The "Man Duty" You're Ashamed You Can't Do

Tuesday, April 18th

Tommy says every guy should have basic "Man Skills"... but maybe he should take a look at himself before dishing out advice!


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It will be the deputy atomic earlier but it in the death of a CNET team which means we willing to go to extreme measures are not a buddies know that unmanned beings we just came to. Stuff that every guy because he's a mansion. Just because you're not good at something doesn't mean you're not a man but so let's don't wanna take that Rebecca. And if we and we all go above and be on to make sure that no one knows we can't do disdain the most I don't know if we're supposed to do yet. The break brought to classic rap many 65 to BC Matt can you witnessed here what might be the most emasculated date I have ever heard or her over the weekend and you become a ball because this unnamed man doesn't want to look like little rich in front of his friends yes. So my parents had the family over on Easter and more like a brunch. And like probably like midway through the afternoon we get a knock on the door which was rig there but he is thirty they're so. We like who are you expecting and it ended up being my parents' neighbor and yet that's my dad hey you know I think there's something rob my grill can help me get it going. So many Afghans girl I don't know kind of grow us Saddam assuming mr. bunker. Well about a real well yeah. Some good over there and he comes back like with like a couple minutes and he goes well he just enough how to turn it on. Don't yet he was a turning it on right to and from what it sounds like. This guy didn't want to admit to the people at his house that he didn't know how to work the grill because my parents at its always his wife about their guerrilla. He's student health turning on the grill and and acted as electing there's something wrong with maker. You guys think about that for us man won the white fully grills what's up that right now to. You was a man. Don't even know how to turn on the grill with these girls are so easy now late. Now you just hit a little button he opened at the tank hit a button and it's done. I know you had the drop imaginary. Guy you know. Think of how much less you would think nobody if you it to his place for a cook out eighty doesn't know how to start to grow comedy that food. Judge well you ready candidate X the history. Some media so that as men we should know we don't wishing to. Okay at 226008. With your brother. Just because it views on the does not an week to claim you what he has to be just the basics that we get like maybe your nano electrician or plumber okay by it you should have basic. Yards skills honed skills driving skills like you should know things about car ride basic things like what's basic. Basically about your I don't wanna change the oil like our judges hires. I haven't done well you don't even have to Gonzales at the little kid I don't think I have a spare my party and you probably don't. I just get that little they did just fills the tire of yet getting it to the store like I change my oil would I would not do that it's meant they can't I but that's us at the that's necessary. Best we can necessary scale. But he should have certainly should not work a lawnmower. How to ride a tractor OK aren't I putted from bush. 2226000. As a legally be damn. As of Manhattan we're not gonna judge you. New rule is that man being you should deal that you don't. That you hide from everybody and I wouldn't mind as a and it hurts because snow was gonna make fun I've been hiding this for years. I can't call foot up can't. I have golf horribly but I'm not good golfer but I know the pace. I mean I know the rules saga. Like I can't I'm the worst golfer on the planet especially in this town every man goal everybody golf's Ryder. And I feel clubs. And I try to take lessons I did everything I can't to beat a man that plays golf like everyone else I know I just can't do it and I get judged harshly everytime I go up. So there are guys work here. Upstairs in her boom because a man they will invite me golfing and I always have to come over the excuse as to why Keiko is Michael wit Dem would be out there for seven hours and every one of them behind my back will be judging. I see like golf to me is slave. Mays yes sporting event and amazing it's like that generally Impreza even if you can play an item pres saint nick duels yes yeah of course. Hey guys do get competitive and they take it seriously even if it is just for fun it's competitive it is it is handed out my dad is an amazing golfer. Well nominal men like please please please please Olympics. Police Olympics makes the please Olympics every year as a golf Barca but I can't do to see you might like it I am chit sheet by in fact I put my golf clubs. I don't in front of Mike isolate neighbors see them driving I actually think I can Eagles. Not if I have to go do it if I do for charity or something I will go to the driving range right before close of nobody else is there I had a shape to definitely. We categorize they keep coming out of the porn shop it's terrifying man everybody bobbled army bad things about what you think which I usually I've never been able to do a whistle. There was. At all man thing and this is why you ought to be listened chick whistler. Yeah just make me think that I am now. So what you do you're ashamed of the fact you get when I can't whistle. Sit there as I hate most notable was so now but I say hey I see a hot skirt what demise get him into the the sexy looking goodly whistle. Can't do you do instead scan Boehner social. Keep your so I can't listen to check out this high grade being. But I really can't. You should be shake it up beatable whistle you should be issued a billowed golf. Right I mean because you can golf I mean you just suck at bike I can golf likened finished or complete and is second but I socket these. I'm positive I had to go include tennis and that while tennis is dozen golfers is to meet the same thing LA go now. Please tell a guy's short short pass they'll all make fun of tennis tepid country club stuff all want to saying I'm not golf this country club. You have to go to country club yeah. Yeah well courses every one of those are country club but okay the button that their country club but average dude will go golf he doesn't have to be like Bryan rich to do it. I took it to 6000 IC folks there and I appreciate your honesty Clinton's yourself in the break today what does that mandate that you should know how to do that you don't because there's as we fight work that goes on inside men after the age of thirty. You know what you know when you don't need to know and eating bread and I thought I survived this Don learned I've I have this knowledge that survives what's the point picking up anything else. Hear what you don't know. You make him look. My little niche so what's his inner fight of wanting to be a tough man guy who knew what day is where's the stubbornness of I know everyday and I don't need. Erica you distill like what I do I can't do it on to say on that sort of stood that would have it only works for so long. On a get a 57 year run and look at guys that sets the trio. Whistling Sox fans are for losers. To Toledo that. I see you guys there what is that dance stuff and every man knows how to do you are embarrassed you cannot do it's okay. Yeah come clean start to trucks trucks light body. Or. AA. As a reason why you're not you know ever call first or. You wait to step. And second ball he can't what are our pocket and sugar while saint. Are going to be done daily times. That has never thought about he needs any tees up the golf can history and have been hurt him. A lot article outlook trying to beat each. Accurate ever gently took all of that play all my life and I still saw. You go yet altered or enjoy. OK so do you have minced up pitcher Shane you can't do drugs what is your paying the. LA I mean I cannot stress and announced its results of old age and are fighting lung in the trucks yet. I write everything that it'll. Average. Just an airplane and after doing what you are there. Yes I get the that's standards does it does need to be paratrooper. I struck spectacle rather. Think especially now. It's got to be cars for most guys like what the guy growing up now as to work on a car can't you needed degree. Yes it's all computer message does it look like an entity anymore here on set right. But Kiki did you change the air filter into our whole nuts. Deal worded site no I didn't know I had an air filters like. What's at Fuller. Oh serial production gentlemen I I can do I could change tire can't change but you don't need to change Saturday more I don't cars that just came to meet. You know the further we get away and what it's gonna be classified. As new demands are gonna Taylor's it's going to be a good. Electronics note had a deep blue and installed app on your phone it's gonna go from replays seeing. Parts on your car and I going down until late Pep Boys are replacing parts of your car too late I'll I noted doing that. I can put this apple might phone Obama meant this is what it's giving out too though as united kicks in your car. You know fixing your lawn mower. Rain. I guess would be installation of said technology yeah house that's probably what it is I know how to put Bluetooth speakers on the connect everybody does that really macho because. Herring Europe speakers with your phone really is that played anything at heart saying I know it yet Hank your flat screen yeah. Okay you about eight TV and it's right that it's now. Excrete and speakers and a pair to be an element protest against aren't the only thing worse. Then having that meant that you can't do it is a woman you like that can't do that man own stock actually ash I don't. I. I don't. You tell us. Or. Are out. I'm at it I hit it on I. At all. All they're equate it to her I didn't small girl will not great at Indy. So you were doing all of this stuff for these guys that did know how to do it. Don't know big truck and quietly. Yeah. Church like. That here they are. I just want to check your restaurant yeah go to recruit blades actually has the S was human she's she's got a little tight little thing actually. You type of thing you busted. I can hear her voice actually takes the call I appreciated. I don't care I don't know how to do Latin. Do you have a choice not disturb a wiper was this red hot dry season. It will take that for me I can't do it romantic. Man you conflict dates go and car parts place and basically I think now it's not rivers on that even asking what I need I won't even. I go to car parts boys you better BM guy over 45 years old. That's oil wanna talk to buckle reports that some punk and that some skirt but you don't know everything about I don't play Iowa older guys know stuff about stuff. It's especially hard. Unit apart at any big in your life you when I got over 45 result and. Parent to DD 6000 can be dealt as the story little while ago I am tired dads may irk them. On Easter comes over to save my grill lights out. Some that's weird about it news Seattle figured out not long enough. Turns out this guy did not start is really didn't want to tell the people at the party can he get one over and started to grill the man that you should know that you are ashamed you cannot do. And radio talk about earlier Micah. You get to an age we don't wanna learn anything right there are tap out there are many don't have that. Right guys in the 40s60s. That took some advanced skill they didn't know how to do and learn something new and those guys exist at all. Right you might buy the materials you turn on you to learn how to do it but chances are you gonna fail. The end or you can you saw donut can't get it I think I can't do it's I can't glue anything together system breaks clueless. And I can't I can't. Again any time sent them my a Leslie a master glue or but I go my neck and I'll try and it's like it's fallen apart it's crooked I can't get Iran I get frustrated. And I am sick like the pressure's on it is like when she set the glue is is it. We. I am I disturbed that you think gluing the man. Yeah they'll blow the whistle. At the end skull starts with a dead duck tape that ails a clue they'll listen to as you got to glue it to our you do what do you think that that clue Fauria idiot. William Mel showed Swedes coming en us some recent tying a tie or driving a stick shift tie a tie and like I can tight I can't jurisdictions. Get them and I haven't I have more prizes so long ago loss Cisco but stick and have driven a stick in your son anomalies of it sticks deals I've never. Nice to practice my stick skills you excel you should tell when you out where we're quick we do that I get get a little driving keep her spiritual school. Where standard to be honest Tommy's. Standard driving school school we're gonna finds it he has sort makes up the table 2226000 vocals coming in I said Nike golf and you said you can't whistle or glue them on model of marriage weaker this that takes not a chance he'll. It is the opposite divorces emasculated male and Alia I got those speed and skill and that you. Are ashamed to admit you can't do that stuck to Donny Donny how anybody. Market cap enclosure that pretty. Critic Lou you're right risk you're on. With the notion we. I'm happy to think I'm the purse or your like. You openly admit you can't change your oil yet but being your purse or she can't boycott. I actually got a pitcher's park well let me clarify. I don't a lot of guys that I trigger yankees like adults. You can't cheat or course. Arts and here's a day like you're right there are guys that adds second play golf thing and they make me more they're more of the that I am 'cause they can play golf dot. Everybody I know that I grown up with no matter how rich report anyone knew how to play golf and all the. Like I'll buy it torture or I'll. White. Lucas has it's not trading at less dramatic. Right to it all I want my electorate. I also raced I had no interest in golf I like Spanish sport aren't. I don't have any interest in golf whatsoever. Would beat that's oddly good. I bet we got ten guys that are written in this town need of a gulf. Probably it capped if you are totally out of Warsaw. To murder. The idea but it did when he took. Golf is manly thing. I would have put golf tournament. I think you did dad did mess all the years that you can't do you do golf out there and does so again I can't golf Selig Joe's the one thing net. No we can relate to run for light. They're my soul less and it looks whistle is the end of the decade their huckster. I've got pucks and after Derrick Low whistle book Google. Pour real movement and what's really it's that man nobody looks at a golfer and as a man I would just an hour. Notice letter it is checkered shorts averages you guys can't golf or says he won't golf because he's bad at it throw up a couple. Can guys that guy golf not mentally where you you would judge you gotta can't go all if you says I don't wanna golf because I batted it idol like show other people and you would want to be Rebecca. It's adults ethnic else would he didn't. He's a big burly guy don't work Saudi plays baseball it actually draw a line for Manuel if he was too afraid gulf because he did what's. Not good at it boys of ass out of himself because of one perform a hundred bucks a day you think it's the not knowing how to drive stick is worse than that no not a golf. Yes stickers were subject to did you 6000 Sissy boy with a stick that mandate that you should know how to do and don't know how to do it. No way am I letting a woman he said if you want to mechanic here and it's female you want him down and Edgar was such a Rene Rene ally yet. Dario. I'm a mechanic you're Greece bitch. I know more than a Canadian big knuckles. I'll give you mechanic. And they're and and you sound like that. I'm only when he got it and I didn't. OK so do you see this look what. What timing ire talk about the guy's a walking in seed you and find a way to get the hell out of there. I've had that happen but I'm not looking at where. It will come to me out that because they don't know what they're doing well. But jewels are probably maintain your girlfriend's currents. I don't ever go oh honey you'll get a Wanda ward. You would take you doubt he's the only coming up called a walk Willie yeah. You before I get peppermint patty unity don't hood baby like particular fire. It's up an interesting point I wonder if guys are afraid to admit to other guys that they can't do that but not afraid to admit it to one the whole goal. You're right because you're not can't judge a man for taking their Carty you right. I am really not going to judge him that they don't know nothing about cars not everybody. Needs to know everything about what's going on under the weather. The vehicle. Collusion I had to get better tool box to hate they cubicle and appreciation. I. That's a really good point if you do a mechanic and I tell this guy I don't did you witness I would like that guy's judgment eager subtle type that's why he's a mechanic that's his job okay but you should know how to do or could do by yourself yes. Like change of oil. I. Okay there's also things as air filter to beat you barely get by and all his mr. DJ your audio filter. Shut up shut but I always DO what about a growing bleaker would you do that Clinton. Jesus Christ you don't change Republicans won't.