The Most Gruesome Injury I've Ever Witnessed

Wednesday, October 18th

The NBA got off to a gruesome start last night when the Celtics and Cavaliers squared off in Cleveland. 


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Kennedy was shot you remember exactly where you were and what I'll do it. Mind you everybody when you heard about what apple nightly did you watch the second tower and you remember where you were what you return and that's normal. Right he's like changing events. Other places really happens I'm fine in his last night. He's with gruesome sports injuries and because one. So guys -- titans want is a bunch we'll go through but one of the most gruesome sports injuries in the history of sports and here patently Celtics cavs game last night so much so that I almost the grew up watching it. What haven't you have a break much less than six spot that he sees that. Thousand dollar bid to 16 minutes at 7 o'clock at decode attacks that word 272881. Richards does that. 7 o'clock in a break on CN apps Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Boston Celtics won a two to 99 last night but that is not what it was talking about the news what they're talking. About Eads Celtics guard Gordon Hayward. Removing his foot problems like the last editor drink his milk hall league so his leg snapped in half his ankles now separated from his lights snap off of his foot off it was like. But there's a dang on my dad jiggling. Cell. He does he goes up comes down shattered just exactly have they thought it was a leg break first. He's sitting there holding his leg his foot is upside down day Bentley. Oh like I kept getting out of the rallies that passed out from the pain got to be shocked that he's always so like when your body hits the Serb pointer made it just like should I get blanked out. He was not only was up like that he was calmly talking to the people fixing I don't know I you'd you'd like this that has to be having I can imagine we have that feels like we have the audio I think you can hear the break this is not a joke. Out I think you can hear the break on the television broadcast argument. News. Something a little pieces I shock I can look ridiculous NAVTEQ does it bother you nano. Can. They mean gosh I think about is they're would bother reverting to crises that the on TV. Person memories that it doesn't it really was gazelle like that's a TV show play again just so people if you missed it listen to these issues ankle great all of no splitting and have unlike television yeah he's separating from his body essentially yes. Oh my goodness fox. And all. Oh. It's funny right like that's when those injuries you feel when you watch yet. Massive sports injuries are like national tragedies everybody was into the show if you live when it happened remembers when Utley said LT shattered Joseph fight but it. It also has to be unique situation because that was a Monday Night Football game. Back but everybody much money in football so. Mandy Reid played that they did jokes about it grade picture and this is opening night of the MBA yeah you know so a lot of people like I watch size that. I can careless about basketball but I just want to see deal the united MBA. So I I I caught again as does a little bit of the games so yeah I mean those are special moments so when you do. Horrible injury and the other domestic and on on a big game but more so I was thinking about the one from the tip from Kentucky what is his I don't know. Was a little cabin where is yet so his. Shin literally. Here's. Lay yeah the bonus hanging out well but I I was watching the game because it was of the you know is that it was that much. There's you he does that more people CDs big game and there is engaged or run the no gain from a couple decades ago that at one of those crucial sports injuries and if your secrets that you remember when goalie Clint larger cut it's always guys like so horrible light that led to slightly that's again Friday the thirteenth Democrat but that's only happened twice NHL history and it happened in the seemed to holes eating buffalo area. The seat have a clip larger would have tied the goal he got his throat sliced if there was an eight. Doctor right behind him seat front row here people over the boards ECB is liked him hasty or eating is what is the aorta Korea to stop the book this. Says this. And yet and I don't think it has to be an important game for you remember he's Tommy's right there's more people with a I don't mind when we watch him Monday Night Football and it's on a national stage more so that if it's a regional game where this happen Murray via. Is Gordon Hayward Celtics forward injury last night ankle snapped in half on live television he was sober person. I thought my television was on delay Aaliyah and sometimes like it give them for you that you get a picture freezes I was like why is this flick because I didn't sound off most of my kids to bed and I want why is this all my life. I. I don't. We just got to treat I think we were together when this one happened we are watching it. It was when Anderson Silva Los despite many broke is like it has always had to clear out doing an event that night and we were like oh god Felix Jeff I yeah. Was it said that MMA so Ariel why did it years ago. By like. I guess because they have he'd do like a regular job where you can get hurt everybody if you stay at their job long enough. You're gonna see these types of injuries that they give you touch any guided Spinner in Vegas he's been roof and for thirty years. He's seen a guy take it held a tumble and really F himself up and he may be that guy like my thought my ex by the mob is instruction for forty years. The head twice he would fall like over thirty feet onto his back. And early twisted his body and an. He had or stories that an editor guys ended late mangled themselves up at work seized because we have a bitch jobs that the sexist I think so light. But I cut meat. I suck I got a couple people who were won by in my took his finger up on a band saw and yes I mean I. I was there is that really affected me. Intact so its latest is body was much here and the bold on the audio we displayed was a cut made so yeah. Really you'd have puck Gordon Hayward assuring they have about what that I don't get off the Boehner on the bottom. By the way the sport cute he's amassed a contract he's got that money but this was easier it is going to be the year he became an NBA superstar while right now he's going to be probably a bodily. Bentley may be so screwed up. I I was Alexio sentence at the take your foot off cause acute for this guy is gonna get the best medical care on the play true but like I don't know like they need not be able to walk right again yeah. Really say this could be a chorus here but with Kevin bass player Paul George and other guy that. On he was down yet that was just a few seasons gallery team US ABC players but with the SE it was knows a couple of years ago team USA is do we warm up game play each other before the Olympics at basketball yes Paul George goes up to catch a ball in his leg broken app but I. Watching you lied in hotel weekly. Well in my buddy ball quick. But that to happen this skiers. Like to accused downhill skiers actually wiped out and I also deadly suspicious flat at around like energy regulator of lag behind him there only seven people. He lives so early do Olympic shall watch. The commercial that I remember seeing one in that I remember Neal and went skiing room. Low hook that if. Gotta do that it gets excited. That one I and the Marcus Lattimore from South Carolina when he screwed up does need real bad and I'd like had gone and they completely opposite direction. That I. Asset yeah yeah same one that Miami running back. For those running back where he got hit it is put state put any Aggies yeah go blow up got to watch that was give. Talk about this Courtney woody drew let's I wanna play the audio one more time and just joining us he's a COLT snapped off of his late does dangling but it's funny what injuries we can tolerate in which ones we cannot to this is this for the break on the national television broadcast last night. Guess that all the way out dashed if you look at who. It's a big immediately say Hayward Brooke it's like. Immediately those guys are right there yeah Florida could see at. Ebert who could replace that audio from a pitch the Yankees game I didn't know it was we can sign it is like. I cannot watch that Gordon Hayward replay over and it's the other showed all they know I had to get up to let's examine every tweet pictures of addicts. Liked I have no problem watching NFL player being knocked out cold by element here. In fact all watch that replay over and over here which is weird because that hit the pick I would take. It took five to ten years off his lightly you know it's. I gaze is like he's not telling he's taken a nap. Like of his head was separated from his party for oil and he had just put a bigot like rock them sock them robots. I might affect a little bit early when when you to slow motion replays these guys take at least it's an ad there cold. I can't write an Arab lights a spot which is almost all hang out of the dangle in. Foot candles it's funny Hayward will eventually Klein he's got his money it's guaranteed even if it plays there at NBA basketball. Can we love this stuff we do. I remember like monies to sell you those. VHS tapes. The NHL's moans of murdering his chest is this the hardest hits in the NFL ever there was one time. You could buying. NHL just fights. Like he issued as well out of each other Celek we kind of dig this too late Thursday. Gruesome. Goon side of all of us that even though were repelled by it we still kind of want a peak between terrific uses the. Yeah I think there's a difference now because there's so much access to all of these sports I was right there on Twitter and do interviews all the time they have the website foundations listen if you know rob gray beat Bob over unconscious in 1988 just before it was really did I went back to us my day now I know all of my favorite hockey players most personal things seem picks their kids like what you're deep throat to be casual fans aren't that deep. But it's easy if you wanted to find it at the head I can't identify more with these guys now just because so much access whereas before they were just monkeys data from Miami and now these like these people. Does is it. Actually to close the business. And maybe that's what I think it is. The tackle but you're gonna enjoy some of his gruesome miss.