A Man's Impulse Buy

Wednesday, January 31st

No man can resist THIS in the checkout line.


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We source of Steve this system and it may be eighty feet is that you're going to distorted by it's gonna be enough to keep and then there was impulse buy item yeah there are doing it since day one attitude. Every single story now they used to be just the grocery store and others Patrick government grab her and marshals now they have those impulse buys yes good items jaded we always back straight they're coffee mugs like random candles and did that ebitda but I would think you I would not have thought it'd been he's got. It's like that to the last fate of the list of most impulsive but I don't you break much it's classic wrecked any 65 did you seek and have so most. The likely things were going to impulse buy. Copilot are pretty standard candy. Take out for dinner driving home her coffee. Books that are on the shelves and beauty products. You're an added any of those things. Coffee and you let your play coffee you're giving him to what that's the last thing which I'm sure is an impulse buy for us her socks and underwear. And holes are you will keep you walk by socks and underwear that look comfy enough but. Now I'm sure gonna take a look. Is numb right now on the need. I'm rundown getter I guess I need trial right now is just he just every man always feel like they're in need of new underwent an Xbox our viewers really important amendment. You know just because of the adjustments. We threw some pretty quick button. Some more than an inch I don't Wear boxer shorts anymore so and yes out of the many more parents. BA especially if like you see it at a discount price like going through the end of the line you know I could use more sucks even if you don't need any public Laguna the outlet mall. Her and I will be forced to go to the Alamo with her and I would never buy anything except the Nike store when they have the Sox on sale of the audio it's a quality I must have forty pair of socks. I keep I Wear socks 'cause whatever secret quell these socks and low price you forced to buy another. It does are two things at once they go bad you get get a mafia. And we need such as little players not just finalize its slip that it doesn't hold up anymore droop and it ended the underwear he fit me Ryan it's hang in. It's bank and over here it is sub sank its its arts megabytes sack. You hire hairy guys you know I know sudden what's allowed to mostly somebody pulled the a pew Betty you sat there her take a Mo Nunn and I just think in your underwear you you know Ali we'll find out when you finally get down there it's news. A William maybe you should too little investigate your relationship of boxer shorts. To take you shorts off tocchet it's a real plague we understand what it gets caught sex the whole issue a public gets caught on you at some points on a death threat or do you make mainly goes to read some clues of just confused and there's a there's Atlanta state there's all kind of action though on a hangar. I get to the elastic an outlet like I got this payers and are currently in the they get a little sticky in the attached to things and then you pull things into Watkins. At least dangle and swing and downs so complicated yeah yeah ball. I Aso. You know like when they earthquake hits Japan. Can OK again and nation is some of those camera footage is like inside the grocery store everything swaying and sliding all over the place in the bottle. That's what onto a slick for men its it is again today and earthquake in Japan entering slide and report back on four he's got to be kidding it's exactly what it's like it. It's something. Should know this your balls the balls. I would like Deb balls sorry. It's just like you talk. It's just three. The duke guard with that new Listerine girls have a TV you are able to old worries that the dub their personal Shea silly when you meet I'm not talking about it all so I don't upstate like a do you want. That's very cute that nebulous and a pair of panties look like they're comfortable you're gonna walk past the league you know I know. If there's like SA LE a lot like Victoria's Secret or like some of the other women's clothing stores they have like they'll have like their. Like annual. Annual ideal six says. Six for 25 Celek you have to go lady need underwear not got ago so I said. Go down give me a big old sack of managed a hundred dole any ball our. No no bombing to walk away from that's I am kind of jealous of women in that aspect it was a that. Well I need new underwear. Written mostly eagle by the second Kimberly touch with the underwear feels like greatest in a bag and I have to guess that if it's or when but it should abide men's underwear individual Lichen like they've put it like the big big if there was a big. Panties and then patients are definitely not guys handle out. Did you start vick's secret. Guys which he's been big effect guys that Angel links to editor and wanted to date hairy guy at stake and take that away I. A place that was all I could touch CD that was gonna buy it all it's about let's get who has their approvals to send. So see where matters are material your underwear it matters rightly I haven't yet you know whenever my boyfriend goes to buy an rather's steeple Terrell and those packages to lake. Check out at material and I'm like. I mean you ruin how about tiger by the same underwear since day one. Granting style same place or get a permit to Wal-Mart or BJ's. I guess sack him. I see you don't switch capital we didn't see why it works is if you've taken lightly here. I don't have new balls my boss is that the same set a second event since day one so like. What technology thing to put in the underwear and gets labels right. Let's give rigorous Soviet singles I could Judy won some underwear technology that you love. Telling me tournaments but just to use nuclear energy I don't know how brilliantly realized that. What I'm saying is you'd be amazed if you went to places that sold DC ten's underway I don't wanna spend a fortune on trauma and a lady and I got a drop dropped 45 bucks an apparel underwear I don't gonna put a second we must say I think until you're the guy that by tendering note well what a difference a nickel back Jimmy you and I go to Europe female a male we street differently. We need streak we did you wanna ask a follow up question we just give our underwear difficult period in which is he right which is why I switched to entirely black on. All of the words lighten up. Muasher which are eating now should while we're Brownell hole. Moving too dark underwear and great smooth and made them notes that dirt still there you just don't see it because it might listen my wife we'll see where right. Again it might take enough to be the she'd do my laundry while if it's latched cutesy liberal kind. I'm really you know he was still staying steal it away to amicable ties to these relate to be where Russia can play like him. Except that it'll whip that out but the replica planet that I'll actually boxer shorts that's what I said. All classes of notes so we can add to torment it's still Wear normal boxer shorts all steps on how mad will address. Boxer briefs accomplishment were boxing career since he bulletins is Eagles. I think it like the younger guys now in the box and they want. You know lady at up to two to 6000. Men under him Howell it is the most important thing you'll put on all of this that is how it's possible walked by where no one knew there at all this is in the frequency and that list. I don't Dario. I'm telling you that meant that a company that I actually felt like and man where where I. You'll pinch. To pull ignorance. Out. But it is still. I keep touch first eked its first touch is that the one where looks like my balls are to meat grinder in the commercial. At. Think this is what appeals equally rare Reagan and the guys they gonna yeah. Yeah. Who literally turned my balls and hamburger and and it was like did you do what you boxer shorts at Malone. Let's thank you for the call I appreciate it if so I Sox Sarah pal Europe. And that should be enough after how few bucks a brief pro you always have don't you don't have to stack and has stopped you sweat glands and the EDT it's like get swept with two reels which takes care of it what do you think it wicks into outer space does it sit right next to your balls. It's still I get out crowd yeah man I tears but it really is a magic. What size you. It is yeah. Rule on the smaller you're small bug future. Other small Percy out. So it was so is their allied able to voice you have to get passed by your underpants or is that our viewers ball under its past small medium and large and people commit to franchise and other sexually exploited analyst at large after that but. Okay here's our regular S under a lot of fuel up there are not my mind you that where you're at it change like telling you is it weird at this. I don't think he was my friend. I don't think you're getting you might once you. See the difference you can't turn back my underwear is gonna you're so you can you just to Japan just necessary to pattern. So you know it's a replied onto put the pole at BC met great group is it weird to buy your body until. Joked I can't hear him say I bought British what do you give me a heart shaped pundits are stuck at dawn is an accident Arabia to video out there and candies and flowers Dodds of the breaker let's see about eight Downey away but he. Eight doctors that he should make its mission critical. Breakfast if you wouldn't eat black underwear. Donna makes guests here against the Chinese to make his own underworld where it is dual Donnie got right. I got out today are you why is straight up briefs. Lol no no no we're up at Accenture made. We're underwear bros and lots of reasons as to who can accumulate by yours and this is supposed to. Kate good. You make a switch the boxer briefs are gonna love him that's mobbed and. I try to like. Wants that are comparable. Hey I need some room for my boys down there. I knew exactly at your. African squirrel maybe too little. The breed is pretty yeah I got it takes to culminate preaches a buying you underwear and how much every day and able to review series. I'm gonna put Amara in front is in the room at a drug and I leave first when no kidding you had to leave. Just telling you can't see these things. Say he ball rolls.