Millennials Are Killing One of Tommy's Favorite Industries

Thursday, January 18th

The younger generation gets blamed for destroying a lot of things, but is this really one of them?


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The middle of sexual revolution. Yes it's gone wrong way cigarette and lit up the once taboo longer ten W Whitman openly talking about sex would. Openly having sex me counters. Mothers never would. Have. Eggs like pornography and under freedom to attack have become socially acceptable I'm sorry your form based on all of that stuff and Verizon. Noose I would didn't really. Jump guys. Would be and to a clubs strip clubs. You disagree this article sums millennial magic series to take up purse I got debris Waller wrote CNN and they when he won junior gonna get out possess and do something. I haven't seen a need. And did to prove that this is true like I don't know any guys that are opposed to going to mr. Abbott are they go only. Like they used to like that overseas to be a culture of guys and hung out at these club we haven't got a long talks which are having. Break rights to classic rock execs I've WC and that's the article is that there's a particularly important to the I thought the other day is lit deals actually strip club industry way to go which is funny rebuild this industry that we handed out do you continue this at all I read this article and it's just a bunch of bashing over the use them as you'd like president that would in the but there's no solid figures that shell strip clubs aren't decline in any. I think of they'd but also now home. With kids bristles strip clubs are not cheap to go to troop that's over one and it tickets don't have the money that can be an issue. Is like every two river go to a strip club but I had a decent job. And you could blow half a paycheck and donated a strip club chill between the Beers in the let dances and you buses that might be part of it they don't have the money. You've got free pornography on your phone. I think it's Anders dole. Oh lure anymore it's like he used to be fun as I guess at this slink off to the today two it'd. To strip joint pull one or two year old lady as of foam at the guys and I don't know if that I I know plague maybe once awhile but. I know guys who wanted it to. The the boot club once a week like they were regulars. Enemy and. To your point I think countries different that sister not getting the social aspect of it. With pornography that's something you're doing in the privacy of your home like the circle things almost an event greatly may have a claim that I was a bit it was I guess it was again it was always figured dirty little secret too there are more strip clubs I think at Rochester now to Europe ever bent. Right every time I actually drive past two of the moment we work every Dayton and they always seem crowd aren't. And through I don't know that's my generation your generation are the guys coming up now troop to the third point. The idea that sneaky behind your wife's back was a benefit like. I CE composite Britain I told my wife I was gonna strip club she would not be upset about technique was talking up the air can leave your boyfriend said. I go to strip clubs and your problem don't bother me any of your lives of alleged ago. Hawke whom I don't know that Everett's. I get every that I never broached the subject you know. I will say it would bother me if you city is going alone. If you go with his buddies like that's finally again but does everything carelessness and boobs sometime this way. Really give you look like regularly going by himself played I think I might be a little good that's a. Culture of guys that I know that I knew that would make them birthday cakes and bring them every hampering them. I guess like but that was a culture as we year yes but they were but I don't know and the thing is because guys younger guys are taught to respect women and my generation was and I understand that is my father was your now why am. That maybe they think it's. Impounded in there has by the mothers and society today you respect living you don't sit there and blew them up on stage it's disrespectful to women. And it might be eight culture guys out there that are being completely. Specify the end to go to the strips out here that it's Ron do lightly as the they'll go what if that was your system to your mother and you who. Which is because when I went it was always your sister and her mother of their atomic no I think that the difference is puzzling you pay for more prep school. The definite kids nowadays evil knows no incentives that those girls are consenting for the look of the mega are you still as a grown ass man don't understand what the definition of. I think is like it was always. There was always a sexiness to that the whole event because. Most of these joints beckon and they were controlled by the mob organized crime. There was always an eye today yes that now so that is always liked it now does it. Always a school elements that role attached to the club. That analysis lake. Universality of what you never saw on. And that the regular clubs. That it went to like this one I love Maine called the evil people around was the greatest game ever at universal lake. Girls owner played bachelor parties is stuff like that mean they it was a man's domain completely as were main lane. Hang out and with these broads and you didn't see bras that are lesser on stage but. Needs to be leads me to believe that there were successful because there when people right right you take you had had a bit like manna I got to see somebody's mom. And the boob lounge. Just hang out what are girl's account. What do you do when your medicine and ice I I guess it was like art thing I had I don't have. Yes you're actually right it's so it's so they should those are my boobs and I your boot group natural boobs folks at essentially. Millennial Achilles strip clubs but basically everything but it's usually I he's a little less. Every guy knows like a bachelor parties always like it present and sinister plot. Violated eight milling don't trickling men. Did you do those deployed during via digital finished the year when would proves please huge tennis bags and appease. Yeah man p.s are called. Trays McDonald's for five minutes Tre Kelley rather. Up. Actor without it I'd bet that we lived up an eighty ordered it be just the opposite order dimples. Beaulieu. So I shot a record eighteen Oakland mother. They won't notice a lot actually sent the match. And yeah. Maybe I should take a drier and make sure you. But why did he want law abiding juror wife what you do go with your kid. Because she dot. That includes our legacy being placed it's well out. What's it gonna. Clubs now I don't wanna I can't imagine I might add nine A. Going off to the club like it would rooted formulate the zoo and I'm saying the idea is just see any danger in fine to doing his. It's gone now it's like going to sell playing get this son attempt to appease at that point eight. It's not dangerous anymore it was dangerously who's gonna let's play. Right mob connection is never who use it now I know it's not so I'm calling the Drudge feels that there there was. And I don't know all the time in united and I went out into the bodies we screwed it crops in what had to be your district well. In our beat port 2001. It would. But if it's take your Sunday strip club night and I was a school. They go no problem they care. Which is that Anna Ortiz at that house. The girl's literature but today gave no not like in my. United didn't dig it out a movie you don't know you know Ali you don't nod against the please him or that or all of their. It's doing it for yourself there was no way. Stewart these girls got up there and gains we have moved to seduce him and they can't hold up like ratings like that dance we've got to did because they are safe to that you can dance up on that you girls they don't know how to seduce a Boehner meant uses don't. You just don't know how to talk to a cranked it's easy to get it and it's all about yourself your phone and in these alliances Celeste in your district club I'm Donald of two old. Mr. dissident. And I just look at these kids today they don't habits and the pressure is on edit Beckett has been a decade probably. Yeah you can tell me that. Strippers in my day. That was a show man based chicks who would they knew their stuff inside now and they knew how to work it guy and I don't think these girls so they know how is that of urban top player and all of I lost ark went to lunch is China's it's color it's a balance. Would tell you it's a deduction if you would like to working guy coming at him he could show you working goggles on demand girls that I don't want to have crank. Stripper blessings that like become the no place like. Does that tell them all you think that brought knows she's at. She's a yoga instructor hang off the side of pulses and I don't work it Erickson recruit but she worked Gulfport. It's audio play. Are they enough gone are the of the millennial I'm gonna weigh in on the was more an open with a not. Tortoise six years old. I don't do is strip clubs either to me there's little point in all the way I was raised out of work forty hours a week ago of the brought my money she's working a doubt right now should be fine without me. Like I do I do appreciate this attitude is that the way I was raised I don't give a brought by buddy the. I got a dollar and where voters go why don't you order of all. Eric Eric Eric please go to strip clubs to see naked women that you are not relations with the yes but not much but like Fiji let's give us. Not a while Evan do that but thank you don't you'd wanna go to prostitute. As it gets. And yeah well that's easy he's in my two point baskets although he doesn't always match. Icicle depreciated they're grounded guy one error represents a thousand millennium. But all of my friends still look on the strip club. Erica I mostly your go to NBA yes buddies that logo or any medical often are like OK okay like. There are holds aboard for a eased twenty term so obviously he's on that line. The double Eagles early thirties whose definition. Video autistic like kids now that are turning drinking age 41 now. Well it's weird Rochester because ninety is the age when you took that he should up to Canada like we did when I was security took 21 year we did it and that's cool connected. There shall make it here too which is to cancer while Britain was sensible and when I turned eighteen it was awesome here. True USC's clamp. A and he'll clambered to close that down is on Easter plays and let's is accompanied you can always get a cent a BC MF or the breaker FaceBook page I don't think it's colonials are going anymore I just think debt. It's not. Is this comment as it is today to go all the time when I turned 21 we want a bunch Eddie goes in phases putts. If Tommy who's going to strip club every week and what kind of issues did he have back in the eighties that argument. A man did you went and looked at boot every to a strip club every week. Most of the guys that work with probably once a month we had one in town we actually had to we had evil people lounge and we had this at a place that was awesome but really rough. It was called the blue beat the and it was just. Well it was it was a strip club and it was a biker bar so you had to really watch your mouth like you went in there and you had to be really cool. His late there was guys in there to look like ticket repute half and would even think twice about it so you learned a lot of bar etiquette and stripper club etiquette about keeping your hands to self conceit because you want to keep said hands skeptical cup meet the next day. But it was fun and it was like hail it that it doc last at a good time. Would you say like mostly we knew we go it's usually like. Payday or some bill that would Gloria that money to blow like maybe that is the differences. So we got it all right much because it's not like they're not seeing it as a mark all I got this big chunk of money the first thing I'm gonna do with Goss spent some strip club. I'm eighteen years old and a more commit to wind at six and a cut me and I am Everly cash semi check it page of cash. And NLV went down to the dark you went to the bar really it is a place was the elbow Romania you had your beer drinking money and you know you got it totally blasts and on Friday. You guys. Had a little fun Saturday and Sunday you were tapped out yet assumed that was my life but it was fun. You know. I still think that's common idol because that was my wife and that was a lead. Strategic you're busted a new learned a lot of that from me Haggar apartment fifteen so my god yeah that would influence on me well I was pumping your full alcohol a needed stopped. Sleep great sucked. You're hit the bus you the god damn bad joke bar.