The Most Important Thing to Have in Common with Your Significant Other

Thursday, September 13th

All Tommy had to do was show up and put on a happy face... Unfortunately he failed.

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A lot of Big Easy when your wife don't have to come true TV shows Mobley here male female here and I just fine without stuff. But to live for the music that it's a huge part of their lives. You did your girlfriend or your wife is it into what you dream. You have to make some sacrifices to keep the PTA should do and one man miserable he added ended up go country last night all for the seek the woman's medical ourselves to country. Yet another break rustic classic at 65 do you see. Predominantly what did you ask my buddy my owing to the of these. Cars and stars down there at the tipping a lecture mr. country station big joke to put a couple times wrote it was mobbed. Yes beach ring you're not out that stations they have a lot of listeners suggests it. But you all to be clear here hate modern country get him out of that knot of fans take you thank you because that is the last place you want to be lesson. But you when your wife are very unique yes she loves this yes do you listen to could be. And the nation has all the artist I get a whole history lesson on every artist Lesnar. And you on the other hand prefer the old country musical video which is total cop values turns. Cool that's right grew up in the deep south Merrill cracker a. Tell me if I'm wrong. You would your wife and don't have any music you know you just country a bomber on an annual jazz and the sounds of dudes moaning so like that. Is pretty odd comment not to do is mounting but the fact that you life. Do not have any overlap in music no vote not one there's not a concert America. I have this oily gesture area so I like that really holds school jazz. I do when you make fun on but I can't play data router 'cause it's too abusive so I had the plays Kenny g.'s smooth jazz around her she'll tolerate that for a while. But not for alone time it's actually gave it had been watered down my lame as music even labor as music. Let's listen. Like listening to what it was anything that's resonant defending it no support the bond is it jobs not a system. So there's not a closet that you and your wife can go to together we you'd be excited. And Rex had a bothers her because she likes go to concerts chair and then Mina so much a beaten you your boyfriend of bands to play together or I typically get passage both like to go to. It's slight music is such a big part of people's lives at four relationship work you almost have to have some type of music in common something where. Is that both of you guys love critical it's like and right in the car get. Well that's another thing rate so like employees take her car. You know it's her music my car my music so what I normally do electrical someplace and I would get radio and took you a major I've not already got keys right now. I already pulled the car itself locked up or sit in a letter types is identical cooperate so I don't like in my car offers warmer up. ORE at the warm car right years so don't need to cycle we drive like long distances. If she's in complete misery she will literally. China air as she brings everything to read watching do pitches analyst in my view. He I'm worried for you because I would think that if you are pretty. And your music but I and his wife donated any music in common your relationship is they've got everything you're doing a TV shows movies full what are realize what music is the backlog of everything right music is on the back on everything you make loans to mute or utility gaming music. Music is such again orchestra in my pants. Music is such a huge part of everyone's life that it's almost impossible to not live with some kind of music all right. That's the reason why do you see a map as such yet. Monster radio station is bad for so many years and his music is so good and evil it's so much Marcus and close to her that for decades they latch onto and then you would you want don't have. No we do know. What does it. Surprise of the country show Lester we'll get to that the second surprise pizza NCMS KP how white body. It looked up. You know I've been noticed that over the years is that I do all the guys I grew up with a mostly all classic record epic brokers and now it cameo got to give you could cultures can you got most of them Google pitcher. Held their own country music. But this. And I are similar ties to what can now we're absolutely you looked at as one of their hope it come mind. Their Family Guy last night even said that at the show where Zuma Lou bridges do those. I know you salute players agree Joan contributions. Could turn. In March 2 news. They just decided to get there is significant other's music changed the way I I did go I mean I out well. Yeah rich and I Harden. You did but I think like maybe you in your life neat there's got to be something that you both like you got to find some common ground music. Well I got a lot because my girl likes all kinds of film. You know what makes her hunter and the other is listen how did you go you're with the notes. Do you feel it don't say that Pete yet they're so there you see there are several bands that you and electability together we you're both excited. My good. See I cannot burn out and I and our country because how many Ted can you listen to sing let's rock I had gone up Austin but you don't attain. I get. There's nothing new for me in a plea what do I do. You know well he seems to be like alternative and you know it these stations were they played also you know. Other signs that the writers actually ears singing I mean you saw. And I but I don't put our Kenny G. The most miserable human beings I've ever talked to us. You're totally within days of the college have a good residents say it like let's have by some common ground right thing I like pop music they sell like. We both Groban Michael Jackson the I love me some Michael Jackson. Joy here Michael Jackson's life he touched kids she's not up she got but I mean come on man. Like I find something that we people likening gonna go all political arm it's your argument against it had a file. Come on man. That was what he used to say the gunman room. True. Tommy do you blame goes to guitars and stars our country stations because they do great job there they have phenomenal to I will say this for some but it's not a fan. It's really engaging and the people watching these off the charts. I am surprised that you weren't need that constant little bit more rush and I tell you this could just jealous and we haven't because that you recently put out a song and album of country to and they never even mentioned it I mean. How is that these guys know me down he should've had major on stage we still the commercial Raikkonen again. Monopoly granted I'm a pop in and Como grind and only Paul as to get up the malls. At all. You can forget this country ballad I'll let you witness was jerks but I still think of that has done but I love view it and he was your it should spend. Last few months tap in and out molten and soul searching in the great outdoors expert. He's ready to release his newest album and album dedicated to one thing and one thing only. Majors mold country know little movement and drew doom. That's right an entire outlook is that country doc letters Sox causing trouble and went home went down to central evidence. Shall we usually Kosher. Culprit who do you can't dunk on main street. Remember the Dave. But I sold Joan do abuse country dole saying in a moment. Who treat you. Alone were so few goals include true goal and in. I missed a late Christian god revision to. Home. Ball move. Beyond don't roll the reasons alone. Plus our story of one man's relationship struggles. But it believe only to have to go see that through doc as a country go to specific. You know Mo lady country home it appears Dong sung for everybody can order and dome in the future goals. Seizure alone to beat the street both old neighborhood you go. Six and local the stating that. Logan a symbol of goal. To figure out lakes country today for renowned Texas loosen bonus track there is Boehner. Should you make country Scotland source for obvious reasons. Through that this it. How dumb it down because guitars the stars via a country stations concert last night his wife loves country music might you hate it and UN might have no music in common. Not meant it seems like doom for relationship I you boy dons a Zeum that they got it yet. Martin. I worked but I will contribute cheek she likes that structure work plates I can't stand that I like you'll country like you do pure pure country cubic Miles Davis you are steep group. Respect for one camera ground we have time that. The facts you would sweep either one of us can understand. How we pursue ballistic at EG. Explain that to. And he's popular that people. Say shell out a world. This. Majority agrees more blowers have all time. He's actually outs but my god he wasted it service shall. It does and it immediately. It's not pretty good. All bro it's dog's point maybe you find it com in. Page hatred toward of Kennedy citing a music note certain types of music made that three bond all right -- days ago but it does today it is a great uniter published a on this last time about if you and your wife or girlfriend that song is more in common and thank I got married Pete is married couples had in common in this study right on on Google last night. On number one was Family Guy who was the most common to man and programs are those two economic status you make similar money your come from similar economic back number three of all that did you how was music. Music in common when your spouse etiquette when you really think about it how many guys have met women at a show concert how many guys tried to impress women like taking out to do great seats to show that they ballclub early relationship music sets the tone for everything in your life everything. What does what you do is married outside. So it's funny you bring this up. Our wedding song that she picked was that they need top selling song of the headliner of this show so they she wanted to see this guy ever gonna name now. Stuck some you don't know the name of the guy loose anyway so now I know the name and a song or you got married like he always. I had with an outline its Charlie predator. Silent. If you wanna define his songs like twice I just couldn't yeah if you why do you think I know the name of the Turin was tickled and it's her head over boots for you all. A. Zepa booed. Pushes out of these to a who who I don't noted David ago okay that's not good what it was like a thousand names that they had either been they have Massa had thirty people on that stage last yeah let's do it it's a big jamboree. I named John party. Yes that it. We Kiki you deal earlier that day and obviously some witnesses that there are prison as his company can always guess at the BC that the breaker and FaceBook page. Dale writes I've had relationships end because we had music you want that's pretty C Gallo city Altman. I easily but as of X and I love Metallica I dated a couple of girls were also believe in a Metallica there's something about a girl who loves really hard rock. Can't you Psycho that you think would be good up front but it just didn't make it work out well Allstate with my metal stuff my wife now like country music works just finally now. What are going to be on top of each and every night us that we do you have this stuff so this is called the head over -- treat you this Tommy to a exiled dissident appeal. Yeah I'm going to be elusive dissolved. So. My a step daughter. Hates country music okay so like win win. Wife said hey this is the delay she was just rationing is too and I tell my wife is gonna cave rating Olympics until a new. Stuck to them guidance. Let your like your stepdaughter do the dirty work load who has just happen why are not it and it's the step bases I agree. So just go are do yes. You know we difficult Peter earlier a lot of face west is coming in of guys that are admitting that they changed the music taste defeat there Y see that's that's bad because why would you do that I think to get yourself. I think that's more horror. Miller tonight Ivan I don't drink the same during sure we don't like all the same food to make it's it's not all gonna match up. It's like you're doomed because something doesn't. It I kind of makes you shall know I think that that the excuse of change and music from my wife my makes you shallow -- week it might just be excused as your music takes changes you get older right. Like so it might be a way to protect your image like you actually need to do like country music now or your finding yourself more attracted to adult contemporary music but you want you boys that my wife expertly Jules. My wife is as guilty pleasure. Do you feel like that's what that is I don't like punishment let's into its wild like Michael Jackson but I don't like old pop music from Ned. John and it time yet where you picked him out of all of them. He's the greatest musician of all time high and I agree with you but I like the music like that also not view. You you just like him for. He's a grizzled I would get AM an aerial that a you know. I mean eighty should make an effort to excellent pass to be something I'd talk third and Hekerob there instead different two hours. While I had dead. Countries said a boobs rubbing up against Maine. I was ridiculing car wash IE there was adult the sonic with country music player and no human for a long time when yourself where you don't wanna be you're not exactly pleasant. And I was drugs we went remember we see. Ringo star and your wife is very excited to announce. And you just sat there like you were being sent on flight your best and yeah. You already know it's just pretend you're having a good time Rickie she's. Publishing going to be head over bodes for you if you don't pretend you're having a good time right. How is she going to be this out a. The gun went much. Can't even get through it and. This is a car last year turning and basically all I got I have. That I have jazz on in the corridor and down as she still singing this tune like over the music is playing in the cart or haven't or not even at the concert gently you know. And here and it was the biggest disappointment all into. We didn't get deceived sing that tune. All if you wanted to go well I can all you before I a guidance. To push. How we still mired early I and we had to go or are we book and it got to work more. So. Let's on divorce American on the web journal wanna you know for their wives we want for and hey it's his body does it on me. Did they finally got a bit about money back. He did not buy that do you rare chance you're a rare chance to see. Your wedding song in person refute your wife no don't deputy needed and he's the reason. It now but as he marriage she wanted to go and you look for the wedding song Rowell we were there two hours he would do to tone all you got there what's he gonna do it did you get an hour before the show started I don't know arsenal. You said it is what it tonight because ago last night's first thing he says first they. Juicy target spot I got the equipment and Brian. Well let me let's on every two hours you don't do to tone following I had considered a midnight. Fund even all horses at the track went to bed you your management Europe.