The Long Lost Duffy?

Thursday, June 30th


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5:30. In the morning yesterday and he's only to a disturbance at west Gibson street weekend. That earlier in the country that's at least up and say they found 31 year old Joseph Cavanaugh. The evidence in either up and police he was a little domestic incident going Ozal fuss and feud going on her a twit sounds all right what happens. Please Cavanaugh was armed with a ace award debate. And swore ward off several feet long where an antique dealer a minute how. Had sort of an admitted that event like I picture like along like me nice sword with some of those guys are and they collect that crap now there's this place and Henry at the cells. All the sorts store so I think it was cut but still that's what Europe's steel supports. Margaret Spellings we have that not this cut their surrogates the civil war you've got to sort it sounds like it is articles all reached the cloak and character of ten NBC according to please a woman was able to separate herself and cab and possible sounds like he was it threatening her with a hos okay what this word so. Also or just. Most are insured cap and obviously it's way from and according to NBC. He verbally threatens police officers and walked them with a short now what do they do is column. 'cause they had a taser C. I think. If you're on your law on what this war. And you're threatening to cut should Jewish future occasion to seduce for having sort of big meanie is locked is all they did with Tate Sharon era Dick if you you know sort collection your day to our guys that are in this were there to eggs older hunt but he added to the new engine it just aren't you gonna have a sword play to get there's going to be dragon in your Frontline Mo or show up. You just exploded but it's just a weird it is we like would you date anybody with a soda is like I locked in a guy's house yes or collection display it out for right you say you're wrong it's a Swartz are excellent word whether it's a sword and blogs or swords. So you subordinate. Easy to collects would think it's weird but wages. So it was taste he's like you rate the rate thirty what you're judges and collect and get out was taste taken into custody he was charged keep class so he get. Think about that. He's holding one of the most ancient weapons. Are the first weapon in the era of any consequence was that night. He's being. Subdue by the most sophisticated I. I don't tied to those two bigs beat up again agents. Device meets modern device this is yes. I think Dirk. So let's let's go over what ten music he's thought about that well he's getting shot is really why. Let's go again the story real okay that'll tell you what he's been charged with the so please show up this house that when you just Cavanaugh he's allegedly on the sword and with a woman. Woman breaks away from the guy he walks towards cops would support top collegiate. Cavanaugh was only charged with the warden to counter medicine Erica. Now there are under investigation for which forces might be pending and none of this is the craziest part of the story there's more. I'm my Twitter should pull up yesterday on 11 o'clock address FaceBook to. They're very popular human no known here. This guy. Looks exactly like Dexter yourself and exactly hitting it like to me like well. He's got the twin bomb might Gotti is like ice Butler he looks like a guy he's got that long greasy. Mullet hair. He once again got to have a sort collection. I think the that would six Oregon this non melanoma can. It does look like you when I saw the picture at first I thought it was a picture of may make it's insane it is insane like it takes and it longer hair you can't get hot yeah. Rat tail. Here's what's freaking mile and I know I'm probably looking too far into the season so he's a candidate what he's 31 year easel. Your dad's kid well I'm thirty. And my dad worked candidate it's on you know he had a job in Canada when he was a police officer candidate look thirty years ago. I'm getting a beer can be your brow brow. Borough bros and Hewlett apparently likes to collect things. Dow gets he got to collect and he also what are you and me he also wears a backwards hat because well no credit to him he's got a ten line he's got to eat red patients on a huge. His forehead is completely like a hole. It's freaking me. The distance right leg kitty to duplicate but the thing about it and I just put luck let us not to you should investigate want to know. What you've addressed. Gated Teddy don't view winter candidate within two year old who put the but again I've probably looking too far dollars and if you got a guy that looks like Q that's in the same thing. All right let debut collecting. Is not genetic. They can be even though. You collect if your father collected he did exist at least site action instead I. What are the chances that exactly guys out to several of 85. Coca. What does it he's mice may she looks just like these guys jumping and he's not. These chubby getting needing to solicit the same facial hair pattern I do are exactly a second life these. This weird man is honest really weird like I don't. Even know where to go to like investigate what I would know what to do. Find this guy he talked to. Doctor dad. Hey did you. Now you -- bring Hannah had this interesting story you know these are skit and her results but it that the congress goes you look out for that there just are going to shoot right right right just the tip often. How many people have secret all my god he might once have they he may get a cup of the Ed Duffy fortunes. What's that the defeat which is your father owns multiple broken us. I wonder how common that is in this town that there are secret family members you know. I don't think it's calm and fairly rare Eric thank you well I mean how would you know. Well back in the day everybody was gone bare back to this would be it off like this this time I don't know how to acknowledge the you know it's all these guys like me like when you're all male at the house or from my helmet without that are invisible just in my. Mom did not know where my dead was a what he was doing he can make up anything. You're exactly right. And I Andy and a matter of ten miles comedian type you Bristol yeah minimize albeit in Europe you gotta it's a woman that stockholders. But why we I wonder how many people legitimately the few stories all the time of these secret families that exist that meet each other thirty years Charles. Overall the famous reporter for CBS news new on the road and he did Sunday mornings on CBS. Guys like one of the most beloved broadcaster has secret failing in Idaho they didn't find out to lead died. Get a hold of her life. Do you know how guys do that like how do you get the time the apple that's a genius like that he's ever sat down and talk to these two days ago. I can't move I can handle this family. How did you pull off to and then never connect making the dots connect. Today he's a guy each for the guys don't pay torture you. There's no paper trail at all every was key national. Honest question not let this guy 31 year old Joseph Cavanaugh is up again and he was arrested and chased after the Tennessee police officers with a piece for the support he looks just like Eton he's my age and claim body fat CP your patter. Same attache. Same boobs it's pair had a accused the same way I'm glad you noticed that goes directly news again you your final. It's fifty years old my dad a job candidate with thirty years baton. He it's it's really messed with my. You're at travel for a living to quote here if there was a secret. Brother viewers and somewhere in the country which set out back I might. Like despite him he leaves but the kids like you don't want to meet and could you be afraid they want money from Biden my kids. And I I I've I am right now is you're saying. Exactly yeah if you guys idiots say kid brother would be okay. What do Brothers busted what the wants money get a many. Forget that. But I get my my. Unwanted child bitty thing he could of given some bus that as my dad knocks your mama. I'm in Chicago maybe I'm in a polio you wouldn't feel guilty like if he was public let's say he had. Some bus ask mom who desperately we ugly father and then he left for nothing like you got these shark like for the boat all this stuff traveled the world they've grown. This is who is is that with a wheel turns. Aren't took studio god I'm gonna help the world out now. Can and struggle over there myself Tex coming in nine at Nutten scenario counsel at Texaco and at night Edwards drove more my father has another cited his family from. And so my father is the site especially from his father's indiscretions we just found out a few years ago my data 68. Out on a phone calls report analysis doctor Roger Roger or anybody. Eric rhyme and have a little sister had this friend and I scroll while actually like true middle school whatever element there's both. I'm art genes 67 years ago I'd get older that that sister that trap dirt and actually perhaps mr. Italy by what auto and blue they are now are. Why would you even tell yours what I would even say anything in guilt things out there. Definitely a weird thing to tell your kid like it was your best friend but today you were actually real heated political and arts right now. The enemy and not these chips and how businesses does did you really spread around us. These so you'd get cheated on your mother created this other child. Did you mother help. I I think so. I like. Our barometer bomber reorder that so called man and there Manuel mail is a cat. That weekend. Get around when it makes the golf brother representative Matt these tech support us in just a couple from bill I then his old Mandel delicate with the Baghdad boards or I grew up in Greece in the eighties turns out I assembly of the Webster the entire time just thumbed through a recent days out of control don't listen once massive orgies and say I'm back here improves. A recent Webster. It how would suck it's a big and get over what sort of banging trick is now on number that I guess that's Mike and miles of my point is you have this strong relative that you had no idea existed. Secret fifteen years fifty miles and those guys back in the day when I'd pay him. Gives applicants pictures for under the so nostalgic holders who cheat on your wives haven't eulogy to cars nineteen cent a gallon gas and LeBron and his. Hope your fellow Rea. Today. I should probably easily this'll. Nine he need to investigate I don't know. I won yet Demi did is this somebody you'd wanna have a relationship with that that was I mean let's we we found out about it because he we'll yes ward allegedly a police officer I would ignore it yeah I would approach it because I'm. Asked you told them that we sort before there's so much stuff I don't wanna know there's an awful stuff. Don't wanna bring that into the picture evidence show it to your Brothers and sisters and everything. Investigate this your mom if they wanna do what they can do it and it's I don't know. Have to be friends and this guy right now I have to duties as an interesting story can. One more reason to load your day. It's completely crazy it's what if possibility and just want to actually do. Mrs. Levy said Pittsburgh funny it's at. It is to get. Devastating effect devastation it's true cancer is devastating to dad has sexual woman many years ago a moment it momentary indiscretions hypothetically. We write true so that's all talking about OK no others I know my father gentlemen. I'd be denied it obvious he never meant to but. My father always all his buddies were alcoholic. Wife cheat and scumbag expo for some reason. He party with a bald I didn't touch anybody you know that's crap. You get the biggest loud mouth solo debut secret sibling that would keep your head would I would I would it wouldn't bother I would like to know. Kenny I know you would like to were girls are different that's. What is now really desolate she's hotter than you she will she probably is urgent that I'd I think it's still out and Alec that. It shared DNA with somebody else out there anger. Really. Room and I think during that she's. Leaving Italy second base. Only Berea to Sacramento.