My Daughter Kissed a Boy... Now What?

Tuesday, March 6th

Duffy is in a tough place after his daughter volunteered some information that made him uncomfortable..

Is it his job as a father to deal with this particular aspect of growing up?


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I IA I need help or opt out not to not to do you're the last person helps you sometimes you need a different angle no. Now. I'm I need Tammy I need mom's she's a redundancy and I need parents. To help me out what was going out with my idol parent because I am I'm on third. That she feels comfortable enough. Talking about this and that's a good thing it's a positive but I don't know way to say and it's starting to make me think about what's gonna happen down the road is my girls get older and beyond as we get. I don't know if elected. We're you gonna have to face this is a part of growing up and pay out the breaker boxes class cracked 965 to BC -- so still much seven. Comes home yesterday Gruner and she tells me. Cheek kissed a boy at school stable solution okay. Com. IE. Don't know. How I'm supposed to react that don't. Well no Camby get kidney editing something aren't I don't know how I'm supposed to reacted dished only reason day didn't. It is a good thing that she told Cuban is like the stuff I never told either my parents like it was just like I didn't have been jokes column. I didn't I didn't I didn't open about like my friendships and relationships of like that so it it's addicting that she's willing to tell you always have time to get an edge I. She likes to Mika it's tough because is. You don't wondered not to eat things in the future sits you want to scare her. Make her feel like she did something wrong in a little blown off. It might make a big gala out of it and all I can say OK that's nice sunny and hasn't athletica. But it seven Agassi owning courage either rate. Yeah I don't want to be the progress she's 77 yet but I would select honest I don't know what the age where it's bullies in recently should start 78 China basics the day date trying to understand it. If you like some. Bodies what you do when I'm asking around like when it comes to kids growing up when the age that most common these store skits. And advocate and I. Sisters but I was always played sports that much attention them and it's not sure if seven days. Yet remember kids being my boyfriend girlfriend but he says that witnesses and this is just like puppy love is is that a smooch. Okay. But like I told you shouldn't be kissing boys but there's just every static just reference I'm not a good on the spot dad and on this was a couple years ago which was little. She asked B religious question I'd had my camera rolling and it did. It. I'm never. Not knowing you person. Tacitly that was like that it with a kiss and I don't wanna keep my daughter can be located in the week should write an experiment. I don't want to encourage my daughter run around kissing boys is to this yeah he's been out that's nice because they don't master. Is she might. And if she is doing this get a rise out of view of sheeting get a rise out of view telling you that she kissed a boy. Which gonna tell you write that index that just I don't know if she kissed this boy at a pace she could be one attention so nasty to two to 6000 mothers fathers. People have been through this navy what you did when you were bunker is this normal and it's thinking about the used wrote. Decide because we spent time together and that I went she's gonna confine him on. As a father. I'm gonna find out things in idle one race eighties that a healthy relationship for eight bother to water. Or do I need to start directing this towards my wife that you got to put this I am asking kids. I don't know anybody that had that kind of relationship with their father where they can be open about their boyfriends. As a little bit as you know that and I think that's a very unique situation I think when it's a growing at puberty she would go to them mom. Alec is I don't even know what advice that that would give each other than like no you're not dating him but the fact is at its height the. Men Tom and had a unique perspective when it comes to dollars because I know it's an architect Ray Rice and I eat. Feel. Like I can protect my daughter better than may be like okay. Why. It's on the button and the Arctic that night 10 yeah so you could do it on a damage on which I just shut up. Because it's my job to beat her father and find out these. Man oh we were it was so what are you gonna say leg. What was it you can only be positive any negative it's gonna be bad re not because of the little girl orange version coming from you yet so old. You say the you love him deal like him as your boy closing low set you always at least stories are put her head do you. Love him when he he's going to boyfriend. And daughter teaches appoint for its machine 98. Well as say Ike is my boy different. Now. Tell us about this before yet kids. Like copied pilot X yet they stupid head before I had children I just figured like their babies babies babies at a 52 yes right it is awkward. But wait this is these are the easy questions. As she grows and ages and mature as. Physically and emotionally. The questions are gonna get a lot Arnold I disagree I think that's an easy argue you're ready in my what is she's our side do you buy it straight up pass that I think that's easier discussion now. Here's why could have smooching guide conversations and stuff talking about my little flower my booby nobody here's the thing I have beaten. My first sexual spartans. I have referenced to. Having crushes it dating because like at a high school I don't remember the little part right so I don't wanna do something. I just have this vision I was midget who police say something wrong and my seven year old now is 35 year old Mike psychologist psychiatrist going when I was seven I told my gut I kissed a boy did he say it's stupid that I want that they don't work like eight. Like debt for. I Steve's in the breaker mansi a map pace Stevie boy but he. Are they thought we all everybody was. First of all you know weighing an elite might friends got it all your life. Tell your ultimate earlier right now wolf but who do think why and I can't wait for stroke spread one I would set. Under so were ready to Steve Brooks Steve steer toros. I was I was seven years old her name is Wendy Hughes cute as a button. I kissed the wind and we were like that's friend that that. I'm sure you're not remembering the show the wonder years. No no no legally the little putt that hit edit. So now that might might. Is well. And she's got a crush on board now learn and so she liked what I don't. Number if me being me I eat our all our jets were so. Just you know all of them for who she does that is complete is that. My wife says the new what is wrong with you why would you tell her to act out boy she's well. Is this really what you walker. Did take away from you. Point oh. What we're supposed to senate sounds pretty normal to maybe have a degree. Why I would what I should instead world. Let's let's go thought the mob. OK I do you say just dump it off and on a YIT I got a bunch of people and all but they keep the call and I really appreciate I don't I don't like that idea I want to be act. Active in my child's like I don't wanna be that dead and that. Icicle talk to your mother that I have a behind the scenes fall with my wife youth that she'd dictates what's most app I don't want. It okay soul. Lets us put it in football terms for your camp. Assailant beat coach it may be an ad head coach material I think there's nothing wrong beatle lying coach for a special teams coach Trent and those are also. Bridal parts of the team so you're not head coach material wife says when it comes to these situations lighted mirror to orbit assistant. Because you're not a parole you've never kissed a boy that we know of but that's still debatable so let your wife with the dig deep this is much of that leaves thinking you've got a hold of the wheel all the time and you're trying to control so to you don't need to control. How much of that I would argue control thing my wife would tell you the same thing growing up my flight was such a she'd really have stuff like this she didn't lead the social. Actually she is known now I mean as a mature woman she understands these things you don't see you mature adult figure to all season and you're giving terrible thought well I'll buy it by aces. Deserting her struggling you have no answers on your wife is way more intelligent and deals in the medical field. And understands the human body better than you do yeah. Yes she works at the Q we will try to protect you. I'll live with the I would biology and Felix limo in a hurry up Brandon Flowers in bloom blogs and penises are flying all over the place. And I think even to Steve's point where even if you give that advice and it doesn't work out. I think giving bad advice is still better than just pushing it up somebody else because it's still think I'm trying to help you bat an idol my daughter sees it that way I don't. Lots of things we did not aggressively we were kids. We hated them for learn that thirty years later you realize that they were just trying as hard as they go right Winger. And I don't wanna have to wait thirty years from my daughter understands I was trying to do by. Right and and don't try at all tied 2226000. My seven year old daughter told each adjustable. And I go to do this banker. To start toward other you know maybe our doesn't it don't shed that she told me she didn't tell my wife I want to did you. We just released where she just comfortable saying these things but its stock Ryan's on C a Matt Bryant away but he. And I get to act. I why bikers aren't at Rhode Island. Ninth grade. Are not I'm not knock I was nine years old and out it's our. And they are Lila lose. You know they cute Easter and all that dot com let the girls bother. He and I end up beating here and we ended up beating our lip until late great Iowa later in each of this girl. Let her dad is really cool. And I used to think during on the record ever docked them quietly daughter now and aside and I don't anchored at a school like that little bitch. That. Because. You know I was I was near needing your little flower and nose as dropped. Out of horny little boy. It. I don't adult and he doesn't really make sense a lot of time bush. As the body as everything to do that and emotion I mean when you get someone Eric in the English you know and not up on your waist down below you wait I mean. Here right I think I figured out the of that figure out so far. About this is I'm not gonna have Ryan talked to my daughter that's the only thing I know what doesn't know. Eat at your wife star and I know that you don't have like a boy but if you had it done. Then that would be year to. Right this is just so. And my son cited confided white this stuff. I would feel weird step it likes to say this is my depart now but it kinda is because Europe boy you know what's going on and a boy's head. And that your worth doesn't know living at different times now Tommy it's still the saints out. What they didn't invent anything new on the human body is still the same wrong mentality around. Men and women guys know each rally a goes in to be you could do Shalit they go browse tab. I could see over there are about to do a lot more smooth talking to find out about seat did you do six that this is Mac is at the break let's talk to a woman OK and this McIlroy yeah. It. She and her react and the older tech trap and the button. So what he would do her act. Though it you get your reaction like on the and he kept applying for now back to glamorize. And it kept her from the power in a situation. Can light up my dad McKinney. So we got to know why I. Think happen. Said I got lit up portent simulate it blow it off. In your but. Our allies in congress in detail but no should talk to notable. Like Dick it is still but no offense is back because I would worry that if I'd normalize it that if she is trying to get reaction ought to be like he said what's the next big coming down the pike there that she's gonna tell me dragon reaction. Anybody you get our big blown up act and against our credit situations you make it kind of look at it. Could be. Don't mind it to a man and I expect even call I appreciate it thank you are right. You weren't going to be cool man be cool and you can't be cooled and click fraud advice ever like be cool can mean a lot of different no mailing and take my ninth coup then be distinct chill man doing stupid in Chile get a chill stops each selects.