Mandatory Work Fun

Tuesday, June 19th

Kimmy is upset with the guys because they came up with lame excuses for missing a work event..

They said she needs to get over it and represent the group because she's not the elder statesman of the room.

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Most people only spend as much time as necessary at what point I'm being paid to be here so stopping paid. Ideals of the ghosts or is it lasts like ten years workers decided they want you love your calling it a team bill and her family is you work them. Gonna take you all. God you and went to the folks to get it together don't make many. Torre fun day. And all of us hate them. But kit is really upset yes that would upcoming mandatory work fun day she's the only one that has outsmarted the system and you have to give it time yeah I mean. Coming up. Gunther. They are the breaker but it's classic rock and 65 WCI a maps we parent company Entercom and and an old couple radio stations in town and we have led does import dozens of employees that work upstairs public India. And our company wants us all like each other. And let us know that they're fun and that they care about us so to set his point home. They're making everyone at work Kotelly mandatory fun date this week no there were no doubt the office Olympics. On it and we go to a park but in the FBI has been hidden. They split the employees often in teams they assign you a country you go you have thought okay. And nobody. Wants to do this but it's mandatory unless you have an excuse which two thirds of the break group doesn't and that is left 13 the great group very very salty. Yeah why are you so angry about this camp Celtic. That was don't want to go to this at all OK but if I'm gonna go public to have at least one of you guys come and suffer along with me why do you want us to suffer. Is that they talk about it disagreement relative tells about her on Friday we're gonna you're putting identical funny story. You haven't exe excuses you can't go away yet what is yours excuse don't I'm not doing. I told desolate and I excuses I don't want to go and in my age I'm not run around the park anymore. Don't know after at around the park lies so that planes summer camp in my ain't some that don't you excuses you tool get through much has it that you set your ego took. It would it which central theme that he bumped your age which by the way there are other guys older than you who work here that will be there. What do you tell those guys know they're gonna be on teams some goats Boca quite excuses that duke has bad back and. Woody Hague you know there's going to be activity going get a huge to show up dot people their other jobs you can have aside from. Running around in participating the ES Tommy has put the time to be able to wait this thing has Manolo. Our son and how we got to make a man bowl broadcast who is super old super old debt nobody in this office likes to show up to put it probably isn't much news here when he WR trying to help you old and nobody likes you why would you go to this event. The beat so hard I'm trying to do you write me and they ultimately don't have to go below The Sopranos is public snazzy she has to say that she's secretary. Excuse I music and BA's I have kids hide behind children are so my daughter has an event that day and that is planned for months. Okay anything hands are tied job keeps you from my children right so I haven't pre planned they would my daughters and that's keeping. Beat for mandatory work fun so if you will of settled down. Commit some bailing out have children just going to get out of worrying or you want to keep playing and it's arrogant old lifestyle viewers he's. But you Jimmy are too young and too immature to have an X cube two and Richard have been skewed due kids now are you married. Now and you do do you have. Any responsibility. I got this job out work which could be doing instead of going and running around outside and doing whatever activities are planned to start work. Bottom line is this is not present. Had a good did that and they come back later to finish what it would have been doing you're liable you know we all have things to do and I didn't do but he and to do. Maria it's at 10 AM it's too much is too much to an even bring up you have to put your time and. It's immature and majora sat with Tommy and I for this Tommy Italy the old S body all day long he aches and pains he's terrifically on. I have the responsibility of children 24/7 never any peace and quiet few of those things. You can do whatever you want whenever you want yeah. Gonna be fun. It's just after this thing it's entitled to being entitled and he'll right now. I understand my knee being upset that I have to go makes me in entitled entitled millennial being upset having to go. He gives us because we actual reasons. Yeah. I'm upset at you because when a bus came down and Estes. Who was going to need to answer your excuses Tommy I'm not going to some sixty to that rounded up by eight summer than. It posted numbers a little bit Dawson walks out of the room needs you left it that pops we have excuses and viewed down SIA's. It was way worse or may. So I started in the radio business it was 34 years old time I start on the we show and it's coming out this is my first year there. And it's saint patty's day parade. And they're expecting snow. And bitter cold conditions you okay and worse boasts of march we get our station that is going to be in the parade. And the whole morning show is going to be marching be high name you know waving at the crowd ala separate. So I've really got to do this you gotta do now from Florida I've never really blocked out and bitter cold weather for four hours at. So dumb ass may. Burst guide out there it got my cup of coffee rate ago. No showed up. Local garage. And my eighth future ex wife. Susie it's Eric time. Nobody else went. We all knew they weren't going that no intention in going so they play B Diddy they all acted like they were going and nobody showed up. Material has stood and walked evaporate for through about a it there's nobody there. These it was so god damn cold it was freezing was windy nobody zero on a Mike frozen to the ball I get the worst critics say they're laughing their asses off that. But it pisses me off much like hours straight up what you are not our guests like we have to do this we had to do this before we do this you have to put your time. In light of a singer I'm not so I know you are. Get so pissed seat which we bright exit yesterday after the show you. It in Bali Indonesia parlance but mainly make new friends but I'm doing really might be some new people you have a man and a third floor night I met more people here than you have. Can you I'm animal once already. The new ways I don't know. Talking about the mandatory Sunday that work is this has got a what a total part with my ex wife of Caribbean didn't. And what what country is that all the won it sucks because my ex wife is there. There isn't a solar product the office Olympics you. I think every office does in every business does this one I think it's a good idea. Forced fun makes no sense and it just breeds resentment towards management right in the wherever the company picnic. I got Saturday the food is free and there will be games and if you miss it your bosses will be using this as a way to weed out those not serious about their jobs. If you do about it Georgia's made it terrified that we put your file and used against you would come and ask us for promotion so. Let we used to do the back but even over to the Bershard this as they used to just have played a day were we all wanted to Beecher we want to apart and we just. Fired of crows got drunk there's no games during thing maybe assault ball game abroad but it was a mandatory anything we decided they were we just hung out. But analysts cut they started make it in India or wasting time here let's let's be creative in build teamwork great. They brought work too the fought. It's not fun now it's gone. It's not funny at all here's a big whether or not it's work. Anything that has done Roger coworkers feels like work and right like created it's gonna end up talking shop. See exactly what are you happy ability to hang out with people. One I had got. Out with outside of the job and you don't need to make you happy over the Dyer to but but if you're forced to sit and have a drink or have a meal with someone you don't like. You forced me to light the people. I work with partner fake it. Hillary do that it worked just like that is it's hard to fake like the people that you work with. And this had to be some like employment self help programs somewhere this idea that if you get to know someone putted deeper level than just worked talk you'll like them Morton and here's the big. There's a thought that idea went with 90% of the people you meet. The more you get to know that. The less you like them or does he start knowing this this elementary school everyone's in the same stuff mode you can you can go it's us or does front. You need me there with a four interface being miserable. Does it bring the event down and actually helping you by staying away because America played nice I'm gonna be like a cancer. Rate them like you are they show it regressive it do you need this is true. And and that is why they've. Book parks and to be there but do you wanna separate a father from his children he wanted to get down and then next thing you know it's like oh the Mexican border I don't know if I could indicate that the trying to tell me you would do that. Yes. 2226000. At face I don't see the face to my daughters that they say so yeah. Advantage program but not office Olympics mandatory button this week to kick thick. Tommy and I both that excuse to get out of that kitty does not she's pissed at us Pete is on CM FUPD. Hey how are you the L what are the older states and one of the privileged ones are actually one of the youngest. Of broadcasters. In your company this troop it's it is. So I think in you know Tammy because these are award winning broadcaster is doing on how. And you know he's entitled you however my friend I think Chico. In all honesty Pete if I did not have my daughter's steal data into that same day they're about to say I've got. Oh you would not you would pick up some other dudes right connected unless you know I did because now my daughter's field they would have a seat I. There's a different Dele Fidel if there was Pete I. I would be honest Q do you always do what I did one together at frontier field we look and he was there isn't a silly hat and that was three years the. I'll tell us a lesson I want to and I was delegate lead actually this has just we were on some kind of treasure hunt. And all I want to do is sit down have a bureau wants to base the baseball game and they have us running around looking for stuff. But get as good as they get the game didn't win. You also got mad that you didn't win no way of we purposely tank we and it don't know bought a castle won the treasure hunt he takes the call but I appreciated. The bosses team sheet rigs it's so she wins her. Yeah and what does that say for your employees when you win well there's also you should even be participating. That's just did. On top of all of the mandatory I want stuff what we can't relax because every public company does is mandatory fun for us is there aren't have fun and relax and I'll be watching it. That's supposed to work and reasons I can't speak I can't act freely willing boss is standing there perhaps flooded the mandatory fun day with a pre established by those ever agreed upon by middle. And it's you know it's like remember when your mom had to take her best friend. And you were forced to hang out with their kids even you like him that he remains again have liked is off or played it because I our moms are friends your 100% or you just sit there are gone and it sucks. It's very simple. Gulp. Now I had your coach has PepsiCo she should go everybody's going to be all night bullet and she got an item that a builder character of the little bit. Can I at least by camping medi you guys for not going to at least be upset if somebody doesn't go that's been here. Less time and I and I dips at all we yes you get a yes it would be upset that okay I can redirect my anger or your competition. I. You pretty girl competition had beaten Andy North about time serve yeah I. I hit someone with a seat time in grade as you were lasted about oh you're able to be upset with them not to get to 6001 more before a move out of Ralph is on CMF mandatory work fun Kelly Ralph. They had at two options for you president suggests that it optional one isn't it that you show up and at the visibly it looked like you're having a miserable. I count the on this an option because you only have to go one year and never have to go again because the bottom gonna be like well you drag everybody else down last year into a Horry got shut out this year. I could never worked for Tommy relay for. Isn't hundred courier who get yes rusty still like all the time people still ask conditional look at things for some reason. Option to. It is not called the cooker option where you show up or it has scantily clad woman and it bears everyone by having it appears superiors. Ralph are all your plans out of eighties teen movies like that was a sweet talk about. I sort of defiant hospital on the web because then we got all the other corruption when you're at the holiday party and was disaster knocked him back and you know holiday parties agree to. Sabrina I invited is dank OK Erica abruptly cynical but I appreciated cameo averaged ten feet. So the Key Biscayne. With elect a skateboarding community gets a job here it's probably and a.