The Letterman Jacket Is OUT part 2

Friday, April 20th

Without the letterman jacket, do kids still have school pride? And did you knwo that you could get a varsity letter for this?


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For you man I'm not attitude to have this experience I decided to have girlfriends is that up. Girlfriends ex girlfriends. Go on by the pound edged tea the prequel to boost. You break let's glass rack and six but BC about the seven discussion about. The varsity Letterman jacket but he might escape Scott as varsity letters holding really knew him I really put on the jacket he looks like crazy and are realized IC devices jacket a decade copy it can meet and get help cool day where I get this they weren't soup like they did her Cornel listen you've paid attention. To. To rad on screw you really wanna conforms to dress code in this room you little its employees of the business grew up it's does. That when I was a child I did childish things. It's nothing that I thought that they were never cool I know that there was a time when Letterman jacket through like the cool thing to have but I wouldn't think that it. Would of that when you were in a schooling yes legislate Roland sorry everyone had that obstacle to reject it or gut but most guys to think about the Latin tickets drool. I gotta what you guys write that faced with its cities still have that Letterman jacket once said writes why why would you save it as it's an important what do you like to memory but against memories. Great childhood my it was devastating. I have great memories that you do your child so. Like gold. Project like this is all this crap matters and it does to see you glad though it's like you what I like it would impress people like. You're your public somebody a guy does his goal make you motor pool of cool cool moon. Eric writes IE and Jack all right exit picks at least once every five years war two nights at thirty year high school reunion Protestant fitness. Although I got yet affinity get exhibit a few bad as it does. Anybody that as clear as there's a Leslie foot and Eric. If there's one place that you should absolutely not where it its two year high school reunion because you'll look like the status door getting men. I look at a guy that. Eric squeeze it if he's gonna look like overstuffed but only popular around like here's a guy who never got over his high school football correct but it's gonna comply enough that they like a 45 around two weeks ago but he goes to its it to be symmetric. Scott Walker last I saw eject someone was Victor to Jessica and Tommy besides food that works to death it at this. I got decorated. Smug dorks or something similar to that idea I didn't know was saying. I'm assume. That you could only letter in sports. All that which is cool Liggett got that somebody else might become truck and a volley is also super cool because apparently could also letter he. Porous and pay man I just let her dominant Napoli. I hit eight I just Letterman in robotics. You letter to nothing. Yeah that was tied up in robot that's why I've. So I enter Josh she's nineteen years old and Josh you've got yourself a varsity letter yep really ideal football team music. What do you what do you have to do have moderate views as a hot. I'll work is basically. You do late and yet to do ten musical things. And they've been about like skim flute. I'd say. No problem order. Urine color for you one thing. Win or lose it. Better but it just a different. This did you jacket. Now about it and grave when you hit the deck and it didn't excel to I don't know where I would get state and Jack so you just graduated from high school to give you a letter. I got a letter but I'd say like you never saw anybody not at your friends don't you New Orleans school Letterman not schools Pacific now and it helped apple it's what brought in musical literate jacket what Andy did actually he's on CMF and he politely. And Abu Al magnitude difference between the so opting that your jacket and opinions. I would two drummer from bankers. So. I hit key to drum club point 46 foot nobody knew that was club and the bankers. Yeah yeah are you gotta hand behind it's. And this and also end to the board now to the football players wrote on the band sparks. So we need hard metered spots yeah you know like you you weren't you go to Bristol school news so they care. You hit two weeks so yeah if you had not anger should candidate we're all these jackets it was coral barbecue pit drum sticks Arnold. They knew you were a bed board should. He wore a uniform and a polyester. And you marched in line with like boots on. It one step and be there when I guess. Are they betray care so one year in Waterloo football player decide to pull warm up. December drone looks like etched in my expiring. In the first thing they announced lists you know after he found out that the structure to that and stick coal producing and was it out substituting for number 76 will be number. Don't match with drummers. An obsession for you buddy I love you to listen typical war to kick stories from the drug linemen handyman that would set. Yes you Andy's point I vaguely remember the band kids are like the drum line kids having Letterman jackets. Narron out they did that on their owner of the Harlow is the easiest thing to play in the band. Is the drums its were all the stupid people like to complain to you say well I'm pretty sure. I can't plays a lot of the a lot of sort of positive I'm pretty sure I go boom boom boom boom I could do that tent that he isn't the baster and. Maybe now it. But it planets the original issue but it looks as you play. This there Pakistan I. I can't place. It's the original instrument man like pulling cable were put together music for me he was Pete on a goddamn rocket they were they original driver makes you keep you can see you on the symbols like hey Tommy every like ten seconds scope Schiller you don't go places symbols showed little monkey why don't places symbols everybody can't. Show I just did so here's the question this jacket they kids Letterman jackets anymore to my as we have because a movie on me and see kids eat it in a down note that they have the waterfront for everybody in school. You don't back to like a forties and X segregation. 2004 graduated before at different gates and about segregation to oh Erica. Neo Fy 2052. When he opened a. It seems like you're gonna take pride or schooling didn't seem like these T shirts like ralphie goes a high track. Hacker really I don't see those under icy tunnel goodies like those like win brainer you Jenkins. Yes they're all over the railing and check out teenage kids walking around a little. You play with a 29. Z well Lisa Beckett and disappointment wanna look at them. That's good or well it. They can't mend the tortured athletes always have my tie was a kid does Digg prides schools aren't just admitted that whatever it looks a teenager he's never disappointed. It took the breaker let's see about H checks and don't start. Wrong war dragged her well. Dude worked out well. There. Which at its Wal-Mart. Is Jesus says Arnold on it. I'd thought about it when you don't want rubio. Director Leonard and yet. I heard it. Is. Starting to. All. The ball. Well. Every brother had a basketball on the giving cal you always had that one and you gang won. I admit I have glittering crowd gathered. A huge ice. Eight Aso was let people jackets right. Like we. Open they gradually and every. Night they admit they don't do it the night. In your mind and in. No. I loved ones but I do I never. For a member they had heard a wooded or whatever is going to. Well it's funny you bring that up because Tommy's girlfriend were his two but that they tell the floor commander she can't work its jackets anymore. Oh well. I went out with the old man was being dedicated. Ahead. Jacket rom. Are gonna look cool but really he lettered in rodeo. It's a pretty bad as let's get that that you and I Breslin yeah I know. In the big agenda have you ever done. Yeah about a little rodeo bull. You know retail and prime it would mean. Hello I cannot. Believe it isn't it everybody's friendly in everybody's life. I knew. It was. Oh. It. So let's escalating there is get as adhesive over the breaker based we talk I prided your school. My son plays across and was in school but when the order form came to get stuff he didn't want anything I ordered this lectured a teacher to where it was games. He wanted nothing maybe there is something the kids not to decry and sport which it's not true. Because I mean if you go to any like high school like big high school football that's well whatever game. Packed with fans that like the students are in new written her I think there's there's still that I was changes Cecile over car you know though molded things are kids do yeah but there's icing students like ready to me late stuff like that. Could your parents not afford a back window they couldn't appear half past accomplishments might have put his own stickers and Greg Little and again I from back in the I don't know I don't know that I have like you know football and a -- stickers and things. But my dad put up like you know you'd please unions sticker are okay and liked accomplishments that he had Dudley got stickers were recently. No room for you can always pissed me off because a student of the month bumper sticker ones on the middle school obvious great products Eaton and he would put the car. I need as you'd be short lived now. This season forever yeah let's ever viewpoint of that for the rest your life to us that he met they Donny white brother. Eight Jeremy about it. It's strumming. Easier to begin with so little village idiot and a kiss for a radio show. Whenever I got there predators over some oil turtles that roe little run every guy's a drummer. I did today. And Gary. But it sent him back Benedict the phantom now. You're murder of Cheryl now ten drummer now. And I. Swear to god Natalie let's. Is what I don't know it's talking about. I mean all sure I would ever really sure are or oil. And we usual yeah no I don't but you never married died I tried a lot of buzz of that out. But it's similar to a secure and yeah. And I really did have good biggest I guess I can tell it like what famous drummer period he sucks. So do you you go lettered in football and litter baseball could littered Jamal. Ringo sucks. Public Mac. I hope lies that she knows gloves whenever maybe may be tuberculosis and nine iron lungs and come back to. And enough filter with cigarettes. Like that. A cigarette we all like that our lives. Smoke your face of.