The Letterman Jacket Is OUT part 1

Friday, April 20th

Without the letterman jacket, do kids still have school pride? And did you knwo that you could get a varsity letter for this?


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This is how you knew. Was that some kid high school kid was cool school knowing Coke for eighty years mentally this was he standard Ford decade and particularly grotesque undertaking to wake cancel tickets call it more what is don't want don't what are these don't and why these coup. Where where where where are girlfriends going cigarette the breaker boxes class of 65 to be seen that some weight and the other night coming out. And I see buddy buys it plays hockey arena first fiscal he's got he's varsity letter in Baghdad must come from a bank winners current. And it all see it's pretty exciting is a young kid exciting for a kid that we get the letter. And I go so well what do you jacket. He looks lately they have three heads the varsity Letterman jacket now I'm I'm I'm put this in a frame in my room. All. Okay. Walks away. Q does wanna get a lot of jackets and I thought about it and became conscious of the last couple days I've been looking. I haven't seen a lot of jacket and the moderate thought about it I don't think I've seen a Letterman jacket in the last decade. Okay you and I have a different definition of who school to school and like his Letterman Jack has meant you were just a conformist to you should ask if you drank. If you had a stinking girlfriend or get a girlfriend that was older than you. That was a cool guy OK and you got guys weren't cool bass you word I guess standoff smoke gets you girls were Letterman jacket. You should lead Internet undersecretary knew you were doing or leasing structured. They like. You put on the letter detectives and it was the official uniform is obligated guy and I'll listen to my teachers and coaches well by the did it make you cool man. All these kids don't what I gonna be on a set these millennial because they woke up ago. But oh well I got a huge. Honestly I don't know how many how many of them even know the Letterman I get it they think it's from sell long ago because I remember getting. The varsity letter not knowing I guess like the pilot did his on news that it doo wop group he's slick is pare back goat out of the malt shop considered where have retribution. Producers and in. A Richard and I neither of people who were Letterman jackets with like Steffi son movies I believe it's there and happy boys are high school thirteen years every I thought they got satellite image taken in a long time. It was nice to everybody letter jacket and what if I was in high school there were they were they saying this is that gives you were a few bright dinosaurs to school late yet taken out on Maine I care that. Epoxy it. Letter project it's how you shall private schools should show what Spittler Atlantic says some cooler pride in my school URL bar and he actually look at other support. Nor can you go over both go. Edition won't mean. Murderers. Ever there's like there was like one kid who had football. Letterman's jacket like as kind of thought exit door you like it was a daily it was like you're trying so hard to proved everybody ready to go to season. Politics. But it it was different because he was the only one with it it's not like everybody had a public school or here's the big I didn't get Letterman jacket. This figure out why don't like senate doctors that I got my letter is freshman laden box again as a freshman this vote on some bus that teacher she guided though Walgreens I was very proud. And I told my dad hey out when he does Libya yet again if you are those jackets are expensive regular 340180. Dollars remember because I went and looked at multiple classes to tell my dad. So it becomes a lot. Of Christmas Chris blog I'm gonna be 32 still have a little bit static up and it was. Devastated. Had a and it does it which sports they play that we pride at school and he coup when Arnold. That was committed there does leave I think it's kind of still have that it's just it doesn't look like a leather Letterman jacket now now it's kind of like they have. Each team gets their own panic years Celek they'll have like Michael windbreaker jacket or something that. A guy I always hated the jacket to work and also class ring huge. You clustering and I could afford clustering but I would have learned so my brother still wears his. High school class and still has its he's pushing seventy it's. No that's that's. Preschool dork. With class it was cool when you know was just. As bad people on my. People still had. Clustering now okay it's when you married to the school. Now I don't mean to you that I really I don't go Merida principle he's carrying get a big case do you school you loser I think a lot of people can get something you're supposed to do well. This is a video we get a read now go learn some than. Opened no bloody graduates. This solid. Did you did fix that what they'll capital jackets and they're hitting walls authorized and we don't wanna look awkward shot Annan I think. Did you. Yeah. Still there they just don't look like Letterman Jack I enters at the gym Buddy Holly your own lawyer brother. There. Well I graduated high school lawyer got. I don't think I've absurd scene that you where it should. Lately eating get like a class ring to building go up to inspiration point the finger blister principal. All the cool kids to its atomic get a lot. Ride. We're all night and all on paper that it is beyond got letters or that jacket you know audit but at state budget edit bag. But good direction and I'll. I I doubt about it and and I. Are. There like a couple under but you know like you'd be uttered. I mean anything to anybody to be outside you stupid school want to educate you can Wear that after high schools no I why even after school we're gonna go it and educates players. We guys parties like you could have got to be liked you it where it to a somebody's party I'm glad I didn't have one dealer near Letterman jacket and where nine dollar because I wanna go together all the guys of novelty will Wear that jacket the. Let the slightly I'm makes a musical breaking out of its cry. Think you look like the biggest herds in the bowl man showing up in your jackets like you said at a tapestry it was it was death row. What's deal was that was cool. You know it's the week I once again what do commend him the chew up and took those jacket those bad as kids from a client as there were adamant that it has jagged stereo. We go bury my girlfriend now when's the last time you saw a kid Letterman jacket that used to be cool Tommy was included anything's like like he's bitter about this because the only letter he got was asked multiple times. It's the breaker let's see MFA TD politely. Guide well what bicycle. I was on a football game we can shoot aware of football jerseys one day of the week. Do you sense that knows this week. We're here where that actual church and nobody except as a principal wouldn't even seen the latter and it sure earth we were like archer. Once in awhile. Is it your site visas boys to that boy. You know it would be cleaned I'm in a well aware that separated game we will watch him and then we will worm like every Wednesday. Or something government. Clearly clearly when you don't put the boot and sit next to bill pot holed a couple of the bill qualified to speak other true. And we apologize for that slot that's OK that's OK why are you stupid T. Thai channels and access. It looks like he's a group of current pop up on kept in or something. You're actually doing your actions. Tomorrow I was second thought it and it at all I think as all the put some marijuana at this school one day or something. Need physical body you cut as he questions I want you to yeah as the UV that was a good question too far of this but that's his debating its -- I did BC up the break is a bit pac school I graduated 2001 I can attest Letterman jackets were cool backed and I graduated in 04 so it's not a doormat of phased out like grade tests like soon after its old school stuff man. Old school our old school stuff isn't cool yes. Piloting a future manned the other relatives of towards a future interview that the future you'd be dead. Like two weeks and maybe they're now open up and knocked me out of my misery marks the breaker let's see that it might keep quite rather. They did I graduated in 1980 and that means right it was old school where I couldn't wait to provide letter in my basketball objectives there. Body had not met the football team has to solve these. As. My. Around and I'm gonna televise ambassador on a peg about a right. Yes question aren't they should go do that it's gonna go it's just what he too skewed to printers to include Mike. You jacket do you still have it hanging in the basement. I'll I'll I'll. Do now I think my parents rejected output. They gave me a letter you have a Letterman check he's hanging in your basement you should know all Italian entrees are in a closet. But he still there. For what we gonna give it to W once it cheaper for yourself not a lake I get to these it's definitely gonna do it in Delray at any any click old memories. Yes it's that same thing for us imam at cent mark because my letter is why. As it why is dismayed to hear quite easy to read this to be why does this keep happening to mom's blood. I got to settle out of his jacket you guys look at raw Dicks you did was just took the picture you paint. It just is so old school and I caddied I didn't I didn't think it was still popping and turn on any cool chicks man and I got so much who. Oh yeah are you didn't physical proof that a little bit like it's not your school is big enough really people didn't know you played football already no you everything good and it was quite literate boxing's first was boxing was impressed everybody girls love Clio all liberal big in the box yet guys punch each other fad and that but in a tank I. After that I that I pre and Ashley and I've said pretty much true. Tonys are the breaker is cool as hell traditionally the Bologna and bow our utilities. Go back there you go. Don't you you're harbors that are and as well and I was it was simply glory soul what goes into more important. I wouldn't school we had to have. Two varsity letters are varsity jacket. Odds are he says. Don't put Russell. He knew he would Rangel being an exit point that was cool you had her greatly it's not you tangled by it that's a who earns ends. That's like Harry had apply it to the letter checked. I asked you say. I got my my jacket while I was assault more and we want them are actual baseball that you are so I had. Small I had to break. Like yours of duties. Yeah. I got I had three little weird law impartially jacket with a section our championship has hurt that would prize. It's. Don't told people in the hard when in reality. All right that's already that could put it it's almost as difficult decent ball lettering like you're good you think that's funny it's like a YouTube letter to boldly. I wanna keep going with this if I don't think it's so much -- problem with the varsity jackets those kids of Michael I don't think kids to private preschools as much anymore and that's a little bit alarming. Did that and I'm finding here if you're an old sit tight we want for Leno opened it's not just. Sports you can letter and I was unaware of this. I'll like what are your math the league 182 sit tight we'll do it next to break about a 65 to BC apps.