'Mom I Need Help, No Questions Asked'

Tuesday, November 21st

Would you help your kid commit a crime if they were in a tough spot and had no other option?


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You mother loves you. Yeah that's the gig but that's that's her job to hear what you've done. Your mother loves it is rearing to go further than that in seat is based on the story. That. Your mother. If you needed it would put herself in. And awkward position as a more than operators to illegal position to make sure that you benefit and is that your mom awkwardness. Some big. As crazy as this story sounds well we're reading it out loud I wonder how many men listening to the show if they went to their mother it's I desperate and need to do this week with a read to do it I don't seem to not just what he's shaky the breaker rutz is classic rock and a six but did you seek to have to tell you about the loose fitting in. The capitals mama Lou's stood uniter to lose it happened Orchard Park well estimates. That they might have heard that Tom before. Commitment but forget to go to a department of Eddie eighty taco. Well that's the joint yet. At two important. Thirty what the hell they took the money packer thirty year old right loose what did the mighty taco at 3 in the morning with that gone way it's open get to 24 hours watching. But we'll bars close at Ford on the all edit point so yet Eminem might stay up until that. Call it. Overnight there was a bar it's always a part of its own and are not yet they mail via giants ultimately you've got to bills could you bet this mighty taco night what's it with a gun right loose and yet it Eddie demands money from majority way to deliver some cash the government fleas on full. All right. We say even got a white vans. Which was exiting the parking lot and police found his man pulled it over and found right loose they say thirty years old baton. And his mother Pam. Mama Luce who was the getaway driver for her son's armed robber he hit it it. Now he was charged for degrees like we robberies to read message that degrees criminal possession of stolen property she was charged with first sector we robbery Crisco all the same stuff that the same stuff all the loose off. According to police don't lose gang was getaway driver Vanessa she's real woman Brighton. Would other be willing to help you no questions asked Tutu to commit armed robbery why do you let's say maybe not to that extent but it. I think a lot of parents looked past some things that they knew their kid than a bad spot let's say mom it's 2 in the morning and Egypt drive me here and wait. Which got to ask any questions speech yet it thinks though. She's gonna hormone. I think warm others would be willing to do or mom even if she knew we were committed armed robbery big music. And I Shabazz like I hope a bad mom. You'll be looking to make a case so let's say you dealing dope addict I know this I know it's happened before lake. Basically and the adults in the house. And I'm just hide it here right now because again deal I know mothers have done and knowing did that was a bag of dope. I don't kid whose mom let him. Do that at her house because he lived it his apartment with his daughter. And she didn't want. The pot being grown in the same house as her grandchild so she offered to. Let him do it in her basement so I mean it's kind of a long missed deadlines is what happened here your mother loves you your mother will do any good for you and your mother will look past obviously red flags and plans to make sure that you are safe and OK I would think this woman. Believe that she was driving the car that her son was safe well this one I. That's my behavior and be mighty toggle money. This wouldn't you know be on this guy looks like a desperate guy if he's OK reasonable protest by the other little possible. But if he goes towards his mom and a desperate spot I need this to get back on my feet again it's one time I'm hurt anybody. There is one time armed robbery it different to what does that make a bad bomber good Irish are horrible. But I guess like if your net you know if you're. In a situation where you how you can't you don't have anything to give your Kidder or help your kid this is the only way you can help and and I guess it you know it's it's the worst part apparently been happening. Because you you get so invested in your kids that you don't see the red. Lights going off on the dashboard of your kid sure Emmy night and you see it all the time I remember on the old show. He's going to it was always in trouble ball but it was never his fault. They all this crap started happening dammit you know. Wrong place wrong time not my kid ongoing belliard kid's inning hole meant for you don't see it so like it seemed parents going down this rabbit hole of Mike in my case just misunderstood I see other kid. Especially is dead and she was songs like that's a funny about bonds is the case it'll find a way to explain all kids bad behavior and build justify themselves illegally that bad behavior but it's we are with moms and sons. As a mother will put us on above her daughter it's a little Italian saying right I love my daughter. My son bright myself yes. I got to pick a mother would do that for daughter same situation but a mother would do that for her son. You know be right and I think it's because of the mother looks it'll that's he's going to be the breadwinner ESP the man of the family of my husband dies. He would add to help me run the house so it's on a site. Pete's sake. And a smaller version of your husband. And so like it's also protector I think OK I think it's all like that caveman mentality OK sizzle hard wired into our heads like it's almost like self preservation that my husband. Sitting at my husband vote on my son's gonna have to take that leadership role in the house. Yeah I can't do on the woman. I would say that's corrected as long as there's no grandchildren involved because I think a mom. If she had a daughter with a kid like she'd be willing to do anything for her daughter to make sure that kids sticks around. Yeah I don't know like I mean my my mother treated my sister crap. Women see themselves in their dog yeah right so how could you be so stupid if I'm not so stupid where they white mother doesn't understand what's going on Harrison's head she finally just in light does not accept. It just get on home all the time not to this extent but how many times has York kid caught your wife to ask for something you don't get your back and give it to her regular white buckles right it's. Most frustrating parts of beat him. But now they know that mom loves them they don't take care of them cannot choose a woman's issues a little bit rate. But it whenever stops a hole you're probably experiment. She's only in men who were talking about his family riot and Pam loose ride thirty year old son pale and his mother urged fifties right Kevin to save original per to be still be in the wheel man and stick up Archie with the same changes her you don't have to 100 going to be a real man welcome to drive 45 miles an hour on the get you there were rockets of their one pays Billick and JJ says is right according to please rob -- talk to in the morning in Orchard Park his mother was to get it drive people charitable. But it's bad things from. I think the mothers are more likely that you would believe. Since it's terrible. 2226000 vocals accommodate attitudes of the break on CNN I had a away brother. And I am no good I gotta do it. I would begin work at the mum came to the I met him that helped her route. Which you know your mom alert. Who can question. My mom's desperate. Week. I wish he would demand mine but I know almighty tackle Albert. That's really true. Questions and she was personal one of the money if you hit in doing what we did about as quite. Let's I don't you're it was while taking care of the it's the English major mode she was she can busted like OK my parents split my mother had no money yet. I don't know costly running at a taco meat. I cannot week's convictions saved my mother was desperate to be quiet I need help with this that I would participate because. What would you do would you probably taco. It. Man that would mark my mother I would go look let me just do it on my own I don't want you there presenting your screwed up to your mom. So. And I was gonna do that would what are part of it okay. Are George your mom part of that odd no no you're right I'd probably try to do my own sin and grace of my mother's skills sure sure we got she got caught as the wielding that was great driver takes the call brother really appreciate it. I would order if it really says something about Natalee deep feelings that a mother has torture sun but the field is it son has towards it never gets my dad no matter what relationship re probably talk for oil man. Because all because it everybody has a soft spot for mom. Rate I dead Cyrix. Disposable. And that again these most are in the house to save everybody raid jerk but of a mother won and indeed did that issues and national hero issues seem to babies. Yeah. And traffic all the slicks but I would do from my mother and I'm coming up with like nothing. But he now don't stop doing their show that was held at the appropriate or self study monument role coach talk it sure from a mother here. So you even now with children you even blow past the fact that I communities I've been acted. Not. Witnessed my kids growing up divided this terrible thing hormonal I I just I dig back to all the things my mother did when we have a hard time growing up briefed him apart greatly guy. My mother had a pretty rough and yeah I can yeah I Dick would I date I'd use your desk. And I mean if you're desperate you gotta do what you gotta do chair and you you're family was to desperately they won. You work. Well obviously also I didn't know we are just go by the storage don't usage were desperate to. Sure. You were polled say yeah I jewelry from pour you're Pope. Gets some parents split. Yeah sure does and the you know. The mother struggled with the kid it's. Even struggle you'll split parents I saw with my own mother and when my ailments split with my sister's right like you don't know what your role is anymore. A US to be everything to everyone it cause you to make bad decisions like this is exclusively a mother to either you see that fathers when they're left with kids as well aren't you let's get kids smile sure what to feel good you want to have a pretty bit of happiness you let the slide if you justify that we ought to make everybody happy has totally impossible. Did you do 6030 year old Riley is according to please rob might talk when buffalo his mother pale go to at least the getaway driver. Again it's sort of where the name Pam via a I don't know any. At all the hands of ever met in my life. Kinda dirty girls way to really know old goalie get to three hands literally don't know like I got I am sick call they showed a regular basis spec of the day. Hams that I knew back in my old jobs every Pam I ever knew dirty. Dirty to have never. Office but the sweetest most I'll never me out as the worst and there is old she wore her Lexus stuff yeah well covered it up to keep up FaceBook BC during camp odd to. These separate group. Our hands dirty. Panic that people are hands dirty with dirty dirty dirty are pinched certain wielding what all of Obama talked. Would you do for you that they shall decide which way driver Henri while the story out of buffalo so he got the last word on CN FL aria. I'm Ariel. Well I was not even being evicted from my apartment with my act and it was growing pot plant in the second bad air. And my mother was willing to go over in the middle of the night to help me disposal. Is that your public. Maybe I'll be ready pot plants. Or not might pop. Pop it would you say this goes head to dispose them. We can't look better aren't about what killed in a dumb broadly it dragged itself does so Bonnie. I don't know I don't have money scoot you're dumber than am got cut a three time. I would like thorny. Or how old you. Are it would have old. Ortiz. You know your mother double back an hour later grab this flag. Reporter on. This team you have a mother and late forties it was just like in the early eighties do I get that right got to be. I it would now. It would mean that ninety. Okay but like she's at her station wagon with pop plates back in the middle of the night that example. Life is much altered because Claudia he's done it's it makes the call it really appreciated. I'd I guess Satan on Thursday ABC other Thanksgiving. Giver abate Utley kissed the elaborate that you never know when you leader to be okay oh man for your armed robber aren't yes. That your mom few real drama mama.