My Blind Man Date

Friday, January 26th

No man wants to have his friends selected for him, but sometimes you have to do it for the good of your relationship!


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Have buddies or atomic weapon and most menu hang out with your buddies to spend a little tidal wave from your white bread drink embodies golf but encouragement the natural thing to do you do I think speaks Breaston. But when grand time. Women are different and it's not for your wife to have friends that you'll as the husband the boyfriend you be part of that too. And I cannot for the life of me understand. Why Boyd get it do I need to be friends with everybody might wait for all the time anyway. Emily's who drove from now in Korea. But to get Tom Bob UK at the the break group Roger glass cracked many 65 to BC that weekend was that what goes achy Friday night open guy he's just gone to dinner. Her every fall and get out of the house counsel non not not really. My wife met this woman. And the friends they they did it do that if you let amount what it isn't easy to find each other so let me just end it becoming friends and hanging out tonight. I've been told a bit I have to go to dinner with this woman and her husband. Now I've never met this woman. I've never met this man exciting meet new people would make him friends not to not to tighten this is the last thing in the world but I wanna do tonight and my wife has this site the lights at this idea what they set this thing that I'm meat he's got in we're gonna become friends and former us are all hang out old guitar yes. Which never met discuss. She thinks all of her friend's husband tonight we're on to become best friends and it's never happened. Guys the Sox really Harden Ed no guy ever becomes friends with his wife's husband. Kirk in the history of the world so what do you think she does that's why. What do you think I don't tell league drug top. On resource shares like your friends. As transit just dirty and stupid and mean much Trent yeah so this person. She can control. She she introduced this person. And now she has little control Rio itself it's etc. it's a husband played date. Those are rare and talked and you guys that are there and took what you balls and football and butter ball to a talk about. And it's a holiday. And Indy she can also keep dying and you in the Italy can keep an eye and her husband and it's all going to be great and you're all gonna vacation to get her there. Our immune to a couple go to wind tour together rolled off. Talk Oprah lunch date when day in and be funny or maybe you'll take up golf for tennis badminton. Thank you always crazy things got her head but it's all about control because. You wife doesn't like curable I and he plays don't like the friends that you bring to a marriage she was new was it she wants to pick out for your rate you can. That's theory at typewriter it's funny because I feel like Tommy has done this to his wife. We like a lot of your from your friends your couple friends were your friends first. And then like what became friends with their wives or girlfriends but. I think you're the one that kind of force the friendship on your wife age difference and it wasn't Tommy go or not it was Lacey need to meet this Perot. It was then Dulles this person has a spouse I would like to meet her right. But if you who. How. A body. And he is married. And immunities that person to your life and she does not like that woman. She never wants to see her or him again yet here she doesn't wanna deal I don't like her and like her attitude and why you see with her young pitchers. He does does her thing that you are you nervous you'd like god knows a thing that you I think it's got no I got I got no. Vote here she's she's she's gonna know you're not trying hard of this is your problem you know you shut down you don't talk to anybody put the face on to your friends. I had a buddy of mine. Safe. Continuously. Punch him in the arm on the way home because he had hang out with her friends. I was cordial enough yes and he was like I talked to everybody but it wasn't like a not so she kept you know like by Fred up about but. Asia's only difference she doesn't wanna hear it I don't went back in my house and what that woman in my house he's actually right if I should card night after his dinner to disguise that it never and I say anything about this guy blew my wife will lose her lectures you can give me a chance he came in over the bad attitude. That the rabbit rabbit that about and this which are doing everything you don't like so it's all about you. Did you dignity BB BB. Bennett attitudes about everybody you me and I've got a wife so your wives I wouldn't even bother trying to you say you add up Mandela. It's Kentucky he wrongly tonight with distinct but this guy is probably fall I didn't but I. Feel like making new friends and we probably small program here is my question and I do not understand for the life that he widest doesn't happen why can't my wife your. Lighten our ones not just have friends. That Ivan and one of what I've. Why you. That's what my public works hard and she's great person we get along great I want you to take time away from either the kids and I want you to go have fun with your friend and be out and relax and wind why do I have to be a part of that. As they wanna control over the next they wanna fix everything that went and nurturing that when a mother everything on life everything and have fun with you do. Here's that they here's is a thing to women don't understand. I've been dragged to things with three wives and I won't find a way to get through this kind and how to which US me to do. They'll find a way to get through it yet and then I won't get we didn't look like you're having fun. It's okay. I wasn't having fun I was doing this for you what that's a hell of an attitude that's what I told you giving him a leg up I. You know I don't like doing the same but I will do because of Hewlett that it's my responsibility as a husband. That sometimes I had to do things I had to do its advertisers things you have to do that you don't wanna do. I get it yet but don't expect him to sit there and put. Some stupid face on that I don't own I don't have that face I had this face its intentions it's gonna sit there and put discussion for a bit and be quiet. And that's good that should be good up Korea drive I'd like to does affect what else you want. I do love how you started this off we'll put it. What I learned from my three lives will clearly Butler he figured he'd just said you haven't changed after three wide but they don't get it like. They don't get me man if you did you tell a lie and somebody. But I make them do it you're not gonna get the greatest result that if that person because they don't wanna be there frank that's like hiring somebody for job they don't wanna do. Well they're not gonna knock it out of the park is they don't wanted to pass this obliged don't get that they think that they can change this crap for some reason. They can change the course of a river. The river's gonna Cowher wants to go man. This has to be the biggest difference between men and women right I am going gets doubled late tonight it never met this guy at this woman to friend my wife she was indeed have a play date with this guy could probably find one needed to French and you probably have nothing I'm so down on friend. Yeah our age it's not Brazil we saw the ice fault it's my wife's phone like I just available watch hockey tonight when. Angus is the breaker but CNN take us away but he. Tommy hit now on red nosed into the yourself you you got to make in this situation because if you real self you're gonna pitcher white saw Julia. On and nobody goes into any first. Social. Odd time what with the world some day don't know and then the hotter and to present themselves is still cautious. Too. You don't you do and not an op play like com on my college buddies and I school buddies you know have bodies of their own from their own different sides of life and and I'll tell every government to do that I'm only fifty to 60% of time do I like those new guys inept at that sect. That command a friend of mine. Introduce a. But it tower it is but it. I have noticed that before. And up and only in only you know it's fixed if you're six dirt cars are like those guys. That's so high and that's a pretty good average. Was upset about average general Borough hall of fame but don't you have man takes it takes a little Cooperstown sikh men understand that often I do find it interesting I think it got would be more willing to try with the bodies body. Shouldn't your wife's because I just a body know what and other bodies like my what does an oboe but he does beat that guy any better than this note to my neat ideas of. Better bloody radar that my wife does he for sure. Hundreds because I like my boyfriend for instance hate some of his buddy buddy friendly at a Lang outback packets getting in the intro the cup but that's on him that knowledge has this is that you been running a business. No but I'm saying like you missed the point. It was a different trying to make it my business and saying elegantly meat is the difference there are guys that topping hangs out with Tommy knows I would not rejoice or just bring leave I have another really good friend of mine who. I don't love to death yes I don't eat duck coming in on who raised him he's got a dirty mouse yet look at you. But that's because men know. It was French but why it's because he's doubled its total idiots we approach as we Jirga. Likes to beat James who works in insurance sales to play bass and local rock and it. To have. Part about cycling is what you white. It is silly this guy you'd never meant to you and like I have a choice it's -- tell you that they disease it to read it he likes football and Egypt's beer and he had it knows what. That's. Kind of notes and notes is. This accidents and. To see at a very good attitude going into tonight I thought kidney. At any other and it's bound for failure he'd give you go into it you up with Dugard. And it is using is the right down to a widget only that was fun right that the veteran and I can't say it's not fun yet. As I say it's that's on the scene knows you don't think it's fun and now they don't they don't print that I don't you lawyer knows you'd think that what you think anything's on other conversational time did you have fun. Don't have that that was good policy see I knew you'd like this. Yes. Like if I would divide just jerked the wheel overly aunts and slam and embraced and that sucked was a fan I did it ever bring it up again I'm divorced. Money outs. That's that's worked out for you so far. You have to be said she did what they like she's a crabby she's got in the game etc. no my boyfriend does this to meet all the time it's dole and you I don't back Steve repeatedly on Barry you'd like very inclusive like he's afraid not invite people even Arnold we don't really like for and I'm like they're not gonna know we did invite them let's not he always has to invite every but it'd drive me insane but. I don't care whatever the makes him happy. Shot up. Now bagel community. And I don't want her mobile brings feelings argument about it you'll just deep down you don't want her wife's feelings and that's why do and yes it's I don't artery a level of what to keep the pace they pulled there's a difference between what you just said we feel beaten because I do her my only surprise announcement it all happened tonight was my choice feelings. You don't go away. It's just hit it to meet its cancer yes I'd be part of why it Easter body away with a marble point as boxes we we'd get out of office. Yet again at the beat. Bart you breaker let's see about a lawyer about it. You more posts so here's what you gotta deal outnumbered reports it's X it's try to recruit president. We broke college about you were little project at the scroll bar want to mere there was not bow lodge OK let's look them up bumping would you what they're all about Ryan. He's you start seeing the picture picture just a ballot at the bottom. And they go out she's a bed to look at it now while she's pretty hot next thing you know the way it doesn't want to introduce you to anymore. Cool so I get a Boehner for her friends who'll yeah. That's this sounds a different problem yeah I don't want to -- that aren't anymore and you have but that decides that you just made it is giving other problem it is. I don't solve a problem you just handed me another problem. You don't have to get all all of dorm and no restraint or router and safe. You've got a better look at you like you're happy that you don't have this. It is standard drug tests or rubble and outrage there. This agility iPad. It's probably not as you have men and let's do this now. Yeah I guess that's that's all the unity day in the seeds of this league Lockett that we evident from my wife admitting it is stupidity. And missed that call and unhappy that a mistake well I just don't about it it. If they defector or discovers that the minds like as a bit burns from the discreet and I believe.