The Man Stand

Wednesday, October 25th

Tommy and Duffy say it doesn't exist, but Kimmy knows a guy who is paving the way for men everywhere.



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I don't know if that would keep him this. Colonel why be with QB this is good for med if what you say there. Do this you don't think he's gonna falls through and not that I think that eventually just give worn down that this guy that you were both young and idealistic that you take yeah. But is guys' names I've just get tired yeah. Rather take a step. In eighty and older. You tired reviews Q and I just know there has got the white tell. Around the breaker let's classic rock and it's not to BC about to get league has double the odds that it does take some outside the main community. To show us what they're doing it or not doing things in the forest for the balls. Won't include C Jimmy. Let MIA good friends she's. Married for a few years now Britain and his wife is. Very very girly girl like Hillary I think everything. Enzyme now I hear. You know just like they sparkly everything's like early early like almost like Chile a bar be alone up there and he. Like before he met her was really not be just like a manly dude. Dairy distorts things like that and since they got married he's kind of turned into more of a guy who's concerned about his looks and things like that like she made him get liked pitchers in Medicare has become atomic. Kinda kinda. And you know he's got along with it because I think it makes her happy any doesn't really mind you dearly them up yet so and couple months ago it paid just for talking and they want to get a dogged he wanted to get like you know big. Just regular sized dog and she came home with fake miniature Pomeranian Poodle. Is it that they Dennis first totals are CD's yet it's like yeah it's tiny who has declared dash isn't senator brown herself yet she started out there crazy novelist but. Data yesterday of I don't know where she debtors some days so looks to cool. They've even happy about it but you know whatever like this is our dog now we're gonna go girly gun gonna make the best of it. It like it's that he's done everything that she's asked of him never complains there's a line major sell. He showed up we went out for drink the other day. And she she was telling us Delaware is where should I of what's she doing he's like oh she's she's out walking the dog yoga and this is like leader at night something like oh. That's a little sketchy like literally blocked the dog at like eleven that night near is like well you know I'd go with their but I told her I refuse. To walk the dogs and after what she bought Ford the dogs what did you buy that she bought the dog stroller. Rural so she pushes the Pomeranian around and let us not doll stroller dog like Jessica box for a little bit gets tired but she still wants to blocks or should put to the united stroller. I said I will do. Anything for her but I refuse to walk next to the dog's trying headed to. Optional side somewhere and don't go away and it I don't care what time night she goes it's the morning whatever I Bible go by Tommy visits of the interest eggs. What are you kidding this is that they visiting this standards as the line that he is drying saying I won't do this for you believe every man has allowed one Mans the button. Don't think that mean you could say if your comfortable something so the pitcher wrong is in the center is that Tom Regis etc. he didn't say I would never be seed with a controller. Tommy said if I was walk be adult stroller and I saw someone I knew underway to hurt the other way consoles so. You've got you might note of the dog stroller Tommy could you would just not wanna be seen with a stroller you still walk but he's so awesome when you do. Well I say. I had it I had an incident a while back so in the town of pitcher right in the mains part of town there's cross marks is. And they cannot put the stupid idea. That they have these bins of little yellow flags. So if you want to across the street you can get hit by a car as you get this miscues it's an orange flag. Aren't and on golf who the hell whatever wave one of them play I would think forgot your height this will be beneficial American seeming and you remained in place to Los. We'll bumper. So were out for a walk it's my wife and I ain't. Step kids and little Cody it's over the summer and oh let's go get coffee were to call for two to go across the street. As you start to crush history my wife. Grabs. One of those flag usually hit like OK and it's for like little kids are giving out little lines or your super old or something. Any for us. Some eichel what do you do points because she doesn't she's she shares were without that flag. Think she's on an aircraft carrier deck and the boys are common in after remission and it should waive this thing around because and I know I I I I stopped. And I waited for vertical or crosses three. Wish that flashes that I did want to be associated with his crazy flag what I it's your stage where she he did know because her back was to me so I took it as a win range so. She turns around supposed to flag issue assuming gives it a while ago got to the stage American Communist but. I still would admit that I nothing walker was crazy flywheel. So that is why QB I think you're off on your mainstay at about four to deduce it I took it as a statement but hated hated stay at cutting wilder don't want I want nobody close maroon new boobs. Current. He disguised it let's kind of laments there but it's not consistent it would have been him looking at his wife and say I'm not doing this Uga I was cheating Cagney to do you Richie Rich content of each week I don't because you hey. Until she was across the street but so does that tell it wouldn't get OK that it is standards you. And there's no way like if I have an income my wife let's have a lifeless but this really. On the outfit on the dark Ellis go for a war a minute don't looks ridiculous rate and let's go for a walk with the dog. My has on this little man. Aren't still make it as soon. You've talked to a storage and a dressing up your. You don't want custom content and it blew her way despite points topping your pod walk so QB I guess what I Syria is likely. Wait you're young and this guy is due in marriage take it to stand and it. You're looking at three phases of marriage your friend the rate your friend who the exceeds. As if to say I hate doing this. He was realize that he with the fight it Tommy doesn't even like anymore you just gives up it is tied to create a scenario where he thinks that he won for just okay. Essentially to speak you'd think it's too hard to fix glow brightly it's like what's the point she's gonna win anyway if I don't agree it is if it's a league where. Did you ever run out of this energy I got run out of energy for these sites are addictive they never do. He never any amount lies in coral ever dated they have a relentless sun they aren't worsened pit bulls and they get ahold of I am these will not let go and they know that. And tiger just talking about it once and knotted up from behind it this lesson. You with us we damaged the roof he finally are rude fix I so there is EP eight dumpster in the front of our drive there so my wife sees this as an opportunity to clean up the basement last night at seven there. Yes or call us that from the basement it's 739 some order to join us we don't eat whatever you want I can't help and it showed you if I don't do. Replacement. DL list this team and now we had a discussion face to face honey do what you want I busy I got on it it does finally got a mutual would like. Of course to get off my ask is that thirty minutes and missed about a guy in the basement because. Don't do it my life is misery yes for the rest of the night possibly for the rest weeks even. Please write any right to take a bandstand even with Tommy gonna get right to take command stand with the flag. You don't do it should always gonna to pick up that heavy box sucks me in. This is is that they don't play about and the money grows. It can be viewed notice this there's nothing your boyfriend did it stand out would you be OK with that if it's that you wanted to do. Com that I felt that he said that he was embarrassed by it I might let it enjoyed every Saturday night. But seriously. Do you see this as an appropriate because you know Wheaties crates. Griese did you do that you ask your boy for duke where era if he took the stage would be offended by. I'd be a little sets. But I mean what am I gonna do if he did not edit it is not gonna do it because like miserably then to. Make life miserable I would treat only going. Great now we're not married where we've been together for like two years is not like oh lead to so long. I deliver some of it not being married usually by now two years and you've got a ring on it for two very old school thinking about it I don't disagree. I'm figures of the wrong in your relation most of my friends who got married have been together for like five plus years I've seen your friends that I would wait soon. Hopefully it's they would find the makeup and that's the lizard talking for. You can't just can't see at least right its pots I see so great I'm great girlfriend it's my way like this kid's doing it so it. Clearly exists maybe early on in the relationship. But it does happen what you put him to the tat much of which employ different too little tests to see what I don't go on idol one under regulation brand point you're afraid. A blood what he may do who opens and has that I get a test for its they helicopter hovering at christmastime chair. It was kind of fun to do with the European where those ugly Christmas where all its Q he actually has one that he picked themselves. Mr. part of her. You got bigger problems than me. Give he's talking about the mainstay and she believes that every man in his marriage as one stand he can make it put its foot down and out I do it and she's. She's not it is not her fault she's young she's idealistic she think she's great girlfriend and here's the other thing too like. You ask any wife to tell you there are great light through the greatest even cycles right but even if you. Let's say divorced have a team you don't know the whole story. Well he brought Richard and initially entered probably hitter. Reading come home at night he was too involved but his job didn't talk to kids guilty of that to me on that they'll never say she was a bad mom unless it's proven and a court of law. But but it's insane things and say Tommy title that you always brag about America now raises as an institution you assume moments of peace all manner piece of guard Erica. Right Chris rock's famous quote to look to throw around men are only as faithful as their options for soul when we believe that we look at the woman to feel sorry for what they should still it was a break. Were willing to live with them Alia ho enterprise that is treat for I'm very livable. Are great to live she just needs to kill bugs that's really the only reasons in India which sex is keep slap himself in the face of the flights. Did you successful and once you come under mom Kim Smith at its roots. I talk to that story but the flight across the street gets hurt refused to wave at marks in the breaker mansi a methane mark away but it. They I think I've I know the triple idea while the Braves way. Because it was an arena bowl. And he only way is the pride play. And forge what the discount. Like gave the go Lanier did nothing wrong with the product I we know. Would you I know politically correct and acceptable and we're about to blow that out of the water that tax cut decision and politically correct to pick him.