Meh, Who Needs A Ring Anyway?

Friday, October 20th

As a father, you want your daughter to be taken care of. What do you do if you think he's not "the one" for her?


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Is in the air tell me precious about it would only eat so I'm doing today but email we got which fits perfectly each way. I'm gonna be duel for the rest eleven. No yes hopefully smoke does get married to the it now and our problem. And I is best and it's up to this head over to go get ready suit and tie it all grown up. A couple. A B day of my Brothers web. He's only appropriate to read email we beats for a couple of days from mark email listeners should bitch about it used I expected this to be anger is normally what went right as they hate us but no group vehicle open a melt the stuff that's something this is actually someone looking for advice and -- husband is overreact aren't. So long story short she has 826 year old daughter. Who's been dating a guy for a couple rocker and this guy who was also around its age has just proposed to her. Let's slices of what parents aren't this woman writes. He proposed to work. But doesn't have the money for rent. He did I thought was very cute he got a reeboks and ideally you want a piece of paper got down on Wendy and proposed to her aren't eating like his movement is you know. It's perfectly reduces it keep a leash after there's no timetable break is say the marriage blows up and 34 years. This that the by uttering so she goes on he's finishing up grad school has absolutely no money to his name but he's in a major where he's probably going to make a pretty good living side or outer banks gonna current of future is doing the exact same thing my husband he's furious one because he didn't ask my husband's permission to post whose daughter's old school so it by the Italian and out well. Two. She says that. My husband thinks that if you don't have the money to forgery you have no right propose he wants to go to my daughters now fiance intently he needs to back off until he is the money to take care of his daughter I tell them. He's overreact am day is I want to make sure that I'm right before confront my husband and tell him to do anything I figure Tommy will be the most want the eighty man and I know please communities and the improbable. Merit you're fine with proposing lottery. Yeah I mean that tunnel ring deals such a scam all you'll see that he's lost who brings. Yeah but I mean every guy he used him married divorced whatever but you don't you don't lose these racecars you were never gonna get him back great. So like when you head over that ring exit. I have any other rate. Rate at which it every get nose rings back as obtain a ring as a one way street she takes it. Even as she gets abortion all the rocks out of dual melted down our show is a deliberate so that that's a perfect movement more guys should listen do that as young as I tell you must these young guys they go two months' salary you can't. I can't take too much of I get most guys that age young guys coming up short anyway they gonna take another two months out in my sour OW to get married. It's it's it's like to regain its like urine financial servitude. You're just I mean you're gonna do it eventually you're just postponing it for a little while I mean yeah you're thinking you're my leg and your mind this guys is never gonna by the really got it right here guess what you gonna feel pressured by that. I shall I got married to Tony one race yes and I got a little rain and make it afforded that time and it was still at a ton of money ultimately lead to the gum ball machine Egypt to get for you got the actual race. He ball Nazi I hate this show buster brown. I spent lake. It is is gone back come on back in 1981 I think they spent like 500 bucks an African ranked when I was out I was does that make it. It's a lot of money Baghdad you don't understand I say logical buster brown and is anyway. So. She gases may about a time on Tony sex trade you can't test yourself for letting you know I was probably have a good guy you explicit while there was a reason I was in get what I needed home here's the deal. If I would handers had big yes piece of paper. It's Emmitt Tony six odor and Oregon are honoring we would've got divorced or what are some of the 500 amok. Pocket you would have to put a ring on her for a bit more stores prostitution before the actually ceremony at regular finger here's the thing I don't it's a future. You're looking at it from the wrong perspective here she's not asking from the boy's perspective and the guy was reciting she's asking our husband should feel when he's old school and the husband is absolutely right to be upset that there is no reading when his daughters are like that guy's got to understand what it's like when your coming up when you're coming up short variety. Meanwhile had several discussions about let eels eat struggles they have they use that chair and you go I made it usually make it to. True it is it does ring thing is to me it's a scam. Anything he wants is he was supposed to go to that house and ask for the permission of marrying like that's old school like before. When everybody believe nobody was bang into their wedding night right but if I have already been parent not your daughters to hail what do I really saying here is a man. I've been nailing your daughter for three long years given an Ohio our one. I would like Q blessing to to go before the door and started sanity. I think. Mom and you're saying I respect you yet but it is not I was pounding. You wrote garlands ass for four years man. And in China had no. But if if you don't ask you mean I don't care what you think how many did I don't have you showed I mean we're adults here elicited dance man it's a little to answer to do Aaron Jensen has now I remember early in the home. Remember that last week when you're talking about Asia wait your best friend and you said she's not to say she has caused a danger to it over really certainly. I didn't dance of respected his kid yes it is father want the should've gone and ask you know you should not propose that because what you say how much is my total worth to you. Is rigging these things she's that your daughter who were chizik I don't know daughter she's she's of those goals and and if you're listening to use speak. I'd be worried as a dad that this kid's doing this so he can get out of it. If he had still. Without. Sacrificing a rank. High on the traditional site you're not you're I would take the risk of Benson this mil man and I realize what a scam all it can't that you realized a year sixty's yeah me and skewed mr. Those loot from parachute to do know from donor cheated and so two overs to loads of death or nod to his policy it has permission for anyone human. I asked my second why why did all its sedan. Asked to peace so and here's they liking. I only we were alerted living together guys we Ernie started plays to buy a house so we're already playing house. So that what did you do. Is it's what he wanted a little Sicilian and I love the guy and you're I was gonna hurt his feeling you use the wrong word the word is we can be said before. Suspect this man as he father has been dis respected twice despite not being asked permission and by the fact that these guys daughter. His daughter is worth a piece of FE paper. Prompt an array now this gets to operate well if you ask your kid's point of view this is brilliant at his son and my web. Wouldn't it marriages become about the dad's. But did daddy now has again on main line it's aged in this in this step of the marriage it's always better. The debt lattes so then take some you wonder why this whole thing crashes of the 2% of the time you discuss all this traditional crept your pile on this thing you can raid yet it is you've got to go to church you gotta do this guy edited that way got to pay for a honeymoon you gotta get this over a got a Gatorade Atticus glance over here even on the tab in your daughters and as for five straight seats adjusting you say that because sixty years ago when the traditions were even heavier the divorce rate was 10% so that's not actually why is because everybody's afraid of burning in hell as likely as a religion once we all. Cool off religion and the girl's gotta warrior times change and get that would lead to more divorce. Or your girls. I'm saying man. Stay at the kids and about was this father's actually creating tension but it does it need to be the key is making it about himself and it's a bad road to go down with your daughter. We need any help from a woman this is the show our daughter was proposed to she's 26 it was a guy this proposed so it didn't start a proposal nice easy grad school cannot afford -- he proposed with an idea you piece of paper inside but she she thought it was adorable daddy's pissed he wants to talk syndicate one because he wasn't asked missionaries on earth two because he didn't buy an actual rape according this woman you should not according to her husband's that you should not propose to have the money to actually by the ring to keep sounds like a well. What what's a white go to school he did you propose you. College. But I'd say he's trying and he's still saying he wants to commit to your door. And boy we commit noted for awhile now yeah it. And it it fear that the father and you really think that the ring is that important. I mean would you. Offered like to pay for and you have you pay me back I. It's pitcher by not a lot of water if it's that important do you like this guy is like freaking out and I don't want them to get married can't deal knowing he can do is just like you're burying your dead it's what it represents. It's what did you read that not much that he servitude bondage suffering. I'd say the fact that the key doesn't have the money and I'm expecting. Your daughter to take be nothing we know what to do and sexually. If he's if he's study needles and he's gone for a a decent professional job. You really want him to go in debt just to put a smile on your phrase wait weeks propose I would say week's AstraZeneca. Like five years dissident that thing. Girls don't want away. Once a girl gets the marriage bug you when we get matter when we get Merrill we get married you can't kick the can down Arabic issue will take offense to that you don't love me enough you're. You mean you you're not sure I was. Once submitted they starts different around you as are looking at USA husband you got to pull that trigger. You're totally right because the thrill of marriage. Won't Wear off and she will realize that when everybody that's weird you rate that upset her at three months from now I'm telling you man when she could what she considers you husband material. She's gonna put the pressure on so just be clear. Just because somewhere in my play cute Teddy did the IOU Frederic this mother did a decent income last long you you now have a shot clock and by the likes to obstacle of NB contradictory I was exclude himself violate. You know to go above and B they do because he spent all this time saving for it but I never set him I never set a standard what above and beyond is to that is that it's better than a piece of paper. Yeah this is a piece of paper and I know you look at what I didn't say like I know you longer has been excellent money. So there is no expectation. To keep given Russia can't come up with a tiny a tiny ring after two years of saving I don't know but there's that gaze he's out there that they don't know what fantasy world you live in where you can propose with a piece of paper and a good hearted tell you an idea is and I do want all he'll say that either use AP ID keep that to yourself. So you could. All right this he didn't go down upon shoving get a sobering and good deal in Europe to go to high highs and this kid is genius what he did. Has ruined his marriage no no wait success Monroe in the matter know the kid did because they have to get involved these are. He's a pork in the father OK so then why digital audio way to ask permission from your fault because she probably wanted it she probably pushed it. OK so projected to make to slow you have to make sure no problem zydeco and dad to keep daddy happy no you just wait eagle asked permission to go big Google wrote proposed increase telling you that mean. You're going to have to wait to actually. Save about two months' salary. To buy a ring as they get married and then buy a house or how loyal she wants and kids rank. It's it's a case like all of a sudden you start off in debt. Needs it. Man who's been divorced twice dropped and knowledge about marriage also man who did exactly what these kids get yelled at. Do we criticizing him for doing that with these young chicks to purchase all hole where you just keep chalk that money down for one. This is daughter that's prop yes his daughter but she's also a money hole.