Meeting the Parents

Friday, May 18th

If you're over the age of 40 and dating someone, is meeting the parents still a priority?

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I guess they thought process it I guess weather here nineteen years older fifty years. If this person still around you should meet them and make sure that they sign off. A month. I reportedly that accurately argue about how much I'm gonna go to Cisco some crusty old is. Godless and I know how much that sucks that. The breaker wraps it by the crack that is X-Factor do you see that's about Melissa atomic. Norris who said he says he needs even. For this site from view. Look at which is knew that our listeners are actually asking for Arnold on its robotic. Said forty years old divorced few years ago between the dating thing 48640. Yeah. I didn't see a woman over the last two months and I like a lot she's also an early forties. It may be coming to where she's at her late for you say exit she's an early Portuguese 48 she's also late forties according to the guy he says eighty coming to an end though she's told me that if that relationship is going any further I need to meet her father and I don't lose its he's in his seventies that he is a widow were. Apparently he and my girlfriend will be very close relationship to close I laughed. When she first homey this peeking she was kidding. But she wants her father to meet me and I get the impression that she wants his approval I'm not a twenty year old kid a grown man with children in my own and I don't need some old man looking me up and down a judge meet that telling his daughter when he thinks. This is becoming a huge red flag for me and I'm worried that she might be too dependent on her father and this is that this actually yes. Go work. Because all hooked up. Buddy goes odd and I quote but the other hand I'd like a lot she's funny -- laid back about everything except this debt thing she's gorgeous in the sex is great she's almost perfect but the one thing that isn't perfect is a big deal to media goes on from there let's just. That thing like that I had to do it and basin is going hey it's old fashioned regulate chair I wanna I wanna ask you are handed manner said the limit. During your forties then you then. All up on this woman I our she'd been all up on you right you've tasted each other. All night oh my god so now I gotta go come. It is some room. Good to see his old man on the re get a view daughters cu chi bro and I'm gonna with them. Eight K Diane yeah we didn't get any better. Yeah so still. You don't have a good reason why not solidarity Tora did daughters I am not so subtle and it bothered by a old man. Some eighty year old dude every father I ever met. Throughout my life I had sex with a daughter and you very can't I get a plea when you're 47 years old forties is that these guys. Ancient. I gotta go act get approval from missile. You just wanna do and out of respect for a guy because like they did he get off to a good foot. They don't Monica getting tagged up on a good foot and you know you. If we do we don't it doesn't matter what why create problems before anything even really have a problem. The VP Getty dies soon what do I cared nature today. Get a ticket until such what are the best its of Wayland for Garland are this guy is guys future fertilizers are still going there to. It is currently ill last year your point and then this guy's gonna die soon so why not. Acts like all friendly and cool now if you don't have to do this without it on me man I'm also I advancement what did John and a whitening kit you have to know you don't have a life because I had an idea. Back to Canada thousand panic on our respect for your elders or what I have about this. Yeah and I have. It's a little idea what that the problems all you got your answer it's done you know to worry about it. What are we wanna marry is on this isn't married this is two months dating she wants immediate fight it's only too much. Did you see us get that latter of this woman are sorted out meet him eventually anyway but given it's basically you gotta lake. Hale won a merrier goal now. How much want to sit noun meaning I think this is what she wore. You. Know but this. Source she's going this is the road she's going to out of I have to meet I gotta have an audience would disguise like he's African Pope. As and it's gonna be willing you know it would be really no lanes if you management funds and managed a team meeting when your major dogma and. I can be able see what's unique about this normal. Normally as you get older you be apparent to me wrong here if you're gonna be the family it's at a barbecue very poor get what they don't hire Memorial Day yes. Like that but this is a one hang on one this is zealously yet they introducing me to. That being said toppings from his guys for real horrible see. You again I know what that's like it's not fun. I say sit across view on a daily basin. And usage here and you talk about how people in the respect for elders and how things done ignored in this room for sure he's done back in the day were better. Right you wanna bring America back to what those days war. And yet yet when this woman wants this guy to do something traditional and respect his elders you're dead set against. Hey and I'll tell her why she's pushing the issue and let no let's say this guy and is almost a me deal many he brings up that's great. The fact that she's pushing it pisses me off. You know what I'll I'll dictate how I handle your father a night you wizard she's trying to control the whole situation she's gonna. Dictate what you can say which can't say she's gonna try to make almost ago I didn't play date. Did you 6002 you met her dating your thirties forties and fifties is meeting data big deal when I went situation casesa pink no matter H dead it's always gonna wanna sign off who aren't. Monitor printed rumored curator. All dead glistening with 2034 year old daughter you understand bad movies yet you'll watch your voice to be heard and you're still concerned about two little old she is she's always your little girl and be honest with you. Pete sweep that she still feels this way about a dead pinned. It sounds medium that. Again that I think that's a normal. You get it where rebels. I'd done and give it up put on a rubber band on her Kennedy gave them ST he's embittered about undertow vision. By the way she likes you enough to want you to have this relationship with their dad term. Now that's funny back on businesses that an error event on a radio program made announcements you email from a gentleman asking retirement advice and junior Russa did a brick room I'm sure he regrets it now. Op. He's this he's 48. Is girlfriend late forties they've been dating for two months she wants her to meet his due to meet her daddy cries out of his senior citizens for Christ's sakes the guy says he likes everything about the sludge gorgeous sex is great she's a laid back almost perfect but this is really bothering you B doesn't feel like he has to go meet his father because he's too old for Tommy agrees with him as well as give us that as you said. Yeah your second life and you were in your mid thirties but she was this was her first marriage issues that are tours are you had to go meet the fact that I understood that right so what then is PH were idle longer have to meet mom and dad. Puerto car. 45 and potentially lead by fox. Hi this yeah how liberal I am about things that he's right what's the difference Al player she's all about it and I'm gonna ceiling of the this 45 and he's dating a younger woman whose first timer again. And shoot edit your situation village you're older JD Ehrlich did it that's right. But any situation no. Scott you made you know it's it's but I say let's. Up 45 and amid a woman is 45 we've open marriage divorce maybe a couple of times that we decades and or bring in baggage to this situation. Well what am I doing here man. A guy can go ask any did you read it to us is that to do this how that worked out real money. Aziz signed off on those two loses. The media didn't she do your first father reluctant. It shall we get out of six and soul might finally break the chain this crap because here's the deal. I'm I'm already banging your daughter's. We're probably gonna get married nobody really cares what you got to say he's doing he had no control over okay so. What are we doing here is an only thought I get lately even if you wanna stand your ground you can no ground to stand on pops kicked. Let me know it's 48 years old they discovered to date two months like Sherlock she's perfect thanks seat sex is great. Did she wants him to meet her father was in his seventies he feels weird about having to meet her dad did say didn't review so odd. Okay Tommy dead set against Chris is on CM FL I Chris. Under a lot less aren't so that the question in my mind. So districts want to date it's got a couple Martin and all the sudden she wanted and needed. Her dad and not just that meeting you you know if you know what it meeting it's way loaded. And he's right man yeah. Why it is strange priest brother what does she could could he doesn't prove she's a walk with my relationship. Chris if you're that age and this woman is looking for something it's serious. I can't understand her pushing the issue of if I don't think you're gonna be something good read on the road idol of the time Winston so let's say. Head coach and have the brains to figure out tomorrow. Without a doubt even they should. She's a moron and need to chris' point so let's say you get the approval that everything goes race every industry. What's an exec. How we should move in together let's get married. She's pushing marriage on you man in the case they get if that's what happens. They'll let let's let's marriage should develop naturally not. It's delegates a mile marker on the highway it won't get where we get ready but she's she's already rampant not the issue she's on a husband on I kept. Really judge you still prepared to lay just as one like hey you wanna meet my family we've been dating a few months you want me about Stanley. You want to get married I'm out and you know what you're what does not mentally it's not if you don't lose your hoberman. Why don't you just leave the man the relationship that if you're worried about getting married. I just like with the hang on hang out and get to know each other little birdie O'Bannon and yeah. But here's the thing like so let's say three months five months six months down the road you wanna get married you know what you can do. Say they'll. Assume it amounts are okay well does he hears it from there it was OK here you enough where you want to. I'll tell I get married to work every guy fine you can just see now what is ideally you beat her dad there's a hole with leaves over the front yard we don't fall it you have to get married metaphorically yeah yeah. I'd he's not. I guess and it's bad and I'm Brian. What before it budget did you six that was a trapped man you know this is going to be to belly check and call two men exhibit that see that the get the last word with the. Pitched. Are. You an outlet. Chile it much. But yours earlier. I'm out before pistol. At its certificate. Before it still there. Now. Next to you about concern you basically read this completely wrong would you like you so much that she wants her father to see the god that she may end up with before apple. How would an owner. At this year's budget but the greatest thing about dating as you get older is that all the baggage is died off. Singing real media yet. So so like my parents are gone her bears the gun. Many takes all the pressure of its not like oh man it's really time it doesn't. All aggravate parents to diet as it sees things called children that are yours that show lot but that's different but that that I can understand and about on the deal with some crusty old man. And some crusty old woman I would much rhetoric general raising all the cross is gonna really meant what. He'll beat Democrats. Out and here's a take I would much rather deal with a seventy year old man and a fifteen year old so honored. Any day of the week. But that but that I have to accept that that's something I can't get for a year old man I don't need his opinion. I don't need to know how he did in my head the get pushed out of place there's city emergency rule and I don't know he slipped you would put out with a actually. I don't think regular breast until like I know I dig deeply hurt if you don't ever listen to say about it. I'd like for support he knew what you do it always lifers go more she is it.