The Money Test

Monday, March 12th


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There are two things that stand out you with the story odd ball we can be spread in the test that he in my area right. Outline if you do this test over and over did you get an Bavaria only person and had to watch I have to prove myself to somebody so I can beat their for a pretty ticked move beachfront can be read to you would think that. All of can be spreads the highest highest. Quality people and it's not that what your friends can get something to ensure that he surrounds that man. A woman but the got there he surround himself with only the best yet he cult it's the money test so so. So we were Alec some the other night and yet like this one good buddy who we all really like a lot to like alleged call us so it's of atomic about that is a gun out and I had to cut him out my life. Toledo's must be gets great story to the guy seems like a pretty good do it again we've never seen any like red flags are ready things so. He basically starts telling us how. And some of the aids he's done it to family members coworkers and some of his buddies his close buddies. He does this thing called the money test where. Like for example with this guy I guess she is given a ride while his buddy was giving my friend a ride okay. And he will do this thing we're steel belief cash in the passenger seat like pretend like you for he. Forgot that are fell out of his pocket or wallet or something here and if the guide doesn't return it. She thinks she's like a sleaze ball like. So it still do that he also explain us how key. With coworkers or something like let's say he joins like March Madness pool has thirty dollars we'll look at the got 35 dollars and of the guidance and give us five dollars back. Like without saying anything and I don't trust that dying. Selling this guy's gonna sky and nickel and diner basically kind of just like saying I'm not did add this guy's an honest about. Need you know leaving some cash behind but he doesn't everybody. Apparently that's what he says so to beat this guy's friend and Jacob has the money you have to pass it to us it's fun synod test. That is what tablet interface I feel like you're coming around Maine I kinda have a little bit of that which in my ass so let's say just accidentally have in that island money in the guy's got it. And for some reason and I wouldn't bother me that he never. But he knows it's I looked at there was an active thought in my pocket or whatever and just captain how would you know how all the things doing all along when I don't see it for a day. But every demon seed at some point and I was in your car how was your mind that it up over there that's where I was singing too which I don't ask. Yeah I guess the only shot that around. I don't think it would go that far just this is money notes in my car might now I would Dick let's see you later really really. He just think you're entitled to anything ripples on anybody's part is now mine in my car. He has but I mean that's your friend man nobody sang it can run and web service if I did not watch it fall out of your pocket I wouldn't he think it was yours yeah. Selling retail bookstores they got and his fans so my second wife she loved this kid that worked and had done to exploit and now he had the mid day. Geithner. And so we all gone drink in 19 and another couple came to so it's three cup radio couples at the bars are all kind of know which yeah. So eyes were drinking and stuff like that I had been tipping on the drinks and so restaurants singles downs of by the end of the night in you know during. As it was 74 closed sniff the pilot single day and get a guy due to say they want the other kid. This midday cute at that time back in the day. Was that had settled up yet. So my wife and I split. Into two couples stay. The one can't orders some more drinks scoops up all my cash inserts paying for the drinks that he ordered. A very settled competition this guy hadn't really settle that I bought him some drinks is scared. So the other guy goes hey that's that's Tommy's money is not what he left it. I think kid literally took the tip money that I had sitting there OK so not tanks and assault weapon at the senate could guided. We basically just rip me off OK he then Monica and Rick Dodd. Thank you ripped up to people in one movie ripped off many and you rip the heart the waitresses but the bartenders poured into. I love my my blank for the time ice a point was a hard time rapper veteran and I go. He's a huge piece of crack addict to any did it right front as somebody just. It happens just actually liked mr. organically were some reveals the character deal. I didn't you hate that guy but to run a test with so many questions it it didn't go all right he's still it's due to his I don't think so I think this organization it's exactly because. Movement in my scenario. Would let's say. I was I was running a test to see you with this guy it was a quality guys to get the same result he's a piece of crap okay but like the idea that you only surround yourself with uploaded to avoid this guy that are worthy of your company help but I see we teach what you know I you know I everybody's responsible for the for the company that K okay as you make those decisions. It. But their bodies it does. Reflect dot B I I accept certain flaws in people but they're good guys this pic of the guy cheats on his wife cheating on me I could go into a whole budget to predict but you know he's cheating and you with a smaller more attractive man. He's reds who currently two users of baseball and apple orchard. He'd like atlas. Say let's say this test was flawed and that means your point it's very easy just pick up. Money begala and I don't remember dropping that this must be nine your IO thirty finals farm appearance but if it works in this person actually doesn't return your money knowing it might be yours that is pretty good test of somebody's character is I guess is like a bit my friend I would want to return that money if I go way. Knows it can be mining doesn't wanna return my money what is. Slap in the 62 to 6000 on but this money to seat eats up beaten we know each other forever right so let's say this test on you. And I dropped to 35 college your car you give it back to because your good stand up to Miami to 35 stink at golf if you ran a test to see a trust wordy or you wouldn't take offense that this are worth it opens everything you do today. I would take offense but you would never do that because of a quality you know. And at some scum bag gasket beg for money dealing ethnic issue that this is God's sake how subtle body which definition I have let I ripped somebody opera money you invited me to lunch my birthday and it may be paid for Al did you want to be a big show pledge you whites credit cards on. About at the beer garden. Three to five sets up my desk I did not by the way the most trustworthy guy might want they're like the guy who seems like he's got to get him I'd be the first person you test them were single click you wanna make sure they check out now you're trusting anybody where you should be says. And we don't seem like a lot of work just today have friend got Maryland. Doing it but I but I can't get it for everybody and I sure like when he shows up government time. I was out at that we've when I was dating right I had that one day but that chick of one pretty good so we went out the second time and we had done anything at. And we're just hang and out of the Bahrain an avid bind this chick drinks for lake is our second date narrative. So. At one point during our second Davis that they dated one of these outdoor bars. She goes upping scores of beer for herself. It doesn't offer to buy me drink comes back she has appear not to blame his broad drinks and food does is day to have any competitor riches yet she discuss some buys her own beer. And venting some paying for her lunch today. You smile access. Well we're done that has nothing to do with the money to us that they now. And thin strip but that's it tests like everybody guessing everybody all the time okay that's my point like. You will be probably run more tests Muirhead the and you realize that people because when UC so that the doesn't add up again it's gonna potentially setting Sunday. Senate but. But let's say these seminaries is present themselves organically. Okay that this happens yes you'll probably kind of the same result as is idealistic as you go hey man. Why would you do me I'm trying to be a good guy here in Europe and what that's like classic cat and likely sees something that's okay it's the idea that you have to stoop to this level not trust this guy listen this guy's got enough energy to cut to the chase here rate this is find out this guy's made up. Why wait around for I would rather find out early on that this this persona and hang I was appease or crap then maybe hang out with this guy per year relies. Either they would care about be in a body releases a piece of crap. But that's kind of that the problem look site as my friend and like so when you. When he cut the study your life like woody talent like well you know I set yup on this test but instead they mail I just couldn't diaries would hang it makes you look like a Dick because the reason your conference gamers really can you administered this test to DG 6000 that he failed IC guys on old kid he has eight friend. Who runs what he calls the money test Stevie get all important he would leave. Twenty dollars or begins right over the twenty dollars. This passenger seat and if you don't return to and he will cut you out of his life also if he's giving you money. You can be an extra five dollars and if you don't count out a given a five expect. People cut you out of your life atop the sudden oh it's great. To highlight I don't have the energy but I applaud his efforts C acts with a flaw in the plan is to work is because every person who thinks this is a good idea and would be unbelievably offended if anybody else at that today. Advocates are good people which are not good person he's a good person you've said it all bad people well batted different things. I mean sometimes it's natural urges I don't hold out against people what they're getting money to Gary hi IA. Getting drawn cheating on your why leave those are natural. Christian urges. But stealing news that's what you did that pretty top command and all I hear him out shell give backed out by dollar. If Dow drop without money endowed seat Al must return it you know the to cheating Diggs also amendment does not this is a bang Errol ladies neighbor. The neighborly. Thoughts as it did say don't bang any buys is don't covet thy wife also if you are cheating you stole. For the decade. Natural joke they breakdance stuff over the pictures. Dave's the breaker Muncie about. Eight. Nobody got good. My dad used to do with my buddies and I believe we have the dollar bill on the banner of save room. And I need sack he would my you know my front but you scum down around geared if he. Well it kind of backfired on because one time on my body is important. Yet I'm about to keep all my. Highlight. The only can it does he can it doesn't it seem Tesla ten dollar. Pit it against him. The result of but they had no I knew that the market. Let's let's get down highly doubt it. It's a bloody. Day. We dig it faced a message how good of a person if you go if you'd offered testimony but what if that weren't hit you know maybe. On owes me for guest Neitzel call even them outright mean as kind of the point. And I that wasn't discussed. It was me not keeping just really don't know if he's always had a discuss what was in my pocket. I don't know if it got us. Still for a decade. And Hillary's you know on his cause I told you that tell OpenId in the comic beaver re. I was that open the psychic I exposed by sold to you and and you still late meal Chris is in the breaker might see Chris body. They W eight the guy who complete Deutsche Bank Blake. Isolated you're given a large man is born you Hannah guy an actual fight like you know they're guys here are hundreds of dollars in your office you know you give a lecture by boxer. And ever boats call counted. Which. I mean how commuting count the money before you gave it to me are you glad dumbed mad cool you might beat Tommy I mean I don't think they teach mad that they came carrier military I saw her in math puzzles different. Chemistry literature on it who does list of clients you do your friend your nod right. Got a job I don't like let's say let's say you forgot right but but he's responsible to catalyst money on Kamal put up with a number. You've realized that like it would be his. You know you're gonna go ahead call 800 people in the pool paid so we give me an actual five. If you knew you he will America survive to begin with the Q should have known about the gay adult and we have a tornado had an F five we Elmo led other makes thirty. Chris so kicker it's difficult but it usually don't and in a wallet. I blame myself first does not yet to be a complete idiot always played somebody else. Is yourself. And it's. Stupid school do you go to replace yourself or she never like these of somebody else. Did he go find out you beg for forgiveness but you always blame other people for UQ. Everybody likes me nobody likes getting likes reaching its that is going to like you so much now. A national Lincoln. You reduce if you do this don't do this they got the idea to do this you're gonna be very lowly loan sleeper definitely should have some money go buy some new friends. What's your paper out but you drinks exactly all my John I've bought French. Bureau who might not you do hope. That's how yeah that's proposed you weren't your forties and and you're paying a fee if you can't hang out with you that's how creeps do what they we have to give you I'll. It's just guts the before early Q well let's play. Show just gotten really I really can't get hard stir anything to don't put British Open that pool of they got abused lighted sign Leo because he's out of one nightclub and have drinks you need to get the and I'm missing see you're saying is be thanking you damn nobody felt the mop and a parking was your celibate you know that's our ugly he was happy they're supposed to pass it on half the size of the V I should appreciate you if it was touch to resume buddy. Did you know that of air arena. As I Amber's got it. If we can be said that this work oh my poems are eligible. And you need to see it I do go yeah.