Mule Excuse Post Game Monday: WEEK ONE

Monday, September 10th

The expert told it like it is, and now we tell you how it really WAS.

The Bills lose to the Ravens 47-3 in week one.

This is where Tommy missed the mark:

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One of the heck happened yesterday you listened Cha. He never sucks about this guy builds losing 47 threes innings in that game yesterday in Baltimore was a nightmare but I knew I knew I knew. The second exactly bed the first quarter old I was when I couldn't hear. Mindlessly to stupid things that you say that's fine I find the money will bothers me is because you swan. Wired and connected to your eyes global corn once you out figure going to be expert for the rest of the loses this cake. Breaker brought to class act is odd use methods posted Monday Friday. We debuted a new segment called Tommy tells it like it is Tommy did his research and you light it up committee told everybody what happened in the game. We make sure that Tommy has the opportunity to either glow in his success while or rub failures in his face lob balls well so. Every post and the break we reduce will be this year as well. Drove it right here and now we find out why. Let alone the new way excuse post modern in the breaker. WCM. Can't thank him. Like as much as you said the bill's gonna Sutton mandated annually nailed one about a right to exercise of more than my prediction right he as the first prediction that Tommy made wild prediction on top he tells it like it is on a football Friday here in the great group on seek. About this. Five sacks burst and you think the built to take fights axle to easily. About away. Baltimore backed off a couple of that Adam. A couple of times I expect that at all it would take you know drop in the past that it took three. Have you knew you were scared of your balls whip. And six overall. Use at first half okay I'll take my team get pretty medium close pretty close at the I was doing better than that got him experts on television. History use crazy things that you did I also said shady. Wouldn't get fifty on it's that you're right. 0842. Who shot locally seven carries to lead to. Three yards carry and by the way he is mister mister wells take out the twelve yard carry he was like a majority care via. Shot about a second predictions made said on Friday Tommy tells like it is noble who's good at avoiding. Baltimore. And I think they've been number nobody else one the fans pre season. So what did you jet out games. Dedicated number one defense easily yeah without question the ravens might get it. Around three points after that game the rate that. It was wrong when you said in front. I was wrong because it was a particular deliberately deepens its. Journalist. Thank you thank you. IQ but predictions. From this is long and play yeah but I want everybody what you said. But this year our words are written in stone. Sixty final road today and articulate. It they go away. On. Howard should go simple as as our partner right now he's put goes back to be pissed away money for average you know he's guys that. Who's going to become a million Arab and just make in bed nets cut so if he's done. They could sixty lose by forty every week and ultimately that guy he's getting another year is now down about eight games and navy does it have at least one winners though seemed. I eased in bikinis for in this kind of product out everywhere it will get blowout after blah there's nothing else you can like that's the talk to the bill to fix that there's nothing machines are there sex people who had all applauding. Brian good day. And now he's stuck good big dominance. I speak of this is head coach Sean McDermott says it's playing explain that to me Borough after the 44 point loss to the Baltimore Ravens yesterday. But the game got away from us. Really early in the game just from a series of plays. Give credit to the ravens coach Harbaugh. But the game got away from us because of the series of plays early in the game but we got to go back on the good Thalmann and be critical. And the objective of what what we're doing. The other ray was at the Philly their season hasn't even started yet. As I was like of pre season blow well I did feel like pre break and it's it was any and it actually opened fire weakened even the ravens are put in their back up guys in there. I see you gave them to get in the game they play Thursday night against the Bengals of the at all rested and ready register Joseph Flacco the greatest quarterback in two and a half quarters during the 236 yards and three touched. Against it meanwhile. Eight metre area so keep human 51824. Yards. The averaged a yard. Attempt so between the two chorus and have a hundred yards and what guy do you know they had no idea this. It's like here Arizona's about variances on what. You do it now as you put the kid. Yet in many Biederman obviously can't play quarterback you have to. Just odd some gets chargers as the redemption story was going to be and right may even maybe it takes lumps against Baltimore but there's no way he was gonna be dispatched and he's gonna get a shot at redemption against the chargers on Sunday the team through the five picks against. The first guy hey yeah. I think a lot of people but the earliest we'd see Josh Alan this is like worst case scenario is maybe like a couple games into the season and bring them and. Not halfway through the first line I'm not convinced that they're gonna start Josh downs and united. The chargers are playing tonight or believe. Earlier yesterday they played a blessing in the Clinton positive. Oh loss at the last minute like they always do broker aren't. I have been there good with it and they would look I chargers you haven't played yet another chargers play I'm sorry at the other brands and tonight the rams play the lingers on second mechanical and not the chargers despite record being good are always mean to beat the bills that points list your two. But you're gonna see from your front seat is as I know what I've walked right. Like why start at quarterback a CD kid he's gonna ruin this kid he gets nothing out of playing behind his team faced a terrible acts. If you sit out there. He's gonna get tight again straight to the kid's gonna have to play you know Josh rue. This morning it's true it's now. And I guess what you attribute Prius dollars I guess at this point of your plane Josh I definitely Josh Allen is the point of meaning keeping it Peter minute rant. Yet he's he's not back up. You'll ever districting case because he's washed up already he's washed umbrella measures ass handed to halt Angela nobody's gonna want this. He's got a he would dish ray body and this season Josh is still the dish just shell is not supposed to be good right now he's got an all of the pieces you could damage him now is damage but it doesn't mean if he gets his ass kicked all season it's. It's over Barrow. Did you chilly one example for a guy Troy Aikman Peyton Manning no but I Meehan like they went in that they had this bad team won one and fifteen for Torre GRE YT one for it's been one week. One week. Like 86 team quarterbacks who have horrible season horrible team to listen in but did they build those teamed up. Yes that's what the bills are doing now when ward. Because Eric everybody. That was good replaced him with soccer next year crazy Richie again to get rid of them he left yes crazy Richard good unit one in either wanted to negotiate would have. What. Do you have a guy pit stop boulevard over the truckload of firearms way to go. Our guys who just want his father's had caught off it should get. What you can't yet hasn't yet to drive he had goals he meant he ordered his father's dead meat head issues that has been arrested twice since the bill guessing you'd take at least a negative energy and turn it into a positive on the field given direction so here's. The few sports writers continue to do Tommy tells summer a football Friday right. You feel good right now. How could you not. Tommy came in the room hi step in this morning the aged eight to do that guys like he looks so good at it but I don't you very long time and I know. That would you feel good and is what you don't get slammed the drawer the hardest. To Carol way to speak from my mom Richard to board injury I got a I got that stick is that it but I got at my age on record okay. You're gonna cut it out Friday and he got to make all these crazy yes stupid forget installer to. Speak with. Audio view making good week. Ask yourself for the rest of us a look forward to that but bro it's always this team's not gonna get any better but this that day you can get worse. Honey you know. Dana let's edging they don't have to get better they can actually. Did suck here secondly it is the talent but of the few guys that they have they give me yellows got to hope yellows got a holders is terrible to say. That decay gets hurt his leg and I. Oh we know are they alive which kiddie tying these yellow the other neighbor hasn't been easy gusher so it forces and go find the guy. You have to find a guy anyway but that I can't wait for you lead you assign value to three weeks away from starting the media that title in the offset sell here we are bush a third guy. There's a third Geithner utilities and of all I did Thomas emergency third quarterback he was mine in Logan Thomas at the low demand and so it's a Logan man. And that's who he came up it true Logan's. Logan's run out to do is going and interaction of these. Didn't had any other nickname big comedian Logan's run ins Logan's run. Create greatest movies of all time as it works for that doesn't reduce the.