My Favorite Grandkid

Friday, January 19th

Do grandparents, aunts and uncles have rankings of their younger family members?


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Personal responsibility. What did you do there and tried my seven year old. I am trying to make her self rely Rodham Clinton are now about that age okay so she got hockey tonight. And she's very excited about this. And she wanted all of to let me invite my dad and mom and brother told congress he does a diligent game. Seven girls' school bush complaint angels. Okay and now and soul idol I if you want the family income of one you're gonna you're gonna ask him because I had to take responsible program she says okay. So IA eat facetime everyone individually enter my dad my mom. To my wife comes home from work the other night in the middle of face time. She got really upset why because she says that having my daughter asked my family. Is too much gilts and no one will be able to say no. You can't say no and I mean recognizing go to a seven generals debut apt to go I could sell excuse I was in the you think I'm a huge break OK of five kids they don't seven euros gained little adorable kid. I and busy seats obviously it's still face time this morning but you are you tonight I'd have to go. Interesting. You know my light up don't we went to two over plays. You did that you wouldn't you know it was the color that's what I can cause I don't think guys let's go well with well what looks aside while they look similar. There's sisters. And assistance. Although I'm not saying it because there's lag tired awfully special interests that you just a little stuff you don't think your daughter's looks similar these look very different. Not very different they're they are related likes you when your brother to look similar just say this evening your sisters look a little bit like you year old related case. You really upset about so that was just about a mistake or I mean you Irish all look the sentiment. Think it was a ticket I thought I was cute actually yeah life is like really upset it still had to talk out of call everybody back you don't have to come to finally enemy this news. In defense and you are counted defender fifth. All these people should go. Naked to come over your house a lot. This is like and you've dueled most of the host than most of the spend and so late at least they can do is suffer through a couple of periods of sloppy seven year old hockey. As payments assisted is Eric this is tiger by shares of your house and the handed I I think all the allegedly actually wants to let it when it invited them kind of scale Maria my mommy but before that issuers of the drank it. It's like I don't. Asked that every game like that everybody's been one season and that's it ultimately she adds I didn't dig it up like it became like a fight what she's classic get it and you know but things that some men. Let people mucho que. And literally in the molchanov your wife this is an even her family but her family has even live here. And she's spend it on your family. So late they should be obligated to me stick up for use it they should be obligated. Go like this late date O pat yeah don't you. I give you an eye out every week yet you're eaten in drinking and carrying on in every time we go you know I got to play. And then my kids doing something and don't you think usually support me in that. As a class thing to do correct and what's happening but you don't Felix. Roads and did. You look at and a record you'd ever does satcher could actually fight we have set every time I have a valid point what do you what's your eagle what did he do I am calling your friendly bunch of Bruges. OK let's go to him and that's what every ticket is a fact we simply that I'm right. I looked like a portion of that makes it make you good guy that the only good guys that suck there it is obvious separate bro. Did you 6000 obligation duplicate sporting event I mean I don't. Am I unique I enjoyed going to look at sports events I want your kid though it in my nephew is turning ten. Man could exit their after every one of giving it legislative. If you played a sport it's that they're through every one of his games you know basketball except electric as you know I I I'd like I fight adorable little people playing sports I do for like a death. 510 minutes is great and I'm her like on my nephews the worst. Little League. Clearly a god that crap goes on longer the monopoly case look like it they don't strike out all teacher right kittens Jesus Christ in this can't get him some glasses right. And I are remembers sitting and but a daily cool thing was back in the day when you went. I could smoke a cigar and I can drink a beer or not he could do that it's probably did earlier better than you can check it. Florida smoke trick but I can't ulee's I was ahead of us that one of these parks and yeah just a public park now we would bring night we were bring a cooler in the you know the fairways at their crack open a few and you know my in laws smoked. And I spoke to secure what do you plummeted don't watch indicate are gonna sit here for four hours watching paint dry that you trade off is it would sell up to drink today yeah let's replay. If I needed tickets okay. But that's back in the day it was socially acceptable but I eat ice well I can't enjoy it I smoke my daughter don't know yet but I eat I disagree. Up to outlook for the games late smell like smoke and yeah be judged by the parents. It speaks of change here there was. Beer funnels outside it was ninety's band I was different -- nineties more I mean I played sports as a kid in the ninety's and I don't remember parents smoke into this ideally that was like you couldn't do it at the school would do a departure no I don't but I just say departure current do you know what town are still a good. Even if it's on its problems and restart this. And. Eric goes he's receipt it's your I don't I can't do it now because now are having his maybe troubled change and hope he did America spoke again. The beer that isn't just a lot of kids for arguments we you know alcohol yeah. My my daughter has to rank yet it has eight bar and I could give him a public its approach to rank and as I stacked foreign airlines it was a ball and. That's when like I think hockey those really the only one he's won a best selling out. I think like maids like you know four major sports I think really hockey the only one where. You grab a beer and watch game the same time and there are some high schools that have liquor licenses for specific you know really way I spoke to a that would be the greatest place on whatever I don't I know that it was an alcohol served at. When I was in high school I know they can't sell it to like everybody but there are places where you gonna bite tickets are people who buy alcohol. They had a beer garden yet. Look at all those games there is a high schools that play like a separate that you know it's on campus I I don't. They do it right now to I definitely know to be doing here and register as a completely wrong button but I don't TV sports that you get. Trying to teach my daughter responsibility aren't you seven each got a hockey game tonight she faced my mom dad brother sister Jean Biden everybody's going by what got paid saying that that was too much guilt for someone to go but. You have a responsibility. As he can't remember to attend to deeper to most Russian the grandparents usually grandparents are such diapers differs. They miss it when they get all the good of the grain kitten they can't exit of the guy dies soon. But this is like ER yard short year you play the short game. And you wanna get all their grain kidney Nikkei and because you'd like to be around forever you know that both of my parents yes they would they would go to every game I told the games were but let. Like here's the thing they should do that on their own LA too and sound like. I just think it's actually my fault 'cause they both asked me for a schedule I just haven't given them scheduled programming then I you I know yes that is it is. They are you doing that I'm purple yes because sometimes he has changed like Canada day glow orbit Pavia and I know that if I give my momma did the schedule they're gonna show opened candidate when Batavia and I would feel guilty ones that are close are committed to a week at a. There. Really that your parents are at I don't dad have to drive they said grant cable mostly got to do they have other Christian kids like pets kids here particularly when it rooms of his of these of the two you to a leg and down hole. I'm just saying look cooler there's a pecking order agreeing kids series of bank. Great case that look like they're gonna achieve may be better than doesn't weigh all listen I got. I got nieces and stuff yielding around a successful you gravitate to the successful sensitive to it if they've won this a great athlete or. I expect every she's doing all right and hit the ones aren't. What do you watch other ones that Camilo the other ones too. But do you they're asleep yes except to tell you which is like at this point you kinda do at that point. You grew thirty sit in the record. So you can go to the success it's just that but that's the snatch it doesn't mean you don't love the the slower won the slower kid and such a bad person now but like I have nieces and nephews and there's a pecking order a rule cooler put personal or put last. I kind of know it ally. I guess aged between 3100. You knew and then now there of the dice and other all grown rate all my nieces are in their thirties and they still know where they stand by who gets what and weren't. Actual whole person doesn't is supposed to show that plays favorites and that everybody plays favorites it's just that role. So like I am when these she's been very successful at this rate I mean they're they're hardworking kids they moved to Philadelphia. She's a nurse he's recovered to get two lovely kids rate success. The most successful all the kids so. Those kids gig I sit him note cards and gifts and suffer their rule the birthdays and for Christmas right. We are the ones haven't been. Many who the other one made a couple of kids but he you know they're not around and you know who's been to bourses and who's been in jail time and another one over years yet problems and this over here has three abortions and like. Source to O'Donnell alleyway you'll omitted that lake city abortion card but that figure that's when they need stamina straight year in forty years all figure out. You used divorce is against him he didn't divorced twice with a broken engagement on top of it used that until we to judge people. Judge lets you be judge at this point could. Operatives and examination. That is it doesn't like what you're talking about it. These are applied but I kind of judged not listed because like I said that he beat Jonas does indeed does take pieces. Which logic did you have aunts and uncles and did your grandparents hate you because you had to be like the last in line but I was the favorite because. I. The safety and and and it and then in in this Sicilian family you there's two favors the first born and and a baby. So I was always the baby and it is named after late dead relatives so I don't like double bless him well you see much detail as opposed to you when you were him. Hope your monster now. Finished forced. It's eight you'd do have favorites and even grandparents. The will look take the you don't like because like. So your dad was always an athlete grant gets us an idea so he will he able C athletic ability in your daughter and yeah he can relate to that so. Nevada was (%expletive) with a books trade deal so let's say he had an egghead. Indicated she was going to be some political masked leader one of these things are sent. He wouldn't be that interested because of the leg rolled robotic craft that he does understand. Hockey he's always love day he can relate to that so that would be his favorite. You know much hate I can only got time to get credit for something he looked at all I think my kids are into he at least pretend like he's into it right pretend I know four other yeah the one thing your father is a master at. It did this relates to college is playing pretend that's so he can pretend to like the mall. But I knows. I think it's okay pretend like the elite you're not going to be into everything your Frederik cater Neeson uploading your heart you know who no one really Russa whose. I would stake for selfish reasons he'd support all done just in case one of them hit taught you something. I just a little kitten and robotic figured that the Beckett gonna gonna be Smart. May be the imminence. QB it's like it's in the Bible pretended he pretend yes he's attended. Ted that should tell us. That's just too much as I.