The Last Time You Saw THIS at A Children's Sporting Event

Tuesday, June 12th

Duffy was shocked when he saw a man do something at his kid's little league game, and no one stepped in to stop him.

Where's the "leader parent" when you need them?

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Somethings you just don't see anymore are right something that was completely socially acceptable 203040. Years ago did you witness that they today. It would be so shocking realtor tells them. About earn. I witnessed it and do something out so a place in today's day and age. Betty would have been less shocking for me to seek cave man falls off a dinosaur rate front might not be the breaker box is classic rapids got WCM up so well I am a Little League Baseball game on Saturday America. And we forgot to do. For 40. But fifteen minutes into the game withstand it were watching that today public park the am I see this guy may be his forties. Takes a step back and one step beast on the ground the lights a cigarette and ice. In a public park. In the middle of a baseball game with eight year old kids and I can't believe we are allowed to argue what I just I think you are ticked. All public parks are nonsmoking. It birds I'm gonna get secondhand smoke has got to imagine and I would imagine that that's usually and Rahal have obviously united force really that you're at a site they have smoke no I don't think you can anymore. I'm just a sit down and apartments and sit in a park and do what you go to the park just smoked. We evidence like yeah it's actually act that would think like has he can't smoke inside to the get go lots of it we have benches out Roger. I'm almost positive that Collin county parks are smoke that's terrible. So I I'm so shocked websites and some romance smoking in any year old baseball game I tap my wife on the shoulder and we're both kind of waiting. To see who's gonna walk over and talked to about it's got to battle crowd there Sunday at some parent that can complaint but it's west side are you just listen that's very socially acceptable to break the smoke holes. We're waiting. And were waiting. Nobody stops them and yeah dude sucks Tony key to edit kids' sporting event and nobody bothers it didn't feel like simple way he can't stand her know he took one step backe which I. The legal old. Distance you can be from a child and have a lit cigarette in gates straight it's the ones that bankroll that you can line up how much this month it goes on. Does it again thirty minutes America. One of the most bizarre things I've seen a long time and you've got a nice refreshing Winston veritable loaded. An astounding. You know I'm a smoker and to be honest I don't really care what the guy's doing but the brass balls this is how. Add in the fact that not a single person on either team said he worked this guy which jaw dropping too because I was confident. That smoking was one of those things could not do very taboo to eighteen yes but I see people parking lots of grocery stores. Folks that are smoking and pushing their kids a cart walk up to those people tell them to put the cigarette really that's their kit to put under for it. Via but now be questioning what the hell else is going on these little person sporting what else could happen well. We used to beaten what Tommy never played sports so we'll try to help you out here that you so much. But there are endless Clinton whose Little League Baseball games in the 60s80s. And nineties. Might well been played at the polo grounds 'cause there was. Okay and yeah that is outdated food so old when I I still remember seeing my nephew. Play the this is going to be the lead. Early ninety's a gay he's in Little League and I can reverse smoking a cigar. Watch him play a Little League and other and I remember people bring in coolers to beer. And sand wedges or whenever just it was a picnic. And people smoked and drank and had a beer watching gale was nice to play the ninety seat take your smoke parents brought coolers drank beer panic if you trust the kids all but at least it was elected to archery I mean I had a can't appear to. And yet a couple of cigarettes who the hell copper men. That's great around the time it think where things started to shifting bring all those commercials start to pop up about smoking it's like a sore right yeah but nonetheless now. You can do you could smoke a cigar as silver stadium and watched border and smoked cigarettes it was nice. And all I want away. Hey they're the is there even a smoking section at games anymore gathers you there's affair yeah it's called gates. No I mean I even mean just like professional sporting event no no bill smoking section you have to be outside it's a gamble it's Becky and there's a smoke execute frontier feel nice and it average age illegible it's like American but other than that would Malia professional like major exports he would even like in professional sports so it is surprising that. Nobody would say anything during a children's table at this when I was played Little League ball in Dayton the guy that coached us smoker the game and I I did say that. It was total bad news bears they but it wasn't eager to. So I guess that's still OK 82226000. Like if we just that supersedes everything that's been going on for ever know what the Israelis and even here. I mean. But it depends on if that parent is like two or not I get that guy is a pretty well liked paired I think bill would under parents are willing to put up with that like day and let's just. Now it's always the guy rule. He's good guy who got played a key piece of good guy let him smoke people who like music jerking the L that the kids like yeah hamsters that he would say something to that the reason. To get that got away so you're telling me then if I would who have brought. He'd be year a big beer. It is Little League Baseball game would have been able to drink it no one would hassled me maiden. As I was appeared different though than a cigarette I would pick cigarette it's worse than beer as a second hand smoke there's a second and boom. Whose re bid it does your child it's bad example for child. OK but I think smoking's the worst exact events I knew it and also. It depends on how you present yourself when you're during his Trent house. He beat error regulated or you being casual rate us let's say had one of them. Nice little folding chairs you know they build shares euro's collapse will wonderful couple older and you just got a couple the actual play made full beard news but went out to union. Quietly sipping a beer watching games but if you're allowed mount jerk dilate scream men and walking around spilling your beard tones stupid jokes yeah. Show so I think one flies under the radar like a deck I was like almost you know. Yell at the rapper you know flicked his cigarette when he was dealt what did you just been at a debt limit that you won a radar. And remain. If it does it's it's your attitude that you present yourself. Did you six doubt you'll need to shoot two Beers and cigarettes if you any kid that plays baseball or soccer or high school sports went right you can't read who's on a high school yeah. I don't know crackdown on the constant teachers responsible but like art if your kids lazy sports are you able to drink smoke at these anti us again. There are different. Rules for different sports right play soccer you should be able to drink some god Tim Moore and we'll soccer's. I give you ever ever have ever gonna like it travel tournament or something you're just sit around. All day I would imagine like to get a blood alcohol eight you kept your boredom to exit -- okay but okay it would be weird I think to see a beer and cigarette any baseball or a football game probably. It's completely socially acceptable for hockey parents have peer at the rink and watched their kid you witnessed it is a bar India. The rink when you came to watch my daughter and as we stood in the bar and watch my daughter play hockey she seven years old and what he should be okay. But it's like a restaurant. SS errors alcohol there's a bar there and doses of your burgers and and moon mozzarella step is really weird like my daughter's practice as she brings us twice we did the winner and Blake will be parent to get off work and have a puritan watch ticket practice and like if that happened outside of baseball the. OK gonna happen yeah it's OK hockey team rent that's has yankees lineup since. I totally and I was a kid about parents drank at dinner and after dinner cocktails before general etc. so when I would go to nobody's house. And I saw their parents like drinking milk. Or soda. That always freaked me out there on the the ticket kids drink. Trying to wedge a glass of wine or beer that does seem odd to me that you would drink like. That's about Milan IR Melo and I want to drink up and I'm not allowed to. Are you drinking kids' stuff opposite my dad would drink a lot cleavage right but he very rarely drink casually you know just so well it's just they would have to be I would think deck that was not all all ruler yeah it's my parents my father to come home they'd have a cocktail. And and it had dinner and then data have drinks after resolve you watched the news or whatever they did in the evening but they started drinking at 5 o'clock to about time. Your dad seems like the kind of guy I talk about I was Little League Baseball game on Saturday my wife and I friend of the Family Guy is smoking a father is smoking a cigarette absolutely baseball field. We're waiting for someone assays on the dual. Nobody says they think he was smoking it and Cheryl and appease our nation has said but it thanks for members but it. Take it back taking it back. You know if somebody is going to say something there are people on the battlefield the kids' sports who are going to stand up and make you stay right there are three particular people he got the rep revealed but that person is involved in the games oak you have to be pretty egregious for the McClover stops that would subject yours aren't. I give the coach saint day during the game would also on the shoulders of one person. Everyone who is a kid in sports knows all too well or sent the leader pair. Leader of the pack well nobody really elected and anything but it just kind of assuming a dollar yet. They don't any real power I don't look for whatever reason their loud enough or stubborn enough that when they decide something is wrong. You can't just go along with a it's not worth afflicted talent but the rules they organize the snacks are. The favor such a pain in the as though every team has won at. Every single team has won and they kind of become monsters I. Now everybody has those people and they're in your life frank yes and those people are definitely at. Yet but nobody else gonna do it so I guess like on how they do get some stuff done that nobody else want to dailies get so self righteous about it you know while. You know I do you know I'll do it I'll step up in it I guess is is falls on my shoulders and we have. We have a buddy whose wife is lying that new disk but she just assumes the power than bitches about it the end and then what you'd like kissed her ass for doing like hey honey nobody actually do it comes a kids' sports that though I don't wanna do this way and I don't think I don't want any confrontation so if you're gonna do it. I don't think it like a tree ended the biggest thing I remember with every guy I've known. We kids. Is this guy dame who's bring in the snack for the sports it's a big deal all my guy. They can't forget gonna BJ's to get those big things it ships and shut up all the chips Celtic my guess about a late oranges and Idaho so why would people think are healthy also way LT and you being that leader. You think that's healthy but it's not healthy heart and here's a different energy bars on so lazy I won't get bark and yeah yeah. There has set how they'd that's how they get that big media is there really just like get. Go four hours a bit but they had to do like you know they had to announce what they're doing they had to tell ya. Why they're doing it this way in next week I'm gonna do that inane gales gonna bring the pretzels and the next week. She but his tape and I don't have to do everything so you that you feel like I don't care kind of sucked UN. And he can suck the and so we quit this particular example that either there is no leader parent and I these teams we don't need it I go to a world without leader Paris via of paradise now. DM and worldly kids with no uniform right now. Don't be chaos. It's rerouted dirty don't have these. Eating grass pet dog and a sports like you at least have a great colored T shirt on Aaland OK but every parent that's the base crap that I can do an excellent start though it's sad day for. No bare chested as it she's a 100% right but I would do any of this stuff that parent isn't quite as they could yeah. Would constitute sports teams. When it gets everything fund raise you know they get it on him map I hear that word fund raise. I did do you look all that stuff but yet you have your hand that your head like how and I can it. No because I haven't played that does this stuff you know league you know good news it was very involved with kids OK and I know we're gonna have grandkids. I know she's gonna get very involved in this stuff yes she was one of those moms you know alternative yes. Yes. Yeah there's there's reconciled out of she's so brags about guy you know special move she made one time. You know got it done and stuff I don't have to do. Thank god for the leader there is no it is they get me you do an analyst how about one year no leader apparently see what happens is as I social experiment to see if the games still gets played it a little obvious tool she'll tell the right time. All my guide those who opened the right. Now I've done some pretty dumb parents that would forget or Blake shot the half hour late late. But we really had any doubts in amount and then you know that slide and. Andy's ever played sports never experienced its release the angriest group you know why because I'll from the outside looking in manic and help you oh you guys are so deep into the fore she can't see the trees. Your mind the left behind a leg and down like they wrote a creepy drone. Your head telling you do collected Snead okay the mistakes are made him to accuser in rural you do for us.