wilson who are also good at hiding it as a ticket says that the good. No suppressing your feelings is good. Yeah yeah. Syndicate but the it. I Jeb Wright says by favorite movies beaches a six foot four a work on let's admit Georgia I can't stand that woman took a paramedic every time I sees she just makes you cringe wasn't. Like some lullaby that there's there's a song that movie that my weight lately from my kids that almost may be quick I'll never I'll never forgive Bette Midler for ruining Johnny cars is less than on television. Just came in saying that the league pallid Tillman. Does he cry every Dangerfield committed juggler I don't what is seen as warm and I I never liked any of movies and it never really she that. I hate that brides the painters sexy and they ain't I kind of note the Republicans as a form. Explain alive in Q. You think elements sexy yet that old Ollie back to David like flabby I'd angered so you were doing a daily basis rough Levy compelled him to them except future as well. And a nation that Midler wreck just 6000 your favorite movie music or TV show does not define he was meant we should stop doing it this way. What do you do for a living body. I. I'm in no manner no. Okay well hey what's your favorite TV show. You know on the Communist while I like side. If they top top three but maybe offset the data. I feel this is okay after the vote the court comedy gets a major but frantic look good friends was made for whites in 1990 spots but that's what friends is our. If you're a little bit to be friends mental battles. What are pumping me Michael actually liked that spot with an actors suite of light. Know each other meeting I'm like yup they're there's not a point out it's got. Was what you were doing each other jails are out of that come up to do a hailed as a met basic nobody agrees it lets you just just just tell you just because he likes to show that you like. Jennifer Aniston Courteney Cox who did not want to watch supposed to make you didn't bring it up the first time you brought up the broke what it's like a creep people around you it's a little more like you. What's your favorite movie of all time. There's so many grew up in what's your take about take that we talked to William what do you do for a living brother. I have that telecommunications technician OK and which TV show. Great and frankly what is that it's about. Two women and their husbands and as a threat be gay after being married twenty years. I believe there why the bill or they are leaving you an unmarried salt varying robber. OK it was so it's the adventures of two win editors find out their husbands or day. You know and one thing hippy and the other an alcoholic. Thank you Lexus religiously. I know that three punitive it on Netflix in the in my web what's the other. It sounds like the creepy is that the movie of TV show ever heard of it funny is how it's probably not though. Earlier digits I don't either way it's it's got another woman in there. Who I've never thought it was funny Billy Tom we shouldn't allow you guys talk about how they're washed it. But it's not yet but it comes on and so it's going to be it's a triple on the med school guys were as well you may get its. That threw me up but it's funny you hit the issue of drug nugget it's funny. I will take the call buddy of the rest of the day in the guys drug usually anger crusty old knots yeah allegedly took an early. She was she's mean. She came here to do it to do do a show a one woman show. She started its holding the audience is a guy got to the take a school works OK she's as a crutch real front. What are what's important but it is going to be the worst one. KGB Nash and the general contractor in construction and president I love So You Think You Can Dance it dancing competition. So that the famous people are just the regular rest as regular as people. Really famous like to dance. That dancer. Is little hope.