Minnesota vs. Buffalo Highlights

Thursday, August 10th


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Who is decent round but added this Minnesota over the drive was more than three minutes into this man Bradford was shot got precedents. It. That. Permit in a good first impression Eddie. It might seem to. BU is a fourteen yard field goal attempt towards the tunnel and you don't go from the right hand. Workers in this it's good the whole bunch bit but it is not the way it is it is and the built around the globe with a person. He's got a beautiful life he's been housed UI. Orbit and do it right Norton six yarder towards the scoreboard side of newer fields and beautiful might. Just work so when. I court. It's secure better and easier way it is now the game is up it is good thinking these high. Corvette with a 36 yards. The Fort Worth them out even out yet in the corporate just aren't enough. 33 with 326. To play in this respect. Animal right shoulder he Stevenson's. And throw it leads looks to the left looks to the middle now what's out of the pocket I'd say out rolls right fires right it is. Got the two yard line completed fans down there to us to unseat Foley and a first down deep in buffalo territory here. Christina what some time by rolling to the right in say outtakes of him down and he threw it really nice looking at the sixty goalie made a sliding catch them do. Does that got a problem staying here through tonight and I've formation to snip from the two yard line in the that I am who's been around tried to get in the end zone at the end. Yes touchdown Minnesota. A two yard run by first year players in Beijing and from August acknowledged touchdowns like he appointed him. It was not the way it is up and it is good and the vikings now. At a ten to three lead over the Buffalo Bills with ten minutes 34 seconds left to play third quarter. Mrs. Buffalo Bills football goes down Minnesota the buffalo 153 when he got there quarter. Feel like seven to snap. I keep what's the end zone accidents are now wolves right nobody can throw two players at short with migrated to Iraq. That is what I knew he would be our society's spun out of Sanders made the tackle the ball was tipped by read you correctly right into the arms. Zero newbie vikings' backup site in the shotgun newbie operas that killed at third and goal run through this man. Make the pitch rove was right answers complete into the end zone and it is that touchdown. Touchdown Minnesota Rodney Adam. Beautiful Blake made by the quarterback trying to keep. Make the pitch to newbie in general it was right now and apparently built the vendors to cover Randy Adams with a touchdown on third and seven bills that the Minnesota 39 Liederman stamp. Looks do was laugh. Pressured now it's been rough with a 35 died may first and I think he's got the first down but the 31 yard line and yard scramble. When they did you read Biederman play action make sense of deep. Now he's gonna run again at the thirtieth of 45 inside the twenty. Again he's rolled to the ground at the seventeen yard line after a fifteen yard scramble for. They continue to that this is not part of his repertoire but there is that we run for a first down. He's mostly a market answer. They didn't intervene with a couple plays on the run. You'll have a good chance to stamp Biederman looks that was left. Fires down towards the goal line Logan Thomas picked to head banged around and dropped at the one yard line that's a powerful force down low and Thomas made the catch in traffic. Harris & Harris brought him down there touchdown buffalo they may get that touchdown admiral mark. Point naked these images raise new needle right there and he's dissect your receivers through Logan Thomas once did Lewis went further inside its first and goal that won this man. Biederman lobbed one into the end zone look for advocacy basic text down in the corner. No yet yes that's. Touched down. Nick and they're and that debt that's tax that buffalo. This time lately right and I think he looks down field nobody open so I've intercepted. Picked up and stepping out of bounds of the defensive back follow. Well stepped in front of it at the thirty yard line surrounded by his teammates he picked it up and ran right over to the sideline intercepted. Taylor picked up by Powell. From the shotgun Heidi forming a garage I'm looking at some time back to drove it can't find anyone wolf it was right. Yard line I think he goes down he waited way too long Arcadia slowed Rodham down there at the ten yard line a loss of 114 and six from the 32. You meetings with the throat sets up the buyers downfield and then let's get right to keep shorts got the first down. This crackdown at the 49 yard by seventy yards that got the tackle I think feels great throw by human visitors sideline. The shotgun snap buyers again to your side I. Leaping catch and they call to catch the 45 yard line it's the difference again. The 45 yard line of the fight until you rebuild Nathan needed and is showing what he's got here and it's. Filled with what time out left the minute when he wanted to clock it really by seven at the Minnesota 45 yard line 110. Why did the right side there. All the samples over. Retreat to recover. They brought home for the vote to send back the clock or point nine. Earlier it was off the target of Jordan marks the third street saturn's after the over his head. And now the vikings in the wood down the local women do it we're inside one minute to play buffalo down by seven points and they're. Broadcasters home for the Buffalo Bills 965 WC MM.