Lost in the Kitchen

Thursday, April 19th

There's something your kid probably hasn't learned how to do, and it's your own fault! It's not exactly fair to sit here and yell at millennials for this lost art..


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Scary percent of it feels can't bridge. That did not OK like your skills lack broke up because you've got none at skills were handed down call mine a guy did you wind in testimony did you wanna watch TV you don't and wanna play med you don't have to steal on our parents had this deal is it today you know you don't know beat. And that's just hit a bucket to talk let's do it always is not a dual. Boys and need to be done that it always do you have pledged to do when the bill I think is actually go away you're gonna fight it but it's time for a Beagle and so you. The break are much is classic rock on seek and here's one. As scary persona millennial don't know how to cook. Not a Clarke cope so I can't anchor my ass off now that we arrest went. Cook and I can get Q have you like your own original recipes to step click your grandmother probably had you know like get your. I have a little residence is tense. I got a Lexus SE Asia. You can open up with a bunch ingredient of cocaine or you could do that. Scratched and he can't wave a way we've got acute they eat cake. Unloaded a picnic sheltering place. Kate OK I had what many had big things skillet about main cooker OK I think it may ankle and he's or she's got maybe deposit from scratch. You're just opened a box boil what did you parties and look at Jack let's roll out on a marble table like were simple ceremony that would be on the cricket dude take solace. It makes you can't do and I. I go get the majority that I've read billion either up SARS to cocaine to be fair article ideals about the way I can make it bigger and it. It's easy it's simple. Mario's got issues and figured that. You'll. None of their parents cookie I have very few memories personally love my dinner is when your mother with a bigger car what what should I do harm coming from a guy gets to the fact that she wasn't a good cook. Sounded like my mother both my parents worked full time jobs another well and he goes right. That's the story of today to. Both you and your wife actually prepare food then. How would you give an account she can grow piece that you you know he does not cookie 1000 dart other Chicagoans on that's cooking. What you'll want to prepare he always like plucked have been feathers at the chicken salad what's good and study what he does. You your definition account is ridiculous but it's not cooking is it's what your mother did what they're prepared to scratch every night and again meatball. Every ball now is not just rolling meet annual all that's what people sticks in the recipe meet. Bulk thought Stefan had to tell you want to meet all couples meet ball that you hate to have all you put a little garlic in there in your puts him season and pick out one happily says that had a good comedian by state. That's just can't get this right you can't grow. Get flip a steak I bet your overcoat at Christie's beat the problem now and die you and I picked you cannot state beat anybody that. That eases and meat thermometer is such old Willis. Did he should know by pace since Ballinger I need to meet demoted no mistake the Writely guess you do. He is at the mold murder vulnerable to envelope and doing it the correct way assistant good. Yet so you beat. And set Saturdays which you always. Bad. Allow us again. They don't want. What a fight on cook rice who writes cook actually start with that myself and here's what six dead make a sale address it who excel addressed yet able. This is vinegar oil what did you. Shake their (%expletive) and I don't tell and in Boston and we'll have a dress is already got to make there's forty different signal that was allocated brazile. Costs. Flicks of light rain stress. Light ranch aren't me ignorance of I have a delicious creamy layer rage for you oh my god. Cooking does he do exist hidden for Elliott the spoon. How I'd. Does it need to exist anymore. And it but I would say it's raced in on how to like flippant Hague OK but I. Mix and host and entries surprise I tightly mining secular life could dive cook she was since civilians and did not have boil. It's hostel I was amazed as to your point he's driving crazy she's letting. Shoot. She's not infections acute mania she race deal if she RC de Cuba would be a disaster that's my point is that if the kid doesn't see you proud of these postal code you can and you got to break this actually have your daughters do in the soul food. How serious are like. My. Food just flu camp but like traditional route seafood like the two of them to my point. I had a Cecilia white to could make putts aren't so if you have you dollars or have black they should know the origins of their heritage or their forward came from my Collard greens. And chicken and ribs food Jamaican food it is very hard to make their from Jamaica Jamal how hard is it to me Jamaican food yet they have. They have a Third World country can make it a curried goat. Day goat curry pot Don yes did you Jamaican economy Anke selfish act in taking acting. Do you rub it in India fish fry in Indonesia Jamaica fish fry what Jackie. Backing comes from the Yankee plant. You'd grind Yankee plant down to a dust. You dust of fish to fry your accidentally kicked you actually accidentally happen right no. I don't ahead himself got a season. But if your daughters like let's say your daughter's. I don't really grow up knowing how to connect but they'd tried an interest in it later in life there's this thing called YouTube which tells you how to make pretty much any average YouTube how easily. Liggett you know you are making the same way anybody else who's been making their whole life a joy. Do have been it would be nice today it is nice to test out some traditions right okay regulate. Your mother passed down by a hundred men bidders to add to your sister from they know how to read he now. That's got to do whatever I want to wait until a couple of kids from scratch that nick veggies and at that time management times sucks it's just impossible that it cost of it. Like she's so much less expensive. To go to white top to the grocery store but when I was prepared chickens for six bucks it's mashed potatoes for three boxed and done I'm done aren't. But it is sent ID you know what their kitchen and no what to do. Iso the first time you're your boyfriend meg he was over your place in. Did you did you ever perform like they'll have contrived reference or what did you like the first island that's going to be the big meal it's gonna be the meal that seals the deal and the deal Selig be red steel a meal. Which are steel mirror and remember. Our first. Time I could farm. And MM I'd like chicken Alfredo or something earned that says they sent you Q boil in a bag ago but that's not to just describe his cooking. And cooking. And they should boil the noodles to the cream dressing imported or is she if she if she creamed her and possibly for she gave it to on. The beard a delicious meal do you understand what he creamy pasta. He's not afraid of such yes. Cults sauce cleaned why is itself an Italian radio as a afraid they are afraid if you call it dressing. But address or and children go to this address. This HS go. To Shasta. Six. And now we've just hours before polls took beats the breaker let's see about eighty. A good morning eight if if I were just getting over cult like do this whole thing which orders on. But they. Pat who told you how to hook up your PlayStation who taught you how to. Clear your your computer and you can interpreter on it is an old audit download apps on the year while president if you want it. If you wanna cut into an alert you're gonna learn how to co unity teacher dollars and you hit it down. That I may or colonial are gonna center on the line. Got doubled every day thicker bodied into getting up. That's that's Bridgeport was somebody to just battle where people get. But the doctor appreciate the effort Pete. My parents didn't beat fast food it's the bottom of the bag right like it's my generation doing it. This handed down for my fans definitely he cities if you want to do to killings or why are the words you're. Why would want to I don't want to do I really bit tickets that the it's like a it's you guys keep that are bitching about millennium is not knowing its applicability of the skills a thing millennial they say oh poor us we kick a guy that we care on your budget god damned you're the one as they're zombies. Are. They're probably a what the item hero you know and again in teach kids out of it. You don't get replaced basic count out there opens up like that they somehow figured. You don't get the importance dot. Oh like when Tommy asks us how to fix is found. Yeah record you'll figure that stuff I'll add it to us army to make you as a bacon and eggs that are hungry. Or take at a McDonald's. It's a record Bill Clinton picked up and they'd go whatever I hate it. Always recovering from a cold and artist of Pluto and it got to his brain does that would have been. As a company to do is get us at the BC up or the breaker and FaceBook page I may father who cooks at home. But like cooking I mean by stuff away and passed off as my own stuff to my wife she knows that I buy it but it's impossible when I get home at work at four to have dinner on the table by 643. Kids and my wife made from scratch. Cooking is not to buy something and eating it up. It's that we remove it and it needs what sewing and you know people who sell their clothes and then look at cheek. People used to fix Dari Dexter shoes chews catchy. People used to prepare their own food fruit the chief servant but to Chico's which would she pose the widely need to scale if it's I don't need any more what's the point of having. SS I guess because it's at that it's going away dissenting charming about it here's that they like when you reflect on your grandparents and parents on and they gave me and Kenny could probably attest to and her mother. Remembering a grandmother stern this Sunday it's Sunday smell in the house of whatever traditional foods that were cooked in the house okay it's it's a fun memory. And you're not gonna haven't you like your daughters are gonna have any fond memories what's what's are fond memory. Going to be if it is in there. Sights and smells of home media what is it I see this you running him out doing the good to recap in the creek capital home for everybody my wife will cook once a week to manage its unique. And I Jamaican. Who does linger but to my point it's entered its it'll be a fun memory that that that generation that's got heated testament. Okay you wanna blame us has finally. Usually you can also correct a situation. Oh on me tell you were the phones now policy say it's now the league feels responsibility to pick your flag 55 years I've never seen. Understood that we had wouldn't pops. And now they don't. It's still I don't. But you still have it is. Kind of force affiliates like content or nobody knew that there are forced Welker how.