Maybe Not The Best Name for your Kid

Friday, June 15th

Your name is important. It’s something you’ll have your entire life!.. One of the guys in the room met someone who named their child something that would make people judge not only this kid, but his entire family…  there are just some names you just can’t use anymore and THIS is definitely one of them!

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You're name is the most important thing well it's the one thing that's an argument here yes and it's do you have really your entire life people judge you. Your name before they'll even each human persons you have to be careful when it comes to meet meet your kid there are a lot of factors that go usher. And it seems like there's at least one person integrator rupture area that threw caution to the win because not baby eaten that has a name. It is no reason on the planet you should name your baby dismiss him. I mean did they have like a relative with this thing from way back I have no idea. Yeah. The break let's classic rock and 65 to BC Mets other segments of the of the game and an icy acquaintance aren't. And it's it is personal it's a woman it's. Situations you don't expose the same high and I so that we make eye contact and I'm gonna do I think I deal and what's going on it's got caught with a little baby are kept at will add four to six months I'll. Adorable and he's it cutesy and in it she reduces me to her baby yeah which is always funny because the people a little bit and say the baby's name what this. Being. Such as this is tall youth ball dolls and I go bolts I don't like a bolt lunar Tristan extra yeah. Eagles know. Why if I am lion OL are pro. She named to her baby. Seagull. Fakes terror and it's crazy not. Well it's a little Nazi she totally noticed she leaked abruptly ends in our exit she walks way. Immediately be driving in action yeah. My name and with the worst connotation. In modern in his prepared having I can't think of any better name throughout. Any time he's everybody who hears it off immediately thinks and that exactly to revel wanted us to lay up you'll ever know. So I try to wrap my head politely to date net like you have a husband I. What issues and ideas that but I don't know I don't know if she had a she has. She's tired. Yeah but you have to chase any big east decision clearly it would lead to disable he's been that great grandfather yet that's and as and I have to be a family name okay hats to get big fan of the History Channel and Hitler. Lets you is a family name right. It's there and I guess the fact that you want on her family member. Because like if it is officially can't nobody has been made off since like 1941. Represents to me this person has a very old person that you probably never met. Her and satellite radio on your moving forward like he do into the making it. I think it's gonna go to schools little Hitler Eagles. Dearly if she called adults. And college beat that she doesn't seem like yes yeah boarded up. But a point where the birth certificate you broke out ADD. OLF. Appearing on it went. Witness. Would you thinking. Again let's say it was a family name in which he really felt obligated to use it in some ways like can to make like the kids middle name at least then like you don't have to tell everybody Bobby. Adolf. So yeah. You know. Ash and and Larry don't give her name. This is Harlem we know people that it may name their kids after late their interest. Or TV show together yeah are. Sports stars yet and those kids get teased rate yes. And that's not think compared do you get kids Hitler. You're right here's my question to 226 outs because I think this might be the only name that you cannot be vacated and is it seems to Donna we have to get such a unique name like every committee and their bad people had normalized name I pray to do 6000 eased another game. That you absolutely cannot execute all the the eagle because if there is like it. He's reckless act of evil people of world warts and all right you had Joseph sit still period Jolie. Egypt's it just yet still killed twenty million people here and then Benito Mussolini. 101000 videos that exist in the world right now yemenis probably right obvious Italian. Probably would Bob peninsula that never got wiped out Saddam Hussein's all these hands are still used without issue but for sale season yeah. Golf as we decided is in anger out there. Leader. Mr. Adolph is the one while it was a works on it. Can't just kill me. Wage should get a better agent because Hillary got all the headlines. About ways but Stalin was an ally. For a little while. As little war after it is well Campbell every relationship gonzo event. But of sag is air handler is the face and no evil about war OK you know moves a lenient I doubt you ever room you know. She believes the Italian get a series is a solar Coca-Cola. Like Heidi it Delhi and maybe give it it is except got a horrible episode ago. As my Sunkist stop all over here rate. Yeah but even I would I would be taken aback by guessing it was a number one if you just read what kids think it's a game stopper if you reduce kidney Jesus. I would be shocked British deny it knew Jesus always did nice though no prestige probably should educate after the senate got. Ugly less shocked by Jesus I would but isn't it kind of like that Hayes whose look and can name and allowing community endlessly Jesus this Jesus it's an account looks like a bell right did you write it out to you looks now that you go to the coffee shop advocates get the name tag. They Jesus mimic or copy. Yet you're still Lee oiler. What is amazing Jesus massacred cup schedule extra. I. Notice elements like that it it was a bad idea has to be right how about we knew when you do the birth certificate yet how does that work I eat is right there named when that it did that part of somebody right. The other clerk's office. Hospital. Not to do it but there's somebody there rate steal it Ellis thing get you sure you wanna go to this they make. Can really getting to reduce up I don't mind yours go you sure you wanna give three click it they go are you sure you wanna do this right now yes. They should have that bumper certificates 88 are you sure. Are you really should this is the name could he can't change to that. Like what some nurses get it a woman just had a baby it's the greatest motor lights and you're gonna question the first decision should experience that one I think can do when you're a favor. And less on the silliness we are now raising a whole group of people. In this country that never heard of Adolf Hitler and that's a possibility. Just a day like there can be pretty dumb ass people. Walking around and I think I got some in my family. That advice and Hitler and it would not really sure room talked about it is almost a hundred years ago they would think that that's unlike guys a TV show on the History Channel isn't there a period of time where now it's okay how long do you not use title for. So maybe it's. Back to degrade also I just let us because there's going to be some eight Oz walk around Germany because like you don't want to create off. But. The now hold on but I say it is fact that they when he was popular people probably named her kid go on and if you're right senators saudis have made offs. Bakken daily and 1930s have been there may be dead by now when you say it's such a short period of Todd just might edit eighty Adolf fine if I needed to three world golf in Germany. That when I'd expect so like it but that now maybe that time has passed and they they go back and look at the damage training and a Graham by Adolf gonna name and honored at old. Crowd decked did you six now she's always Arnold crowd there if I see you guys out. Hold it it is set up meta baby B Dole's. Short for needles. Somebody need either so my view from back then maybe their baby Adolf. This is likely the worst time in American history with the exception of World War II to your baby Adolf because it seems like a weekly basis there's a Nazi story showing up. On the right of senator recruiters and forget it there's always something that's going out every week there was a story somewhere in the country where the Nazis are all right or something's something's a it was a bit and educate your baby and I. Do not abuse. He's gonna this is kept to do to 6000 Jeremy is on CMF Jeremy. I'd like to piggyback on cute thing economies at first I think he's right but the majority of the young people today probably say the work Hitler. And kind of have an idea what it means that probably don't know that it first name is a at all. So there's no connection. Especially with younger people and Tom and it sort of thing I want to piggyback on that she's had little Hitler at the beginning this bet she's still on your dreams is she still on the all. As you still have giant overpriced brought us a killer. Yes yes yes that's I mean get away guys. Yes. Terribly thick of the nickname of my expletive you're roster. Will. Use your Jeremy about the latest Kate can't even have a Jewish friend Ike if you have any Jewish friends. How are you introducing. You implicated. To your point and Jeremy is brought up again about how people may not know eagle league and gay activism is Hitler so let's Churchill on the same period of time and arguably the greatest written oval. There's Brittan Brittan pre approval or turn right. One half. Of British teenager and ticked at Winston Churchill. Is a fictional character Ali LA LA and animated a trolley and yes a British. British teenagers think that we literally no album was like TV shows and movies and what he is saying just because they've seen them on like fake characters on TV they don't know he was a real character way to know what he did not only that. But what he did was so extraordinary all of these things over and over and it sounds like it's made obstacles I mean some of it might be and there's holes tales journal but like. If one ahead. Out of British teenagers today Dick the greatest of all time arguably his fake. I don't think it's that we are all right so many they would offer I don't plan there and now man so we don't know what to us that is maybe molecular daughters would know they aren't. While they will eventually went to school are accused of dropping things off in history rally that's going to be something of producers always get a 1935 nights agent like guys the way they've. I dig of the deal is it shrinks it again right yes exactly. We Vietnam and then yeah exactly. Please bless his company can always get a said to be CNN or the break and FaceBook page regardless can we were talking about. Other names you can't beat your king I rating and says that gee has he buddy with a kid made Manson. Yet but I mean. I tried to explain to him while they can enable around the everyone would think of the mass murderer that every time the kid is introduced they ask Mike Charlie Manson I tickets picks up because Manson is not a common first name it was a family. Can you went immediately picked Charles Manson. Iowa but I don't think I'd be surprised people a year raise we care I mean I kind of went down when I was a kid so it was a big deal it was all over television is set but. I think your generation and and night teenage kids now I still think like. I think it would they I think your generation of the to Marilyn Manson yeah. As cigarette I would think like much gathered pair with a fan a Maryland man that rest easy is that waxing and get their kids which isn't much that it's agreed kind of weird to. Also tonight deal deal probably. I read Merrill dances wade edited Charles Charlie immense obviously but it's colleague from a DEA gaming he was a side. I would the Beach Boys. It was his career think all the people that have shared aims celebrities like they have a common last name. Lake there's like another like William caused the outlaw yeah yeah. I'd like Michael Jackson is Michael Jackson's out there are an iconic name yeah I would have to hope your whole life that the person that username but doesn't do anything terrible that is a really good point because he'll 'cause beat the guy you know some guy who lives in Montana gets a dentist that was a great to have until about eight team but I hear Robert C soccer. I didn't. Probably good idea Tamara I I would think it's one of the easy fairly decent.